Role of Dedicated Servers in the Online Business

Dedicated servers are exclusively designed for large-sized websites that contains information in the form of blogs, articles, video links, audio files, and the other information. For the internet marketers it’s a great deal to work on dedicated servers. The entire server space will be dedicated to a single owner that will help in reliable performance of server that is responsible for website fast operations.

Role of Dedicated Servers in the Online Business

Better Facilities:

Anyone can select the service providers of their choice by using the internet. In a dedicated server facility you can install additional hardware and applications. Aside from this, you’ll get additional facilities such as full hard disk space and bandwidth that allow you to work seamlessly. This will be helpful for clients in many ways and you’ll also get other web features that will be helpful in seamless performance of a website.

Seamless Operations:

The advanced dedicated web servers support the ultra-modern technology that will allow data centers to perform in seamless manner. To get excellent results on the web space, a dedicated server is helpful in providing uptime guarantee of high-performance, along with the regular backups and system maintenance. The advanced dedicated server facilities enable high-level of security round the clock that is the main requirement in this competitive world.

Better Technical Support:

The dedicated servers are generally owned by a single owner that will be helpful in hosting a website to the internet platform. The host providers generally provide all type of facilities to customers as add-on services that assist in achieving better technical support, and software upgrade facility.

Offered at Suitable Costs:

The dedicated server facility offered in the market for free of cost, and some of them offer them at suitable costs, so that the business owners & individuals can avail them easily. The clients that are opting for dedicated server will get valuable quality web services in return that is also important for a business.

It is helpful in enabling the fast data transfer rate that is associated with the uninterrupted internet connectivity & bandwidth space. It provides users with the quality access to the websites that is the chief requirement of any online business.


Dedicated servers allow easy handling of main server; you can easily update, edit, & customize the website content. Many online businesses are rapidly expanding in the web space just because of the dedicated server hosting facility that will allow you to gain potential customers from the market. You can easily select service providers from the market space that offer relevant services to customers.

HostGator Services and Offers For New Customers

As we very well familiar with HostGator and it’s popularity among internet bloggers and users. Due to their worthwhile and precious hosting service because HostGator is known as no#1 hosting quality service around internet. In the today article, we are going to writing a briefing article to let them know to our readers about HostGator services and offers for new customers.

HostGator Services and Offers For New Customers

HostGator Services & Offers For New Customers:

HostGator packages and services is much different for both new and existing users. New customers can avail many premium features in free or low-cost instead of existing user cannot avail these features on second time. HostGator offering many prominent and premium features almost free only for first time users, we are going to reveal that services and offers in factual words.

Special Deals and Offers:

HostGator offers to all their new clients discounted plans or packages like 25% OFF on all HostGator plans or $9.94 OFF and further so on. Instead of this on every year 27 Nov Special Black Friday 80% OFF and Cyber Monday deal 65% OFF and similar so on.

These special deals only work for new customer and this deal will not work on recurring bills or existing users. Exiting user cannot renew their current packages by using this deal.

HostGator Transfer Website:

Another biggest factor is you current web hosting data migration on newly purchased server. If your website already contains hundreds of post and article images then your hosting data size approximately can exceed 1-2 GB or more. Which can be taken too much time or longer and it can be trouble if you have not much knowledge about cPanel advance options. Then this server to server data migration/transfer can become headache for you.  But now HostGator offering free website transfer for only their new customer.

This transfer can take up-to 24-72 hours and more because it is depends on your website data or burden.

Hopefully, this article proven good for your future journey with HostGator. Must share this article with your colleagues to spread this useful article rapidly. For more interaction with us, you may join us on our community forum or can comment below.

Why We Move From iPage to HostGator

Recently 27 Nov 2015 black Friday, when HostGator opened their mega discount door for new customers. This time HostGator Black Friday Flash Sale 80% OFF, which was most appealing part of this deal so decided to take this 80% OFF package and let’s give a try. We are writing this article to let them folks about that why we move from iPage to HostGator.

Why We Move From iPage to HostGator?

Before HostGator we were running KnowledgeIDea on iPage shared hosting plan. We were experiencing iPage since 15 June 2014, in other words we started this KnowledgeIDea journey with iPage $12/Year deal. This iPage $12 deal came with all possible cPanel features, because this deal regular or recurring price is approx $143.4 so this deal was so cheap for first time to kick-start my journey.

But few things that pressurized to us to move our hosting from iPage to HostGator. iPage is good but only when you have limited budget or want affordable hosting package.

No doubt that iPage is offering most cheap hosting on internet and that is why it is famous among their competitors but we should always remember that “All that Glitters is not Gold” similarly we experienced few drawbacks in iPage which we cannot overlook for our business success. That is why we abandoned to go ahead with iPage anymore.

Let’s see the reasons why we move from iPage to HostGator.

iPage Downtime Period:

We were using and experiencing iPage hosting near about 1 year 6 months and experience was slightly terrible. Because in each month we received many downtime period like 3 mint, 13 mint and so on. Read how to track WordPress website downtime period quickly. Review the below downtime emails snapshot, which our system received on iPage hosting servers many times in each month.

Why We Move From iPage to HostGator downtime review

We received these email lots of time and after few minutes when downtime is finished then they also send another email which is look like the below email.

Why We Move From iPage to HostGator downtime email review

This is something what that should not be happen because with that issues you can not be able to do business with comfort. Downtime period issue will impact on your ads revenue and also on your vendors. So this is the prominent issue that is why we moved from iPage to HostGator.

No Backup Facility:

iPage doesn’t provide any backup facility with their hosting packages. If you want backup facility or feature in iPage, so you will purchase this feature separately at $12.95/year. This is ridiculous because if you are going to host your precious data on any hosting company servers, so hosting provider should need to facilitate their users with backup option to save their worthwhile data.

Recently, we talked with iPage team on chat concerning with backup option because we were confused when we were not found any backup option in our cPanel. So we decided to interact with iPage that why backup option not existing in my hosting cPanel.

iPage chat team said, they do not provide backup option for free you need to purchase their backup option which cost is $12.95/year. If you cannot bear that backup addons so you can take backup from file manager manually. Sounds like unprofessional or unexpected.

Conversely HostGator providing complete backup option where you can easily take and restore complete cPanel backups with in few clicks.

These above reasons are vital and we cannot overlook these aspects. Because if your business basics are weak so you cannot compete of your competitors in the online market. That is why we choose HostGator to reliably handle this business as fast as possible. For more discussion with us you may join us on our community forum or can leave your comment below.

Things You Should do Before Buy Web Hosting

Did you know that which things you should do before buy web hosting? Probably not sure or do not know. If you are going to buy web hosting or deal like black Friday and cyber Monday or else then you should have to care because you are investing on some place where your data will be host in future. So that place should be trustworthy and secure from security perspective.

Things You Should do Before Buy Web Hosting

Things You Should do Before Buy Web Hosting:

Web hosting is a necessary part of your business because that is the base of your business or website. Let’s suppose, if someone is facing issues with his web hosting servers in every second day and getting virus or hacking troubles, then unfortunately his/her life will become a headache. You can save yourself from these worries by following these precautions, Let’s have a look these things you should do before buy web hosting for your business.

Read Hosting Company Reviews:

According to my experience approximately (80%) reviews consist on facts, which is written by experienced users who are already availed this web hosting service. So that can be plus point for your, simply search on Google about that web hosting company reviews. Read what folks are saying about that particular web hosting service. You also can browse or search web hosting reviews on KnowledgeIDea search box.

Check Their Hosting Plans:

Every web hosting company offering their own package and plans for their consumers. A good web hosting service always facilitate their user with premium and unlimited plans. Web hosting package should be affordable and trustworthy as we said above. Recently we wrote an article on how to choose right web hosting company, this article will also help you to sustain your decision on right way.

Technical Support:

Web hosting technical support is the most essential factor because technical support always gives customer satisfaction. Around internet many local web hosting companies do not providing technical support due to their lack of this feature many paid member facing huge troubles with these kind of companies. So that will be good practice to check it out that your web hosting company providing premium technical support or not? That is crucial for your and your business better future.

Is it Secure Website?

Most of the freak web hosting companies have no security layer SSL (Security Socket Layer) a green bar which you can see on bank websites to protect their users privacy. This is necessary that web hosting should have SSL protection, majority of web hosting companies have SSL protection on user interface not on website homepage so that is Good and satisfied from my perspective. Because SSL is required on client/user interface side like hosting login area, hosting cPanel etc.

Perfect Price:

Here perfect price should be consist on few things, first is that hosting price should be affordable and valid according to this deal. Most of the hosting companies offering deals for their only new customers which is spectacular opportunity for all of the new members. A beginner can not bear much higher prices because that kind of price is out of budget of initial person.


Above mentioned points are experienced by me. The writing this article purpose is only to spread awareness in folks that which things they should consider before purchase web hosting. Our recommended web hosting companies are following as HostGator (Using by us) and secondly digital ocean vpn cloud crafted server.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and valuable for your business journey. If you want more interaction on this article or topic so you may join us on our community forum and leave your comment below.


After huge discount of HostGator Black Friday Flash Sale 80% OFF, HostGator again announcing the HostGator Cyber Monday 65% OFF on all hosting plans. Now who lost the previous one deal now they can avail it this time with 65% OFF on all hosting plans include shared, VPN and dedicated servers.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#ef3e2d” size=”8″ center=”yes” radius=”5″]Get HostGator Cyber Monday Deal[/su_button]


HostGator celebrate almost every traditional events and associate their discounted deals with it. Black Friday 27 Nov – 30 Nov now has been passed. If you lost this deal and not made the part of this deal so Flash Sale is again back with HostGator Cyber Monday 65% OFF on all hosting plans exclude domains.


Keep remember that this hosting Cyber Monday offer can entertain only new HostGator user not existing users. Existing users also can not use this offer to renew their running packages.

What this Deal Includes?

Same as HostGator popular due to their features and unlimited hosting plans. This deal comes with below features.

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Shared SSL
  • $200 Marketing Credit (Only For US and Canada Users)
  • Website builder and much more..

Price Comparison:

In this Cyber Monday deal, you can save approx 65% Save of your precious money. Review the regular price and Cyber Monday monthly price comparison.

Regular Price: $7/Month

Cyber Monday Deal Price:  $2.43/Month (65% OFF)


Regular price is much higher than deal price so do not waste that time so grab this deal right now. Always user’s claim that HostGator is much higher prices and plans than other hosting companies but remember that their deal prices are fair enough and even normal beginner can afford their deals to start their business journey. Personally, i would suggest you to purchase maximum years hosting because 65% off will be apply on your total billing invoice, thus you can get maximum discount than your expectation.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#ef3e2d” size=”8″ center=”yes” radius=”5″]Get HostGator Cyber Monday Deal[/su_button]

Let us know, if you want any help or support in this regard. You also can join me or follow me @Facebook or on our community forum to discuss this article further.

HostGator Black Friday Flash Sale 80% OFF

HostGator black Friday discount of this year, which is 80% OFF and that is Great news for all HostGator lovers. HostGator announced that, they will give huge discount for all web hosting packages include shared hosting, VPN hosting plans and dedicated hosting plans even this deal work for domain names. Deal will be open on 27 Nov to 29 Nov, so that is your full flash opportunity to make this deal done by clicking the below “Get this deal button” button.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#ef3e2d” size=”8″ center=”yes” radius=”5″]Get HostGator Black Friday Deal[/su_button]

HostGator will open this deal only for specific time period, after then it will be close but 65% OFF always be there and you also can buy it till 20 Nov.

HostGator Black Friday Flash Sale 80% OFF:

According to survey this HostGator black Friday deal is the most effective offer of this year. 80% OFF never comes back again so don’t let them go just grab it and save lots of your precious money.

HostGator Black Friday Flash Sale 80% OFF

When this Deal will Open:

HostGator will open this Black Friday flash sale on Friday 27  Nov 12:00 am – Sunday 29 Nov 11:59 pm CST (Central Standard Time) but 80% off will be shown time to time like few hours with in three days.

65% OFF  Black Friday Deal:

If you are following the above button/Source and go to HostGator and there you are seeing 65% OFF not 80% OFF then don’t be panic. 65% OFF is also the part of this Black Friday deal, As i said above 80% discount will be appeared only in particular time period which is Friday from 12:00 am to Sunday 11:59 pm CST*. You also convert this CST standard time to your country time zone to understand this deal timings quickly. World Clock Converter.

HostGator Black Friday Flash Sale 65% OFF

Secondly important thing that you should need to know that, this HostGator Black Friday deal is only for new account holder’s not for existing HostGator user’s. If you are already user of HostGator then you are not applicable to get this deal.

If you are still not get this deal then don’t be late just grab this huge deal quickly. Because Black Friday comes one time only in a year not everyday.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#ef3e2d” size=”8″ center=”yes” radius=”5″]Get HostGator Black Friday Deal[/su_button]

If you have any question concern to this Black Friday deal then you can let me know from our community forum, join me on Facebook and also can comment below.

Best Guide on the Benefits of Joomla Hosting Services

Joomla hosting is particularly made for content management system that allows site owners to customize their websites and other internet based applications. With this type of hosting services you’ll get variety of features in which a user will get ease of use & develop their own site. The big companies which are into the business of content management always want to earn profits from their websites this   is the reason why  Joomla hosting services getting immensely popular among users.  The software is used to manage contents for websites.

Primary Benefits of Joomla Hosting Services:

  • Today, there are businesses that depend on the internet for brand promotion & other activities like selling of products & customer retention. This is a new way of earning profits that is comparatively better than spending lots of money for office space and employees.
  • If your business is related to content creation then building your site using Joomla is absolutely correct. You have to make sure that from where you select for hosting service must have good experience in offering the best Joomla hosting.
  • With the help of Joomla hosting enables users to properly manage each and every aspects of content on their website whether related to editing, content customization, and the addition of music, images & videos.
  • All the things can be managed digitally without requiring any help of experts. This is one of the main advantages of Joomla hosting that one can manage website without very little knowledge of technical skills.

Best Guide on the Benefits of Joomla Hosting Services


Features of Joomla Hosting:

Joomla hosting has powerful application framework that is easier to add a variety of tools that is important for sophisticated operations. The web developers prefer to use this CMS platform as it support a number of system applications including communication tools, data reporting tools, inventory control, application bridges, integrated electronic commerce systems, and reservation systems. Joomla support MySQL and PHP technologies that allow web developers to develop incredible web applications that are easy to use. There are types of host providers present in the online space that offer premium grade services that is reliable to clients and easily come into their budget limit.


Looking for Joomla hosting through online space is a perfect choice for organizations that want to use CMS based web platforms. Today, you can probably find thousands of different hosting companies from the net. Before their selection you have to figure out is they match with your business standards or not. You can also read few customer reviews to learn more about Joomla hosting services this will help you in getting right services from the market.

Digital Ocean $10 Credit FREE For Sign Up

Digital ocean is one of the most reliable cloud VPN service provider company. Simple cloud infrastructure for developers and even beginner can easily join it because there are thousands of articles and tutorials, which for help for beginners. Now anyone can get Digital ocean $10 credit free when they sign up on digital ocean. What digital ocean offering discount for this cloud server, from which you can save your precious money.

Digital Ocean $10 Credit FREE For Sign Up

Digital Ocean $10 Credit Offer:

Now we are going to elaborate this $10 credit offer in Comprehension form. Digital ocean is 5 times cheap than other VPN hosting provider because at this time, if we compare HostGator basic VPN server package then it’s cost near about $19.95/month which is approx double from digital ocean prices.

99.99% Uptime server guarantee, “digital ocean says, if we fall to deliver then we will credit your all amount

Digital ocean VPN servers are complete user-friendly and there’s nothing like complex stuff. At this time digital ocean not offering yearly plan, you will be charged for per hour like if your droplet utilize our server for 5 hours then we will debit or charge 5 hours price according to your selected package.

Digital ocean offering $10 referral credit special offer, you will get $10 in your account if you will sign up/register with our referral link.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” size=”8″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: bullhorn”]Get $10 Credit NOW[/su_button]

How you will Get $10 Credit after sign up:

Digital ocean introduced the referral $10 credit offer due to customer satisfaction. Thus, you first month will be free, if you create a droplet of $10/month, two month will be free if you create $5/month droplet. $10/month VPN server package is pretty good deal according to my experience with digital ocean.

After sign up with our referral link, you will be eligible for $10 credit offer. Just you need to verify your account identity via govt issued document like National identification card or passport. Another and last step is that, add you bank account  or associate PayPal account with your digital ocean account for future billing.

After complete the above procedure’s, you can see $10 credit your account settings > Billing.

Digital Ocean $10 Credit FREE For Sign Up account view

You can clearly see the $10 credit in the above image.

Note: You can not withdraw $10 credit, only can use in digital ocean. Identity verification and associate billing method (Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal) is required for redeem $10 credit offer. We also highlight this special offer on our community forum.

Hostgator Vs iPage Pros and Cons

As we familiar with both of the finest web hosting providers HostGator and iPage. Both web hosting companies are offering comparatively competitive price and plans. Whereas both have pros and cons. Today we will compare HostGator vs iPage, thus best hosting solution will come out.

HostGator Vs iPage:

HostGator and iPage both are trusted and leading web hosting service providers. No doubt every good company have few down and up sides but in these fluctuations how you can find your best one solution to continue your job very well. Let’s see the pros and cons of these both companies.

Hostgator Vs iPage Pros and Cons
Hostgator Vs iPage Pros and Cons

HostGator Pros:

HostGator is an #1 web hosting company around internet market since 2002. They offer unlimited web hosting plans even starter hosting packages comes with unlimited facilities like pro members. 45 days money back Guarantee for user satisfaction, premium automatically backup options and quality technical support any time via chat, phone and tickets. $200 worth marketing credit for every initial member. Buy HostGator Hosting Now

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

HostGator Cons:

Costly web hosting service as compared to other web hosting platforms. They do not offer free domain for beginners hosting members. Anyone cannot bear their expense because they charges are overpriced.

iPage Pros:

iPage is famous and popular due to affordable web hosting service since 2004. They also offering unlimited packages and free .com domain for beginners. $250 worth marketing credit for every initial member. They also offering technical support 24/7/365. Buy iPage Hosting Now

iPage Cons:

iPage do not offer any backup options with hosting package, you need to buy backup tools separately only in $12.95/yr. Their technical support rating is not pretty good.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


HostGator and iPage both are good on his places, if your budget is enough then go with HostGator unlike for affordable hosting go with iPage. HostGator is costly but recommended and iPage is affordable but comes with limited features. Now it’s up to you that where you want to go now.

Let us know, if you think that you got your answer in appropriate form. You also can read HostGator features overview for better understanding. For more discussion on this topic, you may leave your comment below.

Hostgator Features Overview – HostGator Review

Do you know the reason behind HostGator progression, if not so its time to understand these facts and figures. HostGator is a world-wide hosting service company and also provides further additional facilities. Today, I will reveal some interesting and premium HostGator features.

Hostgator Features Review
HostGator Features Review

Why We Use HostGator?

A prominent question around you is why we and everyone recommend or use HostGator. In simple words, HostGator loves with his each client and also serve premium technical support, As they promised at the time of purchasing web hosting to us. Folks always gives his priorities to the additional features service giver, which compels you to take his services. HostGator are with you every step  of the way because they believes on long-term relationship with his customers. We use HostGator due to his premium features, which is better as compared to other hosting providers.

HostGator Features Overview:

HostGator hosting have dozens of characteristics, which you can see from your hosting cPanel. We will talk about major of these additional properties and elaborate one after another.

Hostgator Features List Overview Special offers
HostGator Special Offer Section contains numbers of additional tools.

HostGator have separate section of special offers among cPanel options. Under special offers, you can see various tools related to web building, SEO, Security, Cloud backup tools and internet marketing credits. Let’s start to elaborate each of the tools and its applications.

Hostgator Features List Overview Cloud Backup
Cloud Backup Feature

Cloud Backup: Cloud backup is a spectacular tool, which takes automatically backup to your whole site with consistency (Daily) and save your precious website. Accidents can be happened with anyone and cloud backup will recover your website imperfection and current defects.

Read How to Backup and Restore MySQL Database using PhpMyAdmin

Hostgator Features List Overview SEO Gears
SEO Gears (Improve Website Traffic in Days)

SEO Gears: In which they facilitate his clients with SEO service. You do not need to hire any SEO specialist now you can do it yourself. They will submit your website in popular search engines with in couple of days. Complete head to head competitive keywords analysis reports on daily basis. They will give you search engine mastery eBook to understand the search engines algorithm and terminologies and improve your website traffic quickly.

Read 20 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Website.

SiteLock: A well security expert tool, which scan your website daily and remove the viruses, stop online fraud or scam etc. SiteLock is reputed anti-spamming plugin integrated in your HostGator cPanel.

Bing & Google Ads Credits: Golden opportunity for HostGator member because HostGator offering $100 AdWords credit  and $100 Bing Ads credit for newbies to promote his business.

Importance Notice: Ads Credit offer only available for U.S. and Canada HostGator clients/members.

Hostgator Features List Overview Backup tools
HostGator Advance Backup Tools

Advance Backup Tools: HostGator provides automatic backup tools, where you can take full or partial backup of your hosting files even can restore these files backup files with-in minutes. Full backup contains Home Directory, MySQL Databases, Emails/Forward/Filter configurations.

Hostgator Features List Overview Security
HostGator Hosting Integrated Security Tools

HostGator gives his priorities to hosting security, where you are monitoring your website. HostGator provides few security tools, which you can see in the above image.

Password Protect Directories: This tools enable security login on target or each file manager directory/folder. Most beneficial from administrative perspective, thus no one employee/engineer can not get excessive access on control panel.

Read How to Enable Directory Password Protection in iPage

IP Deny Manager: This featured tool can block the single/multiple range of IP address access to your website. You can block any malicious and unwanted users via their IP address even you can block entire region or country.

Read How to block Entire Region or Country on My Website

HotLink Protection: Now no one can use or waste your hosting bandwidth with this tool. Hot linking enable this feature that, no one other website can direct link files or images to your website. Thus, no one can use your bandwidth, which can save your lots of money. Read How to Enable Hotlink Protection in HostGator cPanel.

Hostgator Features List Overview software
HostGator Software and Services

QuickInstall: A fabulous software almost available in every HostGator hosting package. Through this software, you can install any script like WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, Open Cart etc with in few clicks. Majority of beginners appreciate this software tool because they do not know how to install these scripts manually but it is handy and responsive software.

Read How to Install WordPress in HostGator Manually

Optimize Website: Another bandwidth saver, this featured software compress your website files before load in user browser. Thus you can save many of bandwidth without any cost and this compression also increase website loading speed.

Read 10 Ways to Speed Up Website Loading Time

goMobi Site Builder: HostGator integrate this service recently, it is a mobile website builder. This software will provide you an attractive interface where you can design or develop mobile website, thus your visitors or clients can visit your website from mini devices (iPhone, iPad and other cellular devices).

If you’re satisfied with their features along services then Go ahead and Buy HostGator Hosting.

Let us know, if you think that we covered the major HostGator hosting features. We are hopeful and optimistic that HostGator will add more features in future journey. If you have any question related to HostGator service and their hosting features then you can ask your queries below.