Pay Per Click Advertising Model

When we talked about advertising models then PPC & CTR are come in major categorize. In the earlier article, We discussed and deal with CPC (Click Through Rate) Now further advertising model continue with PPC. PPC Stands for Pay Per Click, It is also known as another name cost per click. This model is beneficial for advertisers and publishers, They utilize it for direct traffic on website. Internet marketers use this model to several places to maximize his traffic through clicks.

PPC Advertising Model

Actually advertisers utilize this PPC model for publishers or website owners. Advertisers pay the particular selected amount to the publishers, When someone clicks on that advertisement/ads, Which publishers put these ads on his website front-end and user area. Publishers are eligible for that amount, when click is made. Advertisers target his audience through keywords, which is pertinent and relevance with his target market. This usage of keywords is taken implements in his advertisement or campaign.

Publishers also understand and utilize relevant ads on his sites for user-friendly purpose. For example, If we have a blog relevant to information technology then we insert only technology ads on own site neither other because other kinds of ads create disturbance for user to understand the site criteria. Both advertising companies and publishers  collaborate with each other. So, it is essential to match keywords queries with your site criteria.

Spammers are also trying to do fake and invalid clicks. But in this era, Adverting companies are became smart and have automatically system to defend anti fake clicks by dishonest web owners and sharp-witted competitors. Therefore, Now PPC model is protected by advertising companies. They analyze the valid clicks and determine the way of click like, traffic source, IP addresses, ISP (Internet Service Provider) and timing etc then will give you selected part of money.

Pay Per Click Formula:

Sometimes we must need to find the PPC then, To accomplish our need , We can calculate the PPC by divided the advertisement cost with the total number of clicks on advertisement.

Pay Per Click

PPC based on further two primary models, First is flat rate and second is bid based. Advertiser must provide the maximum price of each click on his ads. There are so many other strategies for advertisers that, how much he can investment on his advertisement or campaigns and what he taking benefit from these ads like traffic and revenue etc.

We conclude that, PPC model are for direct traffic and advertiser is eligible to pay publishers for single click. Finally PPC model is now under protection with fraud and invalid clicks. For further queries regarding advertising models, You can concern with us.

Life after death in Islam

This is very important question for discussion that whether there is life after death. Science does not handle this question because its only deals with numbers, figures, research and data. We cannot leave this question under the law of science. Today everyone link with science and technology. Only Islam elaborates the importance of life after death.

Life after death in Islam

Life after death in Islam:

Everything which comes in the world must be met with his Allah (God).Every life must be bound to taste of death. Allah the prophet of Allah suggested their people of ummah for the pray of Allah and to had faith in the life after the death. No one can deny this reality because this life of the world is temporary. Allah makes the men able to understand values, beliefs, set his ideas and make his decision according to Islam. Allah gives the outline of perfect life through his prophets for the success of people. That is why, They called their people to accept the existence of Allah almighty. When many people refuse the happening of life after death. Then Allah expose this reality with logical statement by Quran.

Only Allah who is the great creator of all things. Which are in the earth or on the sky. Allah create his creation for his worship & for the day, when we all would be gathered at a place after our death, this day is called day of judgment. When a men died then his next life start. This life start from grave to the day of judgment. Allah gives us this life nor for only enjoyment neither for only to doing work, The main purpose of this life to realize our selves. We are not come for only the worship of Allah, We must fulfill the rights of Allah, rights of men, which are compulsory for our success.

Quran very clearly says that another event.

The disbeliever’s have no strong basis for their wrong statements of life after death. It s only based on information that is not certain.

A day will be must come , when all things of universe will be completely ruined & will not exist any more. Then again all the dead will appeared to stand before Allah. This day of judgment never comes to end. Allah will be give Jannah/Paradise/Heaven to those people, who did goods deeds and throw out those people in hell, who did evil deeds. At the day of judgment Allah show his kindness on those, who spent their lives for the happiness of Allah. Those people will be depressed, who wasted their lives & became the salves of their wishes or desires.

Following verses of Quran beautifully described the sincere believers.

Until, When death comes unto on me of them, he says , My Lord send me back, that I may do right in that which I have left behind ! But nay! It is but a word that he speaks and behind them in a barrier until the day when they are raised. And the trumpet is blown there will be no kinship among them that day, Nor will they ask of one another. Then those whose scales are heavy, they are successful. And those whose scales are light are those who lose their souls in hell abiding the fire burns their faces & they are glum therein (23:99-104)

The faith in the life after the death not necessary for the success after the death but also makes life in the world full of happiness. Those people who join with the wine gambling frauds & other evils. They have no beliefs in the life after death, But unfortunately they accept this reality ,when they have no time or no chance from the protection of punishment.

Allah is too much most merciful and most gracious give time to his creature in their lives for Tobbah and blessed them. But who don’t want to get benefits from this great opportunity then they are failed in their lives.


This is true reality that the life after death must will be faced everyone. To get success in both worldly life or life after death, We should do good deeds.

Global Communication Technology and Society

World became a global village. We are in the fast global information system. Which reduce differences and increase the number of information and communication technologies. The telecommunication sector work at fast speed, innovation in telecommunication sector produce new equipment and provide better services by increasing in competition & same task between companies with skill in a wide number of information.

Communication Technology

Industries from telecommunication by producing programs on television or radio, to computer hardware and software to publishing.

There are different changing occur :-

  1.  Quickly changing in technology and service.
  2. Organize telecommunication sector to make it efficient.
  3. These development are not only for changing in telecommunication, but also for people working, learning and interacting.

Reduce the Distance:

Global information infrastructure reduce the distance of communication for both individuals & organizations. People can work in anytime & anywhere. This flexibility provides benefits to individuals. Who can work, whoever they want to do. But they never get away from the “virtual workplace”. Also provide the benefits to organization, which can reduce the overhead costs & help them to increase their production. But they also learn, how they can manage their local work force.

Changing the Geography of Business:

One of the major  changing in technological sector is the increasing of information. Network of computer that able user to communicate with each other. Another changing is increasing in communication everywhere by using wireless technologies. Communication technology allow user in urban areas not only to talk on book size telephones or tablets. But they also can share different data by using wireless modems. In rural areas possibility of availability of such technology by LEO satellite system.

Global Information:

Reducing in distance has great emphasize on the globalization of industries on international level. Those areas, which away from cities attract their business with pleasant environment and lower labour cost. Due to this, They can never complete with cities in their own countries. In developing countries companies hire workers on cheaper cost. Now this system is opposite as compare with above. Developing countries now see themselves competing in global markets. Where quantity of products as important as price.

Global information and communication technology

Telecommunication networks make a link chance. This system now built relationship between suppliers & retailers, retailers with customers, software engineer with hardware vendors and so on. Global information system makes lives too much easier. People can order anything from airline tickets to daily using products. We can start our business, dealings online, paying of bills electronically.

Telephones companies will take necessary action to the demand for new and good service as on opportunity not as a threat. In many countries, we may see electric utilities, cable television enterprises and wireless controllers competing with telephones enterprises to contact with consumers by offering better service with buy one get one idea. Information or communication technology reduce gap between people’s. Internet make it easy for student in their society. Business also spread their business by online.

Information highway create link between communities and nations. Communication tools and information resources reduce the gap among the people’s around the world.  Andrew Brown’s saying about internet technology is :

The internet is so big so powerful & pointers that for some people it is complete substitute for life


Global information infrastructure make life easier. It provide social benefits. New technologies & services met with challenges, which face many people.

What is Click Through Rate in Seo

CTR abbreviation is Click through Rate. CTR is a method to calculate the clicks success out of impressions. In simple words,Total successful clicks divided by total number of impression then the return result is CTR. CTR is used in advertising and publishing campaigns to find out the success rate. With the passage of time, Information technology spread his paws everywhere. Marketers producing new advertising strategies and CTR is one of these. CTR is also most effective element for publishers like Adsense. Adsense also count CTR in valid successful clicks out of total impression. Bloggers, who are working as an entrepreneur on his blogs and earn with Adsense ads. They prefer high CTR due to high revenue and for his bright future. You can understand the CTR concept with that example,

If you received 10 clicks out of 100 impressions on your site. So, CTR would be 10% for this site. CTR is an essential and spectacular factor for Search engine optimization. CTR importance matter in publishers account and advertising campaigns. When someone running a campaign then he received 60% CTR from publisher website. So this means, that is the success rate for him. Because 60% reflect that, He received 60 marks out of 100. So this is pretty good for advertiser and publisher.

CTR Calculate Formula:

I already expressed the whole scenario of CTR above. If few occasions, When someone need to calculate his success rate to find out his revenue or something else, So you can utilize below formula to accomplish your need.

CTR Calculate Formula

The above formula shows that, Total number of valid and successful clicks divided by total number of impressions and resultant is Click through rate. This is quite simple not tricky more.

Let us know, about your perception and techniques to make it better CTR. I will suggest you, Read 5 Things that will improve organic Seo to boost your site traffic. If you have any further question regarding CTR so, You can declare it below.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

I have already given you three lecture about the present tenses. We know that tense like a tree,this tree has three large  branches and every branch has four small branches like the first branch is “present”.There small branches names are:

We have already discuss about the first three branches of present in previous articles.Now,we will discuss about the present perfect continuous tense.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense:

Present perfect continuous tense shows that, the work which was started in the past and this work is still continuous in present.Like a present perfect tense, this tense has relevant with the Present perfect continuous tense.

The structure of present perfect continuous tense like present perfect tense.

In present perfect continuous tense helping verbs are Has been,Have been.

      • Has been use with Singular subject
      • Have been use with Plural subject

We use Has been when subjects are He,she,it,singular name
We use Have been when subjects are I,we,they,you
ing use with 1st form of verb in present perfect continuous tense.
In the present perfect continuous tense,we use Since,For for time being.
We use Since for exact time.
For example:

    • Date.
    • 1996 year.

We use For for not exact time.

For example:

  • Three hours.
  • Ten O’ clock.
  • Five minutes.

 Structure Of Present Perfect Continuous Tense:

Subject + Helping verb (Has been,Have been) + ing + 1st form of verb + Object

For example:

  • The children have been playing games for two hours.
  • She has been studying  for three hours.
  • He has been working on his new project since 1996.
  • The students have been writing essay on Fashion and Women role in a society for twenty minutes.
  • We have been listing the news for five minutes.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense In Negative Tense:

In negative tense,we use Not in the mid of Has been/Have been

Structure Of present perfect continuous Tense In Negative Tense:

Subject  +   Helping verb (Has been,Have been)  +Not  +  ing  +  1st form of verb  +  Object

For example:

  • The boys have not been making a noise for one hour.
  • The horse has not been running for ten hours.
  • He has been working on his project since 1996.
  • The child has been weeping for two hours.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense In Interrogative Tense:

In interrogative tense,we use subject in the mid of Has been/Have been

Structure Of present perfect continuous tense In Interrogative Tense:

Has/Have + Subject + been + ing + 1st form of verb + Object

For example:

  • Have boys been making a noise for one hour?
  • Has he been working on his project since 1996?
  • Has child been weeping for two hours?
  • Has horse been running for ten hours?

Remember Always:

Present Perfect Continuous Tense:

In simple:

  •  He,she,it,single name has been playing.
  • I,we,you,they have been playing.

In negative:

  • He,she,it,single name has not been playing.
  • I,we,you,they have not been playing.

In interrogative:

  • Has He,she,it,single name been playing.
  • Have I,we,you,they been playing.

Test Your Intelligence:

  1. Eliza _________ watching T.V for one hour.
  2. _________ Alan and Eliza been  playing football for  fifteen minutes?
  3. The girls _________ cooking food for one hour.


  1. Has been
  2. Have
  3. Have been

Let  us know that, about your inspirational ideas about this article. You should also learn Basic English Grammar For Beginner to accomplish your skills. If you have better one ideas and skillful knowledge then share with us. We love to listen it and publish it on our site. For more discussion concern with post, you can discuss below.

Waste of Money on Formal Events

The Waste of money on formal events such as, wedding , engagement, award ceremony birthday and so on. These are the happy moments of life, which celebrate with full of fun. In all such formal events people exchange expensive gifts to each other. Today people too much busy in their life so, they arrange different events for their satisfaction or enjoyment.

On ceremonies people waste their money for decoration of place, make unnecessary expenditure to show their selves. Now people do not arrange these events to meet their relatives or friends to share their feelings, emotions. They only arrange these events only to show their standard.

People who are related with high-class don’t like to invite their middle class relatives. We forget the importance of ceremonies. We waste our money on different ceremonies only to impress our superior social status guests.

Waste of Money on Formal Events

Specially wedding ceremony in which people make highest expenditure. This events consist on 4-5 days. People don’t care of their saving. They spend it on expensive fancy dress, lighting and dinner, which consist on imprecise dishes.

People which are related with high-class or have extra ordinary source of income. They like to have impress events. They wanted to look separate to others. They make expensive arrangements for their events to impress their guests. Ceremony is the name of waste of money, resources, energy and time, it is not for enjoyment.

Islamic Concepts for Wastage of Money:

We can arrange these events in simple way to save our money. We should Spend our money for social welfare, built schools for poor children. Our religion prefer simple events. In Islam there is no concept of (Mehndi, Birthday) and other ceremonies, which required wastage of wealth. We should use our resources or wealth for the benefit of society, Help those people’s, Who are not able to marriage their daughters. Use our resources in the right time at right place. Celebrate our events according to our religion.

Upper class should reduce their expenses on such events. They should be satisfied with necessary availability of goods, don’t show their richness to general public or to relatives.

Government laws Against Waste of Money:

Our government should to introduced laws or restrictions for those people’s, who use extra lighting on events, present several dishes, celebrate their ceremonies up-to 3 hours.

Bring Down Waste of Money:

If we control our wasteful expenditure on ceremonies then our economy condition must be improved. Saving of electricity is very important for economy better condition. If our money circulate in right hands then we overcome the problem of inflation.

Waste of Money on Formal Events

We should do all work for the betterment of our society.


We should save money, Which we spend on ceremonies. There are many activities for the improvements of society status, which required lot  of money.

What is MailChimp and its Features

On the internet market, Where traffic is the prominent target for entrepreneurs. So they find the ultimate solution to accomplish it. This solution should be met with his criteria and budget.

What is MailChimp:

Email marketing is the ultimate solution for authentic traffic and finest goal for future. Therefore for this purpose, We use MailChimp platform. MailChimp is an authentic email marketing service. They have 99+ positive reviews of people’s on internet market. We personally use its platform to convey our latest updates to our subscribers. MailChimp serving since 2001 and provide the finest convenience of his users.

What is mailchimp

MailChimp have more than 7 million user and still continuously increasing day by day. Because MailChimp is better than features of other email marketing service.

MailChimp Features:

MailChimp Provide the user-friendly interface. MailChimp collaborate with his user in every single minute. MailChimp provide the complete profiles of the subscriber on single click. Just click on subscriber name and see his whole insight, engagement even website activities. MailChimp check your user criteria then send automated emails on timely.

MailChimp have appropriate and optimized tracking system. MailChimp track your email in-depth like clicks, geography location, bounced rate etc. MailChimp organize your email list with efficient way as his own. You can monetize your sales and website activities easily. You can track and get access on your revenue reports. See the below tacking report.

MailChimp tracking report

MailChimp also provide customized HTML temples for newsletter and latest updates email. You can develop your own temple through HTML coding and utilize it for email broadcasting. You can also use default available temples and customize it as your choice. MailChimp provide the email designer gadget/tool to customize the temples and replace your brand and content inside default temples easily. See the below temple page.

MailChimp temple page

MailChimp is user-friendly email marketing service. That’s why, they collaboration with your website. MailChimp provide the facility of subscriber interactive forums for your site. Just put these forums on your site, after then your site every site visitors can sign up for your weekly/daily newsletters. These visitors information will be stored in MailChimp list option on MailChimp dashboard. MailChimp also provide the facility of import and export whole email list in word document file (CSV). You can also customize these forums that which keeps relevance with your criteria. No need to be a developer, Because MailChimp offer many of these free templates. Just add your content and make your brand attractive for your subscribers. MailChimp have a magnificent option of campaign. We can run campaigns and target our subscriber audience comfortably. You can also run your campaigns on schedule mode and broadcast it, Whenever you want.

MailChimp offers that, Now you can easily do your task from your mobile through MailChimp apps. MailChimp facilitate his users with his responsive mobile apps without any charge. Now website traffic only is one step ahead. Join MailChimp and boost your website revenue and traffic.

MailChimp offers magnificent and smart pricing plans for his consumers. MailChimp offers 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free. No contracts, and no credit card required. It’s free forever for entrepreneurs. So be enjoy it. For more query about MailChimp then please discuss your question and feedback in below comment box.

Is Present Better Than Past

Is Present Better Than Past:

It is important question for discussion whether our present is better than our past. I would answer this question without prejudicial as possible. In past people lived peacefully better than us. They did not face a system, Which deal with crime and problems as we face today. Because of this reason past was good than present and people of that time were more fortunate than us.

Is Present Better Than Past

Technology Role in Present:

Now world become a global village every thing is efficient like communicate system, travel system, banking system etc. In past people did not have these facilities or fast means of traveling communication. In this respect present is better than past.

In past people not give their attention to improve their system. They were dispersed from modern models of technology like wireless communication, mobile phone, car, plane, rocket etc. We are fortunate that, We live in present.

Our present is the age of information and technology. We are also enjoy the availability of internet through it. We get closer to all source of knowledge more familiar with computer. We are interlinks with all parts of the world. In past these all are not available.

Education Role in Present:

People give more importance to get education. We are happier than those who were connected with past. We have ability to know and learn whatever we want. In present our education our education system are superior than past, Our industrial, medical, surgical, treatment, traveling system , communication system is for better than past.

Specially our agriculture and industrial sector for many problems in past. Now these sector are stand as compare past. We can be advanced due to progress in science in every step of life. Because of scientific study, We can modernize our infrastructure. Now we learn new techniques for betterment of our system. Present is perfect and efficient than past.

Science Role in Present:

In  past there were too much problems, Which people faced. People traveled in days to move from one city to other city, country to country. Now technology make this travel in hours. In past people cannot make instant communication they can’t share their feelings and problems with their relatives and friends, Which lived for away from them in minutes or hours. Now this problem rapid solve dude to the scientific knowledge. Our present is better than past. We will need cheaper technology for our superior or bright future. It is true that, Who lived in past they were satisfied spiritually enjoyed natural health, fresh mind but unfortunately they cannot enjoy comforts, Which science provide us this time. Today people have known – how about the modern world.


After above discussion, we come to know that, Old days were full of natural beauty. People were enjoyed natural fitness and peace of mind. Now we are physically relax and better medical treatment that, science has give us.

Importance of English Language in Proper Words

Importance of English Language:

The importance of English language is spreading geographically. In the world there are many languages being spoken. English is one of them which become international language. Language is used to defining the characteristics of every nation. Every country has its own language culture. People in USA, Canada and Europe speak English.

Importance of English Language

Different Stages of Languages in Subcontinent:

In subcontinent history of language is takes a great amount of time. When Muslims governed in subcontinent then they brought their language. At that time Urdu became the official language and language of common people. Muslims also learned Arabic language to improve their social condition but they can’t brought prominent change in their set-up.

After that, When English came in the place of Muslim. They brought their culture and language. English became the master language. Everyone tried to learned English language quickly. They change their social , economical and education system. Which people learned English they got good jobs and able to got success.

Realisation of its importance:

Almost Asians were felt hesitation to learn English. Leaders of Muslims convinced then to learn or write English for their progress. They helped them to make acceptable place for themselves in new system. Because of English, We are able to get success in every profession.

English as medium of success:

In developed countries almost everyone speaks English and they lead all over the world. Unfortunately in our society our people feel shy & they are too much confuse and nervous to speak English. People fear to bring change in educational and government level. They are unwilling to introduced English at the place of Urdu. Government should to take action to make English common.

Importance of English Language for success

In start this step from government departments. They try to conduct their business in English not in Urdu. Urdu is our mother tongue everyone can speak Urdu easily. But we try to make English common in offices, schools, business etc.

English as a medium of information:

English use ass a medium of information and instruction in schools, at higher education level, in offices. We should change our system Urdu to English. Make English compulsory from primary level, conduct exams in English. Students, who feel English difficult, they can’t get good jobs in higher education to get good jobs in high standard institutions and multinational companies. It is necessary that, We have command in English. Private English medium schools play an important role in rapid growth of English. They prepare their in good way but no one can afford the expense of English medium schools.

English is a Language of Science & Technology:

English is not important for educational system it is also became the language of science and technology. It is an international language as well as, it is a language of technological research. Every field based on English. Now people of our society know the importance of English, they learn English with great speed. Pakistan also develop English in scientific research. Pakistan gets idea from developed countries. English is also important of our  success.

Importance of English Language for science

Increase in Foreign Income:

As we know, English is an international language. To conduct business with other countries, We must be able to deal them in English. Income from export of goods is a major part of our national income. We have known, How the basics of English language then we can easily deals with foreign traders, Which increase our foreign income. Knowledge of English keeps people of our society to get good jobs in other countries.

Important of English in Strong Future:

Our government should improve set-up of educational system. Makes our society social English-speaking. Advantage of this great step is, We can lead other developed countries. We also can influence in world situation. Our government try to reduce the difference between Urdu and English. Medium institutions makes English as a compulsory subject and other subject conduct in English. Urdu also is an important language, it shows the good manners and attractive culture to others but for the country progress or stand with other countries, We should have strong grip on English.

Importance of English Language

English play very important role in our political, economical and social progress. We need English for our better present and for better future.


We should focused on English language. Because it is an international language also a living language, and it is also important for our success. We surely can’t ignore the importance of English Language. Disraeli.Disraeli saying about success.

As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information

How to Put Ads in WordPress Post Content

Every blogger have keeps the ambitions with their blogs carrier. They want high CTR (Click Through Rate) with high CPC (Cost Per Click) rates. For this achievement, They adopt hundreds of ways and tries to optimize it. First you need to know about Ads placement on website according to rules and regulation.

I already told you about ads placement inside your post content but question is arise here is that, How we can insert ads inside post paragraph because post paragraphs are the most precious places, Where CTR is much higher than other places.

How to Put Ads in WordPress Post Content:

In WordPress, We utilize a plugin name is ‘Insert Post Ads’ developed by WPBeginner. This plugin is quite simple and user-friendly interface.

With this plugin, Insert ads in post content is handy instead of tricky. Before Go ahead, You need to install this fabulous plugin on your WordPress then just activate it. After done the installation procedure. Now you are capable to add ads and run your ads through this plugin. You see the below image to understand the insertion of ads procedure.

How to Put Ads in WordPress Post Content

In the above image, We express the whole procedure of insertion ads inside post content. No need to other configuration just insert your ads code and publish the ads. After publish ads Go to Insert Post Ads plugin setting and in display ad section check post and pages. After doing so, leave the other settings. This ads plugin is reliable and easy to use interface. You can use exclude option in settings for more enhancement.

Let us know that, If you have better ideas or skills to insert ads inside post manually or with plugin so, You can share these ideas with us. Hopefully, You understand the criteria of this simple plugin. If you have any argue regarding to this topic so you can discuss your issues or question in below comment box.