How to Buy Domain and Hosting With HosterDay

As we know that HosterDay is an emerging finest hosting provider around the internet. In our most earlier written article, we already described HosterDay features review. These features make HosterDay more superior and user-friendly web hosting provider. Today, I’m writing this article to let them know to my readers about how they can buy domain and hosting with HosterDay step by step.

How to Buy Domain and Hosting With HosterDay

Buy Domain and Hosting With HosterDay:

HosterDay is straight forward about his commitment to their beloved customers. I just made an absolute guide video because I think video can explain this one aspect better.

Actually, purchasing domain and hosting with HosterDay is simple especially for those people’s who have no credit card facility even have no PayPal. That is what we like in HosterDay, almost Asian countries have the same problem of payment gateway’s issue. They have great enthusiasm to buy hosting to start their online business journey but a usual or common person can not bear the expense of credit cards. Or PayPal is not supported in most Asian countries properly such as in India and Pakistan. That is why, HosterDay introduced the payment option Bank transfer for their customer convenience, they don’t want to lose even a single customer with their excellent services.

This guide is actually designed for step one to finalize step. At the checkout process, simply insert your personal information and choose Bank transfer option to pay your invoice then proceed. Then HosterDay will provide you the bank details as well as your invoice, simply deposit your invoice payment in their provided bank account and send them an email [] associate with your transaction id or reference to let them know that you submitted your invoice payment in their bank account. Now finally they will send you your hosting cPanel details on your provided email with in 24 hours after receive your payment. There is no delay in their service, they have dedicated support team on phone, live chat and also on support ticket on their website.

Let us know, about your experience with HosterDay. We love to listen your feedback from customer point of view because it can be beneficial for other users. If you have any questions so join us on our community forum or can drop your comment under this article.

HosterDay Web Hosting Review

Nowadays so many websites offering web hosting solution but almost have common security issues as well as non technical support department. Today I’m going to write this HosterDay web hosting review because I experienced HosterDay from many times. This is not something like a paid review, that is an excellent reality about their hosting characteristics.

HosterDay Web Hosting Review

HosterDay Web Hosting Review:

HosterDay is famous due to their strong presence on internet and their promises, which they did it with their clients. Definitely you will be suspicious that what promises they are, which they did with their each client. These promises are not only for accomplish their tongue, they are doing it for their precious clients and their satisfaction as they promised. Let me elaborate their HosterDay promises here.

HosterDay Pricing and Plans:

HosterDay organize their pricing and plans from starter to business level. HosterDay have most affordable prices started from $1 to $4 Only. I think that is most cheapest price around internet that I ever have seen.

HosterDay Pricing and Plans

You also can check it out HosterDay pricing and plans as well as their features.

Secure Client Area:

HosterDay utilizing SSL security to give  proper satisfaction to their clients about their privacy. SSL encrypt the information among server and website such as credit card info etc. So there is no problem to buy hosting through your bank credit or debit cards because that website is completely safe from security perspective and no one can steal your information from your account.

HosterDay Secure Client Area

In the above image you can see the green padlock as well as green https, which indicates that your connection to this site is private.

HosterDay Web Hosting Highlighted Features:

  • HosterDay offering FREE cPanel Setup, you do not need to worry about that they will email you all cPanel credentials via email with in next 2 minutes after sign up.
  • Attractive and professional cPanel layout, which is easy to understand and navigate.

HosterDay cPanel Overview

HosterDay cPanel comes with most effective tools such as QuickInstall, Email Track delivery, Webalizer and so many like this.

  • Hundreds of CMS software can be installed through one click by using QuickInstall features exist in your HosterDay cPanel.
  • Best bandwidth plans, a normal site which is receiving 1000 visitors daily so that kind of site consume 8 GB bandwidth on every month. Conversely, HosterDay starter plan which cost is nearly $1 comes with 8 GB bandwidth which can be the spectacular choice for beginners to take start for their own online business.
  • HosterDay ensure that you data is secure with us, if anything goes wrong then they will get back your money. 100% money back guarantee, no question asked.
  • From their technical support perspective, they have strong dedicated team which is available 24/7/365 for user convenience. They are helping their user via live chat, phone and ticket system.
  • HosterDay offering (Solid State Drives), SSDs perform about 20 times faster than traditional HDDs.


I found HosterDay the most affordable and 99.9% up-time hosting. Even a beginner user can take start from their plans due to low-budget cost of hosting plan with premium features. We recommend HosterDay to our user according to our years of experience.

How to Migrate Your WordPress Website to Another Hosting

As we know that, migration from one hosting to another is not an easy scenario for a beginner. Always so many users asked to me, how to migrate your WordPress website from one hosting server to another new hosting server without any tricky process. Probably, it was hard for me to explain all the steps in context so I made a video guide especially for user convenience.

How to Migrate Your WordPress Website to Another Hosting

Migrate Your WordPress Website to Another Hosting:

There are so many plugins, by using which you can migrate your WordPress data with ease. But not properly, here we have out standing way by using which you can done you migration process successfully without any obstacle. Migration contains four major steps, which are following as.

  1. Backup WordPress files and folders
  2. Backup WordPress MySQL (Export all tables queries)
  3. Upload your WordPress files and folder to another hosting account. Also import backup of MySQL to a new created MySQL.
  4. Establish a connection among WordPress files and MySQL through little configuration in wp-config.php file exist on your WordPress root directory.

Watch Part 1:

First part contains the process of, how to backup WordPress files and current MySQL database overview.

Watch Part 2:

Second part consist on how to restore your old backup files in new hosting server manually. Also provide slightly guidance about domain transfer and their settings.

I made both video guide on user emphasize, personally they motivate me to make something like above so I did that. Hopefully, above step by step guide will definitely helpful to you  to transfer or migrate your WordPress website comfortably.

Let us know, if you think that I made an appropriate tutorial for our valuable users. Conversely, if you have additional queries regarding WordPress migration so don’t hesitate and tell us through below comment box or also you can join us or ask  you questions in our community forum.

What Is A Private Cloud?

Private cloud is the term used to describe a cloud computing platform that is applied within the company’s firewall, under the control of the IT department. It eradicates the number of objections to the cloud computing model comprising worries about security, issues associated with regulatory compliance and control over enterprise and customer data. Private cloud computing offers more control over the company’s data and also maintain security. It has a greater potential risk of data loss due to a natural disaster. Read this article to find out more about private cloud computing.

What Is A Private Cloud

What is Private Cloud?

Private cloud implementation basically intents to evade numerous objections regarding cloud computing security. A private cloud setup is employed safely within the company’s firewall. A private cloud offers more control over the company’s data, and it safeguards security, albeit with better potential risk for data loss that may occur due to a natural disaster.

Benefits of Private Cloud Computing:

More Control:

Private cloud is basically accessible to a single organization, and that organization will have the capability to manage and configure it in line with their requirement to achieve a tailored network solution. This level of control eliminates the economies of scale produced in public clouds by having central management of the hardware.

Cloud Bursting:

In private cloud computing, some providers may offer the opportunity to implement cloud bursting within a private cloud offering, in the event of increase in demand. It allows the provider to shift certain non-sensitive functions to a public cloud to make more space available in the private cloud for the sensitive functions.Private clouds can even be combined with public cloud services to form hybrid clouds where non-sensitive functions are allotted to the public cloud to maximize the efficacies on offer.

Cost & Energy Efficacy:

By implementing a private cloud model, you can upsurge the allocation of resources within an organization by ensuring that the accessibility of resources to specific business or departments works according to the demand.  They are not economical as public cloud services due to high management costs, but they make more productive use of the computing resource as compared to the traditional LANs as they curtail the investment into unused capacity.

Better Security & Privacy:

Private cloud basically provides some degree of security. In private clouds, the techniques such as distinctive pools of resources with access limited to connections made from behind one corporate firewall, on-site internal hosting and dedicated leased lines to make sure that operations are kept out of the reach of snooping eyes.

Better Reliability:

In a private cloud, the resources are hosted internally, and there is a creation of virtualized operating environments which basically means that the network is more robust to individual failures across the physical infrastructure. In virtual partitions, the resources are pulled from the remaining unaffected servers. The cloud is held by a third party  and the firms can still get profit from the physical security afforded to infrastructure hosted within data centers.

About Secure Private Cloud Infrastructure:

The private cloud infrastructures are much more secure than any other type of cloud computing. In a private cloud infrastructure, data is tightly secured and controlled on servers and no other company has access to data. In private cloud infrastructure, the servers can sit within the network boundaries of the organization using them and these servers are managed and maintained by internal IT staff. The servers can also be positioned within the data center of a cloud service provider, with an organization retrieving the data stored on the servers via private and secure network links. An organization does not have to anxious about the physical security of servers located in the external data centers of third-party cloud providers. The data centers used by cloud service providers gradually have to meet strict data security compliance requirements. Organizations that deal with less critical data are more likely to choose public shared cloud infrastructure.

In the End:

These are some benefits and features of private cloud computing as conferred in the article. Many providers offer cloud hosting, so choose the best provider for private cloud hosting.

Difference Between Domain and Hosting – Beginner Guide

This guide is specifically designed for beginners, who have no awareness about difference between domain and hosting. If any starter trying to start an online business so website would be the most superior aspect in this condition. Website has two basic aspects first is domain and second is hosting, without these two basic factors you can not go ahead.

Difference Between Domain and Hosting - Beginner Guide

Difference Between Domain and Hosting:

Domain and hosting are two major factors to build any website. Both are totally separate factors, now going to elaborate both respectively.

Domain: Domain is a particular and unique name of your virtual shop or place such as etc. In simple words, user can be reached to your website by typing your unique domain name or URL in any browser. Standard .com domain cost is $9.99/Year currently.

Hosting: Hosting is a place or location which you takes it to store or host your data. You pay a particular amount for that place which you buy it on rent for your precious data. For recommended and secure hosting pick up HostGator and Bluehost, both prices and services are satisfactory.

Every hosting provider have their own prices and plans according to their company rules, so it’s up to you for which you want to go ahead.

As we above mentioned domain and hosting basic definitions and their usage. Also as we knows that both are separate things so we insert hosting name servers inside domain to build connection among them. After made connection among them, you can easily see your website by typing your domain URL directly in your browser.

Let us know, if you find this article valuable and meaningful same as for which you are searching for. If you have any question regarding this topic or else relevant to domain and hosting so describe it under this article or also on community forum.

What Makes A Web Hosting Good?

You log on to internet and you would be flooded with numerous choices for web hosting services. With so many vendors at your disposal; the comparison is inevitable and it looks simpler to make a choice. However it is far from reality. What do you think, what kind of fantabulous hosting service provider should be, let me give a try to explain what makes a web hosting Good?

What Makes A Web Hosting Good?

Not all hosting providers define their offerings clear enough, which makes it difficult for individuals and businesses to decide on the right web host.

Performance stays on the top of the list as most of the players promise 99.99% of Uptime. But that’s not the fact unfortunately. Pure downtime well exceeds their red flag limit. You must research well & try gathering stats before deciding.

Ensure your website speed is good enough to sustain with your users’ experience. Sites taking more than half a second, needs fine tuning at the hosting side but be sure it doesn’t have to do with its designing.

Pricing is important than most other things. Every single penny deserves to be spent well, as is earned hard. A good shared hosting plan can be found for $5/month and that’s reasonable.

Check for renewal amounts and recurring modes. They can be confusing at times. Also enquire on the refund policy for you might cancel subscription owing to deficiency in services.

Customer Support is an essential and perhaps the most significant parameter to focus on. Does it provide round the clock services? Can you chat or speak with the agents live? Raising tickets and writing emails, is a thing of past and not enjoyed by customers these days.

Unmetered space, availability of control panel etc. are some of the other things that should be taken into account.

While you spend all your man hours to make the right choice, hosting vendors are a bit smarter to make it look all greener for you.

Let’s see this infographic that visually defines some of the basics that MUST be considered before selecting the right web host.

What Makes A Web Hosting Good

Things You Should Do to Avoid Hacking Your Website

Most effective part of a webmaster to maintain their website strength in search engine. Majority of our users claim that their websites gonna hack again and again Why? Most emerging issue around internet, many hackers try to hack or break every website firewall to take down and many people’s can become the victim of this act. Hacker put their identity on your website to become popular but that is the worst timing for you because your all efforts are under another hackers supervision. Today, in this guide we will let you know what things you should do to avoid hacking your website from hackers.

Things You Should Do to Avoid Hacking Your Website

Solutions to Avoid Hacking:

There are several things under consideration to avoid hacking your website.

Fast and Trusted Hosting:

No#1 reason form which websites are facing these hacking troubles. If your website not capable to protect your host data and give you guarantee that your data are on safe place. So please kick of that hosting companies and choose right hosting company which is capable to give his priority to your precious data. Personally we recommend HostGator and Bluehost to our all interested readers.

Sometimes users purchase cheap and local/onshore hosting instead of offshore. Must read Difference Between OffShore and OnShore Hosting and we suggest to our readers offshore except onshore.

Sitelock Security:

Almost every hosting company offer that service to add Sitelock in your package as an addon. Sitelock is a web security leader, a web security firewall to protect your website data. We recommend sitelock to every webmaster and it is not expensive security only $2/month can save your entire website.

AlphaNumeric Passwords:

Mostly users use their own/company or their beloved associate things like name, birthday year, pet name etc. That kind password can be easily cracked or breakable with little efforts. We recommend to use alphanumeric password with the mixture of upper and lower case letters.

Examples of Weak Password:


Example of Strong Password:


Example of very Strong Password (AlphaNumeric) Recommended


AlphaNumeric password can not be breakable. Earlier, we had written an article based on How to make strong password?

Another one thing, some clumsy webmaster assign administrative rights to another editors or authors, which is totally prohibited from administrative perspective. Avoid that kind of strategies and actions.

If your website based on WordPress so we written an article on How to Tackle Hacked WordPress Websites. Must keep in mind all tips and security stuff so that will be a victory for you. If you have any questions or queries so may let us know on our community forum or can comment below.

How to Select Web Hosting Services in India?

If you are seeking out a reliable internet website hosting services in India which could offer fine web hosting services that suits to then you definitely are on the right vicinity. You will find a lot of net website hosting carrier companies on net. You have to do research on net to get cheap and reliable net hosting service company in your internet site. There are various forms of net hosting services provided via internet hosting agencies, you want to choose from them in step with your desires.

How to Select Web Hosting Services in India

Domain Name:

Once you choose a suitable area name for your website, net web hosting company will contend with all registration formalities. All you have to do is to discover an area call with the extension of your choice.

Server Choice:

Dedicated Web Hosting Services:

Through managed and dedicated web website hosting service you could get reliable, scalable and affordable website hosting offerings that enable small- and medium-size groups to successfully grow their businesses.

Shared Hosting:

Small companies constantly prefer shared hosting because of no server maintenance value, in case you choose shared hosting on your website would not pay price for server renovation which may cost low.

The compatibility and efficacy would be the very last elements that hold relevance in the system. The services that get disbursed must have these factors in them which make the provider company appearance more honest.

Choices in Web Hosting Companies:

With a plethora of net web hosting corporations out there claiming to offer the exceptional of internet web hosting services, the selection of selecting one out of them becomes quite a herculean venture. in case you take all of them on face cost, each other seems to face out from the rest and they all generally tend to appearance better than the opposite.

Features of Hosting Package:

The subsequent thing that desires to be brought into consideration is the package deal of functions that the provider issuer deploys. The most green provider carriers cater to corporations with features inclusive of starters, domains, emails, and home windows based totally offerings, short web sites, VPS and reseller and dedicated hosting applications. These are simply some of the capabilities which might be supplied with masses of others in the dock. Helping SEO and SMO offerings are also deployed depending on the package availed through the organization. Most of these capabilities would assist the organization within the future.


The reputation of the internet hosting services provider must receive consideration. Without that truth, the selection of web hosting services in India could be very hard. This may also assist in understanding the truth whether or not the clients that the issuer became associated with in the past have an awesome opinion approximately the company or no longer.

How to Setup Auto-Responder on Business Email

Today,we will talk about auto-responder characteristics and their benefits from business perspective. When you receive an email in your inbox, you click it to read through it and if it’s important you just about to hit the reply button. Then, you see a message “This is an automatically generated email, please do not reply to this message.” We all have come across such emails in our personal email accounts and business email accounts. These are auto-responder email messages generated by the system that can be adjusted to send automated replies to various recipients. It can be sent out from any email address, there are no set criteria’s for it.

How to Setup Auto-Responder on Business Email

Auto-Responder Help You to Stay Connected:

The versions of auto-responders were designed for providing better email management mainly to large business organizations. Another use of the auto-generated is to inform a sender of the temporary absence of the email account holder, it generally happens when people are out of office or out for a vacation.

Auto-responders for Business Marketing-Campaigns:

The rapidly increasing popularity of internet marketing, particularly the email marketing has promoted the use of auto-responders in business emails. The automated reply system has now become a powerful marketing tool used by many business owners that use it to manage their email marketing campaigns effectively.

Are you going on a family vacation or going to be away for one or two days from your business emails, you may need to setup an autoresponder to reply to your email with a pre-defined message.

Here are points how you set up auto-responder on business email:

  • Login to webmail
  • Click on the settings icon on the right side top corner.
  • Click on Settings
  • From the menu on the left side, Click on ‘Vacation Notice
  • Set a Subject for the auto responder
  • Type in the content/ message for the autoresponder under Text
  • Select number of days between vacation notices to the same sender
  • Check the box next to email address to enable
  • If you would like to set the Autoresponder operational between specific dates, you can select the start and end date.

One size does not fit all Email Solutions to suit your needs!

In the End:

The auto-responder feature is the most important part of the email that is useful for online business. If you’re not using it, you will need it sooner rather than later. With an auto-responder, it is possible to build and maintain emails that you receive during the vacation. To look for the available options, you can browse through the net in order to find the best choices in the email auto-responder.

How to Install WordPress within a Minute on Bigrock?

Whenever we talk about the best performing blog sites, then we think of creating them in WordPress. It is the world’s famous blogging platforms that allow bloggers to create different types of websites. The best part is that it is a complete content management system wherein uses’ from different industries can start their own blog sites that further helps to get good ranking on Google search. There are many hosting platforms in India that you can select, but BigRock is a premium host provider that you can use to install WordPress within a minute.

How to Install WordPress within a Minute on Bigrock

For many startup businesses, they have created websites on WordPress. Here step by step guide for new users’ to get start with WordPress on Bigrock is given below.

New Account Registration on Bigrock:

Step 1:

To start your WordPress installation with Bigrock, you have to follow the process in which the first step is signing up to create a new account; you have to click “Sign up Now”.

Step 2:

Further, you have to enter your domain name, if you don’t have a domain, then you have to create it first before starting installation procedures.

Step 3:

You can also select domain name through Bigrock, and the best thing is that it comes for free with WordPress hosting account purchase.

Step 4:

Once you are done with the domain registration services, you have to fill in your personal information, now select which hosting package you want to avail.

Step 5:

There are many packages & offers will come in front of you at the time you sign up, you can select the best one as per convenience.

Step 6:

Complete domain privacy is assured with a paid service that allows personal information to be kept private.

Step 7:

When you have filled your information correctly, now you can choose a hosting package for that click the “Next” button to complete the purchase process.

Step 8:

Now, you’ll be asked to enter a password for your account, try to make it strong and secure so that no one can access or misuse your account.

Step 9:

This is the final step of registration process, now you are able to log into your account, and get started installing WordPress.

Installing WordPress from BigRock:

Step 10:

Bigrock has simplified the complete process, and made this complicated thing easy for users’ by using the new feature cPanel that is designed especially for installing WordPress in quick & easy manner

You can start installation process by going to the cPanel, now scroll to the section and choose the “One-Click Installs” button.

Step 11:

Once you press this button, you’ll be directed to a page where you have to press on the WordPress icon to start installation.

Step 12:

When fully installed in your system, you’ll get site URL, the admin login URL, your username, and password, use these credentials to start creating blogs, writing posts, and creating pages.


Bigrock provide the easiest way to installing WordPress with dedicated 24×7 technical & customer support. You can quickly get started with one-click install facility that is offered at an affordable price. You can also enjoy the comfort of a 30-day money back guarantee and the option to cancel at any time.