List of AdSense Highest Paying CPC Countries

Do you know? How much you can earn from Google AdSense probably your answer will not be clear. Because for this clear answer, you should know that AdSense highest paying CPC countries. No doubt, AdSense keeps different CPC rates for different countries.

List of AdSense Highest Paying CPC Countries

A mysterious question asked by my reader,”Can you tell me how much pay google for clicks in different countries?” This conversation was made on my recent written article, which is 50 high paying AdSense keywords. Review the below image for my answer in this interaction.

List of AdSense Highest Paying CPC Countries readers conversation

List of AdSense Highest Paying CPC Countries:

Google AdSense pays his publishers according to CPC advertising model. Let’s suppose, if you are receiving 10k impression on ads daily from a website and 10k impressions made 300  legitimate clicks on AdSense ads. Then every clicks price will be different from another click due to country differentiation.

This list is not exactly pointing to the exact CPC rates, this list is our observation and years of experience with AdSense. We just mentioned or choose only major and prominent countries for this purpose.

No. Country Name CPC Rates
1 Australia $0.45
2 Netherlands $0.40
3 Switzerland $0.40
4 Denmark $0.40
5 United States $0.38
6 United Kingdom $0.37
7 Canada $0.35
8 South Africa $0.33
9 New Zealand $0.32
10 Finland $0.32
11 Singapore $0.30
12 Germany $0.29
13 Norway $0.28
14 Ireland $0.25
15 Belgium $0.23
16 Austria $0.21
17 Sweden $0.20
18 France $0.20
19 Barbados $0.20
20 Taiwan $0.17
21 Kenya $0.17
22 Greece $0.17
23 Qatar $0.16
24 Chile $0.16
25 Italy $0.15
26 Turkey $0.15
27 Pakistan $0.15
28 India $0.15
29 Trinidad and Tobago $0.15
30 Spain $0.14
31 Croatia $0.14
32 Puerto Rico $0.14
33 Poland $0.13
34 Nigeria $0.13
35 Portugal $0.12
36 Malta $0.12
37 Kuwait $0.11
38 Czech Republic $0.11
39 Brazil $0.11
40 Mexico $0.10
41 Japan $0.10
42 China $0.10
43 Bangladesh $0.10
44 United Arab Emirates $0.10
45 Russia $0.10
46 Malaysia $0.10
47 Hungary $0.10
48 Saudi Arabia $0.10
49 Lithuania $0.09
50 Peru $0.09
51 Israel $0.08
52 Oman $0.08
53 Egypt $0.08
54 Argentina $0.08
55 Slovenia $0.07
56 Georgia $0.07
57 Thailand $0.06
58 Sri Lanka $0.06
59 Romania $0.06
60 South Korea $0.06
61 Philippines $0.05
62 Colombia $0.05
63 Mauritius $0.05
64 Ukraine $0.05
65 Tunisia $0.04
66 Indonesia $0.04
67 Vietnam $0.04
68 Uganda $0.04
69 Nepal $0.04
70 Cambodia $0.04
71 Albania $0.04
72 Cyprus $0.03
73 Uruguay $0.03
74 Moldova $0.03

In the above list we mentioned only major countries and their estimated CPC in USD currency. CPC can be fluctuate with the passage of time so we will not be responsible for this but we will try to update this list for user convenience with new information with the passage of time. Google AdSense CPC price depends on various things like country internet users, advertisers interest even country economy is playing important role.

Let us know, if think that you got your answer and found this information useful. If you have any argue concern with this article and for your useful opinions, leave your comment below.

12 Replies to “List of AdSense Highest Paying CPC Countries”

  1. Thank you so much. But I have an issue. I have seen some keywords that pays $100+. But I do not understand this post. If any keyword value is 100$ and get 1 click from Australia, then how much will pay google?

    1. Hello Mahmud,

      You asked very effective question from my point of view because there are lot of conflictions among blogger’s that why Google not paying the exact amount which Google reveal in his keyword tool planner. Quite interesting question, but you should remember that there are lot’s of factor’s involvement in this strategy such as Google have different CPC for different countries, your website niche also matter, where this click has occurred etc. So you should need to focus on rich countries traffic and if it is organic then chances will be increase of improvement in revenue.
      Thank you!

      1. Thank you for your reply. Now got the point. But as I know, google pay 70% of advertisers payment to publishers. So why the amount is very low? Can you clear me this issue?

        1. Hi mahmud.
          I have experimented on Adsense more than any one. If your blog or website niche should be good and website/blog should be reputed with decent amount of traffic. Average of 30k per month. If you want to get paid high then target ” Industrial and technology” .

          1. KKSilvery niche will help you to grab traffic from search engine. CPC and niche are two relevant things. But your 30k/month formula is effective, I did that in past. Target tech niche is an optimistic and fabulous idea according to the modern trends. 🙂

        2. Hello Mahmud,

          I understand your concern and already implement that strategy and have a absolute answer for that. In Google keyword planner Google shows estimated CPC bidding price which is not exact. Let’s suppose, if Google shows in KPT (Keyword Planner Tool), paying $20 for a single click on this particular keyword “How to blog” so it doesn’t mean that is final decision that Google will pay.
          Google have multiple algorithms, which measured each click on advertisements. Google will never pay you $20 for that keyword probably they will pay you $0.01 – $1 for that keyword. So no one can itself decide that what Google will pay you even Seo experts can not determine this aspect. Finally, Publisher’s are doing their best not even they know what Google will pay to us.

          Siraj Mahmood

    1. No, that is prohibited, if you go ahead with that purchased account so that will be the huge mistake from your side. No matter they are using your name, Google strictly said, that buy and selling AdSense account is prohibited and against AdSense polices.

  2. AOA Siraj Mahmood Its a Nice Artical. I have some issue my daily trafic is approximately 3k mostly from Pakistan but Google not give me Good CPC for exemple last night 4500 people visit my site and 97 click in adsense but it made just 2.38$ I think this is not good CPC so How can i improve CPC. Can u give me any Idea???

    1. Hello Sabir,

      There are so many aspects involve in this strategy, I would recommend you ask your detailed queries on our community forum. We are available there most of the times and can easily reply you there, another community members also will be able to share their experience with you.
      Thank you!

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