Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review

On 15 June Yoast SEO 3.3 version has been released with its new SEO features. I’m in love with this plugin because it has fantabulous features and keep me up to date with SEO strategies. Recently I also written an absolute review on Yoast SEO 3.2 with its highlighted features. But this times, it comes with really with new prominent features. I think you will be definitely excited and curious to learn about Yoast SEO 3.3 features review.

Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review:

Today I got an update notification in my WordPress dashboard about Yoast SEO. So that was really amazing for me to learn something new especially about SEO because this times rumour has been converted into reality. I listed about it but not clearly sure about it but that makes my doubt clear and happy with its new features. Let’s see it features and their advantages from Seo perspective.

Quality Content Checks:

Content checks make sure that, is your content is readable for your users. Your content sentence should be concise in length and these checks also make sure that how much passive voice and transition words ratio exist in the written paragraph. If the ratio exceed the maximum threshold then Yoast Seo plugin will indicate you about these issues through these checks.

Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review Content Checks

The advantage of these checks is that, that will make your content in proper readable form as it should be.

Highlight Content Checks:

Yoast team also embed this feature in this new version, which shows the highlight icon if there is any problem exist in your content. Simply press that highlight icon, and it will show the actual problem related to this particular sentence.

Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review Highlighted Content ChecksThis features will improve your content optimization as well as give a proper shape to your content.

Knowledge base Search Section:

I think that is the better way for new starters to learn how to set up Yoast SEO. This new features is embed on Yoast SEO dashboard before the general tab. There you will find a Help Center with question mark icon, after click on it knowledge base will drop down.

Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review Knowledge Base

Over-there you can browse their written articles regarding to your issues and also can learn about this finest plugin settings aspects.

Notifications Revamped:

They revamped their notification interface. Under the Yoast Dashboard, you will be able to clearly see individual notification sections. If Yoast found anything creating frustration in your  On-Page Seo then they will put that notification over this section, then you can manually review or resolve this issue as early as possible.

Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review Notifications revamped

These little changes behind your WordPress makes your blog more superior in search engine.

This article approximately covered all the new features, which has been done in Yoast SEO 3.3 version. Hope these changes will give a better way to your blogging journey. Let me know, if you found this article valuable, conversely if you have any queries regarding Seo so join us on our community forum or can put your comment below this article.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review

Today I saw a notification after logged into my WordPress backend, which was update Your Yoast Seo into 3.2 version. Recently we wrote an article on Yoast 3.1 features review. This Yoast 3.2 version comes with more improvements and more bugs has been resolved in this version according to their team. In this quick guide,  we will our Yoast Seo 3.2 quick review for readers better understanding how they can get benefit with it in their blogging journey.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review:

I simply analyze those features which they highlighted but few are most appreciable. Let me elaborate each one of them.

New Help Center:

Yoast team stick a new help center bar under the General section for user convenience or better guidance. In which they give a short tour of their new added features in current running Yoast Seo version.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review New Help Center

Premium: Social Previews:

This feature was not available in previous version but now you can avail with it. But only those people can avail benefit with it who paid for that plugin or using premium version of this plugin. Free users can’t utilize that feature, which is probably sad especially for many readers who can not bear this expense. Through this feature, you can easily see your web pages previews in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review Social Previews

Improved Inline Help:

Yoast this time added a magnificent feature, which can help you if you are in trouble. Let’s suppose if you do not understanding about few fields such as focus keyword, Meta title and description etc so there you will find a question mark help button, after press it you can see Yoast written article link on that matter or particular fields. Thus you can go ahead and can easily analyze those feature significance.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review Inline Help

Exclude Google Plus Social:

In this version Yoast Seo 3.2, they exclude Google plus social tab because metadata conflictions with Facebook, which caused many issues. Google also were using Facebook meta data so that extend in this feature with definitely help you on both sides.

Removed NOYDIR:

As we know that Yahoo directory has been closed and no longer exist. And Yoast team is sure about that Yahoo directory will not come back again. That is why, they removed this NOYDIR tag from this plugin. Must read What are the Noodp and Noydir Meta tags.

Let us know, if you found this article useful and  valuable for your Seo training. If you have any question related to this article or Yoast Seo plugin so we always respect readers feedback. You also can join our community forum for your Q/A or can comment under this article.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review

Yesterday Seo by Yoast has been updated with additional incredible properties. Joost de Valk CEO and founder of Yoast itself introduce this new Seo by Yoast 3.1. As we know that, earlier they also made much upgrades for user convenience on SEO By Yoast 3.0. Joost de Valk said they received lots of feedback from customers or users side so they try to make the best Seo recipe through this plugin. Seo by yoast 3.1 now came with new features and few previous real-time updated features.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review:

1 March 2016 Seo by Yoast 3.1 were released with impressive and effectual characteristics. Everyone got an update plugin notification on their WordPress dashboard to update this plugin into newer version. Seo by Yoast 3.1 came with four major changes, which I experienced yesterday and now want to share my entire doings with our readers. Let’s check out this review, that what we experienced with that version in a day.

Updated Real Time Snippet Editor:

Yoast team updated the layout or style of snippet editor with additional new progress bar. That is looking pretty well and now progress bar will evaluate the title and description characters length or will also notify you if this limit exceeded or below then Seo.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review

Admin Overhaul (New):

Most essential and fulfill with deep customization capability. Seo Yoast team added this feature in XML sitemap option, from which you can particularly allow or disallow sitemap pages as  per your requirements. Even you can allow or disallow or customize the sitemap of contributors, subscribers, authors, editors setup each of these individually. Yoast team added right left toggles to enable and disable each sitemap aspect. Now modify your XML sitemap as your desire.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review admin overhaul

Primary Category (Dual Selection):

This is what, I  like it very much because from this way now you can select multiple categories  and make one primary, which one will be sown in breadcrumbs. Now your article can be exist on multiple location, which is remarkable feature of this new version.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review primary category

Redirects Improvements (Paid):

Another spectacular features but premium, but I would suggest all of readers go through with it. Because that is the solution of the crawling errors, 302 not found pages or even you can be able to create redirects manually from your posts or pages Yoast setting interface.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review redirects Improvement

Above we mentioned all experienced features of Yoast Seo 3.1 version. Hope that will maximize your zest and will give you a chance to do something different with your Seo strategy. If you have any question regarding Seo by Yoast so must let us know through our community forum for discussion and also can comment below.

Yoast SEO 3.0 Comes with New Features

As you will be familiar with Yoast SEO Services since many old times, day by day Yoast team improve his WordPress plugin. On 12 August Yoast were updated his WordPress plugin to Yoast SEO 2.3 version. This time Yoast Seo 3.0 comes with some creative additional features, on which we will discuss here comprehensively.

Yoast SEO 3.0 New Features:

This time Yoast manipulate previous options and add some creative features. Let’s have a look those features and elaborate these features step by step.

Real Time Snippet Editor:

Yoast now convert snippet review into snippet editor, just simply single click on your snippet then edit as per you requirement and simply done. There is nothing to worry about!

Yoast SEO 3.0 Comes with New Features realtime editor

Indexability Checker:

This service is all Yoast user’s and every one can avail it. Through that option, Yoast will let you know which pages search engines has been indexed or which are not by using onpage Seo software.

Yoast SEO 3.0 Comes with New Features indexability

Supercharged Categories:

Yoast now totally supporting to category even tags pages because they added their Seo fields on category and tags pages. You can even modify or optimize you each categories pages as per your requirements.

Yoast SEO 3.0 Comes with New Features supercharged categories

Separate Social Media Snippet Editor:

Now in Yoast Seo 3.0 add social media snippet editor separately. Currently this social media section support two platforms Facebook and Google plus. You can easily add and modify titles, descriptions and add images, which you want to show on social media during this post sharing on both above social media sites.

Yoast SEO 3.0 Comes with New Features social media

This times Yoast SEO 3.0 features rocks all the where. Check it out these features by yourself and also built your experience with it.

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Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area

Are you using WordPress, probably you will be annoyed sometimes from WordPress admin area unnecessary widgets or items. Friendly speaking as an administrator, I do not want to show these unnecessary items to another users like contributors, subscriber, author etc. Recently we talked about hide WordPress dashboard widgets temporarily on forum. Today in this article we will reveal that how to hide unnecessary items from WordPress admin area.

How to Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area

Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin:

As an administrator or professional blogger that is your responsibility to hide unnecessary places on your WordPress because this reduction of widgets will also improve your WordPress page speed.

For this purpose, we will utilize a WordPress plugin which called Adminimize. Currently more than 100k WordPress users using this plugin for their websites.

To hide useless or unnecessary things/items/widgets, you should follow the following method.

Step 1:

Now, before we start to describe anything for go ahead, you need to install and activate this plugin. After installed this plugin, go to Settings > Adminimize.

Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area step 1

Step 2:

Through this plugin you can edit and get control over all admin area widgets and items. Adminimize comes with ultimate options and you can set up each widget on/off for each user roles. So there is nothing like impossible. If you want to disable or hide WordPress dashboard widgets then choose Dashboard options under MiniMenu.

Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area step 2

Step 3:

Under Dashboard options, now you can easily turn on/off current dashboard widgets for each user role then simply press Update options.

Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area step 3

Now these user roles will not be able to edit or modify these widget from their own sides, even they can not see these widgets enable or disable option under Screen options.

Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area step 4

Now you can clearly see in the above image, that few widgets like (Activity, WordPress News, Quick Press) not showing under Screen options.

This plugin comes with various other features like import/export settings, set themes (each user roles admin area theme) and delete settings from database before uninstall this plugin.

You also can enable or disable WordPress notification, main menu bar and also can modify each option on this bar. I would suggest you to install this useful and catchy plugin to increase your WordPress website privacy.

Let us know, if you find this article and got your answer for which you are searching. If you have any query related to this article then you may discuss on our community forum or leave your comment below.

10 Essential Plugins You Should Install on Fresh WordPress

A fresh installed or default WordPress contains few plugin like Hello Dolly and Akismet. In this article, we will talk about plugins you should install on fresh WordPress. Most innovative and creative article for newcomers.

10 Essential Plugins You Should Install on Fresh WordPress

Plugins You should install on fresh WordPress:

As you will be familiar that WordPress have thousands of useful plugins to extend WordPress characteristics. But keep remember that, a fresh installed WordPress comes with certain and few plugin. Our actual point is that, what the next plugins that a starter need to install in his fresh installed WordPress.

Review the below list of important plugins, which definitely should be the adorn of an ideal website.

1: Akismet:

Akismet by default will be installed in your WordPress but crucial part of WordPress for security purpose. Akismet is an anti-spamming plugin, which secure your website from spam comments and drop Spam comments in Akismet spam box. Install Akismet right now. You should need an Akismet API key to connect your WordPress website account with Akismet (Akismet powered by WordPress). Akismet is totally free for individual web holders.

2: WordPress SEO by Yoast:

Most wanted plugin for Search engine optimization (SEO). WordPress SEO by Yoast have lots of integrated features such as Meta-tags, robot tags, XML sitemap, breadcrumbs, keyword measurement tools for post & pages, social media business page integration, especially import/export the entire plugin settings with a single click and much more. Install WordPress Seo by Yoast plugin right now.

3: Contact Form 7:

This plugin is important in WordPress because it is use to creating contact page to stay in touch with your users. Contact form 7 plugin is use to create multiple types of contact pages, you also can include or exclude fields from your contact pages like Name, email, comment, website etc. Contact form can be embed anywhere with a distinctive shortcode. Install contact form 7 plugin right now.

4: Jetpack by WordPress:

Jetpack by WordPress plugin is comes with number of feature like multi-talented plugin. Jetpack powered by WordPress same like Akismet. Almost 1 million+ users utilizing this one captivating plugin, you will be the next luckiest one. We already described their features list in my earlier article, Read Jetpack WordPress Plugin Incredible Features List. Install Jetpack by WordPress right now.

5: W3 Total Cache:

W3 total cache is popular one plugin, which is used to improve website speed by using browsing cache and compressing server-side files. You also may read the complete earlier article on W3 total cache settings guide. Install W3 total cache plugin right now on your WordPress to boost your website speed.

6: Register Plus Redux:

Register plus redux is a complete user registration system, includes forms, automated registration and confirmation emails for new users, customized user interface, unique invitation code for particular user for sign up and much more integrated properties. Install Register plus redux plugin right now.

7: WordPress PopUp:

WordPress popup is a smart popups plugin, from which you can easily highlight your promotions and offers in-front of users. WordPress popup is fully responsive, highly customizable and pretty simple plugin for all WordPress users. Install WordPress popup plugin right now.

8: WP User Avatar:

WP user avatar is basic and essential plugin use for uploading avatar/profile images from user interface. Unfortunately, WordPress have no option where user can upload their own profile images so that is why we utilized this one finest plugin. Install Wp user avatar plugin right now.

9: Shortcodes Ultimate:

Ultimate short-codes are the mega pack of create short-codes like buttons, tables, labels, tabs, spoiler, column, box, member, section, pricing tables and further numbers of short-codes. Let’s try to install Shortcodes Ultimate plugin right now.

10: Google Analytics by Yoast:

Google Analytics by Yoast is no#1 WordPress Analytics tracking system. By using this plugin, you may track each user and their activities, can track clicks on specific labels like downloads, affiliate link and much more tracking in-depth. Simply connect your Google Analytic account with this plugin then this plugin will track each activity itself and you will be able to see reports from your GA. Install Google Analytics by Yoast plugin right now.

Let us know, if you are ready to go through with these above plugin and find this article useful for your journey. For more discussion on this topic, you may join us on our community forum or leave comment below.

Register Plus Redux WordPress Plugin Features

As we know that WordPress have numerous plugin for multiple purposes. One of the finest one WordPress plugin is Register Plus Redux , which keeps stunning and astonishing features.

Register plus redux is a WordPress registration form plugin, through which contributors, authors, editors and subscriber can register himself on a particular website and can become member of this community for which they are applying.

Register Plus Redux WordPress Plugin Features
Register Plus Redux – WordPress Plugin

Register Plus Redux:

Register plus redux plugin role is vital and  prominent on website because it is working as a central part of user entrance on website. If you want to construct or built registration form then it is a finest choice for you because this plugin have complete monitoring and customizing interface from WordPress dashboard.

You can monitor each user activities and can modify from your end. Let’s find the Register plus redux features in-depth.

Register Plus Redux Features:

This plugin has numerous and spectacular features, which are listed below.

  • You will able to add your company logo above any registration form for company or website branding.
  • All incoming visitors on your website will be eligible to register himself on your website as a contributor, subscriber, author and editor.
  • Every users will verify their legitimate identity through email verification link, email will be automatically placed on user’s email which they provided during registration.
  • User can not be able to reset their password without knocking administrator door or permission. (Optional: By Default this option is disable and we do not recommend to enable this option)
  • Grace period, With in particular time period all unverified users account will be deleted automatically. (By default grace period is 7 days, you can increase or decrease this time period from your side)
  • Registration redirection, creative option for all users because through this tool you can easily redirect your user after registration. (i.e. any particular page, Welcome Page etc.)
  • Auto login user features allow you to automatically login your created account after complete your registration process.
  • You also can edit and modify registration form fields like first name/last name/email/website/contact/short description etc.
  • Password strength indicator or password measuring tool, which will detect that your password is strong, Good, normal, poor and mismatch.
  • Invitation code, this facility allow users to request or demand a particular code for registration. Administrator will provide you this particular code. Without this code no one can register himself. You can generate more than one invitation codes for multiple purposes from your end.
  • Allow terms and condition/website polices check box and make them required for registration.
  • You can easily customize email notification messages, which user will receive after registration and also web administrator.
  • This plugin also deal in custom register/login CSS , where you can insert/write your necessary CSS as per your need.

You can avail the above features by installing this one spectacular WordPress plugin. This is not about plugin promotion, it’s all about our experience with this plugin. If you are planning to open your web doors for all incoming visitors then try this one plugin because it is free with all features.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and found these features better for your future journey. If you have more interesting and empirical ideas then share with us. For more discussion and your respective opinion’s, leave your comment below.

How To Add Email Subscription Box After Post Content

Do you know? what places are good for email subscription box on website. Here I will show you , how to add email subscription box after post content or under each post. If you have a blog so, you will be familiar with user subscription advantages. With the help of email subscription box, you can easily collect lot of emails data, which will help you to promote your content and offers etc. In another words, you can utilize these subscription emails for email marketing to grow your audience or readers. You can directly broadcast emails to your all subscribers with daily/weekly fresh content, it will also help you to improve your site traffic as possible.

How To Add Email Subscription Box After Post Content

Add Email Subscription Box After Post Content:

If you are looking for to add email subscription box after post content, so you are on right way. This subscribe box adding process has consist on following steps, let’s see.

Step 1:

In the first step, you need to install and activate this plugin Optin Forms. Now after installed in your WordPress, you can see the Optin forms option in the left sidebar menu from WordPress Dashboard.

How To Add Email Subscription Box After Post Content step 1

Step 2:

In the second step, Now you need to configure/setup your email service with this plugin. For this purpose, go to Optin Forms then select your email service under Email Solution tab. I’m going to configure my MailChimp email service with this plugin.

How To Add Email Subscription Box After Post Content step 2

Step 3:

After connect your email service with Optin Forms plugin. Now its time to select your finest one Subscription box and customize it as our requirement. You can customize every single element of this subscription box styles, typography, positions and many more functions.

How To Add Email Subscription Box After Post Content step 3

When you have done every settings same as above then simply click on Save button. Now you have successfully placed subscription box after post content. You also can check it your each post for conformation. Optin Forms plugin is free of cost, you can avail benefit from it as much you can.

Let us know, if you had done your job efficiently. If you have more good ideas to add subscription box under each post of your website then don’t forget to share with us. For more interaction or discussion on this topic, join us via comment. 😉