6 Replies to “How to Get Media.net Approval Fast (Yahoo Ads)”

  1. HI,

    I am applying many times. no one can reply. I didn’t get any mails. I get 24k/daily visits. only 55% visits coming from India. Remaining % have coming from other countries. Is their any solution to get media,net publisher account.

    1. Hello Raju,

      Media.net only approves highly quality website, which are purge from unethical data. As you saying, 24k visitors daily is a good achievement and I’m curious that why media.net approving your website. Because media.net approves my account, when I was receiving 1k/day because it is sufficient to get media.net account contrary there are numerous further aspect which media.net consider during approval, you may read Media.net approval requirements article. Thank you!

  2. Hi Siraj,
    I agree with you and I think you have a lot of more info about media.net, so it will be more attractive if you add more. by the way this article is really a good step you take for all.

  3. Hello,
    my website daily 600 to 800 visitors and 2500around page views and almost 95% traffic from usa so my media.net reject my application i dont know why.
    my content is real so why reject my application ?

    1. There could be multiple issues probably your content could be the issue. And one more thing your website should receive at least 1000 visitors/day to get approve your application by Media.net

      Even KnowledgeIDea application denied 4 times from Media.net and fifth time we got approval just because of traffic and content issue, you can re-apply once your traffic ratio cross 1k visitors/day.


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