How to Embed Google Maps On Blog

Google maps is the most important thing where your business presence should be. Google maps provides an interface from where every user can easily listed their business on their specific location or can mark his location. Where your clients can write their review about your business, which can put a good influence or reputation on your business. Google business mapping also become the Seo factor of off-page Seo due to their perfection and efficiency. Today in this article, I will write about how you can embed your Google maps on blog or your company blog or corporate site.

First create your Google map then you need to put this map on your website pages such as contact us or about us etc.

Google map is free of cost for everyone, anyone can use it, built their own maps and can put it online.

How to Embed Google Maps On Blog:

Simply Go to Google maps and browse or search your location in the given search box on this page. When you got your location in-front of you so its time to get that embedding code of that particular location.

How to Embed Google Maps On Blog Image 1

  • First Search your location for which location map you want to put on your blog.
  • Secondly, On the left sidebar you will see the SHARE button.
  • After click on SHARE button a new pop up comes up and there will be two ways of sharing. One is by using short link second is embed map via using iframe code. Then we will go with Embed map option.

How to Embed Google Maps On Blog Image 2

  •  Now finally, copy the iframe code and simply paste on your website page where you like to display this map.
  • Now this code work will work perfectly.

Even you can resize this map or also can get the iframe code according to your size large, medium, small and custom size according to your requirements.

How to Embed Google Maps On Blog Image 3

That is perfectly fine, even you also can add your custom CSS inside this iframe code if you are a developer or knows slightly coding.

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How to Improve AdSense Earning Tips and Tricks

As we are familiar with AdSense is most high paying ad PPC ad network. Which would be the first choice of any publisher to put their ads on his website or blog. Here is the most prominent thing among AdSense users is how to improve AdSense earning because 80% new starters claims that they are not getting good CPC as they were expected. First of all getting an approved AdSense account is not like eating an apple, your website should be eligible for Google ads otherwise your website will be rejected. You must read the 13 things to Do before applying Google AdSense Account.

How to Improve AdSense Earning Tips and Tricks

How to Improve AdSense Earning:

Getting a healthy income through AdSense is really a tricky job. Only people who have bold experience in this field can do that, secondly you can avail from these people experience. I made an appropriate guidance by using which you can easily improve AdSense earning without any hurdle.

Valuable & Unique Content:

Your first step should be writing a creative and unique content. Do not copy another website subjects, almost bloggers adopt that way which a Seo infringement in itself. Focus on these points or topics, which searches ratio is usually good or excellent. You can find that keywords or topics from various methods such as Google instant, Google trends and Google keyword planner tool etc.

Backlinks Strategy:

Most of the times, incoming visitors from rich niche sites can become the cause of good fortune. Majority times, users only clicks on those links for which they are interested to go with. Thus, backlinks can be the reason of the increment AdSense income.

Geo Location:

That is what, which is 80% impact on your monthly income whether it is AdSense or another ad network. According to my perception, almost experts knows this fact. If you ask me why? so my answer would be probably slightly complex. Google check it out or already knows the every country online conversion rate on their ads.

How to Improve AdSense Earning Tips and Tricks Geo location

Let’s take an example to complete this topic. If I’m going to search engine and search for CR7  price in New York city, then Google respond with so many search results in return. So I just picked up one website from these search results and go ahead, on that website an outstanding article on CR7 with price comparison. On the same time, on right hand sidebar I found an ad related to this article, on which a finest limited time offer of CR7 is showing. So at this time user is interested because he is already seeking for CR7 price so he would definitely go with this ad and click on it then probably, made this CR7 shoe purchase done. This is a conversion rate, which I was talking about above.

Conversely, if this above same situation is happen in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc, so what their users reaction in return. There are 50-50 chances because of less online payment gateway support in these Asian countries, less intellectual people ratio in these countries and less knowledge of purchasing things from online websites. There is another one bold reason, due to security reasons almost Asian countries gov do not allow users to use their bank debit cards internationally or globally and everyone can not bear the cost of credit cards.

Thus, Geo location impact on your AdSense earnings. If the above situation happen in developed countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada and further European countries so their conversion percentage would 80%, because of well knowledge in online marketing and their usage. They also have maximum payment gateways such as PayPal, Payoneer, American Express, credit and debit cards etc. Must read List of AdSense Highest Paying CPC Countries. You also can read the story of mine 77 USD Dollars Lead in a Single Day with Google AdSense.

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77 USD Dollars Lead in a Single Day with Google AdSense

Yesterday I made 77 USD dollars in my Google AdSense account with KnowledgeIDea advertisement. That was very honorable moment for me to achieve this lead. Behind this achievement, lots of day and night struggle with consistency. I personally want to share my ideas, how I did that because sharing increases humans knowledge instead of hoarding.

77 USD Dollars Lead in a Single Day with Google AdSense

I have a proof of my AdSense account screenshot, actually i was much shocked because this was first time for me to seeing that incredible results in a single day.

77 USD Dollars Lead in a Single Day with Google AdSense Proof

Second snapshot of this AdSense earning.

77 USD Dollars Lead in a Single Day with Google AdSense Proof

77 USD dollars achievement have few secrets and tactics. Personally, I found few things which was become the reason of this wealthy income.

Behind every success some secrets are hidden. Here are few prominent things and aspects, which are considerable in this wealthy income.

Right Ads Placement:

According to the above report, 60% clicks made on top headers and above the fold ads. Which are highly paid by advertisers. Read about how to best placement Google AdSense ads. According to Google heat map, above the fold places are premium and their ads always have highest bidding on reputed sites.

Where Traffic Comes:

Most important factor to determine the CPC is, where you are getting traffic? Every country have particular CPC and value. Above 77 USD traffic statistics overview is that, 40% AUS, 10%US, 30% India, %7 Pakistan and further so on.

If you are getting traffic from well-known reputed countries such as US, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and Netherlands etc, so these countries have great conversation value and their online presence is much robust than other countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka and so on. Geolocation 100% matter during determine CPC and bidding price. Learn List of AdSense Highest Paying CPC Countries.

Our concept is not about which country is inferior or superior, here actual agenda is what countries have strong presence or their user has interest. Let suppose, online shopping can be the new action for India and Pakistan but in US and UK it is daily routine task and people trust and like to purchasing items online stores instead of department stores. These things put impact on users interest and also on whose companies are running online business.

Organic VS Social:

From where your website receiving incoming traffic? Social sites, direct from search engine (Organic) and from referral sites. Organic traffic are rich and not easy to grab in a single day it sip your efforts. Unlike Facebook traffic is worthwhile because easy to grab due to user interest and referral sites also. Above 77 USD traffic comes from 65% Organic, 15% Referral sites, 15% Direct and 5% Social media sites.

There are so many other factors and algorithm involve in to determine the real CPC price, but above are most necessary and considerable from Seo perspective.

This achievement put the enthusiasm inside me to work more. If you like this story and successful bogging journey and have dreamed to become a millionaire so simply share this story nonstop. If you have any question and thoughts so you can join us on our community forum or can comment under this article.

Important Things to Do After Webmaster Site Submission

Here are few tips and important things to do after webmaster site submission. After submit your website in your webmaster account, Google will send you an email with few tips. Improve your website presence in search engine by following these tips and important instruction.

Important Things to Do After Webmaster Site Submission

Google webmaster is just not the name of website submission to Google. This is a place, where Google crawler highlight website errors or missing 404 pages to resolve it for site better ranking. This is a place, where we can connect to search engine activities, which search engine taken during crawling or analyzing our site web pages.

Watch on YouTube:

What we described in Above Video:

We guide and describe few important aspects of Google webmasters crucial options to improve your website in search engine.

  • Set or configure preferred domain in your webmaster account.
  • Setup or submit your website XML sitemap.
  • Google Webmaster console error detection and solution.

This video is an extraordinary or remarkable guide on Google webmaster functions. If you find any issue or trouble while watching this guide so you may put your comment under this article or can join on our forum.

How to Create Google Forms For Survey

Did you heard about Google forms before reading this article? Probably not, Google forms comes with most appealing features maybe you will not be acquainted with it. But today, in this article we will let you know about how to create Google forms for survey and their benefits in usual office online works.

How to Create Google Forms:

Google forms made easy for you to create online survey on quick bases without doing any tricky efforts. Most appealing part of this Google product is that, just you need a Gmail account to go with it. Google forms is completely free of cost same like other Google products.

If you are a company then you can easy made an eye catchy forms for getting feedback’s or surveys from your users or employees. Google forms also have incredible integrated features, which we will highlight during this guide time period. Google forms data will be recorded on spreadsheets on backend side (Same like working as MySQL database tables and fields or Excels spreadsheets is the good example of this recorded data), which you can easily check it out or can manipulate on your Google sheets account. You can easily export or download all over data with in minutes in csv, xlsx, pdf of in further formats for user convenience. Simply watch the below complete guide video tutorial.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

In the above guide, we approximately covered all over the aspects of Google forms. Google forms can be used on professional level like in company stages, ecommerce website survey, world social media surveys etc.

Let us know, if you found this video tutorial guide help and worthy for your journey. If you have any issue regarding Google forms or during video any issue, you may join us on our community forum or also can leave your comment below.

50+ Google AdSense High Paying Technology Keywords

As you will be familiar with Google AdSense and their finest earnings. I already wrote an article on 50 top Google AdSense high paying keyword but this article contains only Google AdSense high paying technology keywords. So now our purpose is clear to show about tech niche based keywords, which CPC much higher than your expectation.

Google AdSense High Paying Technology Keywords

Google AdSense High Paying Technology Keywords:

Recently I have made a collection of rich Google AdSense technology based keywords. Which will help you definitely or you can write an articles on them to generate many rich traffic on your blog.

Why we are publishing those premium and selective technology niche based keywords? The only purpose is to spread awareness about technology trends, secondly through these keywords you can write article which will be relevant with these keywords then it will be benefit for you.

Keep remember that few things before go ahead, CPC bid can be fluctuate in future so these list so we will be not responsible for any fluctuations.

Let’s start to revealing those high paying technology keywords.

Keywords CPC Price
Android developers $6.27
Android app developers $10.80
Android developer blog $10.25
iOS developer $17
iOS developer portal $35
Social media management $12.35
Small business tech support $24.50
IT support services $23.89
IT support companies $24.00
Small business technology $23.00
Mobile app development $28.50
App development cost $14.50
Android for business $35.64
Using facebook for business $7.00
Facebook python sdk $25.16
Tech blogs $10.35
Online tech schools $22.07
Automotive tech schools $16.74
Custom application development $21.01
Desktop application development $22.05
Web application developers $15.66
Best uk web hosting $37.41
Small business web hosting $37.35
Dedicated web hosting $38.50
Dedicated web server hosting $46.63
Managed hosting service $31.92
Managed wordpress hosting $17.47
Install wordpress theme $15.31
Seo firms $31.83
Seo service company $24.63
Seo companies $21.48
Top seo software $30.82
Search engine optimisation tools $14.35
Creating your own website $12.83
Tech education $10.55
Smartphone application development $22.38
IT network services $50.69
Content delivery network architecture $19.32
Best content delivery network $12.74
B2B email marketing best practices $29.35
Effective email marketing $30.89
Automated email marketing $44.93
Custom software development $34.13
Software development companies $29.70
Data analytics $30.35
Data analytics software $30.50
Website builders $23.77
Build a website $24.95
Web hosting php $14.59
Server monitoring tools $26.27
Social media monitoring tools $17.02

Above collections of keywords approximately representing the technology niche keywords. This collection will be proven better, if you utilize it in better way and direction. We collect these premium keywords from Google instant search, Google keyword planner tools and many are associate with our years of experience.

Let us know, if you finds this article and list useful and valuable. For more discussion you may join on our community forum or can leave your comment below.

Google Instant Search Guide

Do you know? What is the Google instant search and what are their advantages for Google users. 80% of the users of internet are using Google search engine to getting their expecting results. 8 September 2010 Google announced Google instant search on his Google official blog.

What is Google Instant Search?

Google said that Google instant is faster than your typing speed, which is incredible. Google move his HTML static page into AJAX application to improve his searching tactics.

According to survey 70% of Google users still not acquainted with Google instant search feature. Google engineer’s design this Google instant search for user convince and another reason is feature extending which is necessary part of every company product or services.

There are several interesting characteristics of this Google instant search.

Relevancy: If you are typing any keyword let suppose “How to blog” then relevant results will be appeared under drop down automatically.

Google Instant Search Guide demo

Predictions/forecast: Google algorithms and technologies predict or can estimate your perceptions thus, show similar results under this instant search. When you stop typing then result different under instant search than you continue typing again.

Rapid Reaction: Google instant search is quick and responsive from every preservative. Google engineers said, “Instant search is faster than your typing speed in Google search box“.

Interesting thing about this instant search is that, this Google feature will work on almost browser’s includes Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and further so on. Another fact is that, this instant search will be different with your geographies locations. So that’s means Google rolling his instant search according to country searching trends.

We also arise this topic (Google Instant Search) on our community forum. You also can discuss it further there.

Note: Sometimes Google instant search will not be available or will not work due to your low internet connection or speed. Because it works incredible with fast internet connection.

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Is Google AdSense Banned in Pakistan

Most frequently asked question by majority of visitors and users, Is Google AdSense banned in Pakistan or not? Yet no one clearly knows what Google trying to say? I was slightly confused when the time of applying AdSense for my own site because rumors makes me scared about AdSense approval or decline.

Is Google AdSense Banned in Pakistan

But when i decided that let take a look Google guidelines review and then i started to learn it entirely. So let’s begin,

Is Google AdSense Banned in Pakistan?

Absolutely not, according to my review and sources AdSense did not ever get banned in past. AdSense just makes his rules and polices strict for particular countries for which they received more spamming activities. So you should not to be regret. I have some clues, which can definitely help you to find out actual propaganda.

As we are familiar that PayPal is banned in Pakistan because PayPal blacklist Pakistan country from his sign up form, from where user’s were able to become the part of this Community.

Same this concept will be applied here, still Google AdSense didn’t blacklist Pakistan from his program. So how could you say that Google AdSense doesn’t no longer supported to Pakistan. Lets talk with the proofs, i have a snapshot in which you can see clearly that Pakistan country name still exist in Google AdSense program.

Is Google AdSense Banned in Pakistan proof

Above image clearly showing that Pakistan country name still exist in Google AdSense program.

So the next question will be from your side, if AdSense is not banned as we said above so how you can get approval without any hurdle?

That will be good practice, if you read the eligibility to participate in Google AdSense especially for Asian countries Pakistan, India, China etc. Unlike i wrote an appropriate article earlier on “13 things to Do before applying Google AdSense Account” just try then let me know, what you got the result.

Note: To be honest with my passion i would say, please do not buy AdSense account in any condition from anyone because purchased AdSense account can be down any time permanently because AdSense team analyzes his account holders each activities with the passage of time.

Google Webmaster Tools Guide For Beginners

Almost my site readers and viewers requested to me to make an appropriate tutorial about Google webmaster tools guide for beginners. Google webmaster tools is an essential and awesome tool, where you can monitor your website activities in search engine (Google).

Google Webmaster Tools Guide:

Google webmaster tools is one of the prestigious tool to connect yourself or your website with Google search engine crawler.

Through this webmaster tools, you will be capable to submit your website sitemap to Google directly.

Watch on YouTube:

[su_youtube_advanced url=””]

Watch on Dailymotion:

What we described in this tutorial?

In this Google webmaster tools guide, we reveal and described following factors and aspects.

  • HTML improvements (Improve or remove meta tags bugs)
  • Sitelinks (You can demote sitelinks as per your choice)
  • Search Analytics (Track search engine snippets impressions and clicks)
  • Link to your site (Track and see those sites, who are connected with your website and vice versa)
  • Internal Links (Track and see website internal links, also how many times each page is linked to other internal page)
  • Manual Actions (Find or track any web-spam activity here)
  • Mobile Usability (Find website responsive theme errors on each pages, error’s will be highlighted here)
  • Index Status (See how many post and pages Google crawler indexed so far on particular dates)
  • Content Keywords (Watch particular keywords strength on your website and how many time you utilize those keywords and their related variants)
  • Blocked Resources (Track those page’s who is blocking server side resources including java scripts and CSS stylesheets)
  •  Crawl Errors & Stats (Track and checkout crawling errors includes server error, soft 404, not found errors etc. Crawl statistics will available there under crawl statistics on each day stats)
  • Fetch as Google (Check each website page and find that of which page crawler can crawl or blocked)
  • Robots.txt tester  (Can edit and test your existed robots.txt file through this tester)
  • Sitemaps (Add or submit your website sitemap to Google)
  • Security Issues (If there is any malware, virus occur on your website then Google bot will track it and show under this section)

Let me know, if you like this tutorial guide from every perspective. For more discussion and your feedback’s, you can join us our community forum or can leave your comment below.

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser

Do you know? what browser cookies are playing role in Google chrome. In Google chrome browser cookies store website addresses and their particular data, which implement you will see then you type any address then browser automatically detect those sites, which you already using because these are stored in browser cookies, that is why browser knows these sites. Now it’s time to learn about, how to enable cookies in Google chrome browser which can help you to memorize your website address locations.

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser preview

Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser:

Quite easy way to enable cookies in chrome for data storage, just you need to follow the following steps respectively.

Step 1:

Open you Google chrome browser then navigate to browser settings.

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser

Step 2:

Scroll down and click on Show advance settings…

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser step 2

Step 3:

Under privacy section, click on content settings… button and go ahead.

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser step 3

Step 4:

Under cookies section, make sure Allow local data to be set (recommended) option should be selected.

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser step 4

If your settings have same as above image, that’s all. Now your  Google chrome cookies has been enabled.

Let us know, if you find this guidance useful. For opinion more discussion and you can join us on our community forum or can leave comment below.