Importance of National Unity For a Country

National unity is an important concept for country welfare. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had taught us three guiding principles for nation building. These were unity, faith and discipline. He mentioned the unity in the first place among the three. This shows that, he gave the foremost priority to unity. Of course, this is the most precious principle to make rapid and lasting progress in collective life. Let us try to understand the importance of it in collective and national life.

National Unity Importance For a Country

Importance of Nation Unity:

In the early days of Islam, Muslims were united under their pious leadership. That is why, within a few years, they become a dominating power in the world. With their unity, they defeated Roman and Persian empires. Which were two super powers at that time. Owing to unity and oneness, they were ruling in three continents, Asia, Europe and Africa. Muslim empire expanded from Southern France to Multan, in the subcontinent. Muslim ruled the world more than a millennium. After that they showed the sign of weakness in all fields of life. It was due to their disunity. So, they lost their domination. The most prominent example is of Ottoman Empire. It was defeated during First World War by the Allied. The Allied defeated the Muslims by dividing them into Arabs and non-Arabs. On the contrary, the Allied become successful because of their alliance and unity against enemies.

Nation Unity & Pakistan:

The creation of Pakistan was also due to the unity of the Muslims under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Allama Iqbal dream of Pakistan in 1930, in Allabad and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah changed it into reality within only 17 years. He became successful in doing so on account of the unity of the Muslims of India. But unluckily, after independence, Pakistani nation became divided among sectarian, ethnic and linguistic sections. That is why, they are facing disrepute among the community of the nations. They are Punjabi, Sindhi, Bloch, Pakhtoon, Muhajir, Sunni, and Shia but not Pakistani. That is why, they are not making progress. Rather they are going downward.


We can sum up the discussion by saying that unity is the first and foremost thing for a nation to make progress. The instances of the Muslims in the early days of Islam and the disunity of them in modern era show the vitality of oneness and unity. Pakistani nation should also follow the spirit of unity, if they want to make themselves prominent among the community of nations. It is the need of the hour for us.

Wonders of Science and Technology

We are living in the age of science, technology and machines. No country can survive without a sound solid scientific base in modern era. In future it will be more needful to adopt scientific approach in all walks of life.

Wonder of Science and Technology

Wonder of Science and Technology:

During the last three or four decades, we have observe revolutionary changes in the field of science, technology and machines. Science has benefited us in countless ways. Our lives have been revolutionized because of it.

Science surpasses the old miracle of mythology.Emerson

Science and technology Advantages:

The dominating of the western world is greatly, indebted to science and its inventions. The usage of it can be seen in all major fields. In America and western European countries, people organize their lives according to the scientific principles. It is due to science that they are making progress in almost every field. Machines solar and nuclear technologies and so many other things are the products of science.

A fundamental rule in technology says that whatever can be done will be done.Andrew Grove

We have overcome many fatal diseases by the use of science and technology. Modern technology and scientific machines are being used in diagnosing and treatment of the different diseases. In the field of agriculture, we have used to science and technology to enhance our production. New ways of farming are being used, with the help of it. In energy sector, the role of science and technology is very prominent.

Science and technology Disadvantages:

It has several disadvantages too. By the use of science and technology, man has made his world a dangerous place. Man has invented such dangerous weapons as can destroy the whole world within a few minutes. Atomic bomb is also a kind of scientific machine. Science and technology is going to become the cause of unimaginable destruction. It is being out of control. It is feared that if man doesn’t use science and technology wisely, it will be the cause of destruction of humanity.


Islam does not prohibit the use of science and technology in favor of humanity. In fact it lay stress upon the use of it, for the betterment of humanity. The importance of knowledge in Islam is a well-known fact. According to Islam, the whole universe and its content have been created for man. But the use of these things is up to us. We can use it for both constructive and destructive purpose.

Causes of Poverty and its Solution

Our country is in the evil grips of economic problems. But poverty has become the most critical economic issue in ‘United States’. This problem is a major hurdle in the way of advancement. It is not only effecting us in term of economic but also creating many social problems. Let discuss the causes, effects and solution of poverty.

Causes of poverty and its solution

Causes of Poverty:

First of all, the poor governance system and the lack of will are two main causes of poverty. The people at the helm of affairs are not willing to address the problem of poverty. Therefore, they do not provide any solution. Rather they are part of the problem. They are not serious at all in uprooting this problem. Instead they are promoting it through their poor governance.

Causes of poverty

Secondly, wrong polices of successive governments are also a big causes of poverty. The polices of governments should be formed for the welfare and well-being of the general public. But here rulers pursue their persona al interest and motives. They do not have any interest to making the country stable in economic sense.

Thirdly, the role of international monetary agencies like IMF and World Bank in running our economy is also a major cause f it. Because of corruption and poor governance system major part of our resources is going into drain. To meet the budgetary deficit, our governance go to IMF and international monetary agencies for leading. So, they impose their own conditions. These conditions serve the interests of capitalist countries. These conditions are regarding devaluations of local currency, down-sizing, more taxes on local industry and abolition of subsidies on different articles of daily usage. Interestingly they impose these conditions in the name of abolition of poverty and economic reforms programs, but these steps promote inflation, poverty, corruption, tax evasion, smuggling, unemployment and dearness.

“I do not mind going back to daylight saving time. With inflation, the hour will be the only thing I’ve saved all years.” (Victor Borge)

Poverty Solution/Remedies:

If we take remedial measures, after knowing its roots causes, we will be able to abolish this dire problem. Then we will be able to win all kind of laurel. In this way, we can achieve the goal of economic prosperity.

Poverty Solutions

To address the problem of poverty, we will have to take multidimensional steps, on different levels. First of all, we must improve our governance system. But before doing this, we need will, because determination is the basic thing before doing anything.

Secondly, we must give right direction to our directionless and misdirected policies. Personal agenda and motives must be kept aside. Policies must be formed for the well-being of the people. The people in power should also rectify themselves. Lastly, we must get rid of the evils grips of IMF and other leading agencies. We will have to formulate independent economic policies. These policies must serve our national interests.

Human Rights Violations and Our Society

Human rights violations:

In this modern world, where numerous changes are occurring, there human rights violations are also increasing constantly. An ideal society is based on social justice and protection of the basic rights of every individual. It is a famous saying of Hazart Ali (R.A) that a pagan society can exist but a society with injustice cannot survive. The safety of life and property, education, social and economic justice are the basic rights.

Human rights violations

Human Rights violations and Our Society:

Unfortunately, our society is famous for human rights violations. Here people have to face injustice in every field of life. Killings, rapes, street-crimes and tyrant attitude with women are very common. Women in tribal and feudal dominated areas are made the victim of oppression and discrimination.

Child labor is also another severe violation of human rights. The school going children are used as workforce in factories and homes. Honor killing and tradition of “Wani” are practiced in these areas. Marriage with Quran is also a very severe king of violation of human and women rights. It is not only the violation of commands of the Holy Quran but also contempt of it.

Human rights violations prevention

Oppression and injustice of police is also another kind of violation of human rights. Police is politicized here. Politician and influential people use it for personal motives. Political opponents and the poor are tortured in police station.

Prevention of Violation:

For remedial measures, we will have to make efforts on multidimensional levels. We need determination to uproot the curse of violation of human rights. If we follow the fundamental principle of Islam, We can overcome the situation. ‘Khutba-e-Hajjat-ul-wida’ is the greatest charter of human rights.

Pakistan and Human Rights:

Pakistan is the signatory of human charter of UNO. So, in this way, it is our international and religious obligation to honor human rights. We will have to educate the people to make them aware of human rights.


The study of Holy Quran will also motivate the people to honor human rights. We will have to recognize police too. Committed person should be recruited on merit in police force. Judiciary should also do justice. All the criminals should be made accountable. Innocent and the poor should be helped. In this way, we can present the soft image of Pakistan and Islam before the world.

Importance of Newspaper in Our Society

Importance of Newspaper:

We can’t overlook the importance of newspaper in our daily routines. The role of print and electronic media is dominating one, in the modern world. In this age of information newspaper is the most powerful tool to express ideas and information. It is a part and parcel of modern life. It is playing its vital role by providing information and creating awareness among the people.

Importance of Newspaper

Like all the other things, newspaper has abuses along with its uses. Let us have a bird’s eye view of the various aspects of it.

Advantages of Newspaper:

First we should analyze the positive things regarding newspaper. It keeps us informed about the current affairs of the whole world. In absence of newspaper, we cannot have a true picture of our surroundings. It also enhances our knowledge and broadens our vision. It makes us realize that we are living in a dynamic world of knowledge and learning. Secondly, it is also a source of entertainment. The people, who are fond of sports and games or showbiz, feel a sense of relief through the segments of entertainment, games and showbiz. Advertisements are also a very prominent feature of newspaper. It contain many advertisements, which promote economy activity. In this way, it is serving not only in terms of information and entertainment but also in creating a pro economic atmosphere.

Disadvantages of Newspaper:

Newspaper has many abuses too. By providing wrong information, it can mislead the people. Newspaper can terrify people by spreading sensationalism. Furthermore, by immoral advertisement and vulgar pictures. It can be a severe danger to the moral values of our society.

Newspaper is also a source of exchanging diverse views regarding diverse things. It can mould the opinion of the masses in positive and negative ways. If newspaper feed the people with wrong views, it can be very disastrous.


By summing up the discussion, we can say that things are not good or bad in their existence. It is the usage of thing, which make it useful or abusive. Its utility cannot be denied. Rather, we need it. Of course newspaper can be a weapon of propagating wrong ideas. However, at the same time, it is a tool of preaching positive thinking too.

Concept of Zakat in Islam

Zakat in Islam:

Poverty is a major issue of our age. Humanity and our planet is crying out for help. Many people become frustrated members of the society due to poverty. Islamic teaching also emphasize on the abolition of poverty and just and just distribution of wealth. That is why, concept of ‘Zakat’ has been given in Islam.

Concept of zakat in Islam

Zakat in Islam Rules:

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. We can use it to abolish poverty and hunger from the society. Needy people can be helped by the use of ‘Zakat’. It has been made compulsory for wealthy people to give ‘Zakat’ to the needy people. ‘Zakat’ is a revolutionary concept of Islam. If we promulgate it, we can uproot poverty. The philosophy behind this concept is to promote distribution of wealth and generate economic activity. ‘Zakat’ is compulsory on that wealth, which remains in possession of a person during the whole year. Its percentage is 2.5. If a wealth is invested in business, there will not be ‘Zakat’ on it. In that case it provides employment to the needy people. So in either of the cases, it is a blessing for the society.

On the other hand, if we do not invest our wealth and keep it in our possession, it will be compulsory for us to pay ‘Zakat’ on it. In that way also, needy  people like orphans, window and the poor are helped.

If we look around, we can observe that, there are so many institutions, which are being run by the money paid in the form of ‘Zakat’. The holy Quran has repeatedly mentioned ‘Zakat’ along with ‘Namaz’ is a way to lay stress upon its importance.


By concluding the discussion, we can say that ‘ Zakat in Islam ‘ is a revolutionary concept in Islam. Its purpose to is to help needy and abolish poverty from the society, So that Muslims society may be changed into a real welfare society. if we are successful in doing so, we can present Islam as a religion of welfare before the world. This will be helpful in presenting the real and soft image of Islam.

Kashmir Issue Between India and Pakistan

Kashmir Issue:

Kashmir is a core issue between India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan have been with each other on Jamu and Kashmir since 1947. Kashmir is the major problem between two countries. We fought three wars on Kashmir issue. In the war of 1948, We got a part of Kashmir. This part is called Azad Kashmir. Owing to this issue, we had fought the war of 1971. During this war, Indians conspired against Pakistan and cut of east Pakistan from rest of the country. Now East Pakistan is called Bangladesh.

Kashmir Issue

But after becoming nuclear powers, now both countries cannot go into war with each other. So, we are observing, there is a new wave of relationship. They are talking to each other on different disputed issues. But still, there is no break through because indians do not concede Kashmir disputed area. They say that it is an integral part of India.

Water Issues between India and Pakistan:

Kashmir is the source of fresh water of rivers flowing into Pakistan. Pakistan is an agricultural country. That is why, Quaid-e-Azam had called Kashmir “the great artery of Pakistan”. Now India constructing dams and barrages on the river flowing into Pakistan. This is violation of Indus Basin water treaty of 1964. Pakistan is protesting against this theft of river water at every international forum. Both the countries are engaged with each other in so-called peace talk. But Indian often go back on their promises, which they commit in these talks. India accuses Pakistan of terrorism. It says that insurgency in Kashmir is a Pakistani supported act of terrorism. But Pakistani is of the view that this is a freedom struggle. Kashmir people are running this movement to get their due rights.


Peace between India and Pakistan is necessary to maintain peace in South Asia. But this dream cannot be fulfilled without resolving the problem of Kashmir. But India is not serious in maintaining peace. Peace is also a need of international community. Kashmir issue must be resolved according to the U.N resolutions, otherwise a nuclear war is a quite possible between Pakistan and India.

Difficulties And Problems of BA Students

Problems of BA Students:

Education is the most important thing for a nation. But in Pakistan, it is the most neglected field. Primary, high and higher secondary education system, all have been put in back burner. According to an estimate, only 1.5 percent people of our total population are graduates. Majority of them are arts graduates or B.A. B.A students students face so many problems while studying. Let us have a thumbnail’s sketch of these problems.

Problems of BA Students

B.A Students facing these Problems:

  • The first and foremost problems of B.A students is to pass English. English is a compulsory subject in B.A. This is the main issue for B.A students. If this problem is solved, 90% burden of their problems will be lessened. More than 99 percent students are baseless in english because teaching of english in schools is not up to the mark. So, on reaching at university level, they feel difficulty. Some students cannot pass english even after attempts of many years.
  • In the second place majority of these students take B.A exams as private candidates.  They do not have proper guidance. So, they fail in exam.
  • Thirdly, a large number of students want to prepare for B.A exams while doing jobs. This part-time study is also a major cause of their failure, because at university level, we need intense study to get success.

Many students join private so-called academies and tuition centers for preparation. But too few of such centers provide quality education. They do not have qualified students, who could teach students well.

College teachers are also very much responsible for the difficulties of the students at B.A level. At college level, lecturers and professors do not want to come down from the high pedestal of their level. So, students remain blank, in the whole course of their studies.


There are some problems faced by B.A students, which should be address. English is the most problematic issue for them. So, teaching of english at levels of education must be improved. College teachers should also feel their responsibility and come down to the level of students. They should give them individuals attention if it is possible.

Kalabagh Dam Issue in Pakistan

Kalabagh Dam Issue:

Energy crisis or load shedding is the most critical issue for Pakistan. This critical issue always force us to think about the building of kalabagh  dam and other reservoirs. But two provinces of Pakistan, Sindh and K.P.K. are strongly opposing the construction of kalabagh dam. Our economy has suffered a lot due to load shedding and not building dams.

Kalabagh Dam Issue in Pakistan

Kalabagh Dam Issue effects on Country Economy:

Millions of labourers and farmers have become unemployed. A big area of uncultivated land cannot be cultivated owing to the shortage of water and energy resources. Factories and mills are facing closure. Our agricultural and industrial production is not competitive in international market because of high prices of electricity. We are producing electricity from thermal resources. Thermal projects are very expensive because these are run by oil and gas.

On the contrary, power produced by hydel resources is very cheap. That is why, we always seriously think about the construction of kalabagh dam and other reservoirs on facing the energy shortage or load shedding.

Kalabagh Dam Overview:

Kalabagh dam is to be built on Indus river. But K.P.K. objects that it will be dangerous for Nowshera in case of flood while Sindh is of the view that it will have to face water shortage in case of building any new dam on indus river. These are two main hurdles in the way of its building. But the experts contradict these things. Rather, they have totally opposing opinion.

There are many other dams which can also be built. Basha, Munda, and Okori dams are some important projects of water reservoirs. They can give us cheap electricity, which will be helpful in getting rid of load shedding. They can also provide us additional water, Which will cultivate vast area of land. If we keep on relying on thermal units, it will be disastrous because oil price are getting higher and higher. Furthermore, we are also facing shortage of natural gas too. Experts say that we can also fulfill our needs by constructing smaller dams.


The fact is that energy and fresh water shortage will be the most problematic issue for the world  in future. This issue can be very dangerous thing for Pakistan, if we do not use our potential wisely. We have rivers but we don’t built dams. That is why, we are facing load shedding and water shortage.

Causes of Corruption in Pakistan

Causes of Corruption:

Corruption is a curse which spoils the society and undermines its roots. It became the cause of destabilization and anxiety. If we do not address corruption, it can bring unimaginable destruction. As a result the whole fabric of the nation will be collapsed. But can we do away with it? Let us discuss its root and causes of corruption, in the first place. Then, we will suggest some remedial measures to eradicate it.

Causes of corruption

First of all, wrong policies of the government are the causes of corruption. The direction of polices are not right. These policies support and serve the interests of the corrupt people.

Secondly, recruitment in government departments is not done on merit. Bribery and nepotism are order of the day. So, government officials earn by fair means or foul.

Thirdly, moral bankruptcy of the people become the causes of corruption. It leads us to poverty, inflation, unemployment, bribery, dearness, smuggling and so many other social evils. People do not follow the teaching of Islam. That is why, they are faced with such problem and evils.

After knowing and diagnosing the root causes of corruption. We can suggest some steps to eradicate it. For this purpose, the people and policy-makers must join hands. First of all, we are to follow the teaching of Islam. If we follow these teachings, we will be able to uproot the problems like corruption, poverty, inflation, unemployment, bribery, dearness, smuggling and so many other social evils. Secondly merit should be strictly followed while recruitment in government departments. The elite should also feel their responsibility. And lastly, education and awareness can be the best weapons to combat corruption.


The bottom line of the discussion is that corruption is a major cause of anxiety in the society. If we do not take remedial steps to abolish it. This can be the cause of horrible results. If we abolish the dire problems of corruption, we can make Pakistan strong and stable. Corruption free society is the first condition for a modern state. And modern Pakistan should absolutely be free from corruption.