Apache Mod Security Error While Login WordPress

One of the most creepy issues Apache mod security error while login WordPress, which can happen with you if you are a WordPress user. Same thing happened with me most of the times, so I tried to solve this issue and spend many hours on it. Writing this article purpose is just to save your times, which I couldn’t.

Not Acceptable!

An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.

Apache Mod Security Error While Login WordPress

Apache Mod Security Error (Apache 406 Not Acceptable Error):

This article is not just contributed by me, its thoughts of different bloggers and mine too. Let’s take a look, which things can resolve this error.

Solution 1

Go inside your website root directory then wp-admin/.htaccess (If there is no file with this name so create the new one first then use the below command inside that)

<IfModule mod_security.c>
SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off

Solution 2

Go to file manager > public_html then find .htaccess file (If there is no file with this name so create the new one first then use the below command inside that) Must copy your default .htaccess and paste in notepad because in case of issue or error you can use that backup otherwise your website can go down.

# BEGIN WordPress
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
# END WordPress

Solution 3

If no one above tactics works then you need to go to your hosting cpanel > Security > Mod Security option and disable it.

If you didn’t find Mod Security option under security section inside your cpanel so this means your hosting company or provider disabled this options from your end. Eventually, you have an option to contact your hosting provider via live chat, phone or email tickets and tell them to disable the mod security from their end for your account.

Solution 4

Sometimes due to some suspicious activities and excessive usage of proxies, your IP can be blacklisted. So in that condition, do the same contact your hosting provider and tell them to white-list your current IP address. They will ask your IP address to enter on their end so you can get your internet IP from here and give it to their team.

In the end

You will be eager to know while reading the entire article that which trick helped me out that is Solution#4. But most of the people I found on the internet was giving credit to the second solution but sometimes your problems need some extra concentration to reach an actual solution. Don’t forget to tell me which solution helped you to solve your mod security error in WordPress.

In case of any question, you may write below or can join our community forum to interact with our experts directly.

Extra Ultimate WordPress Magazine Theme By Elegant Theme

I’m a huge fan of Elegant themes especially Divi theme because we can use this theme in almost conditions as per our requirements. After Divi they launched Exact ultimate WordPress magazine theme with stunning options. Earlier, we published some article based on Divi theme review in detail. Elegant theme released this Extra ultimate WordPress theme especially for bloggers and online news magazine sites as well as theme internal functionalities designed accordingly blogging requirements. I reviewed the entire theme, that’s pretty well because before this I always have desire that any theme should be in the market with divi builder and this Exact Ultimate WordPress theme come with Divi builder even it is integrated in it so that sounds makes me happy.

Extra Ultimate WordPress Magazine Theme By Elegant Theme

Extra Ultimate WordPress Magazine Theme Review:

  • Extra Ultimate WordPress theme has some particular functionalities, which are listed below,
  • Ecommerce Ready Theme
  • Drag and Drop Divi Builder Availability
  • Complete Responsive Layout (Fit for every device)
  • Rating & Reviews For Your Articles (Users can easily rate your articles based on their thoughts)
  • That would be wonderful news for you, if i say you can decorate or design your category even though Divi builder with this theme.
  • Enhancement of modules for categories, elegant theme added more than 5 modules for categories pages which can be added via Divi builder. Included tabbed post, code blocks, advertisements blocks, post sliders and blog module.
  • As we know that, everything is highly customizable such as fonts, color schemes and additional CSS for each block included in it.
  • You are not stick to single post design layout, you can make how many you needs it.
  • According to Elegant themes this Exact Ultimate WordPress theme has a wide range of categories and homepage designs no matter you are running a simple blog or any big new magazine site this is compatible or perfect in both conditions.
  • It has 40+ modules internally by using which you can easily decorate your blog pages or post with ease.
  • Big achievement of this theme is ready to use ecommerce web pages or interface, which gives this theme an attraction.
  • Countless possibilities, think and implement your blog style whatever you can do.
  • 5 stunning headers options, means 4 alternatives header styles with including center logo and right left menus.
  • Footer menu similar like Divi on most right bottom side of the website.

Elegant Extra Ultimate WordPress theme comes with extra blogging functionalities. This means you can do whatever you can think or probably beyond the thinking.

Let us know, you thoughts and review regarding Elegant Extra newly released theme. For more queries, you can join us on our community forum or can write your comment below.

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan New Features Review

Yesterday 6 March I got a message on my dashboard about WordPress now has been updated to 4.7.3 Vaughan. That was interested for me like before because there were so many updates in WordPress with the passage of time and every update added some new features in WordPress. Earlier wrote article on WordPress updates are WordPress 4.5 Features Overview. I personally loved with this new upgrade because it has very innovative changes also they improved UI functionalities.

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan Review Twenty Seventeen New Theme Style

Theme Starter Content:

When you successfully done with 4.7.3 WordPress installation then you will see that default theme of WordPress Twenty Seventeen come with example content. It means by default you will see four pages, Homepage, about, blog and contact. All all these four section or pages contains demo content which can be considered as theme starter content to understand the flow and pages criteria.

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan New Features Review Image 1

Edit Shortcuts:

This time WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan comes with real time editing features even editing real time preview. On theme front pages you will see edit icon with every section of theme heading, taglines, content even with widgets only the condition is that your customize section should be open while doing all that.

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan New Features Review Image 2

Video Headers:

This time WordPress added fast animated video header in twenty seventeen header, its by default available there. It’s a great change and this feature changed the complete environment surrounding there.

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan New Features Review Image 3

Smoother Menu Building:

If you are customizing your website through customize section directly with real time preview so you will see the add page option. This Add page option on the left mid side of the customize section, through which you can easily add new pages directly from here. After adding or creating pages from here WordPress automatically add the demo content inside those pages.

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan New Features Review Image 4

Custom CSS:

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan enables for every WordPress user to add custom CSS as per their requirements though customize section and also can see the live preview of the CSS changes. Yes this is now happened in reality, you don’t need to save over and over again and reload next page again to see the CSS changes. That was a big headache but now you can add it CSS even can see it in real time preview. We all should say thanks to WordPress team 🙂

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan New Features Review Image 5

PDF Thumbnail Previews:

After uploading PDF files in your media library, now you can see their preview before WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan that was not possible. So it’s a great change with new valued feature.

WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan New Features Review Image 6

There are more other functionalities changes but these above are highlighted even I really like that especially Custom CSS live preview stuff.

Let me know you thoughts and experience with WordPress 4.7.3 Vaughan. I know it is just beginning that what WordPress are trying to do. For any additional query regarding this please join our community forum or you can write your thoughts below.

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a WordPress Theme

WordPress is most widely used CMS in the world. There are millions of websites on the Internet built on WordPress.

I take it as a most powerful blogging platform which allows easy customization at beginner level.

The most popular blogs like TechCrunch and Mashable are hosted on WordPress platform.

A WordPress installation has two primary segments:

  1. Plugins
  2. Theme

In this post, you will learn about the things that must be considered while buying WordPress Theme.

Do you know about the role of a WordPress theme?

A theme in any WordPress installation decides the layout of the blog or website.

How the site would look like to the readers, the theme layout takes this responsibility.

A quality Theme gives best user experience. Therefore, we should consider few things while choosing a right theme whether you about to start a blog or a website.

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a WordPress Theme

Most of the WordPress users don’t know what they should consider while buying a perfect WordPress theme.

This post is completely focused on the key points you are expected to consider while buying a theme.

1: Free or Premium Theme:

Being a beginner blogger, you won’t be ready to purchase a Premium theme.

(Truly speaking, I also find it difficult to buy a premium theme for my blog. However, after two months I bought a theme that was complementing to my blog.)

In this case, you can use a free theme. There are multiple options in the WordPress.org. You can go there and choose one relevant plugin for your blog.

It was earlier when you were able to get only poorly coded free themes. Now the WordPress developers have created several good quality WordPress themes for the users. They made them available to the world through the WordPress community so that anybody can download them.

Some of the premium theme developers like MyThemeShop is also offering free premium looking theme in the WordPress.org.

Well, premium themes have more advantages over free ones. While I tried to find the pros and cons of paid themes, the cons were only a few.

Read below what were those pros and cons.

Pros of premium themes:

  1. You get frequent updates with the premium themes corresponding to the WordPress version.
  2. Premium themes are less common compared to the free themes, so you get able to set a unique style apart from other blogs.
  3. Premium themes come up with the ultimate customer support in the form of online chat, email ticketing system, and forum support.
  4. Several in-built features that reduce the need to install extra plugins.

Cons of Premium Themes:

  1. The price varies from few dollars to $100+ that might not be affordable by everyone.
  2. A lot of features may confuse the users.

There is no any fixed criterion to prove free themes dangerous for the users. While premium themes come from the trusted sources, you needn’t take worries about them. On the other hand, free themes are required to have several precautions before using.

(I have recently seen a hacker attack in the blog of my friend, and she was using a free theme).

2: User experience must be the Priority:

Google also gives much importance to the user experience. If your theme is offering great user experience, it will reduce the bounce rate as well.

The WordPress theme you want to install should be responsive to the handheld devices like tablets, smartphones, etc.

(According to a post on Search Engine Land, the mobile searches are growing much faster than the anticipated. Google also declared its Mobile friendly update recently.)

However, now most of the Premium WordPress Business themes come with the mobile responsive feature. If this feature is absent in the theme then, it may raise a red flag. So, it’s better to check the mobile friendliness through this tool. Read our detail guide on Why responsive web design is important?

3: Check for the Feedback:

Take the feedback in the form of user experience. If you prefer a buy a theme, you should first check for the feedback in the public forums.

This is an awesome method to get the most genuine suggestion regarding any WordPress Theme. Social media also play a vital role in it.

For example, you can join the Facebook groups and can ask group members for their unbiased suggestion regarding any theme you choose to buy from a certain vendor.

Whenever I decide to change the theme of my blog, I turn my face towards FB groups and most of the time I get the best advice from the bloggers who already used the same theme.

Many times, plugins might create conflict with the theme. I have also experienced this situation in which a plugin destroyed the CSS of the theme.

You should closely look in the support communities for any such incidence and read the complete thread to know the reaction of commentators.

4: Seo Friendliness:

Do you know what SEO factors make a theme SEO friendly?

These are: loading time, clean coding, are a few factors that make a theme seo friendly.

Well, in the present time, almost every theme you buy or a free theme from WordPress.org is seo friendly.

You can read the description of the theme to check the SEO friendliness.

The SEO friendly themes assist in ranking your site in the search engines.

Before purchasing a theme, test the speed in Pingdom. It’s widely accepted a tool for the site speed test. Put the Theme demo URL in it and see what comes in the states. If the theme’s loading time is high, avoid using the theme.

5: Identify Your need:

You must be aware of your theme.

What do you expect from a theme?

How many navigation menus do you want in the theme?

Do you need a customized footer?

What’s your niche?

The availability of the font types.

Background color customization.

Formatting style of the content is according to your requirement or not?

Layout and number of columns.

Is theme having best ad placement spaces?

All these things matter a lot when you choose a premium WordPress theme for any website or a blog.

6: Easy customizable or not?

This is the crucial area to evaluate any premium WordPress theme. I also feel stuck sometimes when couldn’t find an essential setting.

Well, premium themes come with the complete documentation so the users can get most out of the theme. If the documentation is accessible to you, read the entire details mentioned in it.

If the theme vendor has attached a video demo, users are expected to watch it. It contains the configuration and other related info that may help you deciding a right theme for your site.

I have seen few theme vendors offering customization with the demo theme. If you are getting such facility, I highly recommend you go for it. Make all the changes that you want to see on your site and compare with your expectations.

7: Look into Existing Support:

Support is the backbone of any business. With better customer support, a company can win the millions of customers and can gain mouth publicity.

The premium theme vendors make efforts to deliver best user experience through the themes. They release frequent updates to remove the bugs within themes. Nevertheless, some issues might occur and may create trouble for users.

In this situation, the customer support comes into the scene and takes over the responsibility to remove the users’ troubles.

A reputed theme vendor, offer the customers support via different means. They could be via email ticketing system, live chat, and community support in which the company developers remain active to give the proper answers to users queries.

Better customer support is the best side of premium themes. You get the complete support throughout your subscription period.

You can also interact with the customer support before buying a theme. Ask more question about the theme you want to buy. They can also tell you about the attractive discounts so that you can save the money.


I have tried my level best to include all the points that a person should consider while buying a premium WordPress theme. There may be some more important points that you consider while purchasing a theme. Share those things in the comment section below. It would add value to this post.

A theme should reflect better user experience and will improve the engagement with the readers. These are the real characteristics of the ideal theme.

If you find this post informative, and you feel it improved your knowledge about WordPress themes, don’t forget to share it on your favorite social media networks. Spread the words and let others know about it.

How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress

Most critical issue from Seo and marketing point of view. Because if you are going to change your existed web page URL so you have so many responsibilities in this case. Why I’m saying this, because behind this change your entire website infrastructure which is associate with this particular URL will also disturb from user and search engine point of view. Here today we are reveal some search engine optimization factors, one of them is how to redirect old URLs to new URLs to stop generating 404 not found errors on your website.

Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress:

I’m writing this especially for WordPress users. Secondly what thing can be occur or can become the cause of of this issue? Let me elaborate this from my perspective.

Let’s suppose, if you changed a particular web page URL in today date which you published it a month ago. Now what will happen? First of all Google already crawled this web page so this is clear like mirror that URL is also crawled in Google. Let’s think, if someone user comes on your site from search engine via old crawled web page or URL, So what page will be display on their screen? A content page for which user came to your site OR 404 Not Found Page? Obviously 404 not found page, because the old URL no longer exist on this website because you changed the URL and user doesn’t know the new URL at this moment.

So this means, when someone user comes on you site via old crawled web page so they will not be able to reach on right page for which they came. That means, from your slightly mistake you are losing huge bunch of organic traffic as well as also the user trust for this domain. Also that is a leakage point or hole in your website, which Google or another search engine doesn’t like  or maybe doesn’t tolerate that is why this can be the reason of rank fall of your website in search engine.

What is the Alternatives?

The straight forward alternative to resolve this issue is “Redirect Old URL to New URL” from this way user will be able to reach your new web page from both condition. Let’s suppose if you applied this redirection rule on it then the users who are coming on your site via old crawled web page will be automatically redirected to new URL, which you setup behind the website. So the next question should be from your side is “how to redirect OLD URLs to new URLs”. Before go to explanation, below described solution is just for WordPress but the above strategy can be happen for all non-WordPress sites too.

Step 1:

You need to install and activate this plugin namely Redirection, this plugin is use to manage 301 redirection and keeping track 404 error page, doesn’t matter you know coding or not. This plugin doesn’t need any coding or developers help.

Step 2:

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Tools > Redirection then add the URLs simply on which you want to apply this redirection rule.

How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress

Above you can see the two URL fields one for OLD URL and second for NEW created URL. That is the most simplest way to resolve this issue with in few minutes. As well as this plugin will record the hits, that how many times user comes on your New URLs via OLD URLs, whether it is from search engine or another external website.

How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress Image 2

Above you can clearly see the hits on OLD URL that is just an example for better understanding.

Let us know, if you think that articles gives you a correct answer for which you were searching. We always love to hear back from our readers, you can convey your additional queries through us visa community forum or can comment below.

Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review

On 15 June Yoast SEO 3.3 version has been released with its new SEO features. I’m in love with this plugin because it has fantabulous features and keep me up to date with SEO strategies. Recently I also written an absolute review on Yoast SEO 3.2 with its highlighted features. But this times, it comes with really with new prominent features. I think you will be definitely excited and curious to learn about Yoast SEO 3.3 features review.

Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review:

Today I got an update notification in my WordPress dashboard about Yoast SEO. So that was really amazing for me to learn something new especially about SEO because this times rumour has been converted into reality. I listed about it but not clearly sure about it but that makes my doubt clear and happy with its new features. Let’s see it features and their advantages from Seo perspective.

Quality Content Checks:

Content checks make sure that, is your content is readable for your users. Your content sentence should be concise in length and these checks also make sure that how much passive voice and transition words ratio exist in the written paragraph. If the ratio exceed the maximum threshold then Yoast Seo plugin will indicate you about these issues through these checks.

Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review Content Checks

The advantage of these checks is that, that will make your content in proper readable form as it should be.

Highlight Content Checks:

Yoast team also embed this feature in this new version, which shows the highlight icon if there is any problem exist in your content. Simply press that highlight icon, and it will show the actual problem related to this particular sentence.

Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review Highlighted Content ChecksThis features will improve your content optimization as well as give a proper shape to your content.

Knowledge base Search Section:

I think that is the better way for new starters to learn how to set up Yoast SEO. This new features is embed on Yoast SEO dashboard before the general tab. There you will find a Help Center with question mark icon, after click on it knowledge base will drop down.

Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review Knowledge Base

Over-there you can browse their written articles regarding to your issues and also can learn about this finest plugin settings aspects.

Notifications Revamped:

They revamped their notification interface. Under the Yoast Dashboard, you will be able to clearly see individual notification sections. If Yoast found anything creating frustration in your  On-Page Seo then they will put that notification over this section, then you can manually review or resolve this issue as early as possible.

Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review Notifications revamped

These little changes behind your WordPress makes your blog more superior in search engine.

This article approximately covered all the new features, which has been done in Yoast SEO 3.3 version. Hope these changes will give a better way to your blogging journey. Let me know, if you found this article valuable, conversely if you have any queries regarding Seo so join us on our community forum or can put your comment below this article.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail

Few days ago, I was working on my client project so where we required a professional or business level theme. So my recommendation was Divi WordPress theme, because of their flexibility and perfection. Actually I inspired with Divi internal core features, from which this theme package comes. So today here, I want to share my experience with my readers, who also desire to learn something creative and unique. This divi WordPress theme review contains its core characteristics and their benefits for their clients.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail:

Divi is the most spectacular and smartest theme ever, that is not the exaggerate with my words. I’m saying only what I experienced with it.

Divi Builder:

First of all divi builder is totally separate plugin but this builder is already integrate in divi theme. By using this builder, you can easily develop web pages by drag and drop rows, column and divi internal modules.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi Builder

Divi Modules Feature:

Divi Comes with numbers of modules includes bar counters, blog, blurb, divider, email Optin and so many additional modules supported.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi Modules

Through divi you can easily built your page layout by using columns and rows combinations.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi Page layout

Simply create page layout as per your requirements then insert modules which you want to show on your website front-end.

Save and Load From Library:

By going in to depth of this finest theme, here divi comes with these splendid option. After drag and drop when you completely satisfied to built your own style layout so also can save this layout in divi library. There is a great advantage of this features, from this features you will be able to load this same saved layout to another fresh page, this means on new pages you do not need to put your same strength as you invested on previous one’s.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Save and Load Feature

This feature can save your lots of precious time, which can maximize your work strength.

Divi Redo and Undo Feature:

Just imagine, unintentionally your page layout is gonna be delete or any part is removed during work so there is nothing like panic with it. Because divi also have the solution for this,  divi WordPress theme comes with redo and undo option which can undo your mistakes same like your computer CLT+Z and CLT+Y features, hope you understood what I mean here.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Redo and Undo Feature

I never seen that these two redo and undo options in any theme builder or framework so far. This is also the bold reason behind our recommendation.

Divi Integration:

Divi have a separate section inside their settings epanel, from where you can see the divi integration tab. This integration option enable you to add your additional codes in your theme <head> section,  also inside <body> section. You can use these section to add your analytics code, Google fonts links, font awesome references etc.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi Integration

Divi SEO Features:

As we know that, Seo is the most important part of any website to drive traffic directly from search engine. Divi very well knows this facts, that is why it also has Seo integrated features in it.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi SEO

You also can see clearly in the above screenshot that how many Seo features divi have for their beloved customers. For advance Seo, you may add Seo by Yoast and configure it.

Divi Theme Customizer:

Through divi theme customize, you are able to edit your theme with live preview. WordPress already have theme features by default, but divi embed their features inside this customizer and make it more easier for their clients.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi theme customizer

You also be able to set up your website according to multiple device sized, I mean about responsive layout. Real time editing also put enthusiasm in your passion and will give your quick reaction.


Here above so far I described and highlighted so many incredible features of Divi WordPress theme but even not completely. Divi is better than Good and deserve more respect because it makes their client life’s easier with no coding stuff. I think you must give a try to Divi then result will be come with your happiness.

If you have additional question regarding this fabulous theme so don’t be hesitate, and ask your question below this topic under comment section or also can join our community for detailed questions.

How to Migrate Your WordPress Website to Another Hosting

As we know that, migration from one hosting to another is not an easy scenario for a beginner. Always so many users asked to me, how to migrate your WordPress website from one hosting server to another new hosting server without any tricky process. Probably, it was hard for me to explain all the steps in context so I made a video guide especially for user convenience.

How to Migrate Your WordPress Website to Another Hosting

Migrate Your WordPress Website to Another Hosting:

There are so many plugins, by using which you can migrate your WordPress data with ease. But not properly, here we have out standing way by using which you can done you migration process successfully without any obstacle. Migration contains four major steps, which are following as.

  1. Backup WordPress files and folders
  2. Backup WordPress MySQL (Export all tables queries)
  3. Upload your WordPress files and folder to another hosting account. Also import backup of MySQL to a new created MySQL.
  4. Establish a connection among WordPress files and MySQL through little configuration in wp-config.php file exist on your WordPress root directory.

Watch Part 1:

First part contains the process of, how to backup WordPress files and current MySQL database overview.

Watch Part 2:

Second part consist on how to restore your old backup files in new hosting server manually. Also provide slightly guidance about domain transfer and their settings.

I made both video guide on user emphasize, personally they motivate me to make something like above so I did that. Hopefully, above step by step guide will definitely helpful to you  to transfer or migrate your WordPress website comfortably.

Let us know, if you think that I made an appropriate tutorial for our valuable users. Conversely, if you have additional queries regarding WordPress migration so don’t hesitate and tell us through below comment box or also you can join us or ask  you questions in our community forum.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review

Today I saw a notification after logged into my WordPress backend, which was update Your Yoast Seo into 3.2 version. Recently we wrote an article on Yoast 3.1 features review. This Yoast 3.2 version comes with more improvements and more bugs has been resolved in this version according to their team. In this quick guide,  we will our Yoast Seo 3.2 quick review for readers better understanding how they can get benefit with it in their blogging journey.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review:

I simply analyze those features which they highlighted but few are most appreciable. Let me elaborate each one of them.

New Help Center:

Yoast team stick a new help center bar under the General section for user convenience or better guidance. In which they give a short tour of their new added features in current running Yoast Seo version.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review New Help Center

Premium: Social Previews:

This feature was not available in previous version but now you can avail with it. But only those people can avail benefit with it who paid for that plugin or using premium version of this plugin. Free users can’t utilize that feature, which is probably sad especially for many readers who can not bear this expense. Through this feature, you can easily see your web pages previews in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review Social Previews

Improved Inline Help:

Yoast this time added a magnificent feature, which can help you if you are in trouble. Let’s suppose if you do not understanding about few fields such as focus keyword, Meta title and description etc so there you will find a question mark help button, after press it you can see Yoast written article link on that matter or particular fields. Thus you can go ahead and can easily analyze those feature significance.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review Inline Help

Exclude Google Plus Social:

In this version Yoast Seo 3.2, they exclude Google plus social tab because metadata conflictions with Facebook, which caused many issues. Google also were using Facebook meta data so that extend in this feature with definitely help you on both sides.

Removed NOYDIR:

As we know that Yahoo directory has been closed and no longer exist. And Yoast team is sure about that Yahoo directory will not come back again. That is why, they removed this NOYDIR tag from this plugin. Must read What are the Noodp and Noydir Meta tags.

Let us know, if you found this article useful and  valuable for your Seo training. If you have any question related to this article or Yoast Seo plugin so we always respect readers feedback. You also can join our community forum for your Q/A or can comment under this article.

WordPress 4.5 Features Review

Yesterday 13 April 2016, when I logged into my KnowledgeIDea WordPress backend so I found a notification. WordPress 4.5 is available now, please update your WordPress version. This time WordPress comes with newly impressive features which can save your time and can put efficiency in your blogging lifestyle. Here we’re going to represent WordPress 4.5 features review in a short time period. Which can definitely help you to build your enthusiasm for new WordPress characteristics.

WordPress 4.5 Features Review:

Yesterday WordPress 4.5 were released with additional creative properties. WordPress 4.5 version comes with new editing and customization improvements. Recently WordPress 4.3 Introduce New Features and now that one in a short time period is a great achievement for WordPress organization. Because they are adding new features continuously in their own platform to keep updated their users in every minute. So let’s see the WordPress 4.5 features review for better understanding.

Inline Linking:

Now user can easily grab any piece of content on which they want to put hyperlink. Then simply search any website internal post and link them with your current article. No need to go with pop up, but this pop up option is still exist there with setting icon so dual ways are comfortable depends on your usage style.

WordPress 4.5 Feature Review Inline Linking

Formatting Shortcuts:

This time WordPress 4.5 comes with two new shortcuts one is supported to preformatted content and secondly supported to horizontal line above or below the content. Now simply enclosed your content in Acute symbol (`) to put your content in preformatted style. Secondly, write three dashes (—) in sequence to put horizontal line anywhere where you like to put it.

WordPress 4.5 Feature Review Formatting Shortcuts

Live Responsive Preview:

Now every WordPress user is able to see that his website layout is compatible with tablet or mobile devices. It is responsive layout or not because responsive website is also become the part of Seo core ranking factors in 2016. You can watch this splendid feature in your WordPress customizer.

WordPress 4.5 Feature Review Live Responsive Preview

Custom Logos:

Now default WordPress 4.5 have an option for business or brand custom logos in their customizer identity section. Simply now you can upload or select your custom logos from media library or also can resize it according to your requirements. Twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen have been updated with this new feature which will be appeared in your WordPress customizer where you also can setup or customize it comfortably.

WordPress 4.5 Feature Review Custom Logos

Above mentioned changes has occurred in WordPress 4.5 version. If you already updated your version so that means you are avail benefits from these features.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and valuable for your WordPress journey. If you have any question regarding this update or have any different query so must notify us through our community forum or can comment under this article.