How to Create Your LinkedIn Group

As we know that groups is a great place where hundreds of thousands members can engage with each other. Same like LinkedIn offer every candidate or user can create their own groups and can add members in those groups. But the question is that, how many people’s knows how to create their own group? Probably 20% out of 100 percent. That is why, today I’ll let you know how to create your LinkedIn group in easy steps.

How to Create Your LinkedIn Group

How to Create Your LinkedIn Group?

Please follow the below way to create your LinkedIn group.

Step 1:

You must be logged in to your LinkedIn profile. If you have not registered on LinkedIn so far, so first register yourself on LinkedIn.

Step 2:

Now click on More button at the top of the right corner. Then choose Groups from the sub menu.

How to Create My LinkedIn Group Step 1

Step 2:

In this step, you will be redirect on Groups page where you will see a menu “My Groups” simply click on My Groups. If you don’t have any group so far so now its time to create by clicking on Create Group button.

How to Create My LinkedIn Group Step 2

Step 3:

Now after clicked on Create Group button, you will be automatically redirect on another page where you need to fill up all the information which LinkedIn needs before you create your LinkedIn group. Such as Group logo, short description, purpose etc.

How to Create My LinkedIn Group Step 3

Step 4:

Now its time to provide the useful and relevant info regarding your business or group. Especially mention the purpose of your group creation that is mandatory and helpful for group new members. If you have website so don’t forget to mention it while filling the form. You also can make your group private by un-listing it or can hide its visibility on LinkedIn searches.

How to Create My LinkedIn Group Step 4

After filled up all the useful info, make sure everything is on his correct position once you verify it then simply click on bottom button Create Group. That’s all!  Now you have successfully created your LinkedIn Group. Now your group will appear under My Groups Section before it was empty.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and exactly what you were trying to find. If you are facing any issues during creating your LinkedIn Group so you can feel free join us on our community forum for queries or can write your comment below.

What’s new in Facebook work?

What’s new in Facebook work

Facebook as Social Networking Platform:

It has been a paradigm that social networking over Facebook is something which is done in leisure time. Facebook intends to change this paradigm by introducing Facebook work which expected in upcoming months. This initiative would not only convey messages from up down fashion but bottom up as well.

Since long time, Facebook has been considered unofficial and kept use of Facebook prohibited, so Facebook has finally reacted to end this impact. Facebook work is first step towards this initiative of making Facebook as an official platform. After this initiative, Facebook user won’t have to hide their Facebook window from their bosses because they would have Facebook work account for this purpose.

What is different in Facebook Work?

It is being said that it is not going to be the same Facebook everyone is using rather it would be different. Facebook work is separate version of Facebook which will be accessible within the network premises of the company. Users will need a new account for Facebook work, same personal accounts would not work for it. Users will have get new accounts for Facebook work provided by their company.

Facebook work is under testing yet. Though it had been used within the Facebook by its employees. Facebook has increased its circle to make it official. Currently, Facebook work is being tested in 300 companies such as Royal bank of Scotland. In upcoming weeks, Facebook has planned to include more companies in this testing. Facebook work will expand to many other countries.

Idea Behind Facebook Work:

The idea behind Facebook work comes from common Facebook; share status, have personal chats, make groups and post articles but on business level. Though it is a lot like consumer edition but still it is on a business level within a company. It is followed that the more connected work is more productive. So connecting a company people, sharing ideas and being helpful and cooperative to each other. On a multi-national business level, it will help central control to convey its messages to their employees globally and getting response from them. Facebook work will help companies to stay connected to its employees and stay updated of the work being done around the globe.

Accounts availability:

Facebook work accounts could be obtained from the company authorities only for permanent employees that means temporary employees or contractors may not get benefit from Facebook work. Work posted on Facebook work will only be visible to the individuals within the company network. As it is separate from the consumer and solely for business and official purposes so it cannot be connected with one’s personal Facebook account.

As Facebook work account is issued by company authorities so in case of any password lost or any misuse of account should be reported to the company authorities so that necessary actions could be taken as per company policies.

Facebook Work Features:

Facebook work has features similar to common edition. User would have similar features such as personal profile, notifications, messages and notification home. Each new notification would appear on notification home which would keep its users updated with the topics being discussed or events happening within the organization. Users could create new groups according to their authority and add people in it where they circulate any topic or have discussions and stay connected with each other for a certain project.

Users could also run polls to collect opinion of the employees.  Users could also share files and links with their peers and make their expression learning and interactive. It would enable them to have discussion with each other while they do not need to sit together and spend time together for meetings. User could also make any event live and set it visible to selective peers. User also select among suggestions to stay updated with other topics in trends which may be irrelevant but good to know.

What’s new in Facebook work

Similar Platforms:

Facebook work is not the only and first networking platform of its kind but there are many other platform working with similar features such as Linkedin, Inter Nations, Muut, Google ++, My Space etc. As Facebook has been immensely popular among social network freaks so it is to be expected that Facebook will also get the same amount of popularity. If Facebook work gets popular as its common version is, it can be expected that Facebook will almost take over official and unofficial social networking platforms which will be great achievement for Facebook.

Initially, idea is to keep it as consumer edition is but it will definitely be improving with time as its other successful edition is. As Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms so Facebook work have likelihood of same success quite high. Though Facebook took quite time to reach this point but it already established success will help its work edition to make place in the industry.

Learn How Social Network News Feed Algorithms Work

When you use social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you develop connections with hundreds or even thousands of people. What this means is that you have the potential of being inundated with updates from everyone you are connected to. That would be a lot of updates everyday and that is where algorithms come into the picture. Algorithms determine what feeds you see each day. It is a way of controlling the volume of information you are bombarded with every day on social sites.

How Social Network News Feed Algorithms Work

Algorithms make life tough for marketers because no two algorithms work exactly the same way and that means the results of your marketing efforts can be very different from platform to platform.  The following guide will help you understand how algorithms work on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

User research on these top social sites clearly shows that people do not want to be bombarded with information overload every day.  This user research led to the development of algorithms and news feeds as away to improve the user experience on these social platforms.

All of the most popular social networking sites have moved towards an algorithm based feed system in order to create a better experience for users. Facebook was the first platform to migrate from a chronologically based feed to an algorithm based feed. Twitter adopted the algorithm methodology in 2015 and now Instagram is following suit.

Facebook Algorithm:

In a public Q & A session with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg back in 2014 he stated that “Our goal is to build the perfect personalized newspaper for everyone in the world.  We’re trying to personalize it and show you the stuff that’s going to be the most interesting to you.”Zuckerberg went on to explain that each person is exposed to more than 1500 different stories on a daily basis, but an average user only sees about a 100 of these stories on their news feed each day.

How Social Network News Feed Algorithms Work Facebook

Creating the best user experience on a site depends on learning and understanding used behaviors and picking up on signs and signals that show what type of content each user is interested in. In the case of Facebook the Like button lies at the center of Facebook’s user experience and its earliest algorithms.  When you click the Like button you are not only personalizing your own experience and giving a signal to Facebook’s engineers about what you like you are also influencing other users. The Like button provides strong hints about what types of content you are interested in and what bores you.

The algorithm Facebook uses today is considerably more complex and sophisticated than earlier algorithms. It incorporates hundreds of different variable factors. We will focus on the most important elements of Facebook’s algorithm.

  • Relevancy Score

The Facebook news feed algorithm predicts with a certain degree of confidence and accuracy what posts a user will Like, click, comment, share, hide or mark as spam.  The algorithm prediction is quantified into a single number that is referred to as the “relevancy score.”   The relevancy score is specific to the user and to the post itself.

Every post that could show up on your news feed is assigned a relevancy score.  The Facebook sorting algorithm ranks them and then puts them in the order they appear on your news feed.  When you log in the post you see at the top of your news feed is the post the algorithm predicts is the post most likely to engage you and make you react.  Even ads are given a relevancy score. This is important for marketers because only the ads Facebook deems matter most to a specific individual are shown.  Theoretically this results in a better experience for the user and a better result for the advertiser because advertiser’s pay per view and if the viewer is more highly qualified and likely to buy the advertiser is only paying for interested audiences rather than paying money to get broader coverage with lower interest and relevancy.

  • Friends

We live in an age where relationships are highly valued. Facebook surveys revealed that users worried that they might be missing important updates about friends they really care about. In response to this concern Facebook changed their algorithm to give more control to users in determining what they see.  Posts from friends were given higher relevancy ratings and Facebook also introduced a new functionality in April of 2015 called “See First” which allows the user to manually pick accounts he or she wants to see first at the beginning of their news feed.

  • Post Engagement Time

Another important piece of information Facebook monitors and uses as part of its algorithm is the amount of time a persons spends reading or engaging with a specific post because longer engagement times generally indicates that the content is relevant to the viewer.   If you are spending more time on a certain post that post is also more likely to appear on your friends’ news feed too.

  • Video Engagement

A lot of people who look at video posts on Facebook do not hare , like or comment on videos so Facebook came up with some other criteria to add to the algorithm such as turning up the volume and entering full screen mode as signals that a user likes that video. It will also prioritize similar videos to show up in your feed.

Although there are many more criteria that are a part of the Facebook algorithm these are some of the most important for users and marketers to understand.

The Twitter Timeline Algorithm:

Historically, Twitter’s approach to their timeline has always been a stream of tweets from all the other twitter users you follow in chronological order but surveys revealed that Twitter users were also worrying about missing the best tweets from people that are most important to them so twitter set out  to change that feeling by making some changes to their algorithm.

How Social Network News Feed Algorithms Work Twitter

These changes are not as dramatic or far-reaching as Facebook’s but it has changed the real-time element that has always defined Twitter.

  • How the Algorithm Works

Again, user engagement is a key feature of the algorithm which determines the best tweets you may not have seen. These tweets can be accessed using one of two methods. You can use the “while you were away function” which provides a recap of some of the best tweets you may have missed.  This recap feature shows up for users that only check the Twitter app occasionally. The concept is simply to help you catch up to what’s happening in the world.

The Twitter algorithm is designed to put the most recent tweets it believes are most interesting to the individual at the top in reverse chronological order.  These tweets are identified by the algorithm which looks at the accounts you engage with most as well as the tweets you engage with most along with other criteria such as who you follow and who follows you.

Real-time timelines are still a crucial focus for Twitter and although it is possible they may change over to a completely algorithmic timeline that is not currently the situation. They have however attempted to solve the problem of missing vital tweets from a user’s most valued people by providing enhanced functionalities based on algorithms to determine available content.

Instagram’s Algorithm:

Instagram is a late entry into the world of algorithm run news feeds. The Instagram “explore” tab has traditionally only shown the most popular posts of all Instagram users but when Facebook acquired Instagram they began to customize content for specific users in spring of 2014 in an effort to improve the user experience when using the explore tab.

How Social Network News Feed Algorithms Work Instagram

The new Instagram algorithm will prioritize content that appears on your feed according to the following criteria:

  • Likes and Comments

According to an Instagram spokesperson the number of likes and comments a post receives is given a heavier weight within the algorithm.

  • Your relationship to the person posting

When you like specific photos from certain accounts, or you leave comments on pictures from those specific accounts the instagram algorithm will most likely show you more posts from that specific user account.

  • Time of the Post

Instagram does maintain a focus on chronology so the time a picture is posted will have some weight in the algorithm and consequently on where in your timeline the post shows up. This ensures users are seeing timely posts.

  • Sharing with Other Users

Posts that you share directly with others users and that other users share directly with you are weighted more heavily and are more likely to appear in your feed.


 Why all the algorithms to determine what content you see?  For both individuals and marketers the main point of using algorithms to help determine what viewers see is to filter out irrelevant or poor quality content.  All of these social platforms want to make certain that only the highest-quality content gets through to users. Marketers need to remember that their primary job is to post well-written content that is interesting, entertaining, helpful and above all relevant to their audience so that your posts have a higher chance of being shown to users.

Facebook Post Engagement Campaign Review

Yesterday I spend more than $25 on Facebook post engagement to test its results and reaches. I spend these bucks to know about Facebook ads estimation and their outcomes. I ever heard that Facebook ads are cheap but never experienced due to lake of time. From recent two days we were experiencing Facebook post engagement results and outcomes, now which I want to share with my every blog reader or visitor.

Facebook Post Engagement Campaign Review:

Facebook have different ads or campaigns objectives or strategies such as Page likes, Post Engagements, website clicks etc. Facebook campaign revenue depends on the way from which you configured or setup your campaign. By the way, that is another scenario.

What Facebook Ads Are Cheap?

I decided to run all possible ads objectives to find out the actual and best outcome. That which one suitable, effective and cheap. Let’s see below, what I found after the run a campaign of objective page likes.

Facebook Post Engagement Campaign Review Page Likes

Above image clearly expressing many things, per page like cost $0.19 and after 9 page likes then total amount spent $1.75 which is costly because we are targeting only one country (Pakistan) in this campaign. Mostly Asian countries likes are cheap like Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh etc. But 0.19/per page like is costly because in $0.19 approx 20 post engagement (Likes,shares and comment + Page Likes) can be possible without any doubt. I did that personally, which I said.

Let’s see the review of post engagement ad objectives and their outcomes for better understanding.

Facebook Post Engagement Campaign Review Post engagement

Above image showing splendid results of Facebook ad objective post engagement. 5,059 post engagement (Post Likes, Shares and Comments plus Page Likes) each post engagement price value is $0.03 – $0.002, which is much excited and fair deal from advertising perspective. Above post got 10k+ reaches or impressions only in $13 cost.

I spend approx $13 on the above post engagement and 10k+ folks watch my ad or campaign live. I got many website visitors approx 430+ website clicks or traffic redirected on product page to generate sales.

Facebook Post Engagement Campaign Review Post engagement website clicks

Can you imagine? 434 website visitors + post likes+ shares + comments + Page Likes (Additional benefit with no cost) = Only in $13 of Post Engagement campaign. Post engagement comes with additional advantages with in cheap price unlike Page likes campaign is vice versa.

Even website clicks are also expensive instead of post engagement, according to my experiments each website click for Pakistan country estimation would be approx $0.03 – $0.01, but sometimes there prices increase very fast due to advertiser bidding fluctuation.

Hopefully, that above my experience will help you to run your campaigns rapidly and effectively. If you want any assistant regard Facebook campaigns and help in your campaigns or want advise so do not hesitate to comment under this article or also can join us on our forum.

How To Choose Best Social Media Agency For Your Business

Social media is a fantastically powerful way to build your business. There has never been a better way to engage with your customers directly. You can build a community of dedicated customers and followers, and drive traffic to your site.

How To Choose Best Social Media Agency For Your Business

We all know that social media is powerful, it can help you make more money from your business. But, we don’t all have time to put our thoughts into action. Social media is time-consuming. Meanwhile, we’ve got the core aspect of the business to run! So, we often hand over the reigns to expert social media companies. If you’re thinking of doing the same, how do you choose? In this post, we’ll show you everything you need to know.

Know What You Want to Achieve:

First of all, you need to go into these conversations with a plan and a goal. No-one knows your business better than you, so decide on a few rough objectives and plans first. That will help shape your decision on which agency to choose. Each have their own specialities and skills. Some are better for content strategy, while others are experts in extracting customer data. Decide your overall business goals, and use them to pick the right company.

Ask for Case Studies and Testimonials:

You’re looking for a social media agency with a proven record of success. Don’t trust grand claims and promises unless they have the case studies to back it up. A good agency will have a highlight reel of previous clients. They will have testimonials and in-depth case studies. If there aren’t any case studies on their website, ask for previous experience or references. You’re looking for an agency with experience in your sector or industry.

What is their Own Social Reach?

One of the easiest ways to see if a social media agency is worth their salt is by looking at their channels. What is their current social reach? How do they interact with their followers, and how do they approach their content strategy? Quite simply, do they practice what they preach? If an agency promises you 10,000 followers, but only has 200 of their own, something’s not right!

How Much do they Cost?

We know that you’re probably on a tight budget. However, a good social media agency is worth every penny. Our advice is to reject the cheapest options. You need an experienced, professional company, and that means paying the going rate. Research a variety of social media packages pricing, and get a sense of the average cost.

Is there Proposal Unique to You?

Most social media agencies will draft a plan or proposal free of charge. You’re looking for a plan that accurately takes into account the unique nature of your business. If they’ve sent a one-size-fits all proposal, you should probably walk away. Every company requires a bespoke approach with different targets, strategies, and audiences. Make sure your social media agency understands your business.

Using this advice, you should be able to hire an effective, powerful agency. Good luck!

Facebook Safety Check Feature

In recent months, Facebook released his most stunning and functional features namely Facebook safety check.

Facebook Safety Check:

This features will notify you and your family loved ones and friends during disaster like earthquake, storm, tornado etc. Every Facebook account holder can see or avail this safety check free of cost same as before.

Facebook Safety Check Feature

Facebook introduce this safety check features after Nepal earthquake 25 April 2015.

Recently on 26 Oct 2015 7.5 magnitude earthquake happened near at Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and they also affected with earthquake, then Facebook safety check feature played his role efficiently to keep near family loved ones and friends.

Facebook Safety Check Feature Afghanistan Earthquake

On that same day, this feature came in front of as a Facebook notification and asked me that you are safe with that natural calamity. Fortunately I was Good on that time then I checked that I’m safe from that disaster, after say that you are safe, then this notification will be sent to your all Facebook friends whether they are online or not. Thus, you declared that you are now in safe condition, if your family relation or friends is associate or include in your friend list then they will definitely get satisfaction with this status. Your all Facebook friends can see your status in these calamities, act of god and also can post their comment or like your status.

Facebook team says, this features is quite easy and user-friendly, in other words three steps solution, which can give you tentative peace.

  • Check Notification
  • Say You are Safe
  • Check on others

Facebook Safety Check Feature process

Facebook always thinks about customer satisfaction and convenience. Facebook get’s lot of positive feedback from their user’s about safety check feature, which is appreciate able. Facebook team says, they will introduce many more convenient functional tools with the passage of time for user convenience.

Let us know, if you find this tool and news useful for your information. If you want more discussion on that news so may join us via community forum or leave your comment below.

5 Successful Social Media Use Cases

The practices of business marketing have been revolutionized since the rise of social media networking. Marketing experts immediately recognized the potential of these platforms, so they started establishing the online reputation of their brands. Not all of them do that successfully. With so many great examples, it’s a wonder how some companies manage to mess things up on social media. Let’s examine 5 Successful social media use cases, which show how smart marketing can boost the customers’ appreciation of the brand.

5 Successful Social Media Use Cases
Successful Social Media Use Cases

Successful Social Media Use Cases:

Let’s find out the finest one use cases, which will definitely boost your brand recognition and their appearance.

1. Oreo Daily Twist:

Creative marketing is nothing new for Oreo. The brand has been established as a cult in the food industry. During the blackout on 2013 Super Bowl, the brand team didn’t wait long before coming up with an awesome tweet that got 10,000 retweets in one hour. This free marketing was smarter than investing a huge budget for the actual Oreo Super Bowl ad.

That’s not even the greatest social media success of this brand. The 2012 Daily Twist campaign was accepted with praise both by the consumers and marketing experts. The company launched 100 Facebook posts in 100 days to celebrate the cookie’s 100th birthday. All these posts were fun and visually appealing.

This campaign brought over 230 million media impressions for the brand. The Facebook engagement was boosted by 195%, and the fan base was increased by over a million. When you add the fact that each post was shared thousands of times, there is only one conclusion to make: that’s a great example of smart social media marketing!

2. Starbucks Tweet a Coffee:

This was one of the most successful Twitter marketing campaigns of 2013. It was really simple, so it’s a wonder how no one thought of it before. The company enabled people to buy coffee for their friends via Twitter. In order to do that, Twitter users had to sync their Starbucks account with the social media profile, and link a credit card to the account. Then, all they had to do was purchase a $5 gift card for a friend. The first 100,000 buyers got a free gift card for themselves, so they could enjoy the coffee together with their friend.

The campaign, which was launched in October, attracted more than 27,000 fans to buy gift cards and generate $180,000 for the company. Maybe Starbucks had greater ambitions, but the promotion was undeniably successful, since it required a low investment on the company’s part.

3. AirAsia Friendsy:

You would think that low-cost airlines don’t need much marketing. They offer cheap prices on flights, so that’s all what the audience needs, right? Of course not! AirAsia’s 2012 social media campaign proves that every single brand should invest time and resources in creative social media promotion. When the Malaysian company introduced its flights to Australia, it entered a highly competitive market with audience that was not aware of the brand.

Do you know what they gave away with this campaign? A private plane! The Facebook App showed a virtual plane, which the fans could fill with 300 friends. The company flew the winner’s team from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur and enabled the group to spend 3 nights in a luxurious hotel. After the free vacation, the plane flew them home.

The campaign was a great success: there were 12,500 entries, reaching over 2.2 million people on Facebook. The number of daily flights from Sydney was doubled, and the Facebook fan base grew by 30%. AirAsia also got press coverage valued over 1.6 million dollars.

4. Burger King’s Whopper Sacrifice:

How many Facebook friends would you sacrifice for a free Whopper? Burger King was onto something with this controversial social media campaign. When the company suggested people to delete 10 Facebook friends for a coupon for free burger, their application was installed almost 60,000 times in a matter of days, and over 200,000 friends were sacrificed. Facebook users went really far for a coupon; they even created groups that enabled people to add friends and then delete them for the sake of this campaign.

The Burger King’s encouraged an action that many Facebook users were already considering. Now they have an excuse for deleting friends they didn’t want in their list. Unfortunately, Facebook wasn’t happy about the sacrifices, Burger King had to bring the campaign down. Regardless of the way this ended, it was still a very successful marketing trick that proved how much Americans loved this burger.

5. Evernote’s Facebook Milestones:

Evernote, as awesome as it is, would be nothing without its impressive Facebook presence. The fans don’t find new posts every single day, but the ones they see are really useful. According to Evernote’s VP of marketing, Andrew Sinkov, the product was launched with small ambitions and the team didn’t know exactly how it would develop.

The Facebook campaign is not based on advertising or data mining. The promotion of the product is achieved by helping the users find the solutions they need. When a new feature is introduced, the social media campaign managers don’t just announce it via Facebook posts; they add a new milestone in the list. Each entry is linked to a post that provides more information about the particular feature.

The goal of this approach is to increase people’s awareness of the value this product has brought to their lives. This is a great way of using Facebook’s potential.

7 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategies Might Not be Working

It is not working! We are not getting the desired results! But we made a plan! How can it not work? These arguments can come from a closed room of an organization with a number of social media marketers/stagiest having discussions about the failure of their social media strategy. Well, failure is an over hyped situation in this case. It is actually the way you see it. Here is a list of 11 reasons that may help you understand why the social media strategy did not work.

7 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategies Might Not be Working

Talking about social media, it is digital marketing strategy that is still in its adolescence. Though this media is a fixture for everyday tasks, sometimes its unpredicted nature and frustratingly touchy feel can bother you. If you have faced ‘it’s not working stage and not been able to figure out why, this post can help you with that. Not every time what you do is wrong, sometimes how you do it also matters.

A guessing game with strategies is just not happening today where almost every business is seeking social media for marketing purposes. So here is how you can identify why your social media strategies are not working.

1: You Have a Wrong Definition of “Working”:

The marketing strategy for every business is to increase revenue. But a reality check states that social media is not supposed to. If it does, take it as an added benefit to your strategy. Social media is meant to increase interactions, growing a fan base and increasing CTR’s. As far as that is happening, your social media strategy is perfectly working for you.

2: You are Old:

Social Media is one medium that has a changing scenario almost daily. What might have worked for you yesterday might not work today because the world has moved on but you have not. So before you design a strategy, make sure you are updated with all the latest trends of the year.

3: Your Focus is not on the Right Medium:

You need an assessment of the platforms that you have been using for your social media purposes. If you were marketing on A, B and C platforms once upon a time, you need to shift your focus to a platform where your audiences are present. Keep investing in the wrong medium and social media strategies would never work for you.

4: You have ‘The Viral’ Fever:

Going viral is something that is trending on the internet today and thus a number of social media strategist put in their entire effort on making something that can go viral instead of doing something that keeps their audiences connected. To stay connected to your followers and fans you do not have to go viral. Obsessing over viral can keep you from doing something more effective.

5: You are Lacking Interaction:

Social media platforms are meant to interact with the followers. To be effective you should understand the needs of the customer and for that interaction is necessary.

6: You are Losing Patience:

Social media is not instant. It needs time to perform. You can’t just keep hit and trying every week. To be successful you need to wait till your medium is strong and you have a proper interacting session.

7: You are not moving your followers to your e-mail list:

When you are on social media and you have a number of followers, one thing that you are doing wrong is not moving these followers to your email list. It is observed that when you try to sell something on e-mail, people have a greater buying tendency for the same thing you try to sell on social media.

In the End:

So, it is for sure that none of you want to waste a lot of time on social media without results. It is enjoyable, addictive and can work wonders for you if you have the capability. It is better to hire a social media expert to increase what social media is meant to do.

If your social media strategies are not working, you have all the fixtures for yourself. Just the hire the right resource for your business. And if you are a social media strategist create a job alert so that you can be notified when someone is looking for you.

How To Take Control Of Your Social Media

Social Media:

Social media is growing by leaps and bounds with every passing day. Now-a-days you will find a new social medium to interact with, which also means a new social medium your company has to sign up for as well. This is especially for company who are in e-commerce industry. They need to participate in all the good social mediums to increase their reach and to interact with the users.

How To Take Control Of Your Social Media

But what if you are a company who has more than three social mediums to handle? It is a tough day for you because you need to be active on all them, post content and pictures and engage more people. This is definitely not an easy task and there will come a point where most of your social mediums will go out of control. Out of control meaning you have no idea what goes on what medium, how to deal with the audience and control any kind of communication happening. Here are some tips on controlling your social media:

Cross-check Your Social Medium:

Many times we put our company on social media like a long shot and that’s the biggest mistake. You need to understand that will your company reap any benefit from the mediums you are on. Not all social mediums is good for your company and you need to be selective about it. A thorough research on what medium will suit your company profile is imperative.

Prepare A Road Map:

Yes, you need to have a different road map for all your social mediums. You need to understand that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, Youtube… they all work differently. You can’t have one plan of action for all and then expect it to work. This might be time consuming, but it is crucial for you to understand how these mediums work and what type of content/creative will be useful.

Follow A Routine:

Once you have a road map in place you will better understand what you need to do on your individual social medium. Plan your days way ahead, make a calender and follow that calender every day without any gaps. Keep a tab on what’s working and not working then make changes accordingly. It is necessary that you follow a routine to understand your social mediums better and hence do better on them.

Regular Checks On Social Stats:

You can find many apps that will help you understand your social stats better. Apps like Buffer, Hootsuite, TweetDeck and HubSpot can be of real help. These apps will assist you in scheduling content and posts, implement campaigns, track audience engagement and determine stats. These apps will also let you handle the multiple profiles you might have on your social mediums. Social stats provides a bigger picture to all your efforts being put in your social mediums.

These few tips but very important ones will help you grow in your social mediums and at the same time will let your control them. Social mediums can be like naughty kids and run away somewhere you can’t catch them. However, it is upto you to catch these naughty kids and set them straight. As said earlier, control your social media before it goes wild.

Top 5 Benefits of a Facebook Business Page

Do you know? Why social media is a perfect place to promote your business on instant basis. As we familiar, Social media is a place, where people engage and interact with each other. In fact, social media has no boundaries, anyone can avail benefits from it individually. Nowadays, folks focus on Facebook business pages to promote his brand, company name. In other words, these Facebook business pages is also use for brand recognition. But almost people’s or beginners are not aware about his advantages. Therefore, I will show you the top benefits of a Facebook business pages to promote your brand or company.

Benefits of a Facebook Business Page

Benefits of a Facebook Business Page:

As we said, social media has no boundaries. Similarly Facebook is known as a top ranked largest social media website. Facebook have lot of tools and platforms from business perspective. One of  known as Facebook business pages, if you are a athlete, public figure, celebs, business person, politicians, brand and a company. Now you can promote or show yourself or your company in front of billions of peoples. Where they will be in touch with you. Let’s see the prominent benefits of Facebook business page or fan page.

Brand Recognition:

If you are running a business and your business are not recognized around globally. so, you can introduce your brand or company on your Facebook business page without do any hardcore struggle. Just you need to do, simply create a well looking Facebook business page and update your products on your page with consistency.

Benefits of a Facebook Business Page brand recognition

People’s will engage or built conversation on your published post then you also can contact them and can grab business. Facebook is a finest place to build your company or brand hype instantly.

Increase Audience Potential:

You also can increase your company audience potential without do any costly advertisement. Increase your Facebook business page members (Likes) with sharing, updating, News, offers, discounts, special events etc. Facebook business page gives you a opportunity to spread your brand globally or locally, similarly, you can increase your customers or sales reports as much possible. We have a snapshot, which pointing to Pepsi business page audience fluctuations and audience conversation on page.

Benefits of a Facebook Business Page Increase Audience Potential

Affordable Advertising Opportunities:

Facebook also provide a advertising platform, where advertisers can promote his business pages, improve website traffic, built conversation on page post to spend a little part of money. Do you know? Facebook advertisement is cheap or affordable than other advertisement platforms like AdWords. For this reason, Facebook is a first priority for advertisers to spend or invest his precious money on right place.

Benefits of a Facebook Business Page affordable advertising opportunities

Track Your Single Click:

Facebook provides a tracking interface, where you can view all of these page activities even can track single click on page post. Absolute weekly or monthly statistics include page likes, post reach, engagements, most viewed post and similar kinds of further tracking opportunities.

Benefits of a Facebook Business Page Facebook insight


Improve Your Website Traffic:

As we mentioned above, Facebook also offering website advertisements in affordable prices than others. That’s means, no need to spend your precious money on freak places from ad perspective. Facebook will provide you visitors directly on your website with the help of campaigns. Facebook have a complete and separate control panel include billing area, tracking charts, campaign list. You also can target your particular countries, places, categories and further filtration option are available there. You can also run your Facebook business page campaign to expand your company or brand customers.

Benefits of a Facebook Business Page Website Traffic insights

Above image clearly showing the campaign statistic, where you can analyze Facebook advertisement prices and its effective returning results. These above mentioned Facebook business pages benefits are playing vital role in social media. You also can be the next one lucky person, who will be started his journey with Facebook business page to promote his business.

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