New Features in iPhone 7

Common Features:

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are officially I the market now and being considered the most speculated mobile phone of the year. It has iOS 10. iPhone 7 is not just going to be a next version but it has been launched with many enhancements. iPhone 7 and plus are 4.7’ and 5’ respectively with nano sim slot. It has been given high and sharp quality LCD display and is available in 64GB to 128GBs. Though it does not look much different than its predecessors but it has more in it.

New Features in iPhone 7

New Features:

iPhone physical home button has been removed and replaced with pressure sensors and haptic motors which stimulates feel of a button. It has new A10 fusion processor combined with two small cores to which consumes less battery, making its battery last longer.

Head jack has been dropped from iPhone 7 and it is believed that Apple is the only manufacturer so confident to drop any feature. Wireless headphones has been introduced With Bluetooth connectivity. Though Apple have not much. iPhone 7 have definitely one of the best cameras in hand, fully enhanced and powerful.

iPhone 7 major leap is using two lenses instead of one capture more high quality image. These two cameras work together giving 2X sharp image quality and zooming by moving together. But putting together two lenses for just zooming and high quality image is not best option because many other smart phones provide similar options with single lens. It would also consume more power to operate lenses for same purpose instead of one. Front camera has also been improved than iPhone 6 from 5 megapixels to 7 megapixels which would appeal selfie trend follower.

1: Performance:

iPhone 7 has A10 fusion chip which is another one of the Apple products and 2GB RAM to support its efficiency. It is quad core, containing two high performance and two low performance core which helps in power saving also.

New Features in iPhone 7

iPhone 7 performance is improved by using a larger battery. These cores operates at 1/5th of power for smaller tasks which are 40% faster than its predecessor. iPhone 7 users would find their phone battery lasting 2 hours longer than the previous iPhone 6.

2: iOS 10:

iOS 10 has improvements and home screen and lock screen has been redesigned. “Slide to unlock” is gone now and iPhone 7 is unlocked by pressing “Home” button. Issues with blowing past screen notifications has been addressed.  Now, notifications has been broken into bubbles and 3D touch hidden menus which can be activated by long pressing invitation to accept or decline. User can vanquish all notifications by pressing home button. Just press the ‘x’ sign to dismiss any notification.

Lock screen swipe also perform as short cut to camera or any other app. Bottom up control menu also has new appearance. This menu also has four bottom short cuts. It also have bigger air play toggle.

3: Water Detection:

New iOS 10 beta update is going to include water detection as Apple has not made iPhone 7 fully water resistant. It will ask user to unplug the charger or warning message if it detects any possibility of getting water inside. Though these kind of messages are most hateful being observed but important for potential damage.

4: Changes in Siri:

Users no longer have to talk like robot while talking to siri. iPhone siri has been changed to provide users ease to interact with it.  Siri is no longer just apple app but it will be working with third party software. Searching photos though other apps like pinterest can also be done using siri. iPhone users can start, pause or stop fitness aps using siri. Siri can also help to make financial transaction.

5: Apple Maps:

iPhone 7 fixes issues with apple maps particularly its inability to scroll through a route. New apple maps have easy navigation, zoom in and zoom out. iOS 10 maps adds traffic to the route also making it more efficient. It also adds information from others applications suiting interest of the user.


Despite of many new smaller features and improvements, iPhone 7 definitely has many bigger changes like two rear cameras, removal of head jack, being water resistant, improvement in processor, changes in home and lock screens and linking siri with third parties.

New Features in iPhone 7

Apple have made major changes in iPhones 7 risking to test open user response. As iPhones has been most awaited mobile phone of the year, these all changes fulfills the expectations. iPhone 7 has upgraded than its previous version; not just introducing new features but enhancing traditional apple distinctions. Apple has tried to test new traditions by introducing new design parameters yet its physical appearance is kept uniform as previous iPhone model. The major distinction iPhone 7 has is it is first water resistant iPhone.

Are Snap Chat Glasses More Catchy than Snap Xhat?

Snap chat is one of the popular social networking apps having a unique idea of social networking through small video clips. Snap Chat Company has revealed of its new glasses project as “snap chat Spectacles” and being launched later the year. Snap chat have named these glasses “Snap Chat Spectacles” and priced $130. These spectacles will follow the same networking theme as followed by app.

Are Snap Chat Glasses More Catchy than Snap Xhat

Snap Chat Spectacles as Idea:

Young CEO of snap chat, Evan Spiegel, has stated that he has tested first prototype of Snap Chat Spectacles as he was on vacation with his fiancé. When the pair when through woods wearing these Spectacles and they saw the video when they had returned. This video made by Snap chat spectacles made them feel that time had returned. Snap chat’s this idea reflects an idea that company is indulging into the world of gadgets and toys. Also renaming company shows that snap chat is going into another direction instead of being a social networking app which is yet to be exposed.


It is being said that snap chat spectacles are going to be launched in coming fall. Anyway, company has revealed about its spectacles in official announcements.  Snap chat is going to change the concept of traditional glasses with its attractive spectacles. Snap chat spectacles would be like attractive colorful, designed sun glasses having camera connected with them. These spectacles could record video up to 30 seconds. These spectacles would have a Bluetooth connection with any smart phone (android or iPhone). Connected smart phone must have snap chat installed and logged in to work. This recorded video will directly be uploaded to snap chat.

Colorful and Attractive:

Snap chat spectacles are expected to be colorful and attractive.  Glasses have camera with prominent circular ring. Spectacles don’t have any video display instead it would have connection with a smart phone. Evan Spiegel, CEO of snap chat, called them ‘toy’ and not much expensive, as in rage of $130. Many glasses in same rage are already available on amazon or similar sites.

As spectacles are wearable glasses so taking selfie is also not possible while wearing them. As snap chat app is more selfie trend oriented so it seems not for those people also. Snap chat CEO refers spectacles as ‘toy’ to be kept in pockets and worn any time.

Video Recording:

As spectacles would have circular camera and record video in circular way. They would also have no display instead connection with smart phone and snap chat in it. Video recorded by Spectacles will directly be posted to snap chat. It would present same view as an eye. The 115 degree camera capture angle would provide video which have same portrait and landscape visual. As it going to record just 10 seconds video so it is not replaceable of other camera glasses to record a whole event or at least some minutes.

Similar Experiments:

Many companies have already experimented with kind of idea as snap chat spectacles.  Camera wearable glasses had been manufactured by company named “Pivothead” and Google did this through Google glasses. It was exciting experience for people to have camera on their face and record what their eye were watching.

Snap Chat Spectacles Mere Sun Glasses:

Spectacles being launched as sun glasses would also put wrong impression. As if spectacles can only be used under sun light, then what if it to post video under shade. Wearing sun glasses to post video on snap chat would not look good or seems not to survive as a trend. As it is head that snap chat is going to change its name so the Spectacles may be significance of its new change.


As snap chat spectacles have embedded camera and snap chat more selfie oriented app so it is not much going to be following the snap chat theme. Along with having no hidden camera and other functionality except recording 10 second video, these spectacles are just like some other sun glasses. As for spectacles to depend on a smart phone connection via Bluetooth to function also put negative impression.

Instead of providing a smart glasses, it seems a dumb idea to launch glasses which could mere record mere a few seconds and having visible camera as Snap chat spectacles. Due to these features, snap chat smart glasses seems not to become trendy as company is excited to do. As Google spent got it glasses into the hands of developers around the world, at cost of $1500 each but still this product never came close to consumer’s product. Also wearing sun glasses inside a room for uploading a video on snap chat would not be trendy.

As when Google glasses were launched they became mere source of laughter but it is yet to see what becomes of the Snap chat Spectacles. Despite of having competitors in the market and having no much distinguishing feature, it is to be looked forward that how Spectacles start a new trend.

Virtual Reality – History, Types and Development

What is Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality comes from the definition of both virtual and reality. “Virtual” is something near and “reality” is human experience. It refers to technologies with high user interface which would give user sensation of reality. It is made through simulation of multiple sensational channels and interactions such as sound and images. It is often defined as artificial environment created with the help of technological gadgets giving sensation of an actual object is called “near reality” or virtual reality. This concept has suddenly started appearing into headline whereas it has been struggling through decades.

Virtual Reality, History and Types

Virtual Reality IDea:

Virtual reality became popular in early 90s when it came as topic for movies and games. In 1950s, a cinematographer Morton Heilig envision a theatre which would stimulate audience to draw them into stories more effectively. In 1960, he actually built a console called “sensorama” for single audience which used a display, speakers, fans, moving chair and odor emitter to give audience a reality based experience.

It actually came from 1950 when computer used to be huge were kept inside air-conditioned rooms.  Only a few people considered them more than just adding machines. But a young electrical engineer and naval radar technician named Douglas Englbart viewed them as source for digital display. Initially, flight simulators were used by US air force to train pilots during WWII.

Philco cooperation made a helmet called “Headsight” in 1961. This helmet had a screen and tracking system linked with closed circuit camera to enable user to feel the remote experience.  Later on, when the communication industry intercepted with computing and graphics technology, it replaced use of vacuum tubes with transistors and paved way for virtual reality.

NASA spend a huge amount of money on the research to fund the virtual reality projects. These researches were initially used to make vehicles to simulate training. Virtual reality has been away from public sight for long time. Then in 1984, Michael McGreevy, a computer scientist experimented for advancement in HCI (Human Computer Interactions) design. Media gave hype to the concept of virtual reality after 1960s and many other people started expecting to perform great things with virtual reality.

Types of Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality has many types such as

  1. Desktop Virtual Reality uses a computer display to present a graphical interface to the user. It gives user a 3D interface very close to real time objects. It is used in entertainment industry and gaming to give user 3D experience of the visual.
  2. Telepresence has a significance impact on industry and training. Telepresence system controls the processes and operation of a device at distance. Generally, these systems are based upon tactile input, similar capturing a real world visual and determining the response of a robot based upon the visual processing.
  3. Enhanced Reality is based upon creating touch like sensation using magnetic field. Giving user a high quality graphical interface a touch stimulus similar to actual one which can be useful in practice field specially when surgeon practicing operations.
  4. Immersive Virtual Reality is like creating an artificial world, giving someone experience of an actual world by surrounding him with nonphysical graphical images and sound and other stimulus.
  5. QTVR (Quick Time Virtual Reality) stores 360 degree image data as an image file format to convey actual presence of the environment. It takes a number of still pictures and creates a movie by combining those pictures.

Development in Virtual Reality:

It is thought that VR is a new concept whereas it has be

en there but hidden from the eye of the public. It has applications in many field like architecture, Sports and entertainment, education etc. Many gadget has been developed based upon virtual reality and still work continuous. Virtual reality glasses and displays has been launched to which actually gives the impression of a real time object. This concept has been widely used in film making to make high graphics image movements giving audience impression that they are not just watching a movie, instead they are living it. Not just I entertainment industry, but in robotics also.

Virtual Reality, History and Types Development

Robots are being made self-sufficient so that they could react upon certain on receive of certain kind of visual. Manufacture of such robots who could understand human emotions are example of this. Such 3D games has been launched which gives user sensation of actually living the game. Learning has become more effect through the concept of interactive learning which became possible by development in VR.

Virtual reality is not just limited to high quality 3D visuals but sound and other stimulus also. Many companies have launched headsets to give high quality sound impression along with images. Facebook’s owned consumer headset; Rift and HTC Vive are example of these. In coming days, it is going to be more advanced and present more powerful tools.