Benefits of Social Media For Business

Benefits of Social Media For Business:

On internet a place, Where peoples communicate with each other.  Social media is that, Where we engage to each other and share or interchange the information or data. Nowadays، Social media is on the rise. High competition occurs among all social media sites. In the era of information technology, Every single person have an accounts or profiles on social media sites. Social media is now a part/habit of our daily routine.

Benefits of Social Media

Majority of peoples are taking benefits of social media sites. These benefits provides itself social media sites to facilitate his users or entertain. On internet world, there are numbers of social media sites but we enumerate only few one’s. Well known social sites are, Facebook , Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest etc.

Benefits of Social Media in Common life:

Social media have numerous and multi featured benefits. First of all, We can share and exchange knowledge, particular instruction, information with each other. For example: If someone person live in Pakistan and other relatives of that person live in United States both can communicate or can do video calls at the same time.

Benefits of Social Media

Through social media you can able to transfer your data one place to another place like photos, videos clips etc. These are the benefits in common life at our homes.

Benefits of Social Media in Commercial:

Expand the benefits of social media in commercial life. Commercial word directly link to business that’s means social media play an important role to promote your business. Social media enhance his platform features and provide advertisement platforms, In order to promote their business. Same like Google, Facebook update his features and add new features with the passage of time. That’s why, users doesn’t feel bored.

Benefits of Social Media

Facebook have further applications and tools for users convenience. Facebook provide the facility of business page.Which is known as fan page. You can promote your brand, celebrity, public figure, in many terms. Similar  like Facebook ,twitter, Google Plus , LinkedIn provide the facility of business pages for the purpose of business or non-business.

Benefits of Social Media for bloggers:

Finest and most magnificent benefit of social media is that, If you have an website or Blog then You can generate lot of traffic from that place. Traffic could be generated through Sharing, Create offers, Group sharing etc. As a SEO, I will prefer you to generate many traffic through social networks at your creative approach. Because Google and other well reputed search engines count social media traffic in search ranking. So, You can avail the benefit from this turn.

Benefits of Social Media

This article covered many points to the perspective of common person, commercial level. Especially keep remember that, advertising is not free on social media because this feature is use for commercial level not for personal. Other tools like fan pages, social media accounts and further application are available for free of cost. If you have any further authentic benefits of social media sites then we will love to see that work. You can share your ideas with us through Contact Page and comments. 🙂

Google Webmaster Tools and its features

Google Webmaster Tools and its Importance:

Website or blogs have many of these factors and some are crucial steps. That the thing come into scene, Mostly blogger target Google search engine traffic,that’s why. they do follow his rules and privacy polices.Google is a search engine and have a billions of web pages on it. Google don’t require your help to utilize his products like Google Analytics, Google webmaster tools and so on. Actually fact is that, We need us for our blog bright future. Google is only recommend you to join his community to promote your business. Same like as, Google introduced his most beneficial tool known as Google webmaster tools. Google webmaster tools is marvelous effective tool for blogger and website owners. Google webmaster tools authorize to view indexing status and optimize site according to Organic Seo.

Google Webmaster Tools

Bloggers can avail benefit from it. Just you need to sign up on Google webmaster tool and start your journey. Next procedure of webmaster tool is ADD Site and its verification process. Verification process will consist of few methods. For verification process read submit site to Google webmaster tools.

Google Webmaster tools features:

Further things that, we need to know about Google webmaster optimization tools and its features. Webmaster account will facilitate with multiple optimizer tools. On webmaster account, Left hand sidebar have many of these options. Webmaster tool provide search queries out of search engines pages impression. Google search engine count your daily search results/impression in search engine then display in webmaster. Even tell them about clicks on these given impressions. Obviously that clicks out of these result/impressions are organic traffic. Webmaster tools also count and record searching keywords in the form of search queries. Webmaster has catch/count site links (Internal,External). Google count your dofollow and nofollow links and takes as external links for your website. Google also enumerate your site internally links and display the whole chart on webmaster tools.

The prominent and advantageous usage of Google webmaster is web page index status. For this purpose we need to submit xml sitemap to Google webmaster. After submission of sitemap, Google automatically update it and inform you about indexing status. Below image specifying the indexing status,

Google Webmaster Tools

Additional feature on webmaster panel is Crawl statistics and fetching as Google. Crawl stats inform your about that, When last time spider crawl your pages and how many pages like these kind of informative stats. Fetch as Google is used to check web pages status like URL working, redirect, blocked etc. For example, if you block few pages or category through Robots.txt file and sitemap. So you can check here to providing the URL in above given box and render the page. It will inform you about web page status. See the below image to understand it.

Google Webmaster Tools

You can easily manage the robots file through webmaster tool. See the below image to clear it.

Google Webmaster Tools

Finally last option is Other resources, Its contains multiple and finest tools. Read the below tools with descriptive information.

  • Structured Data testing tool . (Use for check rich snippets and Google plus authorization)
  • Google Places. (Google places is another service of Google inc known as Google Map)
  • Google Merchant Center. (Utilize only for e-commerce purpose )
  • Page Speed Insight. (This tool use for check web pages speeds and return the comprehensive information about your website and server)
  • Custom Search. (Most effective tool and use for own site search)

Hopefully, you found your point in this article. Try to optimize your blog via webmaster tool. You need to open and analyze webmaster queries on daily basis then you will be capable to understand Search engines algorithms. You can make it part of your job. Inform me or can do discussion for further questions in below comment box.  😉

Best WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

Best WordPress Plugins For Bloggers:

As we know very well, WordPress platform is used to start a blog carrier quickly. WordPress have innumerable plugins to optimize blogs or websites. We will reveal best WordPress plugins and his significance in explanatory form. These best WordPress plugins belongs to Seo optimization or On page Seo and some belongs to website user attraction. Blogger must need to aware about best plugins and his multiple features.

Best WordPress Plugins

Before go ahead, You need to care about several things. If the WordPress plugins exceed a certain limit of plugins, then it can be harmful for us and our blog. At this stage, We recommend that, Utilize only best and important plugin don’t use worthless plugins. Often many of plugins make an impact on your site loading speed. Let’s start. We categories most compulsory and best plugins are following as,

WordPress SEO By Yoast:

WordPress Seo By Yoast are recommended by Matt cuts, Hostgator and specially Seo experts. SEO by Yoast is multi functional plugin because it has numbers of tools and these tool will make your site optimized. Especially powerful grip on Seo strategies even a single post image. Seo by Yoast has various optimize tools like as, Meta-tags (title,description,keywords), xml sitemap, Permalinks, breadcrumbs, image optimization and social media sites sharing integrate tools etc.

Best WordPress Plugins

Another concept and headache is Seo by yoast accurate setting. Because Seo by Yoast setting should be accurate then you will get the lot of traffic on your site. You can read “How to Setup Seo By Yoast plugin“.

JetPack By WordPress:

JetPack by WordPress used as a multi task plugin. We personally used this plugin for more than one task. JetPack by WordPress track your website statistics and keywords. It’s not belongs to Seo but it track search engine traffic with every step like keywords, referral sites traffic, social media traffic and Organic traffic etc. Further crucial task of this plugin is JetPack comment box for user feedback or response. Slightly go ahead, JetPack subscription box for all viewers and users. This subscription box have bulletin function like automatically send new publish post to subscribers.

Best WordPress Plugins

Next beneficial tool is short link of every single post, Which we can utilize for social sharing and further tasks. Other are small utilities like related post under every post, Custom contact form and mobile theme etc. Try to use it and be enjoy it.

W3 Total Cache:

W3 total cache is a spectacular plugin and known as a best WordPress plugins. W3 total cache recommended by Matt Cuts, Hostgator, Dream host etc. W3 total cache plugin used for boast website loading speed. w3 total cache increase server performance and increase web page loading speed. W3 total cache diminish the download time. W3 total cache optimize your SQL database tables then its helps us in website loading speed. W3 total cache supply transparent content delivery network integration. According to w3 total cache developers and authors, w3 total cache saving 80% bandwidth of your website through compression of html , CSS files, Java scripts files etc. Unbeatable feature of this plugin is that, W3 total cache compatible with shared hosting, VPN hosting and dedicated servers. W3 total cache minify/decrease your post and pages even feeds.

Best WordPress Plugins

W3 total cache take improvement in user experience without any change in theme layout, and WordPress. Must recommend your to utilize it and get benefit from it. W3 total cache installation process is little bit complicated so, We will suggest you to read “W3 total cache settings & Configuration” and be enjoy it.


Akismet is another best WordPress plugin and by default available in WordPress. After install WordPress blog, Goto >> plugins and Click on >> installed plugin there you will get Akismet plugins. Akismet is used for prevention of spam comments. Akismet filter all comments with bad links, and bad adult words, then analyze comments and with more test.  If Akismet find any doubt/spamming so take as a spam comment then it drop the comment in spam queue not in moderation. Akismet is not a security plugin for your website but it is 99.9% security for your blog comments.

Best WordPress Plugins

Akismet have free or premium plans so if you are running a personal single blog then sign up for free otherwise use premium plan. So, you can say Good Bye to spam comments after install Akismet on your WordPress Blog.

A finest blogger always try to adopt best things for his blogs.  Try to above best WordPress plugins, Hope that. you will enjoy it in future. Always give preference recommended plugins because it will provide you their own experience، will not take yours. Hopefully, You earned so many things in this article. You can join me, If you have any issue concern with this post. 🙂

How Can Students Make Money Online

How Can Students Make Money Online:

Everyone wants money especially students. Who are getting knowledge in colleges and universities. In this era, Now money has become the mandatory need. Without money no one survive in the society. Make money online is a fact but it is possible only with lot of efforts.In the past,These were tragic moments in our society. Because young generation and especially students were not aware with make money online. It is looks like a joke but it is fact that, We can earn/make money online at home/ at student life. That is the reason, Billions or Trillions of website are working and serving his users on internet. You may be the one of successful But with struggle and honesty.

Make Money Online

In this article we will reveal that, How to make money online quickly and at home. Now let’s start this journey. We can make money online with numerous ways but well-known and prominent ways are following as,

Before going to discuss and explain in-depth, We should care about few things. First of all for students, You should care about your education because money is not important then your education and learning. That means, education is the first priority. You can join this make money business as a part-time job in your spare time. Let start now,

Make Money with Blogging:

You can Make money with the help of blogging. Blogging is the sumptuous and well-known job. You can start blog as your personal business. Personally I started my career with blogging. You don’t need money to start your blogging carrier as your part-time job. Just you need a computer and internet connection and that’s it. Other thing is that which is needed, You need to utilize any well-known company or organization platform to host your blog like a WordPress and Blogger.

Make Money Online

We write authentic and meaningful article on blogging journey. Just read below given articles and start it own job today.

After read these articles, You will be capable to generate/earn a handsome income. Always keep remember that, Blogging is not a week or month procedure or process because it takes months so don’t think that, On first day you will become rich. Initially maybe you will not get heavy traffic but with the passage of time and with hard struggle, You will get your aims and destination. Try to make your routine that, Keep updating your blog on daily basis and work with consistency.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing:

Make money online with the help of affiliate marketing is now has become a professional job. Now information technology are spreading so rapidly. Therefore, Now earning method are different and optimized. Affiliate marketing is one of the key to generate handsome earning. First we need to know about that, “What is affiliate marketing“. Let assume that, amazon store have a computer science book in 20$ at customer price and in 15$ for affiliate members only.I send a customer with my provided reference. Because this customer need this book and he purchased in 20$ with that store. Listen to me carefully, Book price for affiliate members is 15$ and store sold this book at 20$ at customer price. Negation of customer and affiliate price is your actual profit. That’s means, You don’t need to buy this book just register yourself as a member on amazon store and start your earning.

Make Money Online

Next question is that, “Where is the affiliate companies“. Actually on the internet market hundreds of affiliate companies are exist but some well-known are following, Amazon, Ebay, Hosgator, Clickbank and Godaddy etc. You can join these companies affiliate marketing easily. They have no registration fee, You can Join free anytime. You will found affiliate page links on these given website header/upper part or footer/Lower part of this website. You can earn lot and refer to your relatives and friends. Affiliate marketing overall is commission based work and without any headache. You can convey your affiliate links/reference through social media sites and gain benefit. For more information concern with affiliate marketing read “Make money with Hostgator Affiliate Program“.

Make money with Writing Articles:

If you are better familiar with English and have fluent level in English. Then you can make money online through articles writing. Keep remember, On internet billion of websites have low to high quality content. Only the owner of any website can’t writing articles itself. Because on each website have hundreds articles. So then, they hire content writers to write his articles. A content writer know better about article writing skills and its grammatically grip. Your grammar should be perfect and Vocabulary should be high but friendly. Article length should be 300 words minimum. You can join our English Lessons to develop fluency in your English.

Make Money Online

You can utilize and join freelancing websites for writing articles. Many companies are available in the internet markets, Which will pay you for article writing. Such as, oDesk, ElanceGuru and Freelancer etc. There is no registration fee. so be enjoy it.

Instead of these above magnificent methods of make money online is numerous. But these are prominent and don’t have need any cost to start. Decide itself but I personally suggest you, Start your blog journey and share your skills to other internet users. Make your own community for the sake of enhance business. Join me for more inquiry and ask questions.  🙂

Child Labour and his facts in Our Society

Child Labour and his facts:

Today we will discuss on child labour and his facts in a society. Childhood is the key success of every country. They become the bright future of any country, If an educated and well manner environment provide them. Child labour is the major issue for developing countries. Children from the poor society and families, Who cannot affords their study expenditure become the part of labour. This strange reality that, When child need the love of their parents, When the time of their enjoyment, playing with their fellow, the time of study and when their little hands are able to pickup the pen to learn or to write. Unfortunately poverty compel them to sacrifice their childhood to live in society. They take mechanical tools at the place of pen in their soft hands.

child labour and his facts

More than 180 countries celebrate the universal children day annually.  At this day new laws make for their health, education and other expense. Many countries face this problems millions of children are engaged in physical work to earn for themselves. Children who work manually mostly related with poor families their parents are also illiterate.

Main reasons of Child Labour:

Poor families mostly have large number of members, therefore they cannot afford expenses of their children’s education and health due to this reason condition of their poor family force them to do work. Childhood is a time, When children want to go to school to learn new things, their parents have a dream to see them as a doctor, engineer, pilot etc. But because of unemployment and poverty their parents sent them to factories, workshops, restaurants, hotels to earn.

They work with their little hands in filling stations, manufacturing center so on at labour wages. The issue of child labour rise day by day because government not gives attention for its solution.

Why Child Labour Increase ?

Child labour increase in those countries, which are failed to maintain their funds and make poor utilization of their resources. They are inefficient and fail to arrange the good education programs. Developing countries have no use of their natural resources therefore they can not spend money for the improving status of the poor.

Developed Countries Reaction Against Child Labour:

Modern and developed countries implement on their rules & laws and have a proper system for the utilization of resources. The leaders of the developed countries spend their resources and funds for the settlement of poor’s. When government or countries of developing countries focus on the betterment of the poor, they can control on this major issue.

Child Labor and his facts

Make education common for all. Try to remove or decrease unemployment, Use resources for development of job oriented sectors. Try to develop agencies and welfare institutions to meet the needs of poor or middle class and fulfill the needs of child’s education & health.  When any country provide job, income and education opportunities to its poor families children. They can overcome this main problem. When parents are able to earn and fulfill the needs of their families then their children are not become labour. When we are all work for our society then our children go to school for learning not go for work to earn for their families.


Children labour become the main problem for developing countries. It come to end only, When facilities and opportunities provided. Increase in the population is the cause of Child Labour.

How To Use Google Analytics Beginner Guide

What is Google Analytics:

Hope, you are aware with Google. Google is a Search engine and have multiple beneficial products and tools. Google most of the products are free of cost. Just you need a Gmail account to get access on all of these products. Google offers optimization and Analytics tools for website owners and developers. Google Analytics is one of the tool and product of Google Inc. According to Wikipedia Google Inc introduced analytic tool in 2005.

How to use google analytics

Google Analytics works for analyze the web statistics and much more feature. In other words, With the help of Google analytics, You Can track your website statistics in-depth.

How to Setup Google Analytics ?

Google analytic is totally separate tool. Before tracking your website statistics, You need to build connection between them. First of all, You need to sign up on Google Analytics. Then fill the registration and provide your website URL in the given form. After do this procedure, Add your website URL and verify you domain in Google Analytics. In this process, Google Analytics will give you two options. One is that, Put tracking ID inside your website. Second is that, Put script lines inside <head>.....</head> head tags. You can certify your domain name with two given methods. After certify your domain name, You will capable to track your website statistics. Google Analytics is appropriate solution for track websites, Because Google Analytics have multiple feature such as: Real Time tacking, Audience, Section tracking, Keyword tracking, Paid and organic Seo tracking and complete grip on all content even a single link.

Real time option facilitate us, to track current online user on our website or blog. Even we can see the content, which user are seeing at the current time and much access further we can see the user/viewer/reader browser, OS, device (Mobile, Desktop), location (Country, City) and traffic source.

Google analytics

Slightly Go ahead, Audience option is also reliable and magnificent. Same above real-time feature exist in audience option but different is that, Audience option utilize for specific date/month/year. You can check date to date and month to month traffic stats quickly.

Google Analytics

Next is Acquisition option, Acquisition is more effective option inside analytic panel. Acquisition track Seo factors and quires. Acquisition track traffic resource like organic, social, referral sites etc. Even your can see and track your Adword campaigns.

Google Analytics

Finally Behavior option, This option will facilitate you with content targeting points. Means that, You can see it, Which was the user came on content. You can see your revenue by keyword but for the sake of this facility, You will need to connect account to Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Benefits:

Google Analytics have numbers of benefits. Google recommend to utilize his tools because Google Analytics have numerous features. Google will not charge any single penny for these features all is free for you. With the use of Analytic tools, You can find out the status of your current website and comparison to previous one status. You can track adsence revenue/earnings and Adwords campaigns statistic through Google Analytics.

Professional bloggers always do follow-up the trend. We will suggest you, Try to use Google Webmaster tool with Google Analytics tools. You need to make your habit or routine , to check daily analytic report and optimize your website on daily basis. You can further discuss this article below. 🙂

Importance of Education in a Society

Importance of Education in a Society:

Importance of education for men & women is essential for bright future. Education play a vital role in the development & progress of country. Today education is very important for success. The success of development countries based on education. Only educated leaders and nation builders take the nation to the heights of success and progress. Education makes us as perfect noble and kind as possible.

Importance of Education
Importance of Education

Main purpose of education is personal advancement, social , economic progress and success in nation goals. Awareness of education spread among people through media, newspaper etc.

Advantages of Education:

Education develops our minds. We become good learner to understand all subjects of our study. We have ability to understand our social rights and duties. Education develop our noblesse oblige sense.Due to education, We can make difference between right and wrong. Through education we also understand our religious value and standards well. An uneducated society cannot get success. We should create equal standards of education for all people of society.

Provide facilities to those students, Who can’t afford expenses of high education. A well-educated system helps us to remove the main problem of our society is poverty and unemployment. Islam has stressed upon the importance of education.

Get Knowledge from cradle to grave

In an other place Islam says that:

Get education whether you go to China

We are able due to education to  follow our religion in true manners. There is close relationship among character and the achievement of the education. Educated people make educated nation. Education helps us to open our minds to improve our selves.

Educated people devote their work for the development of their nation. Education is necessary for the success of every field and sector. Students are the key of achievement for every country so in respect to create or built good students a good education system is needed. We take good care of our costly things because we have dared to lose or destroy them else education. Education is only one thing, Which can’t steal or take away from us.

Now getting education is not a problem because technology make it easier for us. Success of teaching, politics, engineering, banking, media, industries etc depends on education. Due to education society become a job oriented, reduce unemployment, increase productivity, produce goods and hard work workers get gain in every profession. Scope of education become wide everyone get education to lead others. Every country system directly link with education.  We can’t deny the importance of education.

Millions of illiterate people live in darkness education remove this darkness. Success of different fields like medicines, engineering, nuclear energy, chemists luxuries of all kinds depends on education. A nation is nothing without education.

Read More about the role of essay in today’s educational system. Hopefully, this importance of education essay will be proven helpful in your school/college homework/assignments. You also can take idea and highlight this essay major points in your assignments.


We need education for national progress. Make equal education for all. Education is necessary for development of country or for our character.

How To Optimize Images for Better SEO

How To Optimize Images for Better SEO:

If you are familiar with Google analytic and you examined the daily traffic on a regular basis. You noticed that, much part of traffic came through Google images. Let assume that, You have a website or blog and this blog have lot of articles and each article have many images to specify his subject. So you can imagine that, How much traffic you can generate through images.

Optimize Images SEO

But this traffic of images have contain few condition. Same like your blog content should be Seo optimized similarly, Website images should also optimize according to Seo. See the image optimizing factors below.

  • Image title
  • Alt tag
  • Image Size

Optimize image with Image Title:

Let’s take, the image title role in optimize image Seo. This image title concept is similar like post title concept. The title of the post is to represent the whole post. Similarly, Image title of the image is to represent the whole image and its content criteria. But, Each article have lot of images. Title should should be same of all  images in each article because a image title represent the whole article and in the whole article has single main title. Try to write descriptive and meaningful title. Try to use your focus keywords in title.

Optimize image with Alt Tag:

Go ahead and take the Second point, Optimize images Seo through alt tag. Alt tag is the most prominent key of image optimization process. You will understand the story of alt tag with that example, If you have an image belongs to “Cloth fashion” but  search engines crawlers or spiders don’t  specify his term and means. We need to write short line (Alt tag) to tell them search engines that this images belongs to cloth fashion. Search engines spiders determine your given query. If your query or given information meet his Seo conditions then search engines give preference your articles images. Otherwise they will ignore images. You can see the alt tag structure below and understand in better way.

<img src="" alt="Cloth Fashion">

In the above html image tag, First we put image path then utilize alt="Cloth Fashion". This alt tag defines the image and makes image optimize.You could put focus keyword inside of alt tag.If you are familiar with WordPress then know better that, Inside WordPress, after upload image WordPress allow you to step up image title, description, caption and alt tag.See the below screenshot for testimony.

Optimize Images SEO

See the above WordPress image setting and same adopt this optimize Seo setting in your images. Don’t leave the empty title and description boxes, because these settings are mandatory for better optimize image Seo.

Optimize image with Image Size:

Take the final point, Optimize images through image size. As we know that, during writing articles, we use many images. Sometime we takes the images through search engines or else sites,but that images have much bigger size and we need small then we try to resize it. At these occasions, We use height and width tags to resize image according to our requirement. But this procedure and process of resizing image are not valid for the perspective of Seo. According to Seo optimization, We need to use image editor to resize the image size like photo filter, Photoshop and Corel draw etc. These photo editor will facilitate you and help you to resize your images as much you want. One more thing is that, Try to use small images inside articles because it will not impact on your page loading speed.

Above three point of optimize images belongs to on page Seo. Better Image optimization will give you many traffic through images searches. Specially, Use of small image will increase your site loading speed and entertain the readers. Hopefully, Image optimization will increase your page rank and site search results. Ask questions, You may leave the comment below. 🙂

How to Increase Google PageRank

How to Increase Google PageRank (PR):

Every blogger and website owners wants high PageRank because high PageRank gives you top position in search engines. Most of the blogger are familiar with the word “Google PageRank“. Read Google PageRank and its importance. In earlier articles, We learned about Google PageRank history and its importance. Now we will reveal that, How to increase Google PageRank. Google PageRank depend on various factors, Some are Seo factors and some are technical tips.

How to Increase Google Page Rank

Before go ahead, We need to know about few things. Google  PageRank work with external links and content quality. Seo experts recommend that, PageRank is an enormous hand in the quality of backlinks. Further factors are content, daily update blog, Meta-tags, Social media presence. Let see the whole procedure in explanatory form.

Quality Backlinks:

Quality backlinks is a powerful factors in the perspective of PageRank. If you want to improve your website PageRank than try to increase your backlinks numbers but links should be not redundant and useless. Google determine the links availability and its quality then Google permit you’re a PageRank. Read this article to know about backlinks quality: What is Nofollow or Dofollow rel attributes. Often viewers or readers have an authentic question in his mind that, How we can build/create backlinks and where ?

Such questions became a headache. Don’t be anxious. You can join a lot of communities to fabricate your backlinks such as, Forums, Bookmarks, Web directories ans specially social media sites. You can also do guest post on other relevance blogs to spread your quality backlinks. Must recommend to submit your site to dmoz or yahoo directory,It would be considered as a magnificent backlink.

Content Writing:

Content writing is an important and valuable reason for PageRank. Google always suggest that, Content should be fresh and unique because readers wants fresh and update content. Use high stranded vocabulary in you content writing. Avoid to grammatical mistakes inside content. Try to writing minimum 400 words articles and maximum length can be 1000 plus words. If your budget allows then try to hire content writer. They can write well systematic and prominent content for you.

Daily Update:

Personally as my own experience, We will suggest you to update your blog or website on daily basis. This daily updating on blog will make you crazy and deranged but believe me your blog will take rank soon in Google. Other thing is daily post ratio, Its depend on your struggle and time because everybody can not do the same task and same things. Actually there is no threshold of daily post. But you can publish one or two post minimum as per day. But remember that, Consistency is more important.

Increase Google Page Rank


Meta tags are working as a driver of websites. The fact that, Meta-tags are useful thing only for search engines. Meta-tags are consist on few tags like, Meta title, meta description, meta keyword, and friendly URL. Meta tags are essential food for search engines. You can say that, Meta-tags are the representative of our sites in search engines. Search engines utilize these tags for search results. Search results consist on title,description/snippet and URL of web pages. It is our responsibility that, Provide these meta tags in meaningful form.

Increase Google Page Rank

Here is question arise that, Google doesn’t recognize meta-keywords so why we use meta keyword tag for every web page. Actually people’s see the one side action/process,  Instead of Google other search engines recognize and use meta keywords in search ranking. Meta-keywords usage are not harmful for you site but don’t use lot of keywords in single post, and utilize meaningful meta-keywords.

Social Media Sites:

In this era, Google now has become smart and recognize social media traffic. This means that, Google count social media sites traffic in search ranking. Mostly, Websites taking traffic through social media sites. Famous and major social sites like Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc. You can generate backlinks through social media sites and get strong backlinks from your social media profiles. Create your fan pages on social media sites then promote your business.

Now the consequence is that, Follow these above steps and you can get a good position in Google search engine. High PageRank is also an honor and distinction for a website owner. You can alert me if you have any questions. 🙂

Google Page Rank (PR) and its Importance

Google Page Rank (PR) and its Importance:

Google Page rank is one of the most important Seo factor. Every person, who working on internet know about Google Search Engine. Google have numbers of algorithms and one of the algorithm is Page Rank.Google Page rank was developed in 1996 in Stafford university by Larry page and Sergey brin according to Wikipedia.These two personalities are known as the founders of Google and Larry Page are the current CEO of Google. This word “Page Rank” was taken from founder name Larry Page. Google page rank is the path of measure websites value and its worth. Every website or blogs have a page rank (0-10). Google give page rank, Start from 0 and end to 10. Initially new websites have “0” page rank but by and by and with the passage of time, If your website do struggle with lot of experience then Google give you a page rank. No one not sure about page rank for initial websites. It’s totally depends on your website activities. It’s not only algorithm by Google, That is the entire result of any website or position in search engine (Google).

Google Page Rank

Importance of Google Page Rank (PR):

After know about page rank and its biography. So it is pivotal to know that, What factors are involved in page rank. Google page rank algorithm work with external linking. It is no doubt that backlinks are the vital cause of page rank. Google determine that, How many web pages links connect with this specific pages and links pages are valuable or not. Specially both pages are relevance to each other or not. Well known website have PR (Page Rank) start to 3,4 and so on to 10. Backlinks are counted in off page Seo. Because it is off side site work. We should care about backlinks quality because Google and other search engines doesn’t recognize and doesn’t count redundant or useless links. For more valuable backlinks quality read Dofollow and Nofollow links article. Backlinks criteria and procedure look like a cobweb. Because one website link to three web pages and these three web pages links other three webpages and this procedure of backlinks works repeatedly. Google will determine your backlinks quality then Google will permit you a page rank. You can read below highlight articles that belongs to page rank.

As my years of experience, We suggest you to read this article “5 Things that will improve organic Seo“. Hopefully, this articles will help you to get better rank in search engine. Always try to best as yourself. Seo experts is like a doctor of sites because they know better about website strategy. For more inquiry and ask questions leave the comment below. 🙂