Breadcrumbs Vs URLS In SEO

I was confused when breadcrumbs take the place of URLs, because slug or URL contains my primary or focus keywords instead of breadcrumbs. That was pathetic condition for me, because that was time strategy was completely changed. Then I realized, why I’m not getting understand. why this happened and what the story behind it? Breadcrumbs vs URLs, which one is better from SEO perspective.

Breadcrumbs Vs URLS In SEO

Breadcrumbs Vs URLS:

The difference between URLs and breadcrumbs is to understand the website flow. Sometimes URLs length exceeds limits, then usage of more characters in URL bringing out URL from snippet results in search engine.

Breadcrumbs Vs URLS In SEO

The above snippet clearly expressing, how the long URLs presents in Search engine. Long URLs can not presents in search engine completely, after exceeding the threshold dots will be appear instead of URL.

Secondly, if URLs have sub directory or folders then the chances will increase that the URL will cross the limit.

Now let’s have a look the long URLs appearance in breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs Vs URLS In SEO

In above snippet, URL is long but by using breadcrumbs its easy to understand that the “managing your money topic coming from finance and business category”. Even its looks flexible and decent than a long or incomplete URL.

Above snippet also defined the website flow structure, for example; make money fast article can be found by navigating to primary category > finance and business then under this a sub category >managing you money. This structure makes easy for users to understand the structure of web pages.

More Examples:

Breadcrumbs Vs URLS In SEO Image 3

Breadcrumbs Vs URLS In SEO Image 4

Breadcrumbs Vs URLS In SEO Image 5


After all that regarding breadcrumbs vs URLs last but not least, I wanna say breadcrumbs changed the way to understand the web pages structure. It’s now more trendy than before, and in future more things are waiting for changes. If you are not ready for breadcrumbs then you can easily turned off on your web pages, that is not restricted for every webmasters. If you have any question so let us know though writing your comment below or can join us on our community forum.

How To Drive Traffic From Quora Community

First of all I need to clear few things before go ahead, Quora is a questions and answers community around internet. I familiar with Quora since past 4 years and today I want to share my experience to my readers. Quora is known as best due to their user-friendly interface personally I love it because that is very easy to navigate anywhere and the prominent part is traffic which you can grab from Quora without paying any single penny. Today I’m writing this article to let them you how to drive traffic from Quora community without doing spamming or any unwanted activities.

How To Drive Traffic From Quora?

Quora provides platform to all user to come here and discuss your issues or experience with another people’s which is the transparent definition of online communities. Right now you are here to read about how to drive traffic from Quora on your blog without putting any money on it. Here is all about concentration then your dreams will become true.

Setup You Profile on Quora:

Initial but most achievable aspect after signed up. Did you know that, a good profile on Quora can reflect your passion or interest that how much strong you are in your skills. Probably you heard that “First impression is the last impression” same like this profile should be looks like professional and straight forward.

If you ask me what to mention in profile then my answer would be, your designation (Entrepreneur, CEO, Manager, Blogger etc). Secondly, your voice such as who you are? and why are you here? means what is your purpose to join Quora community? and in between describe your experience in any particular filed must. You also can see my Quora profile link and if you like it then can follow me. 🙂

Find Suitable Questions on Quora:

Quora is something like a huge list of questions and it is increasing in every minute so the next task after above steps, on Quora you should find suitable questions nearest to your expertise. Let’s suppose you are well-known expert of affiliate marketer so you need to find them those people’s or folks on Quora who posted questions related affiliate marketing. You can use Quora top search box for that purpose to browse relevant questions to your expertise.

Get More Viewers on Quora Answers:

Getting more viewership on Quora answers gives higher precedence to your answer than others. Probably, so for this purpose you must read the question carefully for which you are going to write an answer.

How To Drive Traffic From Quora Community Image 1

Above I answered a question on Quora which received 216 viewership so far so this means 216 times users watched my answer. This means, if people like my answers and think they are getting appropriate or satisfactory solution with that so may be they will be stick with my answer little while. That’s the way for which Quora analyzing viewership on answers and determine which one has good viewership and able to be on the top than other’s.

Upvote & Downvote on Quora:

Quora gives authority to every user to pass their rating against every answer whether it is Good or Bad. On Quora we call this Upvote OR Downvote. Let’s suppose if you reading any particular answer on Quora or you think that is not suitable OR Wrong answered OR you don’t like that whatever so you can rate it thumbs UP OR thumbs Down for that answer. It is totally based on reader nature and their understanding with that answer. High Upvotes is the sign of this answer is the best solution than other’s because so many members already read this and pass their votes in positive sense.

How To Drive Traffic From Quora Community Image 2

Unlike, downvotes puts negative impact for that answer is inappropriate and answered wrong etc. More downvotes can put your answer down down and more down than others. Maybe your given answer can be missed after few time period due to more go down.

That’s the reasons above I said your given answer should be relevant to the question and try to provide the solution. Most important thing most people forget to do that must read already given answers and try to write something unique do not repeat what people’s already said in this discussion because repeating same thing can be the cause of more downvotes OR less viewership.

Quora Followers Is the Sign of  Victory:

Mostly times when you answering questions regularly with putting any gap, so chances increased that people follow you because of your interest. But above conditions will be applied also in this sense.

How To Drive Traffic From Quora Community Image 3

In the above image you can clearly see that how much Matt Cutts (Google Engineer) has followers on Quora. More followers gives extra strength to your name or brand especially your written answers among millions of users.

Let us know if you find this guidance helpful for your long root journey.  Grabbing traffic from Quora is no more tricky but keep remember that Quora is not the way to building backlinks that is a platform to provide most relevant answer to their user. In case of spamming on Quora you could face any critical issue in future. So slow steady win the race formula is good than instant results. If you have any question to us regarding Quora so you may join us on our community forum or can leave your comment under this article.

Does Changing Website Theme Effect on Seo Rank

Majority of users have misconceptions about that does changing website theme effect on Seo rank or website performance. Usually, a beginner have not sufficient knowledge about Seo but I realized that some people afraid with Seo ranking fluctuations. Because majority thinks, if they change their website theme or if do any customization stuff on their website front-end so their website traffic can be fall or some think that change will boost their website traffic. Whether it is WordPress based site or any custom coding site that doesn’t matter in this discussion.

Does Changing Website Theme Effect on Seo Rank?

Very rarely but again want to say depends on the time period and circumstances. Let’s suppose if you just want to change your WordPress theme which takes around 2 minutes maximum in installation and activation then go live. Your all post, pages even permalinks structure will not be changed. All things will remain same like before only the outer layout will be automatically change. So in this condition, your site will not gonna be down while changing the theme only. Because your post and pages will be live while changing traffic will not be disturbed or down from this point of view.

Another case, let’s suppose after changed the website theme or on the instant of the same time, you want to make few customization or developing stuff to make it attractive or add some creative features in it. So in this condition, mostly webmasters feels to put site under maintenance due incomplete website then they simply create a website maintenance page and show on their website front-end like a single landing page for users. From this way, incoming traffic would be down for a specified time period.

With this way your website losing precious traffic but your landing page giving them an instruction so almost people can understand this condition so that way is good from brand recognition safety. (Recommended Way in Critical Situations but only for short time period such as 10-15 minutes not more than this)

Above we only talk about short time frame of website unavailability but unlike if you want to down your site for 1-2 days then what? 1-2 days or more cannot be considered a short time frame then above ways is not helpful in this situation. In this condition I would say create separate sub domain r sub directory like (e.g. OR because to keep live website while working in this longtime period can spoil Seo rank for big sites which are receiving enough incoming traffic.

By the way, it is naturally understood to them that they will not do that kind of mistakes. Because no one wants to put their huge traffic in garbage. Recently I commented on Quora with the same asked question Does changing website theme affect its SEO, ranking and performance?

Does Changing Website Theme Effect on Seo Rank

Above image showing the same thing which I had stated before. Everything is simple and transparent now in front of you short time period can not down your Seo rank because your site pages or post are live and user can see it.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and valuable. We always consider to our previous users feedback and then try to improve our side to serve it good than before. If you have any question so you can comment it below or can ask to us on our community forum for detail guidance.

How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress

Most critical issue from Seo and marketing point of view. Because if you are going to change your existed web page URL so you have so many responsibilities in this case. Why I’m saying this, because behind this change your entire website infrastructure which is associate with this particular URL will also disturb from user and search engine point of view. Here today we are reveal some search engine optimization factors, one of them is how to redirect old URLs to new URLs to stop generating 404 not found errors on your website.

Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress:

I’m writing this especially for WordPress users. Secondly what thing can be occur or can become the cause of of this issue? Let me elaborate this from my perspective.

Let’s suppose, if you changed a particular web page URL in today date which you published it a month ago. Now what will happen? First of all Google already crawled this web page so this is clear like mirror that URL is also crawled in Google. Let’s think, if someone user comes on your site from search engine via old crawled web page or URL, So what page will be display on their screen? A content page for which user came to your site OR 404 Not Found Page? Obviously 404 not found page, because the old URL no longer exist on this website because you changed the URL and user doesn’t know the new URL at this moment.

So this means, when someone user comes on you site via old crawled web page so they will not be able to reach on right page for which they came. That means, from your slightly mistake you are losing huge bunch of organic traffic as well as also the user trust for this domain. Also that is a leakage point or hole in your website, which Google or another search engine doesn’t like  or maybe doesn’t tolerate that is why this can be the reason of rank fall of your website in search engine.

What is the Alternatives?

The straight forward alternative to resolve this issue is “Redirect Old URL to New URL” from this way user will be able to reach your new web page from both condition. Let’s suppose if you applied this redirection rule on it then the users who are coming on your site via old crawled web page will be automatically redirected to new URL, which you setup behind the website. So the next question should be from your side is “how to redirect OLD URLs to new URLs”. Before go to explanation, below described solution is just for WordPress but the above strategy can be happen for all non-WordPress sites too.

Step 1:

You need to install and activate this plugin namely Redirection, this plugin is use to manage 301 redirection and keeping track 404 error page, doesn’t matter you know coding or not. This plugin doesn’t need any coding or developers help.

Step 2:

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Tools > Redirection then add the URLs simply on which you want to apply this redirection rule.

How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress

Above you can see the two URL fields one for OLD URL and second for NEW created URL. That is the most simplest way to resolve this issue with in few minutes. As well as this plugin will record the hits, that how many times user comes on your New URLs via OLD URLs, whether it is from search engine or another external website.

How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress Image 2

Above you can clearly see the hits on OLD URL that is just an example for better understanding.

Let us know, if you think that articles gives you a correct answer for which you were searching. We always love to hear back from our readers, you can convey your additional queries through us visa community forum or can comment below.

SEO Tools That Works Harder For You

There are plenty of seo tools out there in market , almost every online influencer love seo tools to make their blog run on auto-pilot. Tools which they use to drive thousands of traffic in matter of days or in few cases in minutes.

SEO Tools That Works Harder For You

Today i will reveal those three you can use to generate some creative content covert those visitors in to sales. Lets get in to those SEO tools which might help you arsenal increase your traffic.

 #1 Google Trends

Many of bloggers doesn’t take this tool seriously, due to lack of confidence in the tool instead they focus on “Google keyword planner“.

Google trends” is all about , what is trending around the world. It has very good filter options which you can choose around and target your audience. Most of the topics in Google trends are low competitive ,many of them have no competitive which makes ranking part easy.

Google trend also teach us ,what exactly people like in certain country. To understand a basic needs of particular country.

#2 WayBackMachine

Now now, you might be wondering how we can use “WayBackMachine” part of seo strategy?!

Let me share you a true story on how a hobby of re-search on how competitors driving thousands of traffic in matter of days without backlinks to their sites?

While going through research i came across a keyword, which had around 10k traffic a month, on the first position “” was ranking, i tapped on the site to check the content and the site was move another location while content was missing.

Article which has 10k traffic is missing with 170 backlinks, so i used “WayBackMachine” to get access to that content then later i have emailed all sites linking to that post to replace with my content after few weeks that post is now giving me around 4.2k traffic per month.

#3 Ferzy

Ferzy is a keyword difficulty checker, it analysis “XYZ” keyword which you are willing to rank for your blog/website. It gives you how many links are pointing, DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) & age of competitors domain. So you can try and check keyword difficulty by FERZY.

It gives you a very good idea whether to proceed take next step try to rank for it. With this tool you can make better decisions.

Wrap up:

These were my simple tools you can use to generate better content , find missing recipes lost through time and understand your market better. When simple changes makes bigger difference in SERPS.

You creative ideas what makes the difference in online world today. I’m sure alot of things are running though your mind , thats how we are bound to. Feel free to leave a few words of comment o make a bigger impact.

4 Easy Ways to Start to Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Anyone who runs a website or blog should know at least the basics of SEO – especially if they want to be able to generate traffic from search engines. At first, Search Engine Optimization may seem fairly complicated and you may very well encounter some information that seems to contradict others.

4 Easy Ways to Start to Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The trick to learning SEO is to know how to get started, and for that there are four easy ways that you should definitely look into:

Read Google’s SEO Guide and Guidelines:

Nothing is quite like getting information directly from the horse’s mouth, and for some time now Google has had its very own SEO guide that can be accessed from its Webmaster Tools. Also, Google’s guidelines are its regularly updated list of ‘things to do’ and ‘things not to do’ – so pay close attention to it so that you can avoid any penalties.

Follow Reputable SEO blogs:

Over the years there have been quite a few blogs that have developed a strong reputation in SEO circles – and you should definitely follow them. Some of the content on these blogs may be a bit over your head at first, but they’re an excellent way to get reliable information and stay updated with any changes that are taking place.

Watch SEO Guides and Webinars:

Many Search Engine Optimization experts publish their own video guides and also conduct live webinars that deal with SEO strategies, updates, and best practices. Watching all this content can give you a good idea of what these SEO experts are doing, and how you can improve your SEO in general.

Unfortunately there is no ‘native’ way to download these videos, and you may even miss out on webinars completely if you aren’t free when they’re being broadcasted. That is why it helps to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio so that you can capture and save the content to watch later on.

Starting to capture video from website with Movavi Screen Capture Studio is easy, and you can set up the capture frame and commence recording in a matter of minutes. Once you’re done you will be able to either choose a format or use a preset to automatically optimize the video.

In addition to allowing you to record the webinar, the video editing features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio will help you to edit, enhance, and tweak the video so that it turns out looking great. It will let you cut and combine video segments, enhance the video quality, insert customizable text, apply special effects, and more.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio

If you want you could use these features to trim out any parts of the video that you don’t need, or perhaps even cut out and save the more important parts as individual clips. Suffice to say, Movavi Screen Capture Studio will give you several ways in which you can get the most out of the webinars that you record.

As you can see, learning SEO really isn’t as complicated as it may seem to be – especially not with the resources available. By enlisting Movavi Screen Capture Studio to help make it more convenient, you may even be able to transfer the guides or webinars that you find useful onto your mobile devices – so that you can learn more about SEO even when you’re on the go.

What is Rich Snippets in Seo – Beginner Guide

Today we will describe about rich snippets in Seo and their advantages respectively. Rich snippets are the most crucial factor of on-page Seo and use to promote your product, software’s, articles etc.

What is Rich Snippets in Seo

What is Rich Snippets in Seo?

Rich snippets are structured data markup, add in web pages to help search engine (Google) to understand your content better. User creates rich snippets manually or by a particular scripts and if you are a WordPress user then try Arthur hReview this plugin.

What is Rich Snippets in Seo - Beginner Guide

Rich snippets use to shows product/software/app ratings, prices also their availability in stock or not. Rich snippets create increment in click-through rate (CTR) out of search engine impressions.

Google describe the rich snippets from the following data types such as,

Products: Slightly information about product, user ratings, price and stock availability of this product.

Video and Movies Review: In videos or movies shows a piece of short description and user ratings of video as well as a thumbnail image.

News Snippets: Comes with news headlines, featured image, published date and publisher info.

Rich snippets make easy for Google crawler and searching user to understand your content with ease. In simple words,it makes your content or article snippet more superior and appealing than other around there.

After setup rich snippet structured markup on your website, you can test your web page on Google Structured Data Testing Tool. Keep remember that, after enable or setup rich snippet markup on your website, Google will take time to crawl it and Google is not bound for anyone means that Google will show your rich snippet in search results when it will feel that is suitable for user. Must read the Google developers guide on rich snippets.

Let us know, if you found this article or guide helpful for your Seo journey. If you have additional queries concern to rich snippets in Seo so you may leave your comment under this topic or can arise your question on our community forum.

What is Alexa And How Does it Work

I already spend so any times on Alexa to understand their algorithms and tactics. That how they rank and how they work it globally. There are so many things which are interconnected with each other. Many times readers emphasize to me that to make a comprehensive guide on Alexa that what is Alexa and how does it work so now it’s ready to be there.

What is Alexa and How Does It Work?

Here is a question mark on this above line because many viewers doesn’t know that what is Alexa and how does it work in ranking matters. As we know that Alexa is a digital marketing tool owned by Amazon Inc. On our community forum there are various user’s who asked this above similar question but due to lake of guide material I was not able to provide a proper answer over there.

What is Alexa and How Does It Work
A user create a topic regarding Alexa on our community forum. He wants to know about Alexa as a beginner so that is why we mentioned this piece of image here for user awareness.

So today here, I’m here to present the absolute video guide on Alexa and their ranking involvement in search engine or with Google. Keep remember that, this video especially designed under the consideration of beginners who have no awareness of Alexa basically. Watch it below.

Above video guide contains the knowledge about Alexa and their interference in search engine factors.

Alexa rank and Google rank both are totally separate aspects from many perspectives. Alexa is just a digital marketing tool which measure your site traffic and conversations on another sites whether it is organic or paid then permit a particular global or country rank conversely Google is completely a search engine which assign a page rank or positions which decide how your site will be represented in search engine according to your rank, activities, popularity like in chronological order in the shape of search engine snippets or results.

Let us know, if you think that you got a right piece of guide on our website. If you have additional queries regarding this tutorial so don’t hesitate and ask it below in comment box or also on our community forum.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review

Today I saw a notification after logged into my WordPress backend, which was update Your Yoast Seo into 3.2 version. Recently we wrote an article on Yoast 3.1 features review. This Yoast 3.2 version comes with more improvements and more bugs has been resolved in this version according to their team. In this quick guide,  we will our Yoast Seo 3.2 quick review for readers better understanding how they can get benefit with it in their blogging journey.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review:

I simply analyze those features which they highlighted but few are most appreciable. Let me elaborate each one of them.

New Help Center:

Yoast team stick a new help center bar under the General section for user convenience or better guidance. In which they give a short tour of their new added features in current running Yoast Seo version.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review New Help Center

Premium: Social Previews:

This feature was not available in previous version but now you can avail with it. But only those people can avail benefit with it who paid for that plugin or using premium version of this plugin. Free users can’t utilize that feature, which is probably sad especially for many readers who can not bear this expense. Through this feature, you can easily see your web pages previews in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review Social Previews

Improved Inline Help:

Yoast this time added a magnificent feature, which can help you if you are in trouble. Let’s suppose if you do not understanding about few fields such as focus keyword, Meta title and description etc so there you will find a question mark help button, after press it you can see Yoast written article link on that matter or particular fields. Thus you can go ahead and can easily analyze those feature significance.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review Inline Help

Exclude Google Plus Social:

In this version Yoast Seo 3.2, they exclude Google plus social tab because metadata conflictions with Facebook, which caused many issues. Google also were using Facebook meta data so that extend in this feature with definitely help you on both sides.

Removed NOYDIR:

As we know that Yahoo directory has been closed and no longer exist. And Yoast team is sure about that Yahoo directory will not come back again. That is why, they removed this NOYDIR tag from this plugin. Must read What are the Noodp and Noydir Meta tags.

Let us know, if you found this article useful and  valuable for your Seo training. If you have any question related to this article or Yoast Seo plugin so we always respect readers feedback. You also can join our community forum for your Q/A or can comment under this article.

Role of Meta-Descriptions in SEO

In layman’s terms meta-description is the summary of a webpage. These are HTML attributes that contain the explanation of the contents of a web page and are displayed along with the webpage link in search result queries.

Role of Meta-Descriptions in SEO

In a typical search query, more than 20 results pop-out, which could be even more if the user has set otherwise in his settings. Now the link user chooses to click upon depends greatly on the meta-description. It gives reader a preview of what he/she is about to see on a particular page. Therefore, meta-descriptions need to be written with precise knowledge of the subject and in a way that captures the reader’s attention and compels him/her to click on the page.

A Code Sample for Meta-Descriptions:

 <meta name="description" content="This is an example of a meta description which will show up in search results under the webpage link.">

What is Optimal Length of a Meta-Description?

It depends on different search engines. Typically, a Meta description should end within 155 characters. More than that and it will not show up in search results.

Meta-description and SEO:

In September 2009, Google announced that neither meta-descriptions nor meta-keywords are a key factor in deciding your SERP ranking. Google uses Meta descriptions only in cases of advanced searches by the user to match Meta tag content and to pull preview snippets on search results page.

Although meta-descriptions are not an integral part of SEO anymore, they still remain a vital part of on-page optimization and have a great impact on the end result viz. traffic.

Good SEO requires that your meta-description contains the keyword you are targeting on your webpage and that it is completed within the prescribed word limit. That’s all.

How to Write the Perfect Meta-Description?

When it comes to meta-descriptions, forget about SEO and start thinking about Click-through. A meta-description is the ad-copy screaming out loud to the reader to click on it! Here are some practices used in Search Engine Optimization in Lebanon to up the ante of your meta-description game.

Keep the Words in Check:

Always keep in check the word limit for maximum impact i.e. 155-160 characters.

It’s an Ad copy:

Meta description is a great tool to steroid up your click-through rates. But this is only possible when it’s written like an Ad copy. In 160 characters you have to creatively use the limited space to both convey your summary and interest reader to follow through. Curiosity is the key when writing Meta descriptions.

Avoid Duplicate Meta-tags:

Each page should have unique meta-tags. A very good way to make sure this happens is by creating a systematic and dynamic approach to make sure that meta-tags are unique and do not repeat.

Never Add quotes:

Google automatically removes any thing that is written in quotes. To prevent your Meta descriptions from being cut-off by Google, avoid using all non-alphanumeric characters.

It’s okay to Not use Meta-Descriptions at all, Sometimes:

Conventional logic will tell you otherwise, but it’s okay sometimes to not use meta-descriptions at all. This is found to be extremely beneficial for pages that are focusing on long-tail keywords. Search engines today are smart enough to find the most relevant thing.

Has a good meta-description helped improved your SEO? Let us know by commenting in the section below.