Social Bookmarking sites List

Social Bookmarking sites List:

Audience or traffic is the main target of site owner. For the sake of traffic, We submit our site in top categories of social bookmarking sites for Seo. Majority of bloggers can’t find the top listed social bookmarking sites list and worried about at this step of Seo. So, Here we will reveal these social bookmarking site list. This list will help you to build sturdy and valuable backlinks with huge traffic opportunity.

These social bookmarking sites have millions of traffic on daily basis, that means presence of your site links in huge communities will give you opportunity to gain lot of traffic on your site. This social bookmarking sites list will accomplish your site Seo aspects. Given social bookmarking sites list ranks had been noted on 24-01-2015. We will not be responsible for rank fluctuations, But we will try to update this information for our users convenience with the passage of time.

We highlighted top 15 prominent social bookmarking sites list,which is following given below.

Source Page Rank Alexa Rank (Global) 9 26 8 36 8 215 8 1,591 7 617 7 815 7 1,588 7 2,058 7 2,972 7 4,288 7 5,682 6 2,867 6 2,933 6 7,575 6 29,721 6 1209 4 25,373 3 18,518

Above mentioned sites are considered as a finest social bookmarking sites on internet. Facebook and twitter also considered to be a prominent social bookmarking sites. Facebook have 900 million approximate unique users and also twitter. So, You also can take advantage from these sites. Almost social bookmarking sites are free, These sites will not deduct any money.

Try to make your schedule to daily posting on these sites, Because this action will help you to enhance your traffic and community. Search engine also suggest that, One site interact to others sites because it will make your appearance better in search engines. If you want to maximize your knowledge about bookmarks then read Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites For Seo.

Let us know that , If you have better one bookmarks list then share with us. We love to listen your query. For more assistance regard leave your comment below. 😉

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list of top Social bookmarking sites. I am happy to share my site with these bookmarking sites. I am sure this will help me to achieve High PR. Keep sharing such good posts. I bookmarked your link. Thanks to Admin.

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