Use of Xrumer and Hrefer Good For SEO?

One of my regular blog header asked me question about Xrumer and its usage for SEO. Also I’m a Regular Quora lover because it’s built relationship with the globally audience and a great place for user interactions. I got some guys who was describing Xrumer significance on Quora it makes me scared because Xrumer is totally blackhat SEO tactics. He was saying he is using Xrumer for his whitehat SEO and he is getting good response, when I saw his up-votes so then I realized no one appreciating his answer that is the reflection of truth. Xrumer is a software, a paid software which task is to build hundreds of backlinks just in a few time on blogging sites comments section, discussion boards and much more, I would say that is a spamming certificate not a software.

What Google Says:

Google clearly said, they hate spamming and Google doesn’t allow you paid backlinks. But Xrumer is not about paid backlinks it’s about spreading spamming everywhere which can spoil your site rank even Google can penalize your entire site from search engine.

What Should We Do?

Spamming in terms of backlinks is not a little thing which Google can tolerate. Avoid yourself by doing that also avoid yourself by purchasing that kind of software which offers you to make bunch of backlinks just in a single click. SEO is not about backinks only that is a process, in which we provide optimized user experience with consistency.

Do not buy any kind of software which offers your similar type of services, it’s an open spam call by money hungers.

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Dmoz Finally Closed Today March 17

As dmoz stated they are going to close their website on March so today 17 march is the date when dmoz closed permanently. Dmoz presented tribute to their precious editors for their dedication for this project. As of March 17 today, they closed human generated business listening directory for forever. Earlier we published news about Dmoz ending journey in March 2017.

Dmoz Finally Closed Today

Their editor has setup a static mirror at ( Also they leave a message for  all of the community members on their temporary created homepage that they can still in touch with dmoz community by joining Resource Zone forum.

Dmoz journey finally ended today on 17 March 2017. Next story is that Dmoz said, their user can still interact with us through resource zone community based on famous XenForo forum software. I would love to join this community forum as well.

Now “NOODP” Robot Tag journey is also ended because we were using this to prevent from dmoz description by giving our custom description. I hope everyone should also do that, because this robots tag is also dead with dmoz. I’m very optimistic that Yoast SEO plugin will remove this tag (Noodp) also from their plugin in his next update.

Let us know, your thoughts about dmoz ending. Also what you think where SEO is going after dmoz closing. I would love to hear from your mouth, for more queries regarding Dmoz and SEO you can join our community forum or can write your comment below.

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan New Features Review

Yesterday 6 March I got a message on my dashboard about WordPress now has been updated to 4.7.3 Vaughan. That was interested for me like before because there were so many updates in WordPress with the passage of time and every update added some new features in WordPress. Earlier wrote article on WordPress updates are WordPress 4.5 Features Overview. I personally loved with this new upgrade because it has very innovative changes also they improved UI functionalities.

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan Review Twenty Seventeen New Theme Style

Theme Starter Content:

When you successfully done with 4.7.3 WordPress installation then you will see that default theme of WordPress Twenty Seventeen come with example content. It means by default you will see four pages, Homepage, about, blog and contact. All all these four section or pages contains demo content which can be considered as theme starter content to understand the flow and pages criteria.

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan New Features Review Image 1

Edit Shortcuts:

This time WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan comes with real time editing features even editing real time preview. On theme front pages you will see edit icon with every section of theme heading, taglines, content even with widgets only the condition is that your customize section should be open while doing all that.

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan New Features Review Image 2

Video Headers:

This time WordPress added fast animated video header in twenty seventeen header, its by default available there. It’s a great change and this feature changed the complete environment surrounding there.

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan New Features Review Image 3

Smoother Menu Building:

If you are customizing your website through customize section directly with real time preview so you will see the add page option. This Add page option on the left mid side of the customize section, through which you can easily add new pages directly from here. After adding or creating pages from here WordPress automatically add the demo content inside those pages.

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan New Features Review Image 4

Custom CSS:

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan enables for every WordPress user to add custom CSS as per their requirements though customize section and also can see the live preview of the CSS changes. Yes this is now happened in reality, you don’t need to save over and over again and reload next page again to see the CSS changes. That was a big headache but now you can add it CSS even can see it in real time preview. We all should say thanks to WordPress team 🙂

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan New Features Review Image 5

PDF Thumbnail Previews:

After uploading PDF files in your media library, now you can see their preview before WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan that was not possible. So it’s a great change with new valued feature.

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan New Features Review Image 6

There are more other functionalities changes but these above are highlighted even I really like that especially Custom CSS live preview stuff.

Let me know you thoughts and experience with WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan. I know it is just beginning that what WordPress are trying to do. For any additional query regarding this please join our community forum or you can write your thoughts below.

Top 40 SEO Interview Questions For Freshers

Most of the user asked me to reveal SEO interview questions for freshers. I already have wrote an article on that earlier top 10 SEO interview questions but right now I’m going to let you know about SEO interview questions especially for freshers. When you done your SEO course or diploma then you must have desire to do some job or start your online business. That is why, you will think about the interview questions which employers can ask to you while taking interview. These questions will be a great turn for your professional career.

Top 40 SEO Interview Questions For Freshers

SEO Interview Questions For Freshers:

I also had gave so many interviews in multinational companies in past, 4 years before I had no sturdy experience in that domain properly even those questions was a hard challenge for me. The first key of your success is “TO BE CONFIDENT” no matter who is front of you. Majority of candidate lose their confidence at that moment, which is the key part of your interview. So be professional and confident on itself, whether you clear the interview or not that is a second aspect.

Let’s start with questions,

Question 1: What is SEO & How Does it Work?

Question 2: How SEO process works effectively?

Question 3: In which professional domain SEO belongs to?

Question 4: How much time period SEO will take to bring my web page on first page of Google?

Question 5: Can you target or rank up any particular keyword just in a day?

Question 6: Which tools are best and effective for keyword research?

Question 7: Differentiate between Paid and Organic Traffic?

Question 8: How Keyword Selection can be more competitive and effective, Explain?

Question: 9: What kind of content we should write to increase our audience or ranking?

Question 10: What kind of sources can increase link baiting?

Question 11: Differentiate between backlinks and Link baiting?

Question 12: How to optimize web pages slugs?

Question 13: How much slug long should be?

Question 14: Define LSI keywords and its significance in content optimization?

Question 15: How much internal linking is important in SEO and how their process works?

Question 16: Should we make it crawlable categories or not, give proper reason?

Question 17: Should we make it sub pages crawlable like /page/2 OR /page/3 etc. Explain?

Question 18: Should we use NOYDIR tag and what it does?

Question 18: Should we use NOODP tag and what it does?

Question 19: What is Google Knowledge Graph?

Question 20: Why Alt Tag is still more effective, explain with proper reason?

Question 21: How much a normal web page loading speed should be?

Question 22: What methods are playing prominent role to increase web page speed?

Question 23: Why enabling browsing cache is beneficial, Explain?

Question 24: What is breadcrumbs and is it better than URL?

Question 25: How you will determine that those sites are beneficial for backlinks?

Question 26: What Google says about paid links?

Question 27: Why we should do not insert many script before the fold?

Question 28: How much you are familiar with Google Sandbox and how to handle this?

Question 29: How follow links on your blog to external sites can spoil your ranking, Explain?

Question 30: Is it necessary to target keywords in every web page?

Question 31: What is the core part of SEO success, provide your answer just in one word?

Question 32: Why Google Mapping is important and describe the connection between this and SEO?

Question 33: What is the difference between Google Business and Google Map?

Question 34: How Google confirm the business physical presence?

Question 35: How social existence of a company is effective from SEO perspective?

Question 36: Describe top 3 legitimate ways of building backlinks?

Question 37: Primary keywords repetition in a content is good OR Keywords variants usage?

Question 38: How rich snippets is a positive sign for a online business?

Question 39: What things you will do after remove any crawled web page?

Question 40: How much a standard content length should be according to SEO, Explain?

Note: Above you will just find questions not answers because above most questions answers can be change time to time. So we will suggest you to ask above question answers on our community forum.

Let us know, if you find those above questions beneficial for while taking interviews. Candidates and employers btoh can take advantage from those questions. Employers can ask those questions to candidates while taking face to face interviews and candidates can use these questions for interview preparation. For more interactions and queries, please join us through our community forum or can write your comment below.

DMOZ Journey Ending in March 2017

If I’ll say open directory project so the first thinking will come in your mind is DMOZ. Yes exactly, Dmoz declared they are closing in 14 March 2017. Dmoz journey ending in this current month March 14. DMOZ declared this news on their site homepage. DMOZ is owned by AOL and they started their journey in 18 years ago June 1998. That is a sad news because we will lose the world biggest directory ever.

DMOZ Journey Ending in March

DMOZ Journey Ending Date?

According to DMOZ official website, they will close their site on 14 March their statement is given below.

As of Mar 14, 2017 will no longer be available.

Do you know? Yahoo also closed its directory on 14 September 2014 after announcing the closure news.

Now how the NOODP meta tag will exist anymore? Because DMOZ will close soon as they stated above.

NOODP Tag Overview:

We were using NOODP tag to let them know search engine crawler or bots that do not use the open directory project description instead of this use our provided titles and description. Which is considered as a necessary on-page SEO factor.

DMOZ is a popular human generated business listing editor, where you will find multiple categories and inside numerous listed sites with the same or different services. Now human generated listening results will no longer exist after DMOZ. We would definitely miss DMOZ because we worked on it in that long 18 years of time period, even that was the most important factor, which we always added in our SEO plan.

Let us know your thoughts about it and what you think how SEO is changing rapidly?

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Things You Should Avoid While Making Backlinks

Backlinking is the most popular factor of off-page SEO as far as I saw. Blog commenting, guest blogging, business directories submission and top niche forum sites interaction known as the most prominent methods to create backlinks. But now it is 2017, where search engine is much smarter than your thoughts so if you are thinking the 5 years before all methods will still work with the same strength so you would be wrong absolutely. Google so many changes rapidly in their algorithms after 2012. Today I’ll try to cover up few important things you should avoid while making backlinks.

Things You Should Avoid While Making Backlinks

What Things You Should Avoid While Making Backlinks?

This is a universal truth if you do some bad so you will be punished. By following this same strategy, if you do spam while making backlinks so Google is ready to punish you and they can track your activities much faster than your next move. So let see the what things you should avoid while making backlinks.

Blog Commenting is no more Effective?

As we know that nowadays people still think blog commenting is a great source of backlinks, is it? Absolutely not because those links are nofollow and doesn’t pass any page rank but that can good for traffic perspective but not for ranking so please stop making backlinks through blog comments just for the sake of backlinks. Most of the SEO experts says, excessive blog commenting with your site link put your site in spam box.

Hurry in Forum Signature:

Everyone knows why people turn to community forums, 90% people goes there just for the sake of making backlinks. That thought is absolutely wrong and can ruin your site reputation while making relationship to external sites. Even I received lot of spam message and replies over my community forum, which I can’t tolerate at any cost.

Discussion boards/forums are for interaction and solving problems not for backlinking purpose, you can provide there useful or helpful links whether those links associated to your site or not it doesn’t matter. Every shared or replied content should be useful for the next question asked user, that’s how you can build relationship among your site and forum. Read What Google Says About Link Building?

A good user on forum, should not hurry to set up signature or request to enable signature. Where as I know, around internet no one forum giving you dofollow link which emphasize me to think about it. The only reason is that, they want to built user interaction over there forum but in the same time they will not allow you to put your site link instantly after registration on forum. So your behavior can create a lot of hurdles for you or can make bright side for your site. It’s totally now in your hand.

Excessive Guest Blogging OR Wrong Decisions:

Nowadays everyone heard about that the legitimate way of making backlinks is guest blogging. This thought is 50% wrong from many sides, I know so many people will not agree on my this comment but that is bitter truth.

Why I’m saying all that? Let me elaborate my words, First of all delete the hurry word or sense in your mind and always show your patience while doing anything. Because majority of users, put external sites link in the top or mid of the guest blogging article which reduce the chances of approval of content even if you get approval it creates your bad image in front of site owner or audience. That is human psychology, if you think just about you so next person will never give you importance.

Do you know? why I used that word “Excessive” Because most of the people agreed to do bulk of guest blogging in the same manner. Which is the biggest mistake ever, they will do. Google said, they can easily understand paid links and natural links both very clearly. So why we are putting our tons of efforts to built paid links around the web, whereas, we knows that what would be the end.

Before writing ending lines, I must say create backlinks is not bad approach but it should be in useful content even it should be in correct place on most relevant content. It should be looks like natural even make some sense.

In the end, I would strongly suggest to all of my article readers please keep yourself away from above things and follow the above guidelines. Another case, if you have any question regarding this so please join us on our community forum or you can write your comment below.

Membership In Company/Organization

What is Company?

Section 2(7) define company as:

“Company means a company formed and registered

Under the Company Ordinance or an existing company”

Membership in Company:

Membership of a company and an organization is the state of being member of it.

A company while being unnatural legal person is comprise assertive person who found it as assembled body. Such persons who comprise the company are the member of the company. According the rule of law only those persons considered the members of company who are registered in company’s membership. A person who is not register in members of company even he is purchaser of shares,not consider as a member. But the seller, granting sales of shares, stay in members of company.

Membership in Company or Organization

According to Companies Ordinance the terms member and shareholder are totally different. For being member of company its important that he must register with that company but for shareholder registration is not important.

  • In certain stages a person might be a shareholder but not a member.
  1. A legal evocative of late shareholder is the shareholder alike he is register or not.
  2. A person who have share authority is shareholder but not a member.
  3. A person become a shareholder when company allotted shares to him.
  • In other situation a person may be a member but not a shareholder.
  1. When name of any shareholder is wrongly missed out from the registration, is still a member.
  2. A shareholder who transfer his shares to others is member of company unless until his account not to be closed.
  3. In unlimited company there is no shareholder its only have members.

Who is able to become a member:

Capability to become member.

  1. Firm…………..capable
  2. Minor………..capable
  3. Insolvent……not capable
  4. Trade Union…….capable
  5. Company……not capable

Procedure to Become a Part (member) of a Company:

A person who registered in company’s members is a member, members of Limited Company are its shareholders.

  • Under Section 2(21) the members are:
  1. The transferee of shares when his name registered in company’s members.
  2. A company limited by guarantee having no share capital, a person agreed to become a member and also register in members of company
  3. A company having share capital its members are
  • A person who is register and shares allotted to him.
  • A subscriber to the memorandum.

Conditions of Membership:

Following conditions are important for members of company.

  1. Sign Up Memorandum.

A person who enroll in the memorandum is agreed to become a part(member) of a company. The name of enrolled person will enter in memorandum registration.

  1. Application.

A person become a member by making application for engagement when company allotted shares to him and register his name as member.

  1. Transmission.

Any legal presentational of late or insolvent shareholder have authority to hold shares.

  1. Written Agreement.

A person can become a member if he fulfill following conditions.

  • A consent to become a member must be in written form not in oral form.
  • Name of desire person must be register.

Transferee can be a member of a company.

Number of Members:

Every company requirement for number of members is different. The requirements of number of members for Private Company, Public Company and One man company are changed.

  • Private Company.

The minimum members required in private company is only one and the maximum number of members is between from 1 to 50.

  • Public Company.

In public / non-listed company there is no limit for maximum number of members and minimum number of members is three. But if company issued 10,000 shares its members can be 10,000.

  • One Man Company.

In OMC there is minimum number of members required is 1 and maximum is 1 to  50.

Windup of Membership:

A member can be terminated when his name is legally dropped from registration of member because of valid reason.

  • By the following ways a person may cease to be a member.
  • When the company is being wound up.
  • When he sell out all his shares.
  • When he dies and all his shares are registered in the name of his legal supporter.
  • When he declare insolvent.
  • When shares redeem back.

How to Create Your LinkedIn Group

As we know that groups is a great place where hundreds of thousands members can engage with each other. Same like LinkedIn offer every candidate or user can create their own groups and can add members in those groups. But the question is that, how many people’s knows how to create their own group? Probably 20% out of 100 percent. That is why, today I’ll let you know how to create your LinkedIn group in easy steps.

How to Create Your LinkedIn Group

How to Create Your LinkedIn Group?

Please follow the below way to create your LinkedIn group.

Step 1:

You must be logged in to your LinkedIn profile. If you have not registered on LinkedIn so far, so first register yourself on LinkedIn.

Step 2:

Now click on More button at the top of the right corner. Then choose Groups from the sub menu.

How to Create My LinkedIn Group Step 1

Step 2:

In this step, you will be redirect on Groups page where you will see a menu “My Groups” simply click on My Groups. If you don’t have any group so far so now its time to create by clicking on Create Group button.

How to Create My LinkedIn Group Step 2

Step 3:

Now after clicked on Create Group button, you will be automatically redirect on another page where you need to fill up all the information which LinkedIn needs before you create your LinkedIn group. Such as Group logo, short description, purpose etc.

How to Create My LinkedIn Group Step 3

Step 4:

Now its time to provide the useful and relevant info regarding your business or group. Especially mention the purpose of your group creation that is mandatory and helpful for group new members. If you have website so don’t forget to mention it while filling the form. You also can make your group private by un-listing it or can hide its visibility on LinkedIn searches.

How to Create My LinkedIn Group Step 4

After filled up all the useful info, make sure everything is on his correct position once you verify it then simply click on bottom button Create Group. That’s all!  Now you have successfully created your LinkedIn Group. Now your group will appear under My Groups Section before it was empty.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and exactly what you were trying to find. If you are facing any issues during creating your LinkedIn Group so you can feel free join us on our community forum for queries or can write your comment below.

How to Install IDM Extension in Google Chrome

Most frequently question from users side “how to install IDM extension in Google Chrome”. Internet download manager is a tool by using which you can easily download your files, documents and videos. But installation of IDM software in your computer is not enough, you should have to install IDM extension in your chrome browser. Without IDM extension in your chrome browser, download bar will not appear in your that browser whether it is chrome or Firefox.

How to Install IDM Extension in Google Chrome

How to Install IDM Extension in Google Chrome:

It is very easy to install IDM extension in your chrome browser just follow the below steps respectively.

  • First IDM software should be installed in your computer. (If you don’t have then buy it from here prior to go ahead.) OR You can read How to Get Original Licensed IDM.
  • If you done with IDM software installation then go to C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager. Note: Some times in C local Disk both directories exist simple “Program files” OR “Program Files (x86)” If x86 folder exist then go inside in it. Otherwise if you found only “Program Files” then you also can go inside in it. But give priority to x86 if it is exist in C local disk.
  • Then inside this folder find “IDMGCExt.crx” file.

How to Install IDM Extension in Google Chrome Step 1

  • Now open Google Chrome browser and navigate to extensions page then drag the “IDMGCExt.crx” file from the folder and drop on the extension page. Please see the below image for better understanding.

How to Install IDM Extension in Google Chrome Step 2

  • A pop up comes up and ask to add this extension simply go ahead and Add Extension. Now your IDM extension has successfully added or installed in your chrome browser.

Once you done with extension installation then restart your browser. That’s all.

Let us know, if you find this article helpful and beneficial for which you were doing searching. If you are facing any trouble while adding this internet download manager extension in your chrome browser then you can join us on our community forum or can write your comment below.

40+ Important Computer Shortcut Keys

Nowadays every next person spending his day and nights with his computer or laptop devices. So computer shortcut keys can makes your life easy in this tough schedule. Computer shortcuts run commands very effectively and can make your work much faster than generally. As a passionate blogger, you should remember few important computer shortcut keys, which awareness built up your talent and boost your work. Let’s see below and memorize the below computer shortcut keys.

40 Important Computer Shortcut Keys


Shortcut Keys Short Description
CLT + A Use to select the entire sentence, paragraph, link or content.
CLT + S use to save any image, file, doc in your personal computer.
CLT + F Use to find or search anything in the current web page, doc and file.
CLT + G Use to find and replace content in MS Word.
CLT + H Use to navigate to history in almost browser like in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Explorer.
CLT + J Use to open Downloads section in Chrome and also use to give justify alignment in MS Word.
CLT + K Use to open insert hyperlink in MS Word and also use to navigate to address bar in Chrome browser.
CLT + L Use to select entire address bar current URL and also use to give left alignment in MS Word.
CLT + Q Use to close current tab and folder.
CLT + T Use to open new tab in almost browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.
CLT + U Use to open view source in all browsers. Secondly also use to give underline to any text in the editors.
CLT + I Use to italicize your text in any editor.
CLT + O Use to open new file or projects in all programs.
CLT + P Use to run print command. You can easily take print out by pressing this command, a printout options or pop up will appear.
CLT + M Use to move your paragraph further away from the margin.
CLT + N Use to open new program window in programs and also use to open new window in browsers.
CLT + B Use to make your text bold in all editors.
CLT + V Use to paste copied item.
CLT + C Use to copy anything.
CLT + X Use to cut any content or item to paste it.
CLT + Z Use to Undo your actions.
CLT + SHIFT + Esc Use to open window task manager.
CLT + Esc Use to Navigate on Start menu.
CLT + TAB Use to insert space or margin in your paragraph lines.
CLT + SHIFT + N Use to open new incognito window in chrome browser.
CLT + SHIFT + T Use to re-open the most recently tabs in Chrome, Firefox and almost other browsers.
CLT + SHFT + I Use to open inspect element in almost browsers. You also can open inspect element by simply press F12 key.
CLT + SHFT + O Use to open bookmark manager in chrome browser.
CLT + SHFT + B Use to show or hide bookmark bar in chrome browser.
CLT + SHFT + D Use to bookmark the correct open page in your browser.
CLT + SHFT + Q Use to exist from the current browser.
CLT + SHFT + C Use to open inspect element console section.
CLT + SHFT + Q Use to exist from the current browser.
CLT + SHIFT + DELETE Use to Clear Browsing Data pop up immediately or directly to in Chrome and Firefox.
CLT + F4 Use to close any program and browser.
CLT + R Use to reload your current tab in your browser.
Alt + Right Arrow Use to go forward in your current tab.
Alt + Left Arrow Use to go back in your current tab.
Clt + Alt + Right Arrow Use to rotate display right.
Clt + Alt + Left Arrow Use to rotate display Left.
Clt + Alt + Up Arrow Use to rotate display Up (Default or Normal Screen Display).
Clt + Alt + Down Arrow Use to rotate display down (Completely opposite to normal display).


Above we described 40 plus shortcut keys with short description, which helps you to understand the functionalities of shortcut keys.

Let us know, if you found this article beneficial for your future journey. If you are facing any trouble regarding about computer shortcut keys so please join our community forum or you can write your comment below.