Present Continuous Tense – English Verb Tense

Present Continuous Tense:

Tense is the basic of English language like a pillars of any castle.This castle has three pillars, present,past,future.These three pillars have four categories as we know that, present has four types like:

Present continuous tense

Like a present tense past and future tense have four kinds.In the previous article we have discussed about the present indefinite tense.Now,in this article we will talk about the “Present continuous tense”.

Definition of  Present Continuous Tense:

Present continuous tense shows that,any work continuous in present.

In present continuous tense helping verbs are use (Is,are,am).

  • “Is” use with “Singular subject”.
  • “Are” use with “Plural subject”.
  • “Am” use with“I”

Like a present indefinite tense ,we use “First form of verb” in the present continuous tense.

“ing” use with “First form of verb”

Structure Of Present Continuous Tense In Simple Form:

Subject+Helping verb+1st form of verb+ing+Object.

For example:

Present Continuous Tense In Negative Sentences:

In negative sentences”Not” use between and “First form of verb”.

Structure Of Present Continuous Tense In Negative Sentences:

Subject+Helping verb(Is,are,am)+Not+1st form of verb+Ing+Object.

For example:

  • They are not reading a book.
  • They are not wasting their precious time on social media during exam.
  • It is not raining heavily.
  • she is not participating in the final tournament of sports and games.
  • I am writing an essay on Blessing of Science.

Present Continuous Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

In interrogative sentences helping verb put before subject.

Structure Of Present Continuous Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

Helping verb(Is,are,am)+Subject+1st form of verb+Ing+Object.

For example:

Remember Always:

Present continuous tense:

In simple

  • (We,you,they) are playing.
  • (He,she,it) is playing.
  • (I) am playing.


  • (We,you,they) are not playing.
  • (He,she,it) is not playing.
  • (I) am not playing.


  • Are (We,you,they)  playing.
  • Is (He,she,it)  playing.
  • Am (I) playing.

Test your intelligence:

Fill in the blanks.

  1. He________ buying a gift for birthday.
  2. we________ not making fun of anybody.
  3. The boys________ swimming in the tank.
  4. ________I not helping you?
  5. ________ it drizzling outside?


  1. Is
  2. Are
  3. Are
  4. Am
  5. Is

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HTML Comment tag And its Advantages

HTML Comment tag And its Advantages:

As we learned regarding HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) numbers of lessons earlier. On that position, We have much knowledge about html code so, few essential and crucial tips to be noted. During writing coding few rules are exist, May be developer’s are familiar with html comment inside coding. If you are not aware so, read this article carefully. HTML Comment will support developers to understand the code level/stage and its position. Lets assume that, If you are client in a software house and working as a developer. Now while writing code, If you utilize html comments inside your coding on every step and guide in your comments. Then company hire a new developer with you, And this developer working on your previous codes files or coding document. If you had put html comments inside your code on every step and guide friendly then new developer will understand your code easily otherwise new developer will headache for you. Therefore, try to add meaningful html comments and don’t utilize redundant or unnecessary html comments. HTML comment contains on particular html tag. To understand and view this tag, See the below example.

<!-- Start First Heading -->
<h1> Hello World </h1>
<!-- End First Heading -->

See the above html comment tags and its utilization for html code. This procedure is quite simple and don’t hard struggle need for this step. You can add html tag and elements or attributes inside html comments tags. In this process and after debug or compile , Browser don’t display these tags.  Which are available inside of html comment tag. See the below example to understand it.

<!-- <h1> Enter your paragraph content </h1> -->

Above example is similar like previous one, But slightly changes exist both of them. You can clearly see that, We utilize heading tag in above html code but this heading tag presence found inside of html comment tag. That’s why after compile or run above html code, Browser will not display the above html heading. The above code result should be a blank page.

HTML Comment Advantages:

As we mentioned in above statement that, html comment tag have a lot of advantages to the perspective of developer and non-developer. Because html comment tag provides us flexibility to understand it better way. According to our experience, Finest developers need to memorize it and utilize it during writing code. But once again, Don’t use redundant and useless comments inside your comments because it will make your comment complicated. Professional developer recommend to utilize comments while coding.

Try to use html comment during writing html code. HTML comment is not harmful for your code and will not spoil your code. So, Don’t be worried and be profession with your passion. You can ask any query with the use of below comment box. 🙂

HTML Head Elements

HTML Head Elements:

HTML <head> is a necessary part of hyper text markup language. HTML head element is a container and we utilize this head block to add multiple elements. HTML Head container contains few major tag like <title> <style><link> and <meta> tag elements. We can also add <meta> tag element such as Google verification meta info etc. We will observe all of these elements one by one and understand its importance.

HTML <Title> Element:

HTML <title> tag element is utilize with every signal page. We can preview this title element in our browser top bar. We utilize this element in search engines during make Seo snippets. See the example below and try to understand it.

<title>Knowledge idea is a education and learning based website.</title>

In the above example, You can estimate the value of title tag element. Every website or blog pages have an title tag element and we put this <title> tag inside of head container.

HTML <Link> Element:

HTML <link> tag utilize for internal links means inside of website document or file and other we utilize this link tag for external source like Pingback relation urls etc. inside of head container. See the example below.
Below link element specify the path of css document.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

Below link element specify the website favicon icon path .

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" title="Favicon" />

Below link element specify the Pingback link.

<link rel="pingback" href="" />

In the above lines of code, We write few common links elements. In the above code, We write first StyleSheet link element second line contains favicon link element same as third contains pingback link element respectively. You can add multiples links elements inside head container.

HTML <Meta> Element:

HTML <meta> tag element provide the meta information about particular webpage. Mostly usage of <meta> tags are, meta title, meta description, meta keyword, author links and meta robots etc. Almost <meta> elements belong to Organic Seo. We utilize meta information for search engine ranking and Seo Purpose. Search engines take this meta information and show in the form of search results. So keep remember that, Meta elements are the crucial part of web development. To understand in better way, See the example below.
Specify the Meta Description element below.

 <meta name="description" content="Enter Your Page Description"/>

Specify the Meta Keyword element below.

 <meta name="keyword" content="Enter Your Page keyword"/>

Specify the Meta Robots element below.

 <meta name="Robots" content="noodp,noydir"/>

Specify the Meta author element below.

 <meta name="author" content="Enter author name"/>

In the above meta information, We clarified four meta elements with meaningful example. Keep remember that, Above four meta elements are essential meta elements and on every web page should have these meta elements. Must try to add these html head elements on all web pages. If you love our work and our skills criteria then please Subscribe our Newsletter here. For further query leave comment below. 🙂

Use of HTML Class Attribute

Use of HTML Class Attribute:

Our HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) lessons, By and by going basic to advance level. We already mentioned, In Create html form lesson about cascading style sheets and utilize it in form buttons. Same as earlier, Now we will do discuss explanatory on html classes attribute. HTML Class attribute uses for to make attractive interface. HTML is only used for develop interface but html class use for give any style to this interface. We will reveal a lot of codes and attributes inside html class. Go ahead, And take meaningful example below.

<input type="button" name="Signup" value="Signup" class="sbutton">

Above we shows that, Only HTML code but if you noticed. We written tiny button code with html class attribute like class="sbutton" So, its means that,sbutton class have specific command of CSS, which will apply on this button tag because this html class presence inside of this input button tag. So it is important that, to provide the code of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). We mention CSS code below for this above input button class with sbutton. See the example below.

 font-family:Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;
 border-radius: 25px;
 text-shadow: 1px 1px #000;

The above CSS code will make this html input button attractive/Stylish through html class. This code contains particular attributes like font-family, font-size, background, color and further on. Look at the above style code once again and observe that, We mentioned Style tag on first line as a
opening tag and again put in last line with backslash as a closing tag same as in html tags rules. You can add multiples attributes to make this button attractive and beautiful. You can utilize best code editors to write your development codes. You can see the below preview of above whole code in notepad editor and on the left hand side preview of button style.

HTML Class

Summarize the html and html class with CSS, You can design handsome forms and numerous interfaces. After read this article and after know about html class, Your interest will increase in html development. Hopefully, This lesson will increase your development skills. For more discussion regarding html class or development, leave your comment below. 🙂

Social Evils And Its Solution

Social Evils and Its Solution:

Social evils come in the society, When rights of the poor not given to them. Social evils destroy the economy of the country. It became a serious crime. Social evil grow because of poverty and unemployment. When people find no source of income then they found only way of earning through social evils. Social evil grow in the society like diseased tree that no one have courage to cut done.

Social Evils

The carries of social evils are human beings. There are many social in our society but we discuss the most common social evils like bribery and corruption, hoarding and black marketing, smuggling, adulteration, injustice.

Bribery and corruption:

Firstly, We see that bribery and corruption are growing up speedily and development in the government department like, offices, law, police station and other places. Where people go to solve  their problems. When they go in the government department for their small problems that time some government officers demand for money from people and says that it is gift not bribery. Due to bribery people face number of problems. Bribery doesn’t thrive the common people. Bribery is stopping the way of progress, development, equality  and thought of better future.

Social Evils

Some rich people and heavy industries fed up the money to government department for their personal work. From this way, rich people progress fast and they became richer get richer. On the other hand ,poor people don’t progress due to bribery and they became poor get poorer. Sometimes, Some people fed up to  government department for some ordinary matters like a new connection of electricity, sanction of building plans for houses.

Hoarding And Black marketing:

Secondly, hoarding and black marketing are the harmful roots of social evil diseases tree and these roots are growing speedily in our society and in this world. Now a day,everyone have an aim, that is,he want to get money. For this purposes he adopt wrong way of progress. For to get money quickly the some big traders and the owner of heavy industries hoards huge quantities of daily use products like sugar,wheat. grain, onion, potatoes and other things of daily use. Sometimes, they hoards some medicines and they don’t supply in the market, When they see that, these  medicines are not available in the market then, they sell these medicine at higher prices.


Thirdly, smuggling is the injurious social evil like bribery, corruption,hoarding and black marketing and this social evil growing easily like previous social evil. Due to smuggling economy of any country face the condition of loss. For example when people are smuggled foreign goods into the country on a large scale. Therefore the large industries,local industry and agricultural suffer. These people sell foreign dump goods at lower prices and sometimes, they sell at higher prices. Other countries sell their dump goods at lower prices to capture foreign markets.


The small traders can’t sell these types of things easily. If the small traders sell dump goods so, government close up their business. We can escaped large loose,if the government of the country good take  steps for the progress of country.


Fourthly, adulteration is the harmful social evil and this is injurious for the lives of people. We can say that,when we read about the different kinds of social evils, we feel that,human is worse than animals. He is avaricious animal and selfish. He can does any work for his benefits. He want to get money from any way and sometimes, he forget that his way of earning is good or bad. In this social evil some people and traders mixed cheap and harmful commodities in the daily use things like milk, pulses, flour, honey, spices and many other things. They play with the life and health of the people for the money.Just for money they sell some foods and drinks whose are injurious for health like wine,many soft drinks and ice cream sold by street vendors.


We know that social evil like a diseases tree but we can escape from this. If the poor people get their rights, equality, justice and unemployed graduated get good jobs etc. From this way, we can live happily in this society.

Simple or Present Indefinite Tense

Simple or Present Indefinite Tense:

Word”Tense” derived from “Latin”word tempus. Its mean time.There are three types of tenses.

  • Present
  • Past
  • Future

Present tense can be divide in subdivision.

  • Present Indefinite Tense
  • Present continuous  Tense
  • Present Perfect  Tense
  • Present Perfect Continuous

Past tense and Future tense also have some divines like present tense.

Parts Of Sentence:

A sentence has three parts.

  • Subject
  • Verb
  • Object


Subject is a person who do work.For example:He,she ,you,we etc.


Verb is an action.For example :Eating,Listening etc.


Work done on it.For example:

  • “She washes clothes”In this example she works on “clothes”

Now, in this lesson we will discuss about the present indefinite tense.

Simple or Present Indefinite Tense:

Simple or Present indefinite tense show that work do in present time.We use”1st form of verb” with“s” or“es”.

When subject is He,she,it or singular name.

Structure of simple or present indefinite tense ,when we use “s”or“es”

Subject+1st form of verb+s/es+Object.

Present Indefinite Tense

For example:

  • He goes to school.

We use only 1st form of verb,When subject is (I,we they,you) too.

Structure of simple or present indefinite tense when subject is (I ,we,they,you).

Subject+1st form of verb+Object.

For example:

  • I go to school.


If verb and in these letters (SS,o,x,sh,ch,ox) then we use “es”.

For example:

  • Go=Goes
  • Like=Likes
  • Wash=Washes
  • Catch=Catches

Examples Of Simple or Present Indefinite Tense:

  • Muteeba makes tea.
  • It rains.
  • You tell a lie
  • They play cricket everyday.
  • We take exercise in the garden.
  • He polishes his shoes.

Negative Sentences:

In negative sentences we use“Don’t”or “Doesn’t”with subject.

  • Don’t use with (I,we,you they).
  • Doesn’t use with (He,she,it or single name).

Structure of present indefinite tense in negative sentence.



In negative sentences,We don’t use “s” or “es” with verb.

For example:

  • He doesn’t tell a lie.
  • They don’t wash the cloth.
  • I don’t write a letter.

interrogative Sentences:

In interrogative sentences “Do”or“Does” use before the subject.

Structure of present indefinite tense in interrogative sentence.


Do use with(I,we,you,they).

Does use with (He,she,it,single name).

For example:

  • Does he work hard?
  • Do you clean your teeth everyday?
  • Does Muteeba like coffee?
  • Do Zia and Aleem play cricket?


Interrogative sentences start with “Do”or“Does” and then not use after subject before verb.

For example:

  • Does he not tell a lie.

If these words are use in interrogative sentences (How,why,when,where) “Do”or“Does” use after these.

For example:

  • Where do you live?

Remember Always:

Present Indefinite Tense:

In simple:

  • I play (we,you,they).
  • He play (she,it,single name).

In negative:

  • (He,she,it,single name) doesn’t play.
  • (I,we,you they) don’t play.

In interrogative:

  • Does (He,she,it,single name) play?
  • Do (I,we,you they) play?

Test Your intelligence:

If you do this exercise correct then you are “Intelligent” if you do only three sentences correct,then you are”Good” if you solve less than three sentences than you will counted in “Average”.

Fill in the blanks:

  1. Muteeba ______ not write a letter.
  2. ______ they go to zoo?
  3. You ______ the food very quickly.
  4. I ______ not drink water.
  5. Moon and Sunny ______ not eat banana.


  1. Does
  2. Do
  3. Eat
  4. Do
  5. Do

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HTML Form Elements or Input Elements

HTML Form Elements or Input Elements:

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) provide the flexibility to create interactive html forms and make it useful with html form elements or attributes. HTML form input elements is really finest and advantageous step during making html form.This lesson belongs to the previous lesson such as, we learned in earlier lesson about “How to Create interactive html form”  So, if you’re not aware with the previous lesson then read this first. In this lesson, We will disclose to html form input elements or attributes. So before go ahead, We want to clarify few things. We will discuss and read about major html form input elements. So, Crucial html form input elements are given below.

  • Text-Box
  • Button
  • Check-boxes
  • Radio Button
  • File Choose Field
  • Date Control

Text-Box Element:

HTML allows to add multiple appropriate text-boxes in own html forms. Usually we saw that,First name, Last name and email text boxes appear in the html forms. To build and develop these text box, We need to write particular html code. See the code below and its result.

<input type="text" name="firstname" value="First name"><br>
<input type="text" name="lastname" value="First name"><br>

See the above text boxes code result below.
html form elements

You can easily change input type text to password for password box. Because password type hide your characters and make it private. To understand password type criteria. See the code below.

<input type="Password" name="Password" value="Password">

Button Element:

HTML allows us to add buttons and customize its text. To create buttons in html, We need to write specific html code. See the example below and its result.

HTML Code Result
<input type=”Button” value=”Click Here”>

Check-Boxes Elements:

Check boxes is an essential element or attribute of html forms. Because if we need choose something else from sum of multiple things so we utilize check boxes. See the example below and its results.

<input type="Checkbox" name="Month" value="January"> Ali birthday in january<br>
<input type="Checkbox" name="Month" value="June"> Ali birthday in june<br>
<input type="Checkbox" name="Month" value="July"> Ali birthday in june<br>
<input type="Checkbox" name="Month" value="August"> Ali birthday in August<br>

See the above html check boxes code result below.

html form elements

Radio Button Element:

Check boxes and radio buttons have same work and criteria. But it depends on your choice that which will you pick for your own form. Radio button code is same like check boxes code. Only the change in input type section. Just replace Checkbox type to radio. To understand in better way, See the below code and its results.

HTML Code Result
<input type=”radio” name=”Gender” value=”Male”>Male<br>
<input type=”radio” name=”Gender” value=”Female”>Female<br>

File Choose Filed:

Often, We see this element in forms like for image or any doc file upload. So it it is important part in form elements. See the below html code and  its result.

HTML Code Result
<input type=”file” name=”doc”>

Date Element:

In html form elements, We can develop date calendar. Its not consist of huge code but its have a single line code. You can utilize this elements many of places like ask birthday, ask day,year,month etc. See the below html code and  its result.

Date: <input type="Date" name="Date">

See the above date element code preview below.

html form elements
Hopefully, After read these html form elements now you can engage and develop form attributes easily. Must do practice itself. Keep remember that, date element doesn’t support all browser so don’t be confused. Try Google Chrome because it is compatible mostly for all html elements and user-friendly. I suggest you to read “HTML 5 Basic tags” to increase your html and development knowledge.You can leave your comment below, If you found any error or bug during practice. 🙂

Use Of Articles In English Grammar

Use Of Articles In English Grammar:

We know that if we want to speak any language so,it is necessary that we go about the grammar of this language because without going grammar, We can’t speak and write about any language.Here, we are discussing  about the English language.In the previous articles, We learned about the other topics which are related with English grammar or English language like Ordinary basic English conversation list, Vowels and Consonant.Like an earlier topics,Now, We will disclose to the use Of Articles.

Use Of Articles

Article has two kinds .

  1. Indefinite Article (A,An) 
  2. Definite Article (The)

Use Of Indefinite Articles:

In the first kind, Use of articles.(A,An) means”One”.These are called indefinite articles because they are not use with particular noun.

For example:

  • I saw a beggar in the street.
  • I found an umbrella lying on the road.


In above examples beggar and umbrella are common noun.

According to the grammar rule an article used  before”singular common noun”.

For example:

  • A hunt catch a lion.
  • I saw an eagle.
  • The boy began to laugh.

Use Of Definite Article:

Use of article second kind is that, “The” is the definite article, Which use on different events.

To make common noun into particular noun/proper noun or to separate from other noun.To understand the above statement we have an example:

  • I have a book” change this example in particular noun”The book is very interesting“.

Before the name of rivers,seas,mountains,canal,glades,island etc but definite article can’t use with hills.

For example:

  • The Ravi.
  • The Himalayas.
  • The Monsoons.
  • The Chenab.

Definite article use before books,newspaper and Holy books.

For example:

  • The”News” is a widely circulated newspaper.


Definite article is not use if author name write before the book.

For example:

  • Shakespeare’s”Hamlet“.

Definite article use before the name of trains,ships and aeroplane.

For example:

  • The”Tezgam”
  • The”Babar”

With the name of direction and planets.

For example:

  • The earth
  • The sun
  • The east

With important historical events.

For example:

  • The world war

With part of body.

For example:

  • The head
  • The hand

With name of nation,with provinces,with organization.

Try to read carefully above use of articles rules. Practice as yourself. Don’t underestimate these tiny grammar and articles rules because its made your bases. For more question and inquires use below comment box 🙂

How to Create Interactive HTML Form

How to Create Interactive HTML Form:

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a powerful coding language, Which help us to develop interactive forms in quick ways. In earlier lesson, We learned that, How to create html table and learned about html list respectively. Now lets Move on little bit basic to advance side so, you will see that, We are expand out html course gradually. In this lesson, we will disclose to interactive html form. Developing interactive form is the major and essential element for web pages. After read this article or take this lesson, You will be capable to build your own forms in html. Sometime few bloggers and beginners faces unsatisfactory moments because they don’t have enough knowledge about html and development. Therefore, We always suggest that, If you are beginner so start with first lesson: What is HTML step by step Guide. Come back on topic, and start journey with interactive html forms. See the example code below and specially its result.


Above form is the combination of html and slightly include CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). we will show you step by step that how we build above form and make it attractive through CSS. I know that, We are learning about html form not CSS but without CSS ,we can’t made a form attractive like above form.  So, Let’s take start, We divided this above form in several steps to understand better and easy way.

 Step 1:

Open your best code editor but we used simple notepad for this form. After open editor, Now start typing code with open mind. First we need to provide open and closing tags of HTML and then start Body tags. Provide webpage title before body tag. After complete these mandatory tags. Start form code now, First we mention heading tags and inside heading tags write your form heading such as above form heading is “Submit Your Query” then we provide html list tags with instruction. First step process code are mentioned below.

<title>Submit Your Query</title>
<h2>Submit Your Query</h2>
Fill only valid query, Which belongs to you.
You can discuss regarding your problem.
Beware about talking personal matters.

In the above code we put OL Li tags, these are the html list tags. To understand in better way, You need to Read HTML List tags article.

Step 2:

After proceed first step, Now move on second step in which we start form structure with input box such as first name, email, message, buttons etc For this purpose in html, we utilize special code for these input boxes and buttons. See the entire code of html form below but in the next steps we will discuss separately on every part of below code.

First Name:
Last Name:
Type Your Message: <textarea name=”typemessage” cols=”20″ rows=”8″ value=”Submit Query”>

Don’t be confused and don’t feel panic because above code contains only few things first is “first name” box second is “last name box” third is input “email” box and finally is “type your message” box. But few things are looking different like html table tags and form tag. See the code below.

<Form name="Submit query" method="post" action="Link your server file">

This above code represents an appropriate form. Means that, above entire form structure are enclosed in the above form tag. Form tag instruction is that, Just place your form name inside of this form tag then tell the method of this form like post finally put the form action part, which could be a server-side action file. I will discuss you about server-side action file in our next article because this article only for interactive html form.

Discuss on Step 2 (Input Boxes):

Above we mentioned entire form code but now we discuss separately on every part of above code. To better understand the first name, last name, email and message boxes code see the example below.

<table border="3" class='form'>
<td ><b>First Name:</b></td>
<td><input type="text" name="Firstname" size="20" value="Type your first name here"></td>

In the above code, We cut the few piece of code for you to understand this code deeply.In the above short code , You can clearly see that, input type="text" This tiny code represent the empty box in html form. Slightly ahead, name="Firstname" This code represent the box name and this name is useful for server-side. Next is size="20" This tiny code arrange the width and height  size of the box,keep remember use numeric value to arrange size inside double quotes. Finally in the above code you will see value="Type your first name here" This code is used for write something else inside empty box, You can consider it as default text. Summarize the above whole code, Same as we developed three text box with the same procedure.

Discuss on Step 2 (Message Area):

Now move to the message or comment box in html form. we utilize different tags with different attributes. See the code below.

Type Your Message:
<textarea name="typemessage" cols="20" rows="8" value="Submit Query">

In the above code, After the table tags. You saw that, We used textarea tag to explain message or comment box in html form. We used textarea tag two times first for opening tag and second for closing tag with backslash. Next is name attribute same as above examples. Slightly ahead, You will see cols="20" rows="8" This attribute represent the number of columns and rows which are exist in the message box. You can increase or decrease the level of columns and rows.

Discuss on Step 2 (Input Buttons):

Finally, We reach on submit or reset buttons step, Where we understand the button coding in html form. See the code below.

 <td colspan="2" align="Right"><input type="submit" name="submitquery" class='submitbutton'
 value="Submit Query" size="20">
 <input type="reset" name="reset" value="Reset" size="20" class='submitbutton'></td>

In the above code, first we utilize table tags same as above and tables attributes to arrange this form. Next is form buttons concept, which is quite simple. Same as above input type="submit" tag but little bit change. This time type is a submit instead of text. Name and value procedure are same as above examples.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS):

As we said in the first paragraph, We utilize CSS code to make this form attractive. So that is our duty to reveal this code here. See the below CSS code, Which are attached with the above form.

background-color: #90C140;
font-family: Comic Sans MS;
color: White; 
font-size: 15px;
background-color: Blue;
border-radius: 12px;
color: White; 

You can manually add the above CSS code before starting html in this form. Then start your html form code with the above given instruction. Hope you will get success. Always care about opening and closing tag maybe it can be the cause of error or bug. Few articles are helpful to better understand this form construction. Must read below articles.

Sum up the above whole process or steps , You can develop  efficient and interactive html forms. Always do practice without practice that would not be possible to achieve your aims. For more fresh html or development articles or lessons subscribe our website. If you found any bug or error during practice then you can leave your question.

Basic English Grammar For Beginner

Basic English Grammar For Beginner:

To learn or speak any language,It is important that you have knowledge about its English grammar. English Grammar tell us how we can use words on different places. English Grammar like skeleton of English language.English grammar is basic for the beginner without learn the basic they can’t speak any language.Today,we learn about the”Parts of speech,Silent letter in words,Vowels and Consonant”.

English Grammar

Parts Of Speech:

A sentence consist in different words.These words can divided in different parts.These parts are called “Parts of speech”there are eight parts of speech.

  • Noun
  • Pronoun
  • Adjective
  • Verb
  • Adverb
  • Preposition
  • Conjunction
  • Interjection

English Grammar


Noun is a name of person,place or thing.For example: America,Lahore or fishing etc.


A pronoun is a word which is used in place of a  noun.For example:I,we,you,they,my,our,your,their,it,its,he,him,she,her,mine etc.


Whom,whose,which,what,who,this,that,these,those,myself,himself etc.


A word which has qualities of a noun or pronoun.For example:Good,honest,beautiful etc.


A verb is a word which shows that something is being done.For example:Beat run,wash,write etc.


An adverb is a word which is used to qualify any part of speech except a noun or pronoun.

For example:

  • He reads clearly” here read is adverb”.
  • This  is dark black horse”here black is adverb”.


A preposition is a word placed before a noun or pronoun to establish the relationship with the person or thing denoted by it stands in regard to something.For example:In,on,with,of,for,into,from,at,after etc.


A conjunction is a word which joins sentences and words.For example:And,both,also,too,not,only,but,however etc.


An interjection is a word which expresses some sudden feeling or emotion.For example:Well done! Hurrah! Alas! Ah! Bravo etc.

Silent letter In Words:

In English grammar, We use silent vowel words.Which can write but we can’t read.Some silent letters come in front of the words,mid of words and end of words like:

Words Silent Letters Words Silent Letters
Answer      W Guest      U
Column      N Condemn      N
Inn      N Honest      N
League      Ue Technique      Ue
Pick      C Island      S
Stalk      L Folk      L
Adjective      D  Climb      B


English words have no value without vowels.Vowels words are(A,E,I,O,U).

“An” use with vowels.For example:Hour,iron,knife etc.

English Grammar


English consist on twenty-one alphabets.Which use with vowels because one letter have different sound.When we speak with other letters.They change their sound consonants are(A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z).