100+ SEO high Paying CPC keywords

As we know that Google AdSense pay his user much better than other ad publishing networks. Google AdSense pay his users according to PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising model. If your articles keywords niche is strengthen then you can earn enough money conversely some cents which are definitely not sufficient for any one. The biggest and prominent issue is keyword selection, you should pick rich or high paying CPC (Click Per Cost) keywords.These keywords are rich and also makes you rich through blogging. At this time we only share high paying CPC keywords in Seo category. but you also can read 50 Top High Paying Google AdSense Keywords List.

100+ SEO high Paying CPC keywords

100+ SEO High Paying CPC Keywords:

Article without keyword is nothing because a keyword is use to target a specific point. I have a collection of SEO high paying adsense keywords, I made this list of collection from various sources but you can avail from it.

Review the below list of high paying CPC keywords, keep remember that these keywords only falls in Seo category.

Keyword Price
seo company $19
seo companies $22
seo company uk $15
best seo companies $25
top seo companies $21
local seo company $25
professional seo company $32
affordable seo company $37.5
seo company Australia $24
seo company reviews $24
seo marketing companies $25
seo marketing company $21
the best seo company $32
local seo companies $32
small business seo company $43
best seo company UK $31
UK seo companies $46
seo company essex $25
cheap seo companies $21
seo companies Australia $35
seo companies uk $23
seo company services $25
seo agency $19
cheap seo $9
seo optimisation $17
seo consultants $16
seo link building $9
seo pricing $11
seo help $13
search engine marketing $10
website optimisation $13
seo firms $24
ecommerce seo $9
on page seo checklist $12
on page seo techniques $12
first page seo $11
off page seo $7
search engine optimizer $12
seo tips and tricks $15
search engine optimization companies $19
organic seo tips $10
best seo $14
advanced seo techniques $8.5
seo optimization techniques $11.5
white hat seo techniques $14.4
seo techniques pdf $23
local search engine optimization $14
seo training certification $10
seo training london $10
advanced seo training $11
seo packages $11.4
search engine marketing company $14.6
search engine optimization specialist $31.3
search engine marketing services $18.2
seo consulting $16.7
best seo training course $11,9
small business seo $18.1
seo optimization tools $10
small seo tools $12.4
what are seo tools $11.7
seo search tools $11.9
seo uk $13.3
professional seo services $16.7
organic seo $11.74
affordable seo $13.5
outsource seo $22.9
seo cost $10.2
seo training $8
seo marketing $9
professional search engine optimization $20.6
search engine optimization experts $22.5
website optimization services $30
seo optimization services $16
white hat seo $9
seo software tools $10.1
seo analysis software $9.99
seo optimization software $11.13
seo tracking software $9
professional seo software $11.2
internet seo $11.1
seo program $12
seo internet marketing $10.1
seo for website $10.1
seo tactics $10.6
seo abbreviation $30.7
organic search engine optimization $19.5
seo strategy $9.5
website seo analysis $10.5
website seo audit $10.8
seo site audit $8.5
seo audit report template $16.6
seo quotes $14.4
seo basics $10
seo checklist $7.5
seo audit checklist $8.8
best seo wordpress $10.8
seo wordpress theme $10.3
best seo plugin for wordpress $12.5
seo with wordpress $11.3
all in one seo wordpress $12.8
seo wordpress tips $10.8
seo by yoast $15.9
yoast seo $17.5
how to use seo yoast $24.7
best seo tutorial $10.5
seo link building $9
link building service $11.2
seo strategies $13
seo marketing strategies $17

Above mentioned keywords are 100% legitimate to use inside articles to do Seo. All above keywords are belongs to Seo category and we also write their current suggested bid price. So pick up one of those keywords and try to write something interesting. You also can find more keywords from Google keyword Tools.

Let us know, if you find these keyword precious and useful for your journey. We love to accumulate user feedback for our future improvements, if you have more ideas and queries then share with us via comment.

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