13 things to Do before applying Google AdSense Account

If you have a website or blog then probably Google AdSense will be your first priority. But getting an approved Google AdSense account is not like eating apple. The actual purpose is to write this article is that, Reveal and describe the things, which are required to do before applying Google AdSense.

13 things to Do before applying Google AdSense Account

13 things to Do before applying Google AdSense:

Google now become more strict than before. It has strict policies and rules, If you follow them rules then Google AdSense account will be yours. Let’s see, what things are crucial before applying Google AdSense.

1: Dot Com Domain

If you are a beginner then keep in mind few things. Google will not accept you blog, if you have no DOT Com domain. Premium domain shows that, you are sincere with your business.

2: Uptime Hosting:

Server should be 99.9% Uptime, because Google never likes down websites. That is why, We would suggest you, Purchase only trusted hosting from trusted sellers like HostGator. Downtime can drop your site into ditch.

3: Applicant Age:

Your age is definitely matter, if you are less than 18. According to the Google AdSense rules applicant should be at least 18 years old. If you are not then don’t be worried, you can apply behalf of your father or any older person in your family.

4: Domain Age:

In some Asian countries like India, Pakistan, China applicants website age should be minimum 6 month old. This slightly restriction is to inspect the user website sincerity and quality from advertisers side.

5: Website Content:

Website content should be 100% Genuine and valuable. Provide the well experienced information, And give the appropriate reason to your users, what difference is exist between your and other blogs.

On Website minimum should have 20 published articles before applying for Google AdSense. Every article length should consist on minimum 300 words and every single content should be SEO optimized. If you have no knowledge about SEO, then you can learn our SEO training.

6: Website Navigation:

Website navigation system should be easy to use without any hesitation. Everything should be able to view on a single click. Only main categories should be exist in front of users instead of freak options. Website layout also should be simple and straightforward.

7: Sitemap:

Your website should have a proper sitemap to locate your every single page. It is mandatory because Google AdSense team can review your web pages from Sitemap or directly.

8: Robots.txt:

Robots.txt file is used to give some instruction to the crawler or search bots. If you using WordPress, then don’t be worried, it has a default robots.txt file inside your root directory.

9: Traffic Requirement for AdSense:

There is no traffic requirement for Google AdSense. But if you are from Asian countries like India, Pakistan and China then, We would suggest you do not apply for AdSense until you reach 300 visitors/per day.

10: Important Pages:

Your website must have privacy policy, disclaimer, about us and contact us pages with absolute information. These pages are essential for AdSense approval.

11: Social Media:

If you have catchy profile or fan pages on social media sites then must show on your homepage. It is optional, but enough to put impression on users.

12: Site Submission:

Must submit your site to reputed search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.  It is necessary for beginners sites to build presence inside search engines.

13: Consistency:

You should to update your site content with consistency. Regular updating site have maximum opportunities and chances to get AdSense Approval.


Beware about few things and Google hates these things. Content duplication is prohibited according to Google, If they found any duplicate content meet with your site so, Google penalize your site permanently. Secondly avoid spamming, mostly bloggers do spamming during link building.

If you follow all of the above instructions so, Hopefully you will get definitely Google AdSense approval.

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9 years ago

Very helpful post Siraj, I do agree 100% don’t rush when applying for Google Adsense patience is very important.. If we follow above the points definitely will approve by Adsense team, I did exactly all the points I checked before I applied within 3 days I got approved now ads are live on my site.. It’s a useful post for the beginners. Thanks

7 years ago

Its a useful post for me and also for the beginners. Thanks Siraj.