10 Ways to Speed Up Website Loading Time

Do you know? The one thing that users never likes on website is slow website speed. Nowadays no user will wait for your site to load, if your website speed is not better than your competitors so you can lose this race. Most folks don’t know that how they can boost website speed. So, today I’ll share some empirical ideas which definitely help you to speed up website loading time fast.

10 Ways to Speed Up Website Loading Time:

Website speed is 100% matter in Search engine optimization and you can never get rid off this aspect. But you can optimize your website speed quickly as much possible. User never dislike your website, if it is delivered proper content in proper time but if your website does waste the user precious time then user will never come back again at your door step.

10 Ways to Speed Up Website Loading Time
10 Ways to Speed Up Website Loading Time

Minify Images Size:

A web page contains a lot of images inside article or outside articles which takes a lot of time in loading. If these images will be light weighted so your website can be load faster than before. When someone entered website URL in browser so firstly this request goes to server and accumulate the web page content include text, images and video to represent on your screen. If your web pages contains less size images or multimedia stuff then web page can load fast. JPEG and PNG are recommended images extensions to maintain websites speed.

Avoid Useless Plugins:

Most often folks doesn’t focus on this one crucial issue. Unnecessary plugins put heavy burden on your web pages because they have additional coding files, which will be load in your browser during website call. So you need to avoid these kind of freak and useless plugins. You can easily remove or deactivate those plugin from your WordPress interface.

Use Light Weight Themes:

Majority of beginners use ready-made templates and  almost belongs to WordPress, which are made by different developers. The actual thing that I’m focusing on is these default and ready-made templates consist on hundreds of coding files include JavaScript, CSS, HTML, which lay down your website speed. That’s why mostly folks gives his priorities to custom themes because these are according to their own choice and optimized. Don’t be worried, You can use Genesis and Thesis framework or their child theme because these have superb speed along incredible features and also compatible with WordPress.

Use Caching Service:

When you visit a website first time, browser request all the website data from server network include text, images, video but when you visit this website further pages then your browser will not load or request all over the things from server like logo, sidebars, footer and header because they all are unique on all pages and your browser cache store your web pages data in its cache, thus caching capability saves the lot of time of the users and users can get information quickly for which they come. In WordPress there are numerous plugin for cache enable purpose but W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache are recommended due to his quick response. Secondly, caching saves your hosting bandwidth and server usage that’s means you can save your lot of money as you can.

10 Ways to Speed Up Website Loading Time Caching
Website Caching Service

Setup G-Zip Compression:

G-zip compression is another best way to reduce website loading time. G-zip compression compress or zipped your all hosting files include JavaScript, Style-sheet, HTML, Images, Videos even additional scripts like Google Webmaster, YouTube iframe code scripts and Analytics etc.

Read How to enable G-Zip Compression for website.

Content Delivery Network (CDN):

Content delivery network is an emerging and fastest way to speed up website loading time. Prominent question about CDN is “What actually it does?” CDN is a globally server network and have multiple data center or server in multiple countries, it keeps a copy of your website on his each server. Let’s suppose, if you live in New York and your hosting provider server located in Texas then your website will provide data fast due to near server but contrary if you live in Russia then Texas server will take time to deliver his content due to long distance. So, here we use CDN service, which keeps globally server network or data center. When you demand or request website data from New York then CDN deliver data from nearest server which can be in New York or nearly city. Similarly if you demand data from Russia then CDN can deliver his data from Moscow of nearest data center. Thus, this network is spreading his roots so rapidly due to his efficient or quick response.

10 Ways to Speed Up Website Loading Time CDN
Content Delivery Network

Google Page Speed Insight:

Google page speed insight is a powerful and spectacular developer tool powered by Google. Through this tool, you can find out your website speed and impairments on server-side. Main purpose of this tool is to highlight the website speed on desktop and mobile devices. Google page speed insight mark your website errors or mistakes and also pass his suggestions to make your website more reliable.

10 Ways to Speed Up Website Loading Time Google Speed test
Google Page Speed Insight

Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript:

Magnificent way to boost your website speed, in this way we decrease the size of server-side coding files. Specially we remove the white space between coding lines because these white space makes the code understand or readable for humans but browsers don’t care about this. Browser never consider human convenience they load each line of code along white space so these white spaces can become the cause of website page load delay. Minify the coding files will definitely increase your website speed as much possible. W3 Total Cache can do this action without any trouble.

Optimize Database:

Sometimes if you are running a eCommerce website so these website keeps millions of products records in his database. Same thing apply on news magazine website, which have tons of news articles and geeks. So at this moment, you need to optimize your website database and make it possible that your website database should have deliver his content properly with in given time period.

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Do not Use Extra Sharing Plugin:

Extra sharing plugin contains additional scripting files on server-side, which loads during website request from server. Experts recommend that, you can use your own installed theme sharing buttons instead of separate social sharing plugins because it adds some additional files and putting burden on your page loading time. Same like, YouTube iframe videos scripts also lay down your website speed but without multimedia stuff user never can be entertained. So, do not use extra scripting plugin, which adds his scripts in your website theme header and body nonetheless it’s up to, how you will entertain your users.

Hopefully, you definitely get your point and understand the terminology of that how you can improve website speed. There are many other tactics to maintain your website speed but these are crucial and highlighted from our experience.

Let us know, if you find this article useful for your  journey so don’t forget to  share someone friends. For more discussion and your respective opinions, you may join us via below comment box.

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