What is SEO and How it works

What is SEO and How it works:

Today Question is “What is SEO and How it works?”. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and used for better search ranking for web pages. Search engine optimization is a whole process that will increase your website popularity or visibility in search engines. Search engine optimization have two types. First one is Organic Seo and other one is Paid Seo. Both are mandatory for attractive search rank. Google and other search engines preference both methods. Organic Seo have long time age and gives reliable result. Organic Seo is a kind of Seo same like Paid Seo.

What is SEO and How it works
What is SEO and How it works

Organic Seo have a lot of factors or elements.Organic Seo take few time to reveal his ability. This is depend on your website updating because every website have its own schedule for posting. In modern era, Mostly website owners uses paid Seo because paid Seo gives instant result.

Organic Seo:

Organic Seo is a type of Search engine optimization and contains the lot of factors and elements. Organic Seo have two types On Page Seo or Off Page SeoOrganic Seo provide better search performance in Google and other search engines. As we mentioned above organic SEO have a lot of elements few are highlight here: Meta-tags, Robots Tags, xml sitemap, and backlinks are major factors. Organic Seo doesn’t work instantly, it require time to show his strength. Organic Seo have long time age and that’s why, its reliable and more comfortable. Backlinks is the major and important factor of Organic Seo. You can establish backlinks through forums /discussion boards, blog commenting, link exchange, signatures link, newsletters links, social profiles, and further third-party websites.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

We should care about dofollow or nofollow backlinks. Content quality is another and powerful reason in Organic Seo because Content is king that’s why, Search engines strongly recommend unique & fresh content. Beware from content duplication through copy paste process.Because Google take this action as a spam and they will penalize your ads account or banned your domain name in search engine. On the other hand side, if you write unique and fresh content at yourself or through writers so, Google give honor your site and never block you. Organic Seo is free of cost, you don’t need to spend any single penny on it. Organic Seo require your talent,time and struggle

Paid Seo:

Paid Seo is another type of Search engine optimization and helps for newbies. Website owners create own site advertisements on numerous places. Google AdWords provides advertising opportunities, Same as yahoo, Bing, Yandex or other search engines have advertising platforms. Paid Seo provide tons of traffic on your site.But depend on your budget that how much you can spend easily. Google provides coupons system with special discount like spend 25$ and get 75$ credit in your AdWords account for new account holders. Paid Seo is reliable but not long time age for search engines.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Until you spend money then paid SEO will work perfectly. Even social media sites like Facebook, twitter provides advertising platform. Microsoft Bing and Yahoo have each advertisement platform. Pay per click (PPC) advertising strategy are using in markets. Companies deduct the piece of money, when someone click on your ads and same apply this procedure on page impressions. Before start paid Seo, We would suggest you, Read about Advertising strategy.

How Seo Work?

Search Engine Optimization work with search engines algorithms that is the reason, Every Seo experts must read algorithm before take next steps. Organic Seo require time and organic Seo provides instant result but both advantage or disadvantage are important reason for success. Recently Google removed Google plus authorship from search results and they gives a simple and authentic reason. Similarly Google update his algorithms and a finest Seo experts always follow these strategies of search engines. Seo is not a trick or tips, Seo is a skill of experience because your experience will teach you about search engines perceptions. In last, We wanna say, Seo is incredible passion.

What is SEO and How it works
What is SEO and How it works

Our team members always try to share and convey our maximum knowledge or experience with our users. If you have an idea of Seo and experience of Seo so please share with us. For more questions regarding Seo then feel free comment below. 🙂

What is Anchor text and how does it work

What is Anchor text:

Anchor text is a title or label of specific hyperlink in your post content, In simple words you can say that, Linked text is an anchor text. Anchor text can place on hyperlink, while using internal linking or while back-linking with external websites.

What is Anchor text and how does it work
Anchor Text Structure

In the above image you can see that, a href html tag inside in it, an individual Facebook link and between open and close tag an anchor text name as Facebook.You can see clearly, Above image describe the appropriate form of anchor text.Search Engines changed his algorithms with the passage of time, and update its features but infrastructure remain same. Next we will talk about on how does anchor text work. As you know, we talked about Organic Seo in previous articles and understand about his strategies and factors or elements. Anchor text is also an element/factor of Seo and we tend to add anchor text in our web content. Finest content consists on anchor text. Above we said, anchor text is a label or title of any link so it is important to know that, Use anchor text in appropriate form using with keywords. If you are doing internal linking with your own site pages then choose meaningful or relevant keywords in anchor text.

Now search engines become smart and they analysis every single content that’s why, It is important to use beneficial or relevant keywords in anchor text. Don’t try to use irrelevant keywords because Google consider and treat this irrelevant keyword as a useless link. Probably, Someone will ask me why Google take it as useless link. Answer is that, Because you are referring an irrelevant anchor text to other irrelevant content page both are not relevant like, if you have a HostGator affiliate link and add this link in you fashion post so, it is totally unfair with your website and with your profession, because both content criteria are not met with each other that’s why search engines take it as a useless link.

Anchor Text role in Backlinks:

Anchor text playing important role in backlinks. Backlinks is a factor of organic Seo. During create backlinks on forums, social profiles, We have always believed that, to use best keyword for hyperlink to your site or blog similarly in anchor text, the same process applies here so, it is good Seo practice to select relevant keyword to refer relevant content through anchor text and backlinks.

Anchor text advantages:

Seo experts emphasis the usage of anchor text because anchor text make the content user-friendly. Search engines check your content during crawling and analyze the rich keywords which are used in content. Specially Google consider anchor text in search ranking. According to my own experience, Best usage of anchor text make your website rich or maybe the cause of successful.

Hopefully, Now you will maintain the ratio of anchor text on your site content. You can subscribe our newsletters and get updates about Seo, developments and further more in your inbox.For further queries and feedback’s use below comment box. 🙂

What is nofollow and dofollow rel attributes

Nofollow and Dofollow rel Attributes:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) contains numerous factors.In which,one factor indicates the backlinks, and backlinks are distributed into two types. One is nofollow and other second is Dofollow. In this lesson we will introduce and reveal nofollow or dofollow rel Attributes.Mostly nofollow links are found on internet web pages with relation tag like rel="nofollow" and same like other rel="Dofollow". Both rel means different with each others and process too.

Nofollow or Dofollow rel Attributes
Nofollow or Dofollow rel Attributes

Just take little bit review about backlinks and its usage with these rel attributes. Search engines (Google,Bing,Yahoo) counts backlinks in page ranking process. We should keep care about links standards and quality, Because these are more important element/factor of SEO. Seo experts preference dofollow links instead of nofollow rel attributes. 

What is nofollow:

Bٓefore proceeding that is important to know about nofollow rel attribute. This attribute rel=”nofollow” prevent from robots to crawl links on that page.This rel="nofollow" work as a command or instruction for search bots to avoid crawl these individuals links, with this attributes you are capable to tell them search engines don’t count this link in search ranking. Try to add nofollow attribute on your web or blog links. In simple words we can say,rel="nofollow"make secure your web page from spamming, Because dofollow links are enabled to crawl by bots instead of nofollow. Sometimes which links you added in your content are spam domains and have redundant content , so it is important for your site safety to add this rel="nofollow" attributes. Nofollow attributes doesn’t allow spider or crawlers to index this link, that’s means search bots give respect your attributes and ignore this link.Use this meta for nofollow.

<meta name="robots" content="nofollow">

You can add nofollow attributes in all content links at once with the above meta line then search engines will not index all links.But if you want to add nofollow attribute only with one or two specific links then see below example.

<a href="http://www.facebook.com" rel="nofollow">Facebook</a>


Its is important to know that, If you doing internal link between your web page so, no need to add rel="nofollow" attributes. In other condition, You can add rel="nofollow" with external links (Outside web page links).

What is Dofollow:

As we learn about rel="nofollow" that is prevent and disallow search engines to index links. But rel="Dofollow"is opposite process to rel="nofollow"Because this attribute allow search engines to crawl/index this individual link. Google and other search engines admits Dofollow backlink as a strong and finest backlink for other web page or search ranking.We can use this meta for Dofollow.

<meta name="robots" content="Dofollow">

You can add dofollow attributes in all content links at once with the above meta line then search engines will not index all links. But if you want to add dofollow attribute only with one or two specific links then see below example.

<a href="http://www.facebook.com">Facebook</a>
<a href="http://www.facebook.com" rel="Dofollow">Facebook</a>
<a href="http://www.facebook.com" rel="external">Facebook</a>

Suggestion for friendly Seo:

If we are doing internal linking between own website so it is important to know that, Use appropriate keywords for internal linking. For example, If we have an affiliate link of HostGator then we can choose these keywords like , Hostgator affiliate marketing, make money with hostgator, best hosting service, these keywords are in correct form but in other condition if we use like, read more, click here, see more like these useless keywords and it is complicated for search engine to understand that, what you are describing with these redundant stuff. It’s a good Seo practice to use meaningful keywords for internal linking with dofollow or nofollow attributes. If you want to improve your Seo grip then prefer you read this article: 5 things that will improve organic SEO 😉

Seo (Search Engine Optimization) elements have strength still on search engines. You can convey your feedback through comment below. If you have skillful ideas then share with us, We always respect and give honor to our users. You may subscribe our newsletter to keep update yourself. Hopefully, You better understand about relation attributes.

5 Things that will improve organic Seo

5 Things that will improve organic Seo:

Every blogger and website owners thinks that, How we get instant result via organic Seo because organic Seo have long age on search engines. Seo have two branches respectively. (1) Organic Seo (2) Pay Per Click (PPC) But here we only discuss on Organic ways. Organic Seo provide better convenience to drive efficient traffic, that’s why Seo experts recommend organic Seo. Other convenience is that, It has no cost. completely free,but it will take your complete attention. In this article we will manifest the superior methods to improve website Seo instantly. On Internet, You will find hundred of tricks and tips to rank your website or blog But keep remember, every tricks and tips have an experience and hard-working. Now today, we are share our many years experience with you. We highlighted Organic Seo in proven 5 methods.

organic Seo

We analysis the current market strategy then summarize all procedure in this article. Seo have no threshold means that, Seo algorithms will be change with the passage of time that’s why we always update our articles with the passage of time. Our first priority to provide fresh articles. Let’s come back on topic, Organic Seo still have worth in market. We categories these appropriate methods in 5 ways as under.

1. Content is King

Everyone is aware with this method, But don’t care about with it.Content is king means that, a finest website based on fresh content, unique content website always found top on Google or any search engines. Because Google prefer unique and meaningful content. A content can be the cause of better website or blog. Approximately users like good writing content websites. If your grip on English has poor, and you have a budget then  hire a writer from freelancing websites e.g (UpWork, Elance, Freelancer). This thing will help you to gain positive point for your blog. Use appropriate and unique content because Google don’t like match (Copy Paste date) data, avoid these tricks otherwise Google penalize your website maybe you lose your site presence from search engine. Try to write unique content as yourself. Your content should be descriptive and express your main point with examples e.g (Screenshots, images).

organic Seo.

Mostly clumsy(inexperienced) writers doesn’t care about article environment. Article environment means that, Elegant article contains content with images and screenshots because media (Videos, Images, Screenshots) keeps the user entertain. Content length should be 300 -1000 plus words. 

2. Meta Tags:

As we are talking about “Organic Seo”, So Meta-tags is an essential part of Seo. In meta-tags various kinds exist But meta-title, meta-description,meta-keywords are mostly used in organic Seo. Meta-title contains main heading of your whole article, like “5 Things that will improve organic Seo ” Maximum length of Meta-title is 65 characters. Next is, Meta-description consist on descriptive information about this post. Maximum length of Meta-description is 150 characters. Last is Meta-Keywords, it consist on few meaningful keywords or keywords place in heading paragraphs and content many times. Actually during writing article, we should provide target keywords in content e.g (First paragraph, Middle Paragraph, last paragraph/conclusion). Keywords selection is most tricky task for beginners. Do not worry. Use keyword planner tool (Google tool for keywords), this tools provide you complete control globally searches keywords, country keywords, I personally suggest you, don’t use high competition keywords instead of  low competition.

Organic Seo

you may  use low or medium competition keywords because you can get rank on them easily instead of high. Use 5k above monthly searches keywords. Here is one thing to know, Keywords should be relevant with content. Don’t use irrelevant keywords. Put your keyword with Moderation. Keep remember important thing, Google doesn’t use the keywords meta tags for website ranking instead of meta-title or meta-description. You can use noodp or noydir meta-tags to enhance your Seo.

3. External & Internal Linking:

Usually, We listened a word “External Link,backlink, and inbound links” all are represent one thing. Any link or traffic received from referral website  to come on our site, this link should be considered as a external link or Backlink. This referral can be from any social media site,directory etc. More Backlinks indicate the website popularity. Interesting thing is that, Still backlinks have a presence and value in search engines e.g(Google,Yahoo,Bing,MSN,). 

Organic Seo

You need establish high PR (Page Rank) Backlinks to increase your website popularity and traffic. Join High PR Forums,Blog commenting, Social profiles, directories etc. Keep remember backlink should be do follow. Sometimes users don’t aware about  rules and they use prohibited methods to create backlinks, that is spamming and please avoid from spamming because no one search engine and website owners support spamming they will take as a invalid activity from your website this means your website reputation can be lose.Beware from these invalid activity. Second part is Internal link, Internal link is performing important role in Organic Seo. We need to link One page of website to the other page of the website and this other page link with others, this procedure can repeat many times. Keep remember interlinks with specific content keyword is a good Seo art. 

Organic Seo

Homepage should be interlinks with approximately all pages same as the above image. Interlinking will help you to maximize your traffic. Let’s assume, One user reading your article and you put three interlinks in each paragraph with other relevant post on your site then while reading if he/she click on this link and redirect on second article and in the next post same process will occur repeatedly.

4. Website Submission:

Website submission is a necessary part of Seo, Because search engine need to know about your website presence. That’s why we Submit our website to Google through webmaster (Google Product/tool). Google webmaster provides the elegant dashboard to monetize website. Simply you need a Gmail account to access every Google product after sign in to your webmaster account. Few ways to add site on webmaster you need to add given meta script on your site head section Or upload given html file on your hosting server root directory.

Organic Seo

Same as Google perform this action on Bing,Yahoo or other search engines. After verify/add your website, Must submit your website sitemap in webmaster. Because sitemap is an address of URL (Universal Resource Locator) and helps to search engines spiders to crawl your website with appropriate path. A suggestion, a Good website owner check daily webmaster tool, that will help us to keep update yourself from Search engines.

5. Update your Website:

Update your website or blog is a most important factor of Seo. Actually as my own experience, I saw that, Google always prefer to update your website with consistency. If you are a blogger then update your blog on regular basis. Minimum 2-3 post is quiet and enough for one day. Maximum there is no threshold of post articles. If you are a regular basis blogger and update your website daily with fresh and unique content then Google crawler comes on daily basis. Send newsletter to your subscriber about your new post and invite them.Hopefully good content will return your hard-working reward one day. 

Organic Seo

Let us know, your skillfully ideas about Seo, We are here to share our skill with others. If you like our articles so, you can subscribe our newsletter for new articles alert. You can share your idea or issue on comment box. Your feedback is respectful for us. 

What are the Noodp and Noydir Meta tags

Noodp and Noydir Meta tags:

In this era, Everyone know about search engines and its algorithms. Many of my friends and viewers asked to me “What is Noodp and Noydir and how do they work”, So I decided to make a briefly post on it. Webmasters and website/Blog Owners know about the word “SEO” Search Engine Optimization. SEO contains many of these factors to give rank your website in search engines. Meta-tags one of the essential factor for search engines. It helps to crawlers and bots (like a command). Noodp and Noydir Meta tags is the best indeed of SEO. 

Noodp and nodyr meta-tags
Noodp and Noydir Meta tags

Let’s start it. First Meta-tag which we learn today “Noodp” No Open directory Project. You can say that, Dmoz is an open content directory or website’s links hub. “Noodp” We need to know, What actually it does. “Noodp” meta-tag is used to avoid the Dmoz to use its own title or description from his directory. Let’s assume, If someone search on Google “How to start blog” Google filter  his search and display the result. This result consists on various websites probably consist on few open directories results/Snippets. Because every result consist on social media,directories,websites,blogs and further more. So We use “Noodp” meta-tag in our post/article to avoid Open directory Project to add his own title or description. Because we already add our meta titles or meta description on every post/articles and we want that, Google or other search engines display our provided titles or description instead of open directory project. This thing occurs in  mostly open directory searches, If your website listen in domz and someone asking to Google “How to start blog” then Google display your website in results and your website titles or descriptions contains irrelevant titles or descriptions instead your provided titles or description, Google consider this result as a negative point for your website. Mostly website/Blog Owners don’t know, why his website lose rank or presence in search engines.

Second meta-tag is “Noydir” No Yahoo Directory, Same as above criteria applies on here. Yahoo directory is the largest directory on internet.  If you have listing your website in yahoo directory so, you need to add “Noydir” meta-tag on your website pages to avoid yahoo directory to add its own titles or descriptions instead of your provided titles or description. If you are using WordPress SEO By Yoast so check these option.

Noodp and nodyr meta-tags

After add these meta-tags Google crawler update your website 2-5 days as much possibly. Google always want to provide better result to his user, that’s why Google update his nature with the passage of time. Some user use custom design on website, they can manually add these lines to add Noodp and Noydir meta-tags on his website/blog.

<meta name="robots" content="noodp,noydir"/>

These elegant Meta-tags allows both directories (Dmoz,Yahoo) to use your provided titles or description in search results. Once again, I strongly recommend you to use these tags to establish finest SEO for your website same as robots.txt file and sitemap. Hopefully you understand these meta-tags. If you have any issue, feel free comment below.