20 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Website

Here we are talking about ways to drive traffic to your website, probably you heard this word “Traffic is a huge success of every website”. But most of my blog readers asked to me sometimes this question, how they drive traffic on his website and make money online. Some people’s takes this driving traffic process as a huge scene part of life, but in actually it is not. It is straight forward and quiet simple way, which I’m going to reveal. So I decide to write a finest quality post for my readers about, best ways to drive traffic to your website. To which you can avail it and can reduce the stiffness of life.

20 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Website

Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Website:

Every blogger has a big dream to drive lot of traffic on his website and can generate a lot of revenue as possible. When I started KnowledgeIDea blog, We received 10 users daily and with the passage of time this was increasing with day and night efforts. We try every single trick, tips, techniques to drive innumerable traffic on our first blog and now after one year, this blog receiving 1000+ users daily from different search engines, direct referrals, social media etc. So we are going to share out experience with you, which will definitely help you.

1. Choose best niche keywords:

Best niche keywords are the best way to drive lot of traffic. Before writing an article, select low competition and high niche keywords then arrange your article according to this keyword. Do not try high competition keywords, high competition keywords have much fluctuation in search engine ranking with every new day. Google keyword planner tools and long tail pro, both are the best tools to find out the best niche keywords.

2. Join Facebook Groups to drive lot of traffic:

As we know, Facebook is a largest social media network. Billions of people’s daily open his Facebook accounts and performs lot of activities. Facebook have innumerable groups, where every one can join and share his photo, video, links, polls etc. A single goups have thousands/millions/billions of community, share your recent blog post is these groups. Facebook group sharing is really effective way to generate or redirect hundreds of peoples to your website without pay any single penny.

3. Share Your Recent Post on Reddit:

Reddit is known as front page of internet, billions of people’s daily comes on Reddit and read their content. Everyone can join Reddit free and can post in different and relevant categories with your content. We personally recommend you, do not miss the high/rich level traffic from Reddit because mostly Reddit traffic users belongs from USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Keep remember that, Reddit have strict rules and regulations about spamming, so it is a good practice before go ahead , to read their rules and privacy polices.

4. Submit Your Post to Social Bookmarks:

Social bookmarking sites are playing major role in search engine ranking and traffic purpose. After publish your articles, then you need to submit your articles in social bookmarking site, where you can generate a lot of traffic directly to your website. Most popular and best social bookmarking are following as, Delicious, StumbleUpon, BibSonomy, Digg, Diigo etc.

5. Submit Your Post to Pinterest:

Pinterest is a discover search engine and another famous social bookmarking site. On Pinterest lot of peoples and companies are representing their brands and products. You will be the next one, submit or pin your recent and popular articles in relevant categories and try to increase your Pinterest followers, which can see your shared or submitted post directly.

6. Start Forum on Your Website or Blog:

Forums are the great place to engage people with each other and generate lot of conversation. Similarly, users will be registered on your forms to become a permanent users. Forums also improve your search engine rank with the passage of time and will definitely give you huge part of traffic.

7. Discount Offers and Promotions:

Offer something unique like cheap web hosting plans etc. Distinctive offers always distract users attention. Create separate page on website, where you can offer something free and discounted rates like cheap web hosting service, free courses training for limited time offer etc. This kinds of offers and promotions can easily grab user attention and they will come back again on your website.

8. Weekly Newsletter Service:

Daily, weekly and monthly newsletter service is also improve your website traffic ratio. Email marketing is a biggest source to drive returning visitors on your website. You also can convey your discounted offers and promotion in email newsletters.

9. Write a Guest Post:

Guest post is a best way to create Dofollow backlinks and generate finest quality traffic. Join high-ranking and well reputed blog and write a guest post for these blogs, these guest post will give you sturdy backlinks, until these backlinks are active on these blogs. Shoutmeloud, KnowledgeIDea, Copy Blogger are best blogs for guest posting.

10. Create Your Own Copyrighted Images:

Try to create your own copyrighted images with watermark. Google images is also a best source to drive lot of traffic via images. Watermark images will spread your brand or website name in front of huge communities. Similarly, unknown persons will be acquainted with your blog and brand name easily.

11. Submit Your Blog to Popular Directories:

Directories are playing vital role in Search engine optimization and giving lot of traffic those site, which is already indexed by directories. Yahoo directory and Dmoz are a popular name of directories. You also can submit your blog there without any hesitation.

12. Comment on Well Reputed Blog:

It is also a part of Seo, write a useful and valuable comment on well reputed blogs post. First read and analyze the articles/post then write your opinions and greetings in the shape of comments. Blog commenting gives you bidirectional benefits, first is backlinks and secondly is a lot of traffic from other communities.

13. Share Your daily post on Fan Pages:

Fan pages is a great source to communicate with your fans and also a spectacular source to get user feedback. Share your daily published articles and post on your fan pages, include Facebook , Google plus, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn fan pages. Similarly, your fans will update with your website recent activities and can interact with you.

14. Allow Signup on Your Website:

Allow your visitors to become a part of your community, where they can engage a lot of people’s and can promote their business. Similarly, they will register on your website and then will become a permanent user of your website or blog.

15. Use Hash-tags to Promote Your Brand Name:

On social media sites hash-tags is a prominent source to spread or recognized your brand name. Must mention your site and brand name with shared post using hash-tags. This technique will help you to make your presence strong on these specific tags and will give your lot of traffic day by day.

16. Refresh Your Old Post:

100% effective way to drive lot pf traffic from organic way (Search Engine). Refresh or update your old post with new data and ideas. Google is a smart search engine, they gives first preference to update or fresh content for his users. So it’s all about your efforts and regularity. Update your old post with newly designed content with the passage of time, this trick will help you to get lot of traffic directly from search engine.

17. Create YouTube Videos:

YouTube videos are a best source to drive numerous traffic from high-ranking website. Create your own YouTube channel then upload your created videos, similarly use your website or blogs links under the video’s description and channel profiles. YouTube videos are a magnificent source to convey your voice directly to your fans and subscribers. These profiles and description links will give your innumerable valuable traffic. These videos will make your presence strong on YouTube and will create a strong and trustworthy hype in your fans mind.

18. Update Your Website with Regularity:

Update your website or blog content with consistency and accuracy. It is your responsibility to update your website content with fresh and unique information on daily basis. Search engine also gives his first priority to update websites.

19. Reduce Irrelevant Internal and external Links:

Remove or reduce irrelevant internal and external links inside website content. Most of mention website inside your content are not relevant with your website niche and also disturbing your website ranking. Always inter link relevant and valuable website or blogs with your blog content, this trick will help the search engine crawler to understand your relationship with another blog and will improve your website traffic.

20. Make Rich Snippets For every Post:

Rich snippets will make your website content really rich in search engine. Rich snippets shows user feedback in search engine in the shape ratings. Rich Snippets gives distinctive look to your post search engine snippet, Similarly Rich snippet increase chances to clicks on your search engine snippets due to unique and fresh appearance. If you are a WordPress users then you can make your Rich snippets via Author hReview WordPress Plugin.

Hopefully, these authentic and best ways will definitely help you to drive lot of traffic. For more discussion and your valuable opinions, you can let us know via comment. 😉

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Michael Volkmann
9 years ago

Marvelous Siraj,
Great tips, Once again you have done a mind blowing job and a great thanks for this article.

Thanks for sharing,
Michael Volkmann