Infolinks Review – Best AdSense Alternative

Are you searching Infolink review, if yes then you’re on the right place to find out your answer. After AdSense strict policies, users trying and finding best AdSense alternatives. Infolinks is one of the best and pro alternative solution for web publishers. Infolinks offering is contextual ad network instead of banners. Today we will elaborate infolinks pros and cons with complete evidence.

Infolinks Review - Best AdSense Alternative
Infolink Review

Infolinks Review:

Infolinks Review - Best AdSense Alternative proof
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Infolink is one of the popular advertising network working since 2007. They have strong recognition around internet market due to Infolinks satisfactory performance. You also can review the below image traffic statistics/impressions and revenue.

Infolinks Pros AND Cons:

Sometimes my web readers claims that they are earning approximately nothing with infolinks. Keep remember that, after account approval initial days every network inspect your website traffic and your web users behaviors or activities. Probably after 3 weeks, they understand that what kind of ads they can stick on your website. Till that time, advertisers also familiar with your website conversations and activities which their ads made through your website. Thus, do not surrender because struggle and consistency is the key of success.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Payment Method: Wire Transfer and Payoneer MasterCard (Get Payoneer MasterCard with $25 Bonus)

Payment Threshold: Min $100 and Max $10k

Payment Deduct by Ad Network: Infolink deduct 25% amount of your total withdrawal on Wire Transfer and 0% on Payoneer.

Are they Offering Referral Program: Yes

Infolinks Revenue Booster:

Recently Infolinks started to deliver recommendation ads to their publishers. You can place these ad units under post content, these ads unit working similar like native ads such as Outbrain and Taboola. Just you need to enable revenue booster option under In tags ad customization.

Infolinks Review - Best AdSense Alternative revenue booster
Infolink Revenue Booster

Through enable this option, you can maximize your earnings with ease. According to Infolinks experts and team, if you enable maximum ads like In-text, in-fold , in-tag , iframe and recommendation ads unit then your eCPM will be boost very fast and your earning also.

Important things to do after Approval:

After getting approval email from Infolinks team then you have to do following changes before anything.

  1. Log in to your approved Infolinks account.
  2. Go to Account -> Payment Settings and set up your money withdrawal gateway.
  3. Next on another page, submit Infolinks tax form whether you are from US or outside US.
  4. Now you can insert ads on your website manually code and for WordPress use Infolinks Plugin.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and got you answer. Must read Payoneer MasterCard Review and Tips because it is crucial, if you are working in online market. For more discussion on this topic and your queries, you may join us via comment.