Best Place For Ads Placement on Website

Ads Placement:

The majority of bloggers،Who do not take advantage of the site’s traffic. Because, they learned only one lesson, Make website and earn money. They don’t focus on the other hand side. That’s why, they are always disappointed with their work. So, Don’t be worried, You need to optimize your site according to placement of ads. Means that, Getting the ads is not an achievement, Finest earning with their ads is the achievement of our hard-working. For the sake of finest earning, The ads placement on your site makes a big impact on consumers/user.

Think like a user itself, And analyze the website layout. That place, Where you can get more clicks. Choose that location and put your ads. But here is little bit problem will occur. Because publishers companies like AdSense emphasize on that location above the fold. Minimum One ad should be above the fold.

What is above the Fold?

When you open any website, So before going to scroll down, Above area known as above the fold and after scroll down, below area known as below the fold.

So above the fold ads have much worth instead of below the fold. Try to put minimum one ad above the fold.

Our Designed dynamic Heat map:

Google AdSense  is the popular and well reputed advertising network for advertisers and publishers. Google recommend that, Use ads above the fold and between the content. Google reveal his idea through heat map. See the below heat map and analyze the ads location inside post and above the comment box etc.

Heat map of Ads Placement

Above heat map shows that, You can put your first ads after title and before content body. Second ad should be inside of your post content. Third ad should before comment box. These three ads placement makes possible to maximum clicks on ads. You can put your ads in sidebar. I strongly recommend you, Don’t put more than three ads because user feel uncomfortable and Google also suggest three ads per page. You can customize your ads link, fonts, and specially use keywords for relevance ads. Read for better understanding, Google AdSense Heat Map Guide For Beginners.

We designed above heat map for your convenience. Therefore, Follow the heat map because we designed it according to advertisement rules and regulation. So don’t be panic to adopt it. For better organic traffic read 5 Things that will improve organic Seo. You can discuss your issues and ideas with us.

Present Perfect Tense – English Verb

Like a previous articles,which are related with sentences. Now a day, We will again talk about the sentences. In the previous, articles we have discuss about the grammar and sentences.The names of the articles, which are related with grammar and sentences. Names are:

Now, we will discuss about the present perfect tense that what is identification and structure of present perfect tense. Present perfect tense is the third branch of present tense.

Identification of Present Perfect Tense:

Present perfect tense show that to the work which has done in present.This tense disclose the link with the past in present.In this tense,we don’t mention time like present perfect continuous tense.

In present perfect tense helping verbs are (Has,Have).

  • “Has” use with “singular subject”
  • “Have” use with “plural subject”

We use “Has” when subjects are (He,she,it,single name).

We use “Have” when subjects are (I,we,you,they).

We use  “Third form of verbs” in present perfect tense.

Structure Of Simple Present Perfect Tense:

Subject+Helping verb (Has,Have)+Third form of verb+Object.

For example:

Present Perfect Tense In Negative Sentences:

In negative sentences,we use “Not” with “Has” or “Have”.We use “Has not” or “Have not” after the subject and before the verb.

Structure Of Present Perfect Tense In Negative Sentences:

Subject+Helping verb (Has,Have)+Not+Third form of verb+Object.

For example:

  • I have not taken tea.
  • The students have not written an essay on Blessing of science.
  • Women have not cooked food.
  • She has not read book.
  • Children has not played games.

Present Perfect Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

In interrogative sentences helping verb used before subject.

Structure Of Present Perfect Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

Helping verb (Has,Have)+Subject+Third form of verb+Object.

For example:

  • Has teacher teaching the students about the Manners and Etiquette?
  • Have they wasted their time on social media?
  • Have children listened story?
  • Has it rain?
  • Has she not read book?

Remember Always:

Present perfect tense:

In simple:

  • (He,she,it,single name) has played.
  • (I,we,you,they) have played.

In negative:

  • (He,she,it,single name) has not played
  • (I,we,you,they) have not played.

In interrogative:

  • Has (He,she,it,single name) played?
  • Have (I,we,you,they) played?

Test Your Intelligence:

  1. She______ prepared the paper.
  2. ______ they played hockey?
  3. ______ Ali not written a letter?
  4.  Children has ______ gone to school.
  5. I______ lost my ring.


  1. Has
  2. Have
  3. Has
  4. Not
  5. Have

Let us know that, How much you earn the knowledge. Solve the above following test for best practice as yourself. Hopefully, This will be Better for your bright future. For more question join me through comments.

Most Influential Personality in the World

Influential Personality:

We call role model to those people from whom we admire and try to imitate. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is a complete code of life or influential Personality all over the world. He was born on April 20, 571. Name of Muhammad (SAW) means highly respected.

Most Influential Personality in the World

Desert of Arabia was shine, when Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) born on it. Before the appearance of Holy prophet Muhammad (SAW) Arabia was only desert nothing else.

After the birth of  Muhammad (SAW) this desert change in a new world. Muhammad (SAW) is a dearest prophet of Allah almighty. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is an important personality. Every moment or event of his life recorded in details without any mistake. Everyone can get great success if he fellow Muhammad (SAW) life.

For the success of people, who are Muslim & non-Muslim in the world and day the of judgment, every situation, condition, even minutest information of his Muhammad (SAW) life recorded in Holy Quran. It is only holy book, Which words remain same . The saying of Sir William about the Quran. He says that,

There is probably in the world no other book, which has remained twelve centuries with so pure text

Life & works of Muhammad (SAW) are not difficult to understand. Prophet of Allah Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) teaches us self-control and stander of behavior to the position of praying even on the battle field.  He treat his enemies in noblest & kindness way even he stood in full power is a good example for his followers. Even he didn’t take any action against his bitterest enemies, Who killed his dearest uncle Hamza. He (SAW) only one person, Who taught as that the principles brotherhood and rights, responsibilities of human beings.

He (SAW) took great part in improvement of social conditions. Every religion define the same rules or principles of brotherhood but, He (SAW) had put this idea in genuine practice. Islam is only the religion, Which gather people, No one id bigger everyone is equal. Muhammad (SAW) finished the concept of colors, ranking, race among the human beings. A beautiful saying is that,

Only a person is great in the eye of Allah who follows the Takwa

At the time of Hajj people from all over the world gather in Makkah or Madina as a member of one family. They all are in simple dress consist of two simple white piece of cloth, No one has great value everyone is equal at this event even the president or prime minister of any country is equal with common people.

All are repeating these words,

Here am I, O Allah, at the command,thou art one & alone, Here am I

Thus there is no difference in high middle or low-class. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) brought the best system of in which people choose their rulers. There were many caliphs of Islam, Who were selected for to maintain the democracy in best form . The caliph Ali, Abbas, Mansur, Mamun  and many other caliphs were selected. He (SAW) also gave stress on the rights of women.

Women are the important part of society. Before Islam there was no respect for women. No one agree to give their rights. They thought that, Women are the curse of Allah. Islam remove the roots of this rude concept. It is too much difficult to find a person who is true, mankind and honest in every dealing. But there is Muhammad (SAW) prophet of Allah, He (SAW) is the common man. He (SAW) is the honest business man. He (SAW) helper of poor, orphans, protector of weak person. He (SAW) is a person who is in favor of women, He (SAW) is a law-maker judge in all activities of life in all departments. He is also like a hero. He is an ideal personality.


No one in the world can be compared with Prophet (SAW). He (SAW) is one & only personality, Which deal every matter of life. If we follow his rules, We can get success.

What are Backlinks in Search Engine Optimization

What are Backlinks in SEO:

In the search engine optimization term backlinks is an incoming links, Which we get from other web pages. Backlink is used to measure the popularity of web page. Backlinks are the most important factor of Search engine optimization. External links are the another name of backlinks. Actually backlink is a hyperlink and target particular web page or website. For example, If we have two websites and we linked to each other with content articles or pages hyperlinks. If someone else visit first website and during read articles, He clicks on this particular hyperlink and redirect to second website, this means second website receive one backlink. The entire process is quite simple.

What are Backlinks in Seo

Google analyze the quality and quantity of backlinks then permit a  Google PageRank. Strong backlinks makes better your rank in search engines.

How we can create backlinks ?

Create backlinks are little bit stiff task for newbies. For create backlinks, You need to join forums, social media sites, and submit your site in popular web directories like dmoz and yahoo. Quick and beneficial way is Blog commenting. Join discussion boards will help you to add your backlinks inside signatures. More backlink will enhance more chances to get well rank. Create attractive social media profiles to putting impact on users. You can write guest post on other relevance blogging sites to increase awareness of your website. You can exchange your site links with other one website.

Benefits of Backlinks:

The most attractive benefit is Well-known search rank. Backlink criteria directly link with Google PageRank. That’s means, If your backlinks are useful and valuable then you can get high page rank then high PageRank websites appearing in search engines will be increased. Try to increase backlinks because backlink are the Assets of your website.

We conclude that, Backlink are spectacular factor for your site bright future. You can more discuss on that topic in below comment box.

Why Alexa not Showing my Site Rank Details

Almost new bloggers get this message “NO DATA” on Alexa site or Alexa widget. There are numerous reasons behind Alexa message for site “No Data”. Almost initially created website have got this message and they feel angry. Because no one bloggers and website owners wants that, Their website is fallen into the ditch. Newbies always have hundreds of ambitions for progress about his site.

Alexa not Showing my Site Rank Details

Alexa is just see’s your website strategy and Seo (Search Engine Optimization). So, doesn’t means that, Alex is giving you punishment. Alexa follows search engines algorithms and analyze your site activities.

My Story with Alexa message No Data:

I started my carrier with knowledge idea as an online entrepreneur. Initially months, I have 19 thousand rank in my country. By and by with my daily activities without any holiday, I got 15 thousand rank with in 4 days. Actually it’s was the great achievement for my struggle.

Alexa not Showing my Site Rank Details

After few days an idea came into my mind. The idea was that, I already done lot of stuff on my site, Now I want holidays for few days. That was my fault and We also saw the reaction of inactive duration. After 3 days, I came back on work and shocked. Because Alexa showing No data message for my site.

Alexa not Showing my Site Rank Details

Before inactive duration my ranking was 15 thousand and after came back on work ranking is No data. I checked my Analytics reports, Traffic was low same as ranking and now that was the penalty for me.

What is the Solution of No data ?

human beings always learn from mistakes. After this crash with me. I learned that, Always keep active yourself on site and daily update your website. As we mentioned above that, Seo is also a part of ranking. Therefore, You must care about your site on page Seo and off page Seo. I beat the No data message with in next five days and obtained rank back on 13 thousand with active duration. That’s means, Alexa consider your site daily activities like how much post you published today and how much your website created backlinks today etc. Increase your site backlinks on everyday because it will keep update your Alexa rank. Write minimum 2 post/article on daily basis. Then after few days, at the same place on No data, rank will be appearing and your smile too 🙂

We Concluded that, beware with inactive duration. Because if you are a newbie so that is the time to work not for holidays. Time is a valuable thing, Which is passed by as a pendulum swing. If you are facing with further kinds of error with your site then you can discuss in comment box.

Google Analytics By Yoast Plugin Configuration

Google Analytics by Yoast is a powerful WordPress Plugin. Yoast also serve his services all around the world. Yoast introduce his tracking plugin for blogger and website owners. Yoast Google analytic plugin have multiple and beneficial features. Earlier I was wrote a post on that, Add Google Analytics code in WordPress manually without using plugin. I will clear your doubt because plugins have many benefits instead of manually method.

Google Analytics By Yoast Settings

Google Analytics by Yoast is one of the popular and magnificent plugin for tracking purpose. Because it tracks you website all traffic even your site PDF downloads and specially particular label like download link and affiliate links etc. That’s means, This plugin is capable to track your site outbound link and also comments external links.

Google Analytics By Yoast Installation:

First you need to download Yoast plugin package. You can find it through you WordPress dashboard option name is Plugins >> Add New and type in the search box Google analytics by Yoast. Just install it on your WordPress and activate it quickly. After activate this plugin, It will look like this below image on WordPress dashboard.

Google Analytics By Yoast

In the above image, We describe the whole process of configuration and settings of Yoast plugin. After installed plugin in your WordPress. Goto inside plugin setting and Click On >> Re-authentication Button. A pop up will open and demand for connection between your analytic account and plugin. Then Log in to your Google analytics account and simply accept it. After this procedure, Now WordPress has been linked successfully with your analytic account. This method is little bit different with other manual method.

Configure Google Analytics By Yoast:

Settings of Google analytics by Yoast is next essential procedure. You can check and allow outbound-links and download links to track  it. Also allow anonymous data and check it.  I personally like ignore user option because it will ignore site authors, administrator, editor etc. See the below configuration of this option.

Google Analytics By Yoast

You can clearly see the above image and analyze the benefit of this valuable option. Because some blogger want pure traffic statistics in his analytic account so this option ignore user will help to exclude your traffic. You can avail benefit from it. Go ahead to next finest option of Google Analytics by Yoast. Yoast Analytics plugins also allows to track your site download links and get authentic report in your Google analytic account. See the below image to understand in beer way.

Google Analytics By Yoast

You can track those labels like affiliate links, outbound links inside articles etc. See the below configuration in the image.

Google Analytics By Yoast

All features inside this plugin really work effectively. You can adopt the above settings and configuration. Keep remember that, You will  find download and outbound link track data on Google analytic account under Behavior >> Events. Data will be categorize by  clicks action, labels and out bound link. Must recommend you to install this plugin and avail  benefit from it. This plugin will make you able to track your site in-depth. Hopefully, Now your doubt has been solved. You can further discuss on this plugin in comment box. 🙂

WordPress Permalinks Structure and Settings

WordPress Permalinks Structure:

Permalinks inside WordPress are the address or URL of the post and pages. WordPress Permalinks provides the appropriate options/settings to customize these URL as own style. Customization inside Permalinks is most important factor because default structure is ugly and not understandable for search engines. Almost web bloggers avail benefit from it and use his focus keywords inside Permalinks structure (URL). WordPress provides few custom Permalinks styles or structure, Which are useful for your blog bright future. See the below WordPress Permalinks settings. WordPress Permalinks To get access or  customization in Permalinks, You need to Open WordPress dashboard  >> Goto Settings >>Permalinks. Now you are on right the way. On that page, You can see the many of these tool belongs to Permalinks settings. There are six custom options available to customize Permalink structure. First is default structure and not recommended because it’s harmful for your site. See the below default structure and analyze it.

Above Permalink structure has no relevance with the post, because its has consist on symbols and numeric values ?p=123 not post keywords and titles. Take the second structure of Permalink. Inside it structure include date and name of the post, This is well in style. Because it consist on date (month,year,day) and post name. You can use this Permalink structure.

Third structure of Permalink is same as above second structure. but different is that, it has only month and post name inside it structure. See the below third structure example.

Slightly go ahead, Go on next forth structure, Which contains only numeric values /123 inside Permalink structure. This is again not suggested because relevancy not exist inside it structure with site post.See the below fourth structure example.

Last and recommended custom structure of WordPress Permalinks with only Post name.

This structure has no numeric value and no strange symbols. It contains only pure post title that’s means, now 100% relevancy exist in it. Specially, It is understandable for search engines crawler. Crawler can easily determine the relevancy between post and its URL Structure. Now Permalinks are exactly accordingly to Search engine optimization.You can also see the above image to understand these above WordPress Permalinks structures. Keep remember that, Permalink are one of the necessary part of Seo. Because its providing the information about your site pages and post. So URL structure should be user-friendly and easy to understandable for search engines or for users. I would suggest to read 5 things that will improve organic Seo. Let us know that, What you learned from this article. If you have better one ideas then we will like to hear it. Subscribe our weekly newsletter and be a part of knowledge idea. If you have further question belongs to WordPress Permalinks then inform me through comments. 🙂

How to Add Keywords in Blog Post for Optimization

Add or placement of keywords in blog post is a sensitive and responsible work. Sounds like a little bit tricky but don’t be you worried. Here we will show you that, How you can add excellent quality keywords in your post in several places. Keyword density is more valuable thing for professional bloggers. Before go ahead to more discussion, We should need care about few things. Firstly keyword density in blog post should be 1 to 3% for finest Seo purpose. How many time appearance of any word or phrase is known as keyword density. That’s why, keyword density should be powerful.

Add Keywords in Blog Post


How to Add Keywords in Blog Post:

Let take start, Keyword placement is contained on certain process. Post title, Post (h1 or h2) heading, URL friendly, Keyword density inside paragraph and finally image optimization with keywords. These factors are playing important role in blog Seo performance. So we are going to explain above factors in details with step by step.

Use of keyword in title and description:

As we know that, Google doesn’t care about keywords. It uses title or description for Search engine results. So, this means title and description is really matter in strong Seo. I’m gives you a tip and suggestion, Use your focus keyword in title one time and in description two-time. Keep remember that, Search engines see the relevancy between your content and your given title and description for Seo. One more thing is that, title and description is representing the behind content or your website in search engines So, always care about it.

Add Keywords in Blog Post

Seo title threshold in characters is 60 and description threshold in character is 150. Don’t cross these limits because this is the display limit on search engines snippets.

Use of keyword in Headings and friendly URL :

That’s a delicate point for newbie bloggers. Because they don’t know about Permalink structure and its benefits.Let’s Start with heading, Search engines experts recommend to utilize/insert (h1 and h2) heading tags in start and middle part of your content. Heading represent your paragraph or topic and search engines easily analyze the content criteria with the help of heading tags. Use your focus keywords in the beginning or middle part of your content heading tags. Actually it something like a Seo responsibility to use heading tags in our content.

Add Keywords in Blog Post

Secondly is URL Structure because it an essential part of Seo therefore we strongly suggest you use friendly URL’s. To understand the URL structure, See the below examples.
Non Seo friendly URL example for “Computer Science Book” Post.
Seo friendly URL example for “Computer Science Book” Post.
Now you can analyze both of them according to the Seo perspective. Above non Seo URL have no relevancy with the post. On the other hand side, Above Seo friendly URL is relevant and have a keyword like “computer science book” inside post URL . So, This means in the above second URL contains on focus keyword and relevant with the title, description and content.

Use of keyword in Content:

Same like above, Focus keyword should be appeared in the post paragraphs. For example, You are writing about “Computer Science Book” and that means our focus keyword is “Computer Science Book”. This focus keyword appearance should be in the first, middle and last paragraphs. Post content should be met with the quality of your keywords. As we mentioned above, keyword density is more useful thing for search engines.

Add Keywords in Blog Post

Use your keyword inside your post 10 to 11 time. Because 11 time use of keyword is equal to 3% keyword density and it is great for Seo perspective.Keywords inside your content helps to search engines to understand that what you are saying in content. So be professional during writing article because you are optimizing your blog at that time.

Use of keyword in Images:

Use of focus keyword inside images through alt tag is important for us. Same like in content, We uses relevant keyword to tell them search engines about our articles. Similarly in the images, We uses keyword through alt tag and keyword should be relevance with the image because it describe the image character. You should care about it for better Seo. If you are WordPress user then you can understand the concept of alt tag easily. See the image below.

 Add Keywords in Blog Post

Summarize the all above steps, You can use focus keywords and hope so, This will help you to get well rank in search engines. For further optimization latest tips and techniques, You can subscribe our newsletter. Please share you feedback with us. We will like to listen it. 🙂

How to Add Google analytic Code in WordPress

Almost bloggers familiar with WordPress and its friendly interface. You can easily start WordPress blog without spend any single penny. To track your website statistics, You must need to connect Google Analytics and your blog to each other. Google analytic is the marvelous opportunity for all bloggers. But now we are here to learn that, How we can add Google analytic code inside WordPress. Read Google analytic comprehensive guide here.

Google analytic in WordPress

Google analytic track your website pages, post, links even organic keywords. There is two major and finest option to add Google analytic code in WordPress. First is through Google analytic script/code in the website header. Another is add tracking ID inside WordPress. Let take the first method,

How to add Google analytic Code in WordPress:

First you need to Sign up with your website on Google analytic. After sign up procedure Google analytic provide you script and tacking ID for your site. Copy the given script.

Add Google analytic Code in WordPress

Goto >>WordPress dashboard then Goto Appearance >>Editor scroll down and  open header.php file. Between the <body>..</body> tags paste the whole code/script. You can use html comments tags around the Google analytic scripts (Optional). You can determine the process with the below image.

Google analytic Code in WordPress

And again Goto Google analytic page and save setting then Done. Now your Google analytic is directly linked with your website. Now you are capable to track you website or blog statistic and optimize your website.

Google Analytic will facilitate you with numbers of optimized tools like current online visitors, daily site audience, referral site traffic and keywords tracking etc. Google also recommend and invite you to join it for free. Hopefully, Your configuration and settings will be correct same as above. You can avail innumerable benefits through Google analytic. You can take assist me for further information and leave comment below. 🙂

Keyword Density in Seo Articles

Keyword Density:

Keyword density is a percentage of particular word or phrase appearance in the entire words on that page/post etc. Keyword density is used to tell them search engine that this page is relevant to certain topic. Keyword density should be 1 to 3 percent because it is useful for search engine to understand. Utilize your keywords in your articles, post, news, pages etc. Sometimes newbies are not aware about keyword density so they utilize bulk of keywords on single page or post. So if you are using lot of keywords so it could be considered a spamming. For example, If you are prepare an article belongs to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) So this article keywords could be, search engine optimization, Seo tips, Seo tutorial, these given three keywords are valid and relevant to the topic. On the other hand side, If you use redundant keywords for this post like, web development and WordPress, So there is no criteria meet with that post.

Keyword Density

Now search engines are smart and they optimize itself and allows only valid and superior website. That’s why Seo experts recommend to choose valuable keywords.

Keyword Density Formula:

To measure  our articles keyword density, We uses this formula to calculate our articles/post keywords density or strength. See the below formula.

Keyword Density

Above formula express that, How many times use of keywords divided with the total number of words in that article and finally multiply the result with 100.  According to Seo experts, If you analyze your article with that formula then your site appearance will be increase in search results.

I personally recommend you, Use your choose keywords in images with alt tag. You can read that, “How To Optimize Images“. Keyword density is one of the fundamental factor in Organic Seo. Sometimes you will feel tricky with it .Because it will take you time but believe me, You can avail benefit from it. Until your keyword density is sturdy.So, search engine will give preference to your site. You can check or analyze the criteria of your competitors and his Seo infrastructure. Let us know about your inspiring ideas through comments. 😉