Extra Ultimate WordPress Magazine Theme By Elegant Theme

I’m a huge fan of Elegant themes especially Divi theme because we can use this theme in almost conditions as per our requirements. After Divi they launched Exact ultimate WordPress magazine theme with stunning options. Earlier, we published some article based on Divi theme review in detail. Elegant theme released this Extra ultimate WordPress theme especially for bloggers and online news magazine sites as well as theme internal functionalities designed accordingly blogging requirements. I reviewed the entire theme, that’s pretty well because before this I always have desire that any theme should be in the market with divi builder and this Exact Ultimate WordPress theme come with Divi builder even it is integrated in it so that sounds makes me happy.

Extra Ultimate WordPress Magazine Theme By Elegant Theme

Extra Ultimate WordPress Magazine Theme Review:

  • Extra Ultimate WordPress theme has some particular functionalities, which are listed below,
  • Ecommerce Ready Theme
  • Drag and Drop Divi Builder Availability
  • Complete Responsive Layout (Fit for every device)
  • Rating & Reviews For Your Articles (Users can easily rate your articles based on their thoughts)
  • That would be wonderful news for you, if i say you can decorate or design your category even though Divi builder with this theme.
  • Enhancement of modules for categories, elegant theme added more than 5 modules for categories pages which can be added via Divi builder. Included tabbed post, code blocks, advertisements blocks, post sliders and blog module.
  • As we know that, everything is highly customizable such as fonts, color schemes and additional CSS for each block included in it.
  • You are not stick to single post design layout, you can make how many you needs it.
  • According to Elegant themes this Exact Ultimate WordPress theme has a wide range of categories and homepage designs no matter you are running a simple blog or any big new magazine site this is compatible or perfect in both conditions.
  • It has 40+ modules internally by using which you can easily decorate your blog pages or post with ease.
  • Big achievement of this theme is ready to use ecommerce web pages or interface, which gives this theme an attraction.
  • Countless possibilities, think and implement your blog style whatever you can do.
  • 5 stunning headers options, means 4 alternatives header styles with including center logo and right left menus.
  • Footer menu similar like Divi on most right bottom side of the website.

Elegant Extra Ultimate WordPress theme comes with extra blogging functionalities. This means you can do whatever you can think or probably beyond the thinking.

Let us know, you thoughts and review regarding Elegant Extra newly released theme. For more queries, you can join us on our community forum or can write your comment below.

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a WordPress Theme

WordPress is most widely used CMS in the world. There are millions of websites on the Internet built on WordPress.

I take it as a most powerful blogging platform which allows easy customization at beginner level.

The most popular blogs like TechCrunch and Mashable are hosted on WordPress platform.

A WordPress installation has two primary segments:

  1. Plugins
  2. Theme

In this post, you will learn about the things that must be considered while buying WordPress Theme.

Do you know about the role of a WordPress theme?

A theme in any WordPress installation decides the layout of the blog or website.

How the site would look like to the readers, the theme layout takes this responsibility.

A quality Theme gives best user experience. Therefore, we should consider few things while choosing a right theme whether you about to start a blog or a website.

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a WordPress Theme

Most of the WordPress users don’t know what they should consider while buying a perfect WordPress theme.

This post is completely focused on the key points you are expected to consider while buying a theme.

1: Free or Premium Theme:

Being a beginner blogger, you won’t be ready to purchase a Premium theme.

(Truly speaking, I also find it difficult to buy a premium theme for my blog. However, after two months I bought a theme that was complementing to my blog.)

In this case, you can use a free theme. There are multiple options in the WordPress.org. You can go there and choose one relevant plugin for your blog.

It was earlier when you were able to get only poorly coded free themes. Now the WordPress developers have created several good quality WordPress themes for the users. They made them available to the world through the WordPress community so that anybody can download them.

Some of the premium theme developers like MyThemeShop is also offering free premium looking theme in the WordPress.org.

Well, premium themes have more advantages over free ones. While I tried to find the pros and cons of paid themes, the cons were only a few.

Read below what were those pros and cons.

Pros of premium themes:

  1. You get frequent updates with the premium themes corresponding to the WordPress version.
  2. Premium themes are less common compared to the free themes, so you get able to set a unique style apart from other blogs.
  3. Premium themes come up with the ultimate customer support in the form of online chat, email ticketing system, and forum support.
  4. Several in-built features that reduce the need to install extra plugins.

Cons of Premium Themes:

  1. The price varies from few dollars to $100+ that might not be affordable by everyone.
  2. A lot of features may confuse the users.

There is no any fixed criterion to prove free themes dangerous for the users. While premium themes come from the trusted sources, you needn’t take worries about them. On the other hand, free themes are required to have several precautions before using.

(I have recently seen a hacker attack in the blog of my friend, and she was using a free theme).

2: User experience must be the Priority:

Google also gives much importance to the user experience. If your theme is offering great user experience, it will reduce the bounce rate as well.

The WordPress theme you want to install should be responsive to the handheld devices like tablets, smartphones, etc.

(According to a post on Search Engine Land, the mobile searches are growing much faster than the anticipated. Google also declared its Mobile friendly update recently.)

However, now most of the Premium WordPress Business themes come with the mobile responsive feature. If this feature is absent in the theme then, it may raise a red flag. So, it’s better to check the mobile friendliness through this tool. Read our detail guide on Why responsive web design is important?

3: Check for the Feedback:

Take the feedback in the form of user experience. If you prefer a buy a theme, you should first check for the feedback in the public forums.

This is an awesome method to get the most genuine suggestion regarding any WordPress Theme. Social media also play a vital role in it.

For example, you can join the Facebook groups and can ask group members for their unbiased suggestion regarding any theme you choose to buy from a certain vendor.

Whenever I decide to change the theme of my blog, I turn my face towards FB groups and most of the time I get the best advice from the bloggers who already used the same theme.

Many times, plugins might create conflict with the theme. I have also experienced this situation in which a plugin destroyed the CSS of the theme.

You should closely look in the support communities for any such incidence and read the complete thread to know the reaction of commentators.

4: Seo Friendliness:

Do you know what SEO factors make a theme SEO friendly?

These are: loading time, clean coding, are a few factors that make a theme seo friendly.

Well, in the present time, almost every theme you buy or a free theme from WordPress.org is seo friendly.

You can read the description of the theme to check the SEO friendliness.

The SEO friendly themes assist in ranking your site in the search engines.

Before purchasing a theme, test the speed in Pingdom. It’s widely accepted a tool for the site speed test. Put the Theme demo URL in it and see what comes in the states. If the theme’s loading time is high, avoid using the theme.

5: Identify Your need:

You must be aware of your theme.

What do you expect from a theme?

How many navigation menus do you want in the theme?

Do you need a customized footer?

What’s your niche?

The availability of the font types.

Background color customization.

Formatting style of the content is according to your requirement or not?

Layout and number of columns.

Is theme having best ad placement spaces?

All these things matter a lot when you choose a premium WordPress theme for any website or a blog.

6: Easy customizable or not?

This is the crucial area to evaluate any premium WordPress theme. I also feel stuck sometimes when couldn’t find an essential setting.

Well, premium themes come with the complete documentation so the users can get most out of the theme. If the documentation is accessible to you, read the entire details mentioned in it.

If the theme vendor has attached a video demo, users are expected to watch it. It contains the configuration and other related info that may help you deciding a right theme for your site.

I have seen few theme vendors offering customization with the demo theme. If you are getting such facility, I highly recommend you go for it. Make all the changes that you want to see on your site and compare with your expectations.

7: Look into Existing Support:

Support is the backbone of any business. With better customer support, a company can win the millions of customers and can gain mouth publicity.

The premium theme vendors make efforts to deliver best user experience through the themes. They release frequent updates to remove the bugs within themes. Nevertheless, some issues might occur and may create trouble for users.

In this situation, the customer support comes into the scene and takes over the responsibility to remove the users’ troubles.

A reputed theme vendor, offer the customers support via different means. They could be via email ticketing system, live chat, and community support in which the company developers remain active to give the proper answers to users queries.

Better customer support is the best side of premium themes. You get the complete support throughout your subscription period.

You can also interact with the customer support before buying a theme. Ask more question about the theme you want to buy. They can also tell you about the attractive discounts so that you can save the money.


I have tried my level best to include all the points that a person should consider while buying a premium WordPress theme. There may be some more important points that you consider while purchasing a theme. Share those things in the comment section below. It would add value to this post.

A theme should reflect better user experience and will improve the engagement with the readers. These are the real characteristics of the ideal theme.

If you find this post informative, and you feel it improved your knowledge about WordPress themes, don’t forget to share it on your favorite social media networks. Spread the words and let others know about it.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail

Few days ago, I was working on my client project so where we required a professional or business level theme. So my recommendation was Divi WordPress theme, because of their flexibility and perfection. Actually I inspired with Divi internal core features, from which this theme package comes. So today here, I want to share my experience with my readers, who also desire to learn something creative and unique. This divi WordPress theme review contains its core characteristics and their benefits for their clients.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail:

Divi is the most spectacular and smartest theme ever, that is not the exaggerate with my words. I’m saying only what I experienced with it.

Divi Builder:

First of all divi builder is totally separate plugin but this builder is already integrate in divi theme. By using this builder, you can easily develop web pages by drag and drop rows, column and divi internal modules.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi Builder

Divi Modules Feature:

Divi Comes with numbers of modules includes bar counters, blog, blurb, divider, email Optin and so many additional modules supported.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi Modules

Through divi you can easily built your page layout by using columns and rows combinations.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi Page layout

Simply create page layout as per your requirements then insert modules which you want to show on your website front-end.

Save and Load From Library:

By going in to depth of this finest theme, here divi comes with these splendid option. After drag and drop when you completely satisfied to built your own style layout so also can save this layout in divi library. There is a great advantage of this features, from this features you will be able to load this same saved layout to another fresh page, this means on new pages you do not need to put your same strength as you invested on previous one’s.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Save and Load Feature

This feature can save your lots of precious time, which can maximize your work strength.

Divi Redo and Undo Feature:

Just imagine, unintentionally your page layout is gonna be delete or any part is removed during work so there is nothing like panic with it. Because divi also have the solution for this,  divi WordPress theme comes with redo and undo option which can undo your mistakes same like your computer CLT+Z and CLT+Y features, hope you understood what I mean here.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Redo and Undo Feature

I never seen that these two redo and undo options in any theme builder or framework so far. This is also the bold reason behind our recommendation.

Divi Integration:

Divi have a separate section inside their settings epanel, from where you can see the divi integration tab. This integration option enable you to add your additional codes in your theme <head> section,  also inside <body> section. You can use these section to add your analytics code, Google fonts links, font awesome references etc.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi Integration

Divi SEO Features:

As we know that, Seo is the most important part of any website to drive traffic directly from search engine. Divi very well knows this facts, that is why it also has Seo integrated features in it.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi SEO

You also can see clearly in the above screenshot that how many Seo features divi have for their beloved customers. For advance Seo, you may add Seo by Yoast and configure it.

Divi Theme Customizer:

Through divi theme customize, you are able to edit your theme with live preview. WordPress already have theme features by default, but divi embed their features inside this customizer and make it more easier for their clients.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi theme customizer

You also be able to set up your website according to multiple device sized, I mean about responsive layout. Real time editing also put enthusiasm in your passion and will give your quick reaction.


Here above so far I described and highlighted so many incredible features of Divi WordPress theme but even not completely. Divi is better than Good and deserve more respect because it makes their client life’s easier with no coding stuff. I think you must give a try to Divi then result will be come with your happiness.

If you have additional question regarding this fabulous theme so don’t be hesitate, and ask your question below this topic under comment section or also can join our community for detailed questions.

SociallyViral A Perfect WordPress Blogging Theme

In my daily routine life, i saw many professional and stunning blogging themes but some are premium and too much costly. If we take Genesis which is excellent but if you buy genesis with its child theme then it cost would be around $99 which is expensive for beginners and anyone can not afford it initially. But this SociallyViral, for which I’m writing is perfect for blogging purpose according to my experience.

SociallyViral A Perfect WordPress Blogging Theme

It has numbers of characteristics which I will reveal step by step.

SociallyViral – A Perfect Blogging Theme:

A perfect WordPress blogging theme that i had ever seen. SociallyViral theme powered and developed by mythemeshop they developed many popular themes before including schema, news online etc.

Let’s move on SociallyViral blogging theme features review to let them you about their characteristics.

SociallyViral Features Overview:

  • Expensive and premium quality style especially for blogging purpose.
  • Affordable price $59 as compared to Genesis child themes.
  • Social sharing button in header, which increase engaging ratio among website user to user’s.
  • Numbers of trending post appearing styles like latest/recent and from inside particular category.
  • Before after post content social sharing buttons and can be turn on/off with a single click.
  • Fully AdSense optimized buy putting your advertisements before and after post content, which can improve your CPC and earning reports.
  • 4 creative styles of pagination or loading effects.
  • Fully responsive website layout, which is compatible almost every mini device such as iPhone, iPad and further devices.
  • Responsive subscription box which attract user attention and encourage the users to sign up to get future updates in his mail box.
  • Most appealing part of this blogging theme is that, super fast loading speed, which is approx 2 sec/per page. Incredible page loading speed because behind this theme all HTML and other Stylesheets have been compressed. Excellent website speed is considered the finest Seo factors.
  • Mega menu with font awesome icons collection, which makes this perfect and captivating.
  • Shortcodes which enhance his capability through which you can make more stunning things.
  • 630+ Google fonts which can be applied on content, titles, heading and widgets titles. You can modify or customize your website font as per your brand and requirement.
  • Built-in rating features in points/stars/percentage on each page and post.
  • Advertisement widgets to stick ads on website sidebars or where you like to put in.
  • Unlimited colors, which accomplish your brand colors need.
  • RTL (Right to Left) website layout  with one button on/off and can be retrieved in previous style.
  • Import entire theme settings and export it to another domain with in a single click.
  • Typography, retina ready layout, Ajax loading, breadcrumbs and dedicated premium quality support 24/7/365.
  • You can use this theme on unlimited website so just buy one time and use many times as you like.

So why are you waiting for that, just click on the below Buy Now button and go ahead.

[su_button url=”http://www.knowledgeidea.com/go/sociallyviral/” target=”blank” style=”stroked” size=”8″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: download”]GET IT NOW[/su_button]          [su_button url=”http://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=SociallyViral” target=”blank” style=”stroked” size=”8″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: eye”]Live Preview[/su_button]

Keep remember few things before buy this product, if you want to use this theme on your clients websites so you should need to buy membership plan for clients theme support.

Let me know, if you find this article useful and stunning. For more discussion on that article and your feedback you may join us on our community forum or can leave your comment below.

Top 10 Real Estate WordPress Themes With Responsive Design

WordPress has an incredible collection of WordPress themes in every field of online profession. Same like in real estate, WordPress keeps comprehensive and high quality real estate WordPress themes. Real estate is a separate and better running business, where folks comes to search their dream land in his particular budget. WordPress real estate themes is designed under consider to the user convenience and handy tools.

Top 10 Real Estate WordPress Themes:

WordPress always care about his billions of community member and fans. Real estate is one of the prominent and vital business in online market, which is emerging and spreading in this rapid world. Now we are going to show our magnificent and best real estate WordPress theme with responsive designs.

Real Homes:

Real Homes Real Estate WordPress Themes
Real Homes – WordPress Real Estate theme

Real home is known as #1 themeforest real estate selling theme. Real homes come with ultimate features and responsive design. Theme design layout is responsive and compatible with every device like iPhone, iPad and desktop. $25 worth visual composer free with this package, through this page builder you can design amazing pages with-in minutes and according to your requirement. Homepage finest HD quality revolution slider with numerous effects and style.

Advance search system and user can filter exact property, for which they came. Simple gird and list style property view. Complete user login and registration interface include submit property front end access. PayPal payment method built-in integration with this theme package. Real homes further have incredible premium features include custom widgets, galleries, demo content etc.

WP Residence:

WP Residence Real Estate WordPress Themes
WP Residence – Real Estate WordPress Theme

WP Residence is a real estate theme with marvelous characteristics. Complete responsive design layout and can be open in any mini devices. $25 worth drag and drop visual composer support include in this package. Drag and drop builder makes easy to build each pages with in few clicks. Built-in two payment gateways PayPal and Stripe. Advance searching fields to find best approximation results. User login through social platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

Reales WP:

Reales WP Real Estate WordPress Themes
Reales WP – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Reales WP is known as modern and intuitive real estate WordPress theme. Reales theme is a complete responsive design layout, which is compatible with each device. Reales real estate themes includes, Google maps integration, front-end property submission, advance property searching filter to browse required queries. Complete typography access for website colors and font branding. Multi-language support and powerful user login and registration forms interface.

Quick Sale:

Quick Sale - Real Estate WordPress Theme
Quick Sale – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Quick Sale is known as best real state consultancy WordPress theme. Quick sale have mobile friendly with high retina ready layout design. Quick sale contains includes $25 worth visual composer to build efficient pages instantly. Online booking and consultancies forms for user convenience. One click demo installer along 27+ galleries styles with advance login user interface.


Realty Real Estate WordPress Themes
Realty – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Realty is known as unique and pro features real estate WordPress theme. Complete responsive layout design compatibility with almost mini devices. Front-end Google map integration to point property location. Front-end property submission access makes this theme more user-friendly. Users can add their favorite properties in their wish list and also can compare those properties with another one’s. Custom slider and slide show facility with amazing effects and movements. Excellent agent and user profiles to make easier to contact for seller and buyer both.  Property featured listing payments through integrated PayPal gateway and much more features.

AgentPress Pro:

AgentPress Pro Real Estate WordPress Themes
AgentPress Pro – Real Estate WordPress Theme

AgentPress Pro is a premium real estate theme come with fastest loading speed (Approximately 1.3 sec). StudioPress developers design or develop this finest theme for real estate online business. AgentPress pro comes with Genesis framework, which keeps incredible internal capabilities. AgentPress Pro real estate theme package includes, custom headers, 4 colors styles for branding, custom background colors or image, custom top and main navigation menus, totally responsive design for every mini device (iPhone, iPod, iPad and Desktop). AgentPress Pro is light weight coding theme with all possible integrated features.

Winning Agent:

Winning Agent Real Estate WordPress Themes
Winning Agent – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Winning Agent is a third-party theme on StudioPress. But winning agent theme associate and come with Genesis framework. Both framework and child theme works collaboratively. Winning Agent theme package contains these features, Mobile friendly layout design, custom header design along top and main navigation system. 4 colors theme style to promote brand in positive manner. Custom header, sidebar and footer widgets to extend theme visibility.

Real Spaces:

Real Spaces Real Estate WordPress Themes
Real Spaces – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Real Spaces is a powerful and handy real estate WordPress theme. Leading features of real spaces is responsive layout design, PayPal integration for paid features listing from sellers side. Attractive revolution slider on homepage and property pages to extend page charms. One click demo content install features make this theme more convenient for users. Advance searching and filtration box to find particular or required properties with in few minutes. $25 worth Isotope gallery plugin to show or represent finest collection of properties. Dual website theme layout supported design boxed and wide layout. Multiple user accounts from single credentials and can submit properties, edit profile info features available in this real estate template.


CitiLights Real Estate WordPress Themes
CitiLights – Real Estate WordPress Themes

CitiLights is a premium and crafted property listing portal. 100% responsive layout design with high quality retina ready website design. Highly rated real estate theme (4.72 out of 5). Google map to point particular property location. Advance and detailed filters to browse your required queries within small time period. Front-end property submission by agent and complete agent subscription or pricing tables view. Latest and trendy agent dashboard view, which grab agent attraction and make him more potential. dsIDXPress plugin integration to beautifully express your listing in front of buyers. Various payment option, this theme do not rely on single payment gateway and much more fantabulous features.


Realocation Real Estate WordPress Themes
Realocation – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Realocation is a modern and magnificent real estate WordPress theme. Fully responsive layout design, which can be open in multiple devices with ease. Advance filtration system to get approximation results. Front-end property submission by using agents profiles. Complete pricing tables options to build or develop new plans and packages according to your choice. Powerful agents login and paid registration system, where each agent can easily promote their featured listings. Bank wire transfer and PayPal supported, which makes easier for agents to convey their payments on schedules and much more.


Divi WordPress Theme Download and Review

Divi WordPress Theme:

Divi is a smartest and most flexible collection of elegant themes. Divi WordPress theme is a complete responsive layout theme with high retina ready resolution.

Divi WordPress Theme Responsive

Divi WordPress theme have its own custom web page builder, which will help you to make unique and attractive pages or templates quickly. Divi WordPress theme package have built-in 18+ pre made layout to make your web development fast.

Divi WordPress Theme Free Download

Powerful drag and drop builder to create your web pages instantly. Divi WP theme have built-in divi modules to make your website more fancy and featured.

Divi WordPress Theme Modules

Divi WordPress themes have custom CSS option to customize website template in depth. Versatile WordPress theme with countless template designs, which can adopt innumerable layouts with different features.

Divi WordPress Theme Pre-Made Designs

Divi WP theme provide eye catchy template builder interface, where you can create custom template and also can save these created templates for future use, Thus you can save your precious time.

Elegant themes never compromise with security that’s why elegant themes integrate security plugins (Sucuri) in Divi WordPress theme to make your website 100% secure from hackers and stealers. This means divi themes have complete anti-spamming shield, which gives your 100% safety feelings and satisfaction.

Divi WordPress Theme Security

Divi WP theme have multiple header option to make your website spectacular. Easy to use vertical/horizontal navigation system along centered logo features and much more.

Divi WordPress Theme Header

Over 32 language translation facility is available with this theme. RTL (Right to Left) template layout feature can be switched on/off from theme control panel with a single click. Divi WordPress theme now make it easy to develop your website quick without doing any coding job. So don’t be late to avail this magnificent WordPress theme. Elegant themes also offering 30 Days Money Back Guarantee for consumer satisfaction.

[su_button url=”http://www.elegantthemes.com/affiliates/idevaffiliate.php?id=27972&url=21423″ target=”blank” style=”stroked” size=”8″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: eye”]Live Preview [/su_button]     [su_button url=”http://www.elegantthemes.com/affiliates/idevaffiliate.php?id=27972&url=21423″ target=”blank” style=”stroked” size=”8″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: download”]Download[/su_button]

Hopefully, you are enjoying with this theme and its fantabulous features. If you have more interesting queries and opinions regarding this finest WordPress theme then you can let me know via comment.

WordPress Premium Themes For Blogs

Did you know? WordPress premium themes contains effective and creative features than free WordPress themes. A perfect blog should be embellish with a spectacular premium theme, which full of advance features. WordPress have thousands of premium themes, which has integrated with unlimited properties. Professional and intellectual bloggers always gives his first preference to WordPress premium themes. Because they are deeply acquainted with its flexible features and user-friendly interface options. Today I will reveal and share best WordPress premium themes, which will be useful for your future journey.

WordPress Premium Themes

WordPress Premium Themes:

WordPress premium themes consist on innumerable integrated features, which can boost your blogging passion with ease. WordPress premium themes packages also contains premium plugins for free. Now let’s see the WordPress premium themes finest collection.


WordPress Premium Themes Studiopress

StudioPress is an excellent solution for pro bloggers, who are looking for best premium WordPress themes. 134,000 website owners are using studiopress framework and premium theme and happy with it. 100% responsive layout with high-definition retina ready. Seo optimized designed premium theme along ultimate integrated features. Airtight security to secure your files, documents, content even reduce your comment spamming claims. Every and single component of studiopress is deeply and fast customizable. Separate developer side options to manipulate your studiopress framework and themes in-depth. Light weight coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript files, which boost your website loading speed.


WordPress Premium Themes thesis

Thesis is known as a killer WordPress theme, which has incredible premium features. With the help of thesis, you can develop business website, a blog, a magnificent news magazine site with ease. Easy customizable drag and drop skin framework system, which helps you to build numerous layouts with in minutes. Unlimited colors schemes, Google fonts, unlimited sidebars facility. Separate developer tools and options, where you can develop your own style by itself. Excellent boxes drag and drop framework, which no need coding stuff just simply drag your boxes widgets and your pages is ready to go live.


WordPress Premium Themes Newspaper

Newspaper is a multipurpose WordPress news magazine theme. Newspaper theme specially designed for blogs and new magazine websites. Newspaper theme is known as best-selling and top rated theme in envato market with amazing features. It has integrated premium plugins include bbPress forums, BuddyPress and WooCommerce. Gorgeous article pages designs templates. Custom made light box for responsive image preview. Portfolio and gallery pages with drag and drop features. Sticky widgets to boost your ads and banners CPC. Intelligent ad system, 18+ custom widgets, unlimited colors scheme, Google fonts support, visual composer premium plugin support, speed booster v3 plugin to increase website speed and much more.


WordPress Premium Themes Newsmag

Newsmag is a multipurpose news magazine theme, which is considered as a pro version of newspaper theme. Newsmag WordPress premium theme is designed according to tech blog and news magazine websites requirement. It has innumerable internal and external features. Complete Seo optimized theme, rich snippets external Seo premium plugins. Smart fixed sidebars, which can easily attract user attention. Smart list, intelligent ad system, custom categories, one click demo install option from admin panel, social counter and many integrated premium plugins, which can save you precious money.


WordPress Premium Themes GoodNews

Good News is a powerful featured and multipurpose WordPress premium theme. Fully responsive design template and compatible with every device like iPhone, iPad and Desktop. Multiple sidebars and multiple page layouts options and can be customized from option panel. Good News theme homepage unbelievable loading speed is 3.5 sec approximately. $38 worth visual composer premium integrated plugin, which can create numerous pages in a single minute. Absolute ads system to monetize your ads with reliability. Built-in review system, mega menu navigation system, high-definition retina ready template and many further features.


WordPress Premium Themes Smartmag

Smartmag is a modern and cleaned WordPress theme with retina ready template. Fully responsive layout, which is adjustable according to reader device screen resolution. Visual composer facility, you can build hundreds of pages with drag and drop system. One click demo install for user convenience. Smart navigation mega menses to give appropriate style to your theme. $18 worth revolution slider free with this theme package. box and full width layout headers, which can give attractive look to your website. Built-in review system for user rating and promote your specific post. Smartmag contains bbPress, Woo commerce and RTL language template support, which make this WordPress theme unique from others.


WordPress Premium Themes MultiNews

MultiNews is a multi features and multi purpose WordPress theme. It has innumerable integrated features and options, every single element of this finest theme is customizable. Powerful responsive layout template with can easily adopt any screen resolution. High definition retina ready theme design. Beautiful separate weather page with awesome icons display. Woo Commerce, buddyPress, bbPress plugins integrated and compatible with this magnificent theme. Multi-news have lot of internal and external features.

Effective News:

WordPress Premium Themes Effective News

Effective News is a new modern and clean WP blog magazine theme. Fully responsive design layout, which can adjust its screen resolution according to reader device. Powerful admin panel and RTL supported WordPress theme. 4 awesome premium slider, which can display latest news prominent. Built-in review system for user feedback. $38 worth premium visual composer integrated plugin, which can establish a lot of pages in a few minutes. Awesome mega menu system, 5+ latest article styles, customizable typography, unlimited colors, unlimited Google fonts, Woo Commerce, BuddyPress, bbPress and Seo friendly WordPress premium theme.


WordPress Premium Themes NewsCore

NewsCore is a powerful multipurpose WordPress theme with distinctive features. Great and attractive homepage front with premium sliders. NewsCore WordPress theme is designed for blogs and news magazine websites. Complete responsive website template, which is able to adopt ant screen resolution. Built-in review system for user feedback and opinions. Powerful layout builder, which can create a lot of pages with ease. Woo Commerce plugin support, Now you can sale anything with this theme. One click demo install support for user convenience.

World Wide:

WordPress Premium Themes WorldWide

World Wide is a famous and premium new magazine WordPress theme. Absolute design for new magazine or blogs sites. Complete responsive design template and high-definition retina ready layout. 7+ blog styles and 5+ styles sidebars, which increase theme potential. Visual composer premium plugin page builder to facilitate his users. Advance admin panel options, custom typography, unlimited colors schemes for branding and much more.

Let us know, if you like my premium WordPress templates collection. Above WordPress theme collection can be use for news magazine and blogs site without any hesitation. You can purchase one of the finest one theme for your future blogging journey. For more discussion on WordPress themes collection, you can join us via comment. 😉

Good News WordPress Responsive News Magazine Theme

Good News WordPress responsive theme is a finest quality fully featured WordPress theme. Good News WordPress themes is basically made purpose to utilize this theme for news magazine and blogging sites. Good news theme have been made to visualize customer priorities during the development. Good News WordPress theme equipped with innumerable integrated characteristics, User friendly interface with advance features.

Good News WordPress Responsive News Magazine Theme

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Good News WordPress theme Features:

Good News WordPress is a multipurpose news magazine theme, which has numerous integrated features. Let’s see the following features list.

  • Good news have powerful integrated visual composer support, with the help of visual composer, you can create numerous pages with various widgets and stylish blocks. Visual composer is totally drag and drop framework, which makes easy to construct pages in minutes.
  • Awesome advertising separate system manager, where you can use images or code to monetize your advertisement with ease. Simply create Ads blocks then use it in header, content ads and every size of ads supported theme even responsive AdSense ads.
  • Built-in review system with stars, bars and circles. Now you can collect user rating in the form of feedback or opinions.
  • Mega-menu supported theme, now you can make your navigation menu more attractive with mega menu. Good news theme have vertical, horizontal mega menu style along 1640+ icons supported in menus.
  • Fully Responsive design layout, Good news theme is capable to adjust his size according to the user screen resolution. Now users can use and open your website from mini devices like iPhone, iPad and Desktop etc.
  • RTL supported, if you are from a specific country. Which country language alignment is right to left (Urdu, Arabic) so , Good news already has this feature and support Right to left languages.
  • Premium layer slider and revolution slider, which estimated worth is $37 in the online market. But if you buy this premium theme then it will be include in this package with any cost. Now you can save your precious money as much possible.
  • Unlimited sidebars, Complete MailChimp integration through API authentication, BBpress integration, Advance news ticker to highlight the promotions and custom text, Ajax live search, Unlimited shortcodes, woo commerce supported and absolute SEO optimized WordPress theme. It has lot of further extended features.

No matter, if you don’t know coding because Good news provides complete and advance options panel, where you can customize every and single element of this WordPress theme. You can modify theme fonts and colors and can change according to your brands colors and fonts.

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Best WordPress Education Themes With Responsive Design

Do you know? WordPress is a finest platform to build a education website without any trouble. With the help of WordPress you can create distinctive or creative style website because thousands of education themes are available in the market, which will help you alot in website construction. Today, I’m here to show you the best quality WordPress education themes, which have more powerful and incredible features.

Best WordPress Education Themes

WordPress Education Themes:

WordPress have innumerable education themes collection along spectacular features. Let’s see,

Baby Kids

Baby Kids WordPress Education Themes

Baby kids is a WordPress education theme for primary school children. Baby kids is a fully responsive design template along numerous features, it has two many integrated plugin. Two premium plugin including visual composer and revolution slider, which estimated worth is $36 in the online market. Multiple colors scheme and can customize according to your brands colors. WPML multiple language supported facility. Lesson scheduling time table system for children. Various structure of dedicated pages like individual teacher, single course, single event blog masonry etc and more.

Download          Demo


Magicreche WordPress Education Themes

Magicreche is a pretty simple WordPress education theme with multiple properties. Complete responsive design and can adopt any mini device screen resolution size. High resolution retina ready template display screen. No matter, what device user is using because Magicreche  theme support all of the mini devices and compatible with all browsers. WPML multiple language supported template, which makes easier for user to understand your message. Unlimited Google fonts with unlimited Google maps pop ups with pin images. Built-in bootstrap 3,0 support along time table scheduling system for students and finally built-in review or rating system.

Download          Demo


Kindergarten WordPress Education Themes

Kindergarten is a best WordPress education theme with ultimate features. First of all, totally responsive design template and compatible with all mini deceives. Secondly, it has many premium plugin including revolution slider, royal slider, PO composer and visual composer, which has $90 estimated worth in the online market. Now you can save huge part of your money with this theme. Kindergarten theme has multiple style headers, which has customizing capabilities. Mega menu along separate menu configure, it has also side menu bar, which makes this theme more attractive. Spectacular ajax search box to browse your articles and announcements.  Built-in review system for user feedback or opinions. Kindergarten supported WPML, shortcodes, SEO optimization ready and unique post pages.

Download          Demo

Happy Child

Happy Child WordPress Education Themes

Happy child is a kindergarten WordPress education theme with responsive design template. Soft colors scheme, which can be customize according to your requirements. Happy child has 8 premium plugin, in which major are layer slider, revolution slider, visual composer and mega menu, these 8 plugins market estimated worth is near about $156, now you can save your precious money with this theme. With the help of visual composer, you can built unlimited pages with drag and drop process without any stiff struggle. Complete typography supported theme, which makes you able to customize your website fonts, colors and headings in positive manners. Retina ready theme with high definition quality view along absolute integrated review system.

Download          Demo


Fable WordPress Education Themes


Fable is a children kindergarten WordPress education theme with ultimate features. Responsive layout template design, which can adopt any mini device screen resolution size with ease. High definition quality retina ready, which makes this theme more neat and clean. Premium revolution slider, which estimated worth is $18, now you can make you own sliders and can show your education galleries. Built-in scheduling time table, which help you to set your classes schedule for children. One click demo install facility, which can save you precious time as possible. Powerful visual composer facility, which help you to create unlimited pages with drag and drop procedure. Shortcodes generator along 800+ Google fonts supported theme and much more features.

Download          Demo

Peach Club

Peach Club WordPress Education Themes

Peach Club is a kindergarten children care WordPress education theme. Responsive design, which have capability to adopt any screen resolution size.  One click demo install property with unlimited colors option, which help you to adjust your website colors according to your brands. 600+ Google fonts support with complete management area, where children can view his classes schedule and work. Complete time table to set your classes schedule or daily activities. Revolution slider support, which makes you theme more attractive than before. Multiple language translation ready theme along finest customer support.

Download          Demo

Kids Care

Kids Care WordPress Education Themes

Kids care is another simple pretty and multi purpose WordPress education theme. Responsive education theme, which layout can be adjust according to your screen resolution. No matter, which device you are using because theme is retina ready so theme display would be high quality results as much possible. Powerful visual composer support, which drag and drop feature can make unlimited pages in a minute. Spectacular ajax search box to browse your website for user convenience. Magnificent blog, pagination and article pages style, which grab user attention. Complete Seo optimized theme with multiple language translator support and much more.

Download          Demo


CUPID WordPress Education Themes

CUPID is a attractive kindergarten children education theme. Responsive layout property, which can make your website able according to mini device screen resolution. Seo optimized theme features, which help you to gain much organic traffic and will improve search engine ranking. Built-in premium visual composer, which equipped with more than 25 distinctive widgets, these widgets will help you to construct various styles pages with drag and drop method. Premium revolution slider, which estimated worth near about $18 in the online market.

Download          Demo


Universe WordPress Education Themes

Universe is a simple and modern WordPress education theme. Complete responsive template design with retina ready high definition quality preview. MailChimp complete integration along WPML support. 600+ Google fonts and Google maps integration only for this theme. Powerful filterable and sorted galleries and portfolio pages.

Download          Demo

Education Pro

Education Pro WordPress Education Themes

Education pro is a spectacular education based WordPress theme by Studiopress. Education pro theme have complete genesis framework with complete license version. 6 colors styles with 6 layout option and custom background. Every single component of this genesis child theme is customizable. Responsive theme with high quality retina ready view. Education pro has fixed width and featured images options, it has lot of other built custom widgets and function.

Download          Demo

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