How to Get Domain And Hosting in Cheap Rates

Domain and hosting is the essential part of any website. Most of people’s want efficient and reliable hosting service because hosting should be fast and unlimited. HostGator and iPage or other hosting companies like bluehost, GoDaddy etc serve his services in his pricing or plans. But it depends on our budget that, How we can spend on it. We personally recognize and recommend HostGator , iPage and bluehost. HostGator is world top number one hosting provider. As compared to cheap hosting, iPage is more cheap than HostGator or Bluehost. iPage offer 500$ over advertising budget for free.

How to Get Domain And Hosting in Cheap Rates

You can purchase ipage hosting only in 1.89$ per month include unlimited hosting, email, SQL databases, free domain name, 500$ for advertisement and much more.Purchase ipage glorious package 1.89$/per month. Before buy any hosting, You should need to read about this hosting companies plans and reviews of other people’s.

Which Hosting Provider is Cheap and Reliable:

Yes definitely, iPage is reliable if you are running a simple website but for e-commerce websites or magazines site, we will prefer to choose HostGator. But keep remember, every good thing have a little cost same as here, HostGator hosting prices is high to iPage hosting but HostGator is super fast like a rocket 🙂 But on the other hand side, HostGator don’t offer any advertisement. iPage give you 500$ over advertising dollars. You can promote your business on social media and convey your product to maximum people’s on internet.

How to Get Domain And Hosting in Cheap Rates

Same as HostGator, iPage offer unlimited plans for his users. iPage user interface is little easy than HostGator. iPage customer support is mind-blowing and Worthy of praise.Most critical part of any beginner is that, they want cheap and most reliable hosting. So, iPage is cheap and reliable for newbies to build your website quickly.Don’t be hesitate, decision is your’s and be practically in your profession. Because domains and hosting is considered as a first step of your journey.

Compulsory Things Should be in Best Hosting:

When we decide to buy hosting then few things will come in to mind. As we said above, Before purchase any hosting plan, it is important to learn about it. We will tell you as our experience, which things are compulsory in best hosting. We don’t compare any hosting to second one. We just describe significance previous one hosting with second one. Few things are necessary and given below.

  1. Hosting Provider should be verified (Positive reviews of people’s about hosting provider).
  2. Hosting should be consist on unlimited plans like unlimited Disk space, bandwidth, SQL databases, sub domains and domain emails etc.
  3. Hosting Customer support should be fast and should be capable to resolve your issues.
  4. Hosting should be support auto installer software like WordPress, Magento, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, ZenCart etc
  5. Hosting pricing plans should be in your budget because your budget is more valuable or respectable thing for hosting provider.
  6. Is hosting provider offer free domain name or not.

How to Get Domain And Hosting in Cheap Rates

Recap the whole process, Don’t ignore hosting provider or his service because hosting is playing important role in successful websites. If you sincere with your profession so, choose best and positive point for your future. We  always try our best to convey our experience with our users :). If you have more query or question regarding best hosting provider then comment below.

The Values Of Sports and Games Essay

The Values Of Sports and Games:

An activity, which we play to get freedom from the stress,worries. Sports and Games are mental and physical activities and contest. People play games for their  fitness or enjoyment. Games and sports have valuable status in our life. We can’t ignore the value of sports and games. We see that in the history, the ancient Greek games were held in the summer once every four years at Olympia in honor of Zeus, the principal god of the Greek.

Values Of Sports and Games Essay
The Values Of Sports and Games

The first Olympic games in modern times were held in Athens in 1896. Later,after every four years, they continued to be played in different countries. Games have two types, First is “outdoor” games, Second is “Indoor” games. Games play a vital role in our life.

Outdoor Games:

Hockey, football, cricket, baseball, tennis etc are included in outdoor games. We can play these games in ground. We can’t play these games at home.

Indoor Games:

Carom, chess, cards etc are included in indoor games. We can play these games at home.Sometimes,we can enjoy these games both indoor or outdoor e.g. badminton,table tennis.

Advantages of Sports and Games:

Games teach us discipline, patient, teamwork. These games build up our confidence level. Games make us active and help us to improve our health. When we play games we can escaped numerous diseases like obesity, arthritis etc. Games teach us win or lose an essential part in our life. Games teach us how to win and how to improve our weakness. Games make us bold. When we don’t feel sad or angry when we fail in the games because we know that defeat is the important part of games. Games teach us how we can work in team.

Values Of Sports and Games Essay
Advantages of Sports and Games

Outdoor games play an important role in our life. People play these games at international level. We get physical fitness and mentally comfort through outdoor games. Outdoor games teach us how we can spend our spare time in good way.We don’t need to take exercise, if we play outdoor games regularly. Games are better for our health.Indoor games make us sharp if we play these games wisely.

Disadvantages of Sports and Games:

Games are important for us but on the other hand, games also have disadvantages specially for students. Sometimes,don’t give a lot of attention to their study due to this they can’t get success in study. Chess,carom and cards are indoor games. People waste their precious time in indoor games because these games take a lot of time to win. People also play gambling as a game which is a worst abuse.

Values Of Sports and Games Essay
Disadvantages of Sports and Games


In above discussion, we come to know that games have advantages and also have disadvantages. If we play games in our spare time, we can get benefit from them.

Facebook Coupon Code oppurtunity for advertisement

Facebook Coupon Code:

Facebook is biggest social media platform in the world. Everyone aware about Facebook presence. According to survey, Up to 500 million Peoples use Facebook daily. Facebook always try to update his features with the passage of time. Facebook provide advertising platform for advertisers. We will talk about Facebook advertising strategies. Facebook provide coupon code for new growing business companies. Facebook facilitate his advertisers on various places.

Facebook Coupon Code

Facebook coupon code is the fair option for newbies because they are new and don’t want to spend much money at once. That’s why, they use Facebook coupon code facility. Facebook coupon code have some condition. You can say that, Few term & condition will apply on coupon code. Everyone not get coupon code because coupon code only created for few companies not for all Facebook users.

How we Get Facebook Coupon Code:

As we mentioned above, Every Facebook users or internet users can’t access to coupon code. You need to buy these coupon code though fiverr or any third-party site. Facebook provides these coupons code to hosting companies like iPage, bluehost, HostGator etc. I personally get these coupons code via iPage hosting. Don’t be worried for coupons code because authentic dealers like fiverr provide these coupons in cheapest rate. Fiverr is a business site not for coupons but many of fiverr users provide these coupon codes service.

What is the benefit of coupon code:

Here is a lot of benefits of coupon codes because coupon worth is 5$ to 10$ dollar from fiverr and 0$/free from hosting companies. But you can run campaign ads have worth is 50$. Means if you have a website or blog then traffic is a main goal to achieve your target. You can target your audience at particular location. Don’t worry if you haven’t website. You can increase your Facebook fan page likes or target any specific product. Through these coupons, You can target millions of audience and promote your business site or Fan Page.

Facebook Coupon Code Rules:

Facebook have very strict rules about his terms & conditions. So, we should care about to follow and respect his rules before do anything. Same process of rules apply on coupon codes. If you follow these rules then you will achieve your goal and if not then Facebook disable your ads account permanently and demand few document to reopen this account. Some important rules are mentioned below.

  1. You need a primary payment gateway before put this code in Facebook. (Gateway like PayPal, Credit Card, Master Card).
  2. Coupon should be fresh. Don’t reuse coupon code because this action violate the rules of Facebook or expired coupons will not be accepted.
  3. First add primary method then put your coupon.
  4. Primary method should be fresh. Don’t use one primary method in two Facebook accounts.
  5. After all procedure Facebook demand few time like 15 minutes for approve your ad then run your campaign.

Respect Facebook terms and condition and don’t spread violence because they are seeing you every time. Act like an efficient advertisers. On the other condition, If they disable your account contact Facebook team. Mostly advertisers accounts disable reason, they do spamming like change time or edit ad during run campaign, or change primary method again and again so, Facebook take this action suspicious/invalid activity and block you. Always respect rules don’t break it.  🙂

The Age Of Science and Information Technology

The age of science and Information technology is worked through the computer, and all as sane people are agreed on its peaceful and beneficial use, they want the same for information technology. In a common way,we may define technology as the best ways and methods of running our machines and commerce or the most efficient means of improving our industry and business.

The Age Of Science and Information Technology:

Information technology means much more than this and, in fact,covers all that life is it means the best ways or methods of gaining information or knowledge from all corners and places that can help in promoting our work in all fields of life ,commerce,education ,engineering ,medicine,land,air,space and sea travel, war, games, designing, drawing, sewing, cooking and so on.

The Age Of Science and Information Technology
Age Of Science and Information Technology

The main tool for the communication and receipt of information in all forms is the computer. No doubt, the computer is connected to booster station, satellite systems,and feeders across the globe through what we call the internet. When we switch on the computer, the world of information and knowledge lies open to us in all fields of life on the screen and in the speakers attached to it. The different computer programs and systems take us to the stories of information that the computer goes on recording non-stop. Therefore, the first giant step toward gaining information is to learn computer operation and programming.

Software and Hardware Industry:

Information technology, as software industry, for operating the data programs and systems of the computer came to be used widely in the last twenty years of the twentieth century. Side by side with it,the hardware industry, for the manufacture of the mechanical and electronic parts of the computer , grew speedily as the use of computer software became common. Now,the computer software and hardware industries are expanding profitably in the advanced as well as the developing countries like Pakistan, India and Korea.

Usage & Importance Of Information Technology:

Information technology,in the first instance, brings to us the latest developments in science, technology and the arts in the advanced world. We can make use of the latest techniques and methods in the sciences and the arts within the four corners of our buildings. Never before in world history did all knowledge lie so much within the reach of all and sundry.

The Age Of Science and Information Technology
Importance Of Information Technology

Secondly, we can communicate with each other through the computer. We can send our message, knowledge or ideas through E-mail, Hotmail, Skype or Yahoo messenger in couple seconds. Computer has removed the distance in modern era.We can direct talk with each other through video cam.The progress from the impersonal to personal, thus, makes the computer most valued product or modern science or technology an intimate companion, a sympathetic friend and a wise adviser.

Through the computer we can enjoy in spare time like games, videos, films, movies.We can get different kinds of knowledge through the computer, collect information. Programming, designing, graphing, web designing, other languages etc. We can know about the history of any things from other websites like Wikipedia. The whole histories of these countries and the present development can be sum up and represent on the screen.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of  IT:

We know that where information technology has positive side effect. On the other hand , information technology has negative side effect. Sometimes, some people share their personal information from strangers, it’s not better for them. Sometimes, they bear the great loss due to their foolishness. Meetings and personal talks with video/audio can be possible with Skype, Yahoo messenger. Technology enhance our life style with readability. That’s depends on us how we can use it for our good or bad. Scientists and doctor proven that people face number of disease due to rays of computers like eyes strain, obesity, deafness etc. Through the internet robbers can robbing the people. They can get their personal information it’s harmful for them.

The Age Of Science and Information Technology
Advantages & Disadvantages Of IT


we can say that its magnificent method of progress, we can escaped harmfulness,  if we use wisely. I believe that we will get more benefit in future. They depends on their how they can use it.

What is SEO and How it works

What is SEO and How it works:

Today Question is “What is SEO and How it works?”. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and used for better search ranking for web pages. Search engine optimization is a whole process that will increase your website popularity or visibility in search engines. Search engine optimization have two types. First one is Organic Seo and other one is Paid Seo. Both are mandatory for attractive search rank. Google and other search engines preference both methods. Organic Seo have long time age and gives reliable result. Organic Seo is a kind of Seo same like Paid Seo.

What is SEO and How it works
What is SEO and How it works

Organic Seo have a lot of factors or elements.Organic Seo take few time to reveal his ability. This is depend on your website updating because every website have its own schedule for posting. In modern era, Mostly website owners uses paid Seo because paid Seo gives instant result.

Organic Seo:

Organic Seo is a type of Search engine optimization and contains the lot of factors and elements. Organic Seo have two types On Page Seo or Off Page SeoOrganic Seo provide better search performance in Google and other search engines. As we mentioned above organic SEO have a lot of elements few are highlight here: Meta-tags, Robots Tags, xml sitemap, and backlinks are major factors. Organic Seo doesn’t work instantly, it require time to show his strength. Organic Seo have long time age and that’s why, its reliable and more comfortable. Backlinks is the major and important factor of Organic Seo. You can establish backlinks through forums /discussion boards, blog commenting, link exchange, signatures link, newsletters links, social profiles, and further third-party websites.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

We should care about dofollow or nofollow backlinks. Content quality is another and powerful reason in Organic Seo because Content is king that’s why, Search engines strongly recommend unique & fresh content. Beware from content duplication through copy paste process.Because Google take this action as a spam and they will penalize your ads account or banned your domain name in search engine. On the other hand side, if you write unique and fresh content at yourself or through writers so, Google give honor your site and never block you. Organic Seo is free of cost, you don’t need to spend any single penny on it. Organic Seo require your talent,time and struggle

Paid Seo:

Paid Seo is another type of Search engine optimization and helps for newbies. Website owners create own site advertisements on numerous places. Google AdWords provides advertising opportunities, Same as yahoo, Bing, Yandex or other search engines have advertising platforms. Paid Seo provide tons of traffic on your site.But depend on your budget that how much you can spend easily. Google provides coupons system with special discount like spend 25$ and get 75$ credit in your AdWords account for new account holders. Paid Seo is reliable but not long time age for search engines.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Until you spend money then paid SEO will work perfectly. Even social media sites like Facebook, twitter provides advertising platform. Microsoft Bing and Yahoo have each advertisement platform. Pay per click (PPC) advertising strategy are using in markets. Companies deduct the piece of money, when someone click on your ads and same apply this procedure on page impressions. Before start paid Seo, We would suggest you, Read about Advertising strategy.

How Seo Work?

Search Engine Optimization work with search engines algorithms that is the reason, Every Seo experts must read algorithm before take next steps. Organic Seo require time and organic Seo provides instant result but both advantage or disadvantage are important reason for success. Recently Google removed Google plus authorship from search results and they gives a simple and authentic reason. Similarly Google update his algorithms and a finest Seo experts always follow these strategies of search engines. Seo is not a trick or tips, Seo is a skill of experience because your experience will teach you about search engines perceptions. In last, We wanna say, Seo is incredible passion.

What is SEO and How it works
What is SEO and How it works

Our team members always try to share and convey our maximum knowledge or experience with our users. If you have an idea of Seo and experience of Seo so please share with us. For more questions regarding Seo then feel free comment below. 🙂

Blessing Of Science For Human Beings

Blessing Of Science For Human Beings:

Science means “Knowledge” which knowledge we can get from experiment and particles .Science is the most important part of our life, without science we can’t progress in this world.We know that in the past,when people were illiterate and didn’t know anything.He didn’t know how we can spend our life? In this article, We will talk about Blessing of science briefly and point out major point on science.

Blessing Of Science For Human Beings
Blessing Of Science For Human Beings

He covered his body from the leaves.He lived in  forest .We can say that “Necessary is the mother of invention“.Firstly,he burnt the fire from the stones .Human beings have invented many things for their requirement.

Beneficial Uses Of Science:

Ours is a scientific world.Science is most important for progress of any country.In this era, we can’t survive in this world without science.Ours scientists have been use scientific laws and principal and invented numerous things .e.g.the motor-car,aeroplane,printing machines,different kinds of engines, machines used in factories producing things of daily use like match-boxes,cloth,paper shoes and so on have been invented by scientists.The radio,television ,DVD player,the telephone,the calculator and computer are among the latest electronic inventions that have made our life modern.

Science and Medicine:

scientists and doctors have invented and developed medicines that can cure speedily dangerous diseases like typhoid,cholera,and tuberculosis.Now human beings can live much longer than in olden times.Even animals and birds get the finest medical treatment in modern hospitals where effective medicine and suitable facilities are all the time available.

Blessing Of Science For Human Beings

Science and Agriculture:

The technological advances of modern science have revolutionized our life patterns.The electronics industry,started in the early 20th century,has reached unimaginable heights of development.The radio,television,radar,transistor,laser,mobile phone and computer are some of the breathtaking electronic devices.Laser technology,to explain one example is based on the control of beams of light  for special purposes.

Blessing Of Science For Human Beings

Lasers are used in industry for cutting and boring metals and other materials.In medicine they are used in surgical operations.The use of laser beams in sound transmission is becoming common.

Science and Space Travel:

Science has transformed transportation magically,as now the supersonic jet can take man to the farthest end of the world in hours,and the rocket can take him to the moon and even beyond.The fast-moving submarine can pierce through the seawater under the surface to long distances,with the help of the radar,for scientific and business purposes.

Blessing Of Science For Human Beings

Innovative Development Of Science :

Scientists are now working to control the environment through artificial rainfall and by shifting hurricanes(violent windstorms) from one place to another.New sources of energy are being developed to check the fast depletion(using up) of regular fuels like oil and gas.In this connection,the use of atomic energy for the generation of electricity and working of  ship and plane engines is notable.

Harmful Uses Of Science:

Science and The Making Of Harmful Drugs:

Scientists have also put science to harmful or destructive uses.For example,they have prepared harmful drugs and intoxicants and weapons of war.They have invented and developed all kinds of small and big arms and weapons like the rifle,machine gun ,the tank and the missile.They have prepared bomber and fighter planes,warships and submarines.They have developed bombs giving out poisonous gases and setting huge area on fire .

Blessing Of Science For Human Beings

Then they have produced the atomic ,hydrogen ,cobalt,nitrogen,and neutron bombs ,which can destroy whole cities,countries and civilization in minutes.The large-scale killing and destruction caused by the atom bombs is a constant warning.

What SCIENCE Teach Us:

In fact,science teaches us to work without prejudice.Scientists in all countries use the same scientific formula ,laws and results.They should therefore,work together for the advancement of humankind.they should not ,in any case,prepare weapons of mass destruction.Science is supreme knowledge,and it should be used for the supreme good of all human beings.


We come to the conclusion that science should be used only for the benefit of human beings. Scientists should work for their advancement in peace.

4 Professional Code Editors for Windows

4 Professional Code Editors for Windows:

Code editor is compulsory tool for developers and code writer to write his scripts with accuracy. Some of our users asked about professional and recommended code editors. All code editors are quite goods but there are features difference exist between them. Every developer has its own choice and own working criteria. That is depend on you, Which editor meet with your choice/requirement then pick up and start your journey with coding. You need to know that, about editors features and market trends or people’s reviews are important with these editors.

4 Professional Code Editors for windows
Professional Code Editors for windows

You can check on internet and read lot of users feedback’s about your product like code editor on discussion boards. After verify and confirm all procedures, Now you can distinguish between fine or inferior. Here we will reveal and describe 4 professional code editors, Which have best and strong grip on coding.

1. Notepad
2. Notepad++
3. sublime text
4. Dreamweaver

1. Notepad:

Simple and efficient or old code writers recommend to use notepad because notepad is installed in your windows by default. No need to download from anywhere site. Majority of people’s aware about simple notepad. You need to open notepad and start typing and render/compile your code on internet explorer, Chrome,Firefox,Safari, Opera etc. Almost browsers support simple notepad. Compatibility is most essential thing, and simple notepad is compatible with all browsers and all coding languages. Just write your code inside simple notepad then save with upper corner option file >> Save as and give file name with code extension like .html or .php etc.

4 Professional Code Editors for windows

We personally use notepad during making tutorial for students and our respected users. You can make your robots file in notepad and design your sitemap in notepad or further languages like html, java, php instead of C language.

2. Notepad++

Notepad++ is a powerful and finest code editor for new generation developers. Notepad have multiple features like syntax highlighting and user-friendly. You will enjoy while working on notepad++ because notepad++ provide you word completion option that will save your time and automatically provide you thousands of syntax library. Multiple documents can be edit in notepad++ . Notepad++ supported multiple languages. In notepad++, we can write or compile macros, scripts, or other languages.

4 Professional Code Editors for windows

Notepad++ is a user-friendly or machine friendly means that, notepad++ is compatible with windows and notepad++ reduce the size of your code file. During working on notepad++, you can’t feel stuck your Pc because notepad++ optimize your document size that’s why user don’t feel load on his machine. Download Notepad++ for free.

3. Sublime Text:

Sublime text is professional code editor same like above editors. According to our perspective sublime text is an innovative code editor. Mostly developers love his stupendous features with smart performance. You can establish a project with sublime text. Syntax completion,functions completion and quickly navigation b/w file or open project during working on multiple projects. These features make sublime text modern and amazing code editor. Now our developers team personally use sublime text for massive projects.

4 Professional Code Editors for windows

You can go to multiple directory during your work and navigation system is user-friendly. Page slide zoom in or zoom out features available in sublime text. With sublime text command palette you can do sorting or change in syntax or fair setting option without do any hard struggle. Download sublime text for free.

4. Adobe Dreamweaver:

Adobe Dreamweaver is finest and outstanding product of adobe. You can develop web pages, application etc with adobe Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is a popular product due to his integrated features and perfect navigate style. Thousands of syntax and codes library already available in Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver provides modern platform support and Dreamweaver update his versions with the passage of time. Clean, fast and user-friendly interface. You can create HTML pages and use PHP as a server scripting language or use CSS for styling any kind of theme, all previous documents can create, work and perform very well in adobe Dreamweaver.

4 Professional Code Editors for windows

Adobe provides training tutorials for educational purpose, which helps you, how to write code in Dreamweaver or these training teaches about numerous setting in adobe Dreamweaver. In simple words you can say that, Adobe Dreamweaver is all in one solution pack. Download adobe Dreamweaver for trial.

Finally summarize all suggestions and recommendations or experience, We concluded that above 4 professional code editors have well-known value in the market so that’s depend on you, Which meet with your requirement or criteria then choose this one. Hope you will understand and gain little knowledge after read this article. If you have any idea or skill then share with us. For further questions use below comment box. 😉

3 Authentic Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Increase Website Traffic:

In this era, Internet or technology spreading so rapidly in the world. With the passage of time technology growing every day. Every new single day come with new technology tools, apps, gadgets and much more. If we are talking about Websites or blog, which are spreading technology awareness  and these sites have thousands of daily users. Websites are playing important role in the world of technology. If you are a website owner then you know better “Genuine Traffic is the success of every blogger or website owner “. That’s why, they do work hard to make its website efficient, unique and Seo Friendly website. Here, we will talk about authentic ways to increase website speed with Organic Seo or genuine methods.

5 Authentic Ways To Increase Website Traffic
Increase Website Traffic

Every newbies blogger or website owner want more traffic for more earning. This is human intrinsic properties or nature that, they want instant result within days because they wants to earn much revenue and think they will become multi-millionaire in a days. In fact that is not true in reality because every success behind lot of efforts and struggle. Now Let’s come back on topic and discuss about 3 Genuine ways for more traffic.

1. Unique Content:

As we said in our previous articles, Unique and fresh content always entertain the user and they never give up to come on your site. If your budget allows you then hire writers and publish unique articles in appropriate form. Keep remember Search engines also give preference or honor unique content websites. Beware about copy paste from other third-party websites because search engines don’t allows these cheap methods. They can consider this duplication as a spamming and maybe you can lose your ranking with that methods so please avoid this task.

5 Authentic Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Always try it yourself be professional and sincere with your profession. Write minimum 2-3 articles on daily basis but if you need quick result then increase your articles like 2-3 to 5-6 per day. Some things are important during writing articles. Article should be correct in grammatically. Article should be in appropriate form. Article should be in understandable language like english. Minimum recommended length of each article is 300 and maximum 1000 plus words.

2. Social Media:

Social media is a big factor of traffic. Mostly websites are using these tricks because social sites have high PR (Page Rank) so that is strong backlink to increase your website rank in search engines. Mostly new e-commerce or real estate websites owners take the support of campaigns via Facebook or Google for drive traffic on his websites. These advertising methods are legal and recommended for beginners websites (if your budget allow). Social media platform like Facebook, twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest are really awesome for drive traffic to own website. We can add social buttons or badges on our website and share our daily posts on above social platforms to increase traffic users.

5 Authentic Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Your social media friends and community easily access your share posts on his news feed or timeline and redirect to your website or blog. You can make your fan page on Facebook or LinkedIn to introduce your brand or website and make your community on social platforms. These sharing enhance your website popularity and One day, you will see people’s are direct search your site from search engine (Google, Yahoo) and that is your success.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search engine optimization is little tricky task for beginners but without optimize your site, you are not able to generate more traffic from search engines. Approximately 70% traffic comes from Search Engines (Google,Yahoo,Bing,Yandex) and other 30% comes from refers websites. Though, If you sincere with your profession then don’t ignore SEO Because Seo is work as a soul of any website same like content. Create Dofollow backlinks on third-party website or social profiles.

5 Authentic Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Try to exchange websites link with your partner or friends websites. Internal linking is also essential part of Seo but with relevance articles. Meta-tags make your search engine snippet attractive. Join discussion boards and put your links in signatures. Put subscription box on your site and update your users. Provide free services because these free services maybe the cause traffic. If you are not capable to do highest quality Seo then must recommend you, Read  5 Things That Will Improve Organic SEO 😉

Tell me about your instant ways to generate more traffic. If you have article or idea or want to share your skill with us then we always respect our users perception and love his ideas. You can submit your work through Contact Page. We determine your article and publish with your name as an author. For further questions comment below. 🙂

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way

Social Media Sites and definition:

Social media is the virtual place/community. Where people’s are engage, share their perceptions, feelings and emotions. In simple words we can say that, Social media is the network of people/folks, which can communicate with each other through numerous websites. We can exchange number of photographs, information, music sharing and stay touch with friends. We know that, we are living in global village. Now a day, where everything progress rapidly. We see that in the past, Peoples communicate with each other with different ways like letters. This method took many time to share problems. Now, technology rapidly change this method of communication. In this era, Peoples uses cell phones apps, and mostly uses social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest etc. to convey his message to one place to another place.

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way
Social Media Sites

We can say, Social media also has two use like a coin and this coin has a positive side and second side is negative. The first and prominent question is that, What is Facebook ?

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way

Facebook is the most popular website of the social media through this website people’s can communicate with each other. They can talk , chat, video cam talking instantly through this website. They can talk through text and they can share their pleasure moments of his life in the form of pictures and videos etc. They can’t feel bore by using Facebook. Through this Facebook, we come to know about different cultures & languages. According to survey Up To 500 million people’s use Facebook daily and 250 people’s use Facebook through Facebook mobile apps.

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way

Twitter is another famous social networking website. Which give us the answer of our questions. We can say that, We can send short message through twitter tweet. In twitter you can use 140 characters tweet in length. We can make friends same like Facebook and engage with friends like Facebook. We can introduce our Brand fan page on twitter to promote our business and much more.Almost 500 million people’s are using twitter in daily routine and communicate with their friends.

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way

Pinterest is a social media platform where Peoples can share ideas recipes, articles, beauty, pictures, skill and other things etc. Pinterest is growing people’s networking site. We can learn articles and earn much knowledge from Pinterest. According to survey, 70 million people’s use Pinterest in daily routine. Pinterest also provide business promote plans. If you have a website then we can verify ownership on Pinterest through few methods.

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way 1

As we know that, Google is a popular Search Engine and have many gadgets or tools. Same like Facebook Google has its own social media platform name as Google plus. Google plus criteria slightly different from Facebook. We can also share pictures on Google plus like Facebook. On Google plus, which persons we wants friendship then we add this person in our circle. We can make fan-page on Google plus same like Facebook. A fan-page help us to introduce any celebrity, public figure, Brand, and products. Peoples can talk through cam with the help of Google hangouts. 540 people’s use Google plus and 92% people’s have been visited through the smart phone.

Advantage or Disadvantage of Social Media:

We know that, the social media websites have many advantages but on the other hand side these websites have disadvantages. Sometime, we can bear the lose. This lose is that, We spend our precious time on these websites. We do not focus on the other activities like study and sleeping. Sometimes, we share our personal information with strangers which is harmful for us.

We concluded that, social media has advantages and disadvantages but this depend on us how we can take advantage from social media. We can use it for our benefits and we can damage ourselves.

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