How to Move Email Any Specific Gmail Folder Automatically

One of the interesting task, you would love to learn is how to move email any specific Gmail folder automatically. This could be the most basic or most astonishing guide. First let me tell you, why you need to move your email from inbox to another particular folder? Because of categorize emails in a specific order. Let’s suppose, you are getting email notification from PayPal and you don’t like that this specific email land in your inbox because it can be lost among lots of other emails crowd. So the best way to change the direction or path of landing those specific email, which you don’t want in your Gmail inbox to assign a another folder to land safely there.

Move Email Any Specific Gmail Folder Automatically:

First of all you should have a Gmail account, afterwards you need to follow the below steps respectively.

  • On the bottom left hand side, beneath the inbox label you will found an option “Create new label” use this and create new one.How to Move Email Any Specific Gmail Folder Automatically Step 1See the above image for getting better understanding.
  • Now in this second step, go inside the recent one created folder. This is just to show you that folder has been created successfully.

How to Move Email Any Specific Gmail Folder Automatically Step 2

  • Now in third step, go back to inbox. And click on the top search bar right hand side drop icon before the search icon. It will expand the options to create filters.

How to Move Email Any Specific Gmail Folder Automatically Step 3

In the “From” field add the sender email which you wanna forward in that created new folder. Right now I added just HosterDay email as an example. Afterwards click on “Create folder with this search” button. You also can add the subject of that email whatever you like to write.

  • Now in fourth step, first check the “skip the inbox” and check “Apply the label” then chose the newly created folder or label then check the “Also apply filter to [Any number it could be here] matching conversations.” then simply click on “Create filter” button. That’s it!

How to Move Email Any Specific Gmail Folder Automatically Step 4

Now that specific filter has been created successfully. You may create as many as you like for future and that will automatically send emails into your those created or pointing folders. In case of any trouble or questions, use the below comment box or can directly join us via our community forum.

How Google Access the Authority of Web Pages

Google authority system is a systemic procedure Google our favorite search engine has a series of signals which evaluate the authority of webpage in a systemic manner. It is not an individual step but a variety of  procedures and methods that are not fixed. These are the variable measures which depends upon the problems and queries.

Page Rank Historic Authority Basis:

If we have a look on the background and history of Google it depends upon a single and individual authority based which is called Page Bank.  The page bank was depending upon the links related to pages. Google make evaluation and analyzed links calculation and in this way made determine page Rank score of web pages.

Page Rank is a step of Google overall ranking algorithm. Google also check the authenticity of links. It is not necessary that a web page with more links required high authority, but the web page which is important required higher rate of authority although it has few links, means number of links is not a measure of calculation for authority procedure. It may happened that a web page have few links but required a great rate of authority due to complexity of web page

If we analyzed the ranking system of Google search results then it does not depends upon the high page rank and high authority. The ranking system is a set of procedures having all factors and facts to understand.

Google Ranking System:

Now a day if we talk about the overall ranking system of signals then links and words of content have great impact. Google have more than two hundreds signals for ranking procedures, and these all signals having a series of authority, not depends upon the individual authority factor.

Google has its own system of artificial intelligence called Google Rank Brain system is very prominent factor in this regard. Feedback system is also used to improve the ranking system low quality pages are under consideration to innovate the overall ranking system. This system is very effective to take necessary actions to increase the efficiency of ranking system and a source to determine the planning and actions required to improve the quality measures and become a symbol to turn good to best. Google used a variety of series of signals for its search

According to Paul Haahr  (An engineer of search quality)

We have no one signal that we’ll say, ‘This is authority.’ We have a whole bunch of things that we hope together help increase the amount of authority in our results,

Google greatly take serious actions to enhance the quality of search results as according to words of Haahr

Our goal in all of this is that we are increasing the quality of the pages that we show to users. Some of our signals are correlated with these notions of quality

Per-page basis of Authority:

Google analyzed the authority on the basis of per page that every page is under consideration and evaluation for the purpose of ranking system. Famous pages are not the basis of ranking system that popular sites are not the measure of ranking system. But every single page is considered for this purpose of authority and this is the whole phenomenon of considering all actions needed for the web page authority.

Sitewide Signals:

What happened when two separate pages with equivalent contents? In this situation Site wide signals    helped in this regard. In this situation contents of web page used its own system of signals depends upon the query.

So Google have a fantastic system of authority which depends upon the bunch of signals which make the overall ranking system.

How to Install IDM Extension in Google Chrome

Most frequently question from users side “how to install IDM extension in Google Chrome”. Internet download manager is a tool by using which you can easily download your files, documents and videos. But installation of IDM software in your computer is not enough, you should have to install IDM extension in your chrome browser. Without IDM extension in your chrome browser, download bar will not appear in your that browser whether it is chrome or Firefox.

How to Install IDM Extension in Google Chrome

How to Install IDM Extension in Google Chrome:

It is very easy to install IDM extension in your chrome browser just follow the below steps respectively.

  • First IDM software should be installed in your computer. (If you don’t have then buy it from here prior to go ahead.) OR You can read How to Get Original Licensed IDM.
  • If you done with IDM software installation then go to C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager. Note: Some times in C local Disk both directories exist simple “Program files” OR “Program Files (x86)” If x86 folder exist then go inside in it. Otherwise if you found only “Program Files” then you also can go inside in it. But give priority to x86 if it is exist in C local disk.
  • Then inside this folder find “IDMGCExt.crx” file.

How to Install IDM Extension in Google Chrome Step 1

  • Now open Google Chrome browser and navigate to extensions page then drag the “IDMGCExt.crx” file from the folder and drop on the extension page. Please see the below image for better understanding.

How to Install IDM Extension in Google Chrome Step 2

  • A pop up comes up and ask to add this extension simply go ahead and Add Extension. Now your IDM extension has successfully added or installed in your chrome browser.

Once you done with extension installation then restart your browser. That’s all.

Let us know, if you find this article helpful and beneficial for which you were doing searching. If you are facing any trouble while adding this internet download manager extension in your chrome browser then you can join us on our community forum or can write your comment below.

Can We Use Pop-Ups Ads With AdSense

As we know that, pop-ups ads are now become the trend on almost sites around internet. There are several companies, who offers different kinds of pop-ups advertisements. Today here, I’m here to let you know about what Google think and what their perceptions about Pop-ups ads usage with AdSense. OR can we use Pop-Ups ads with AdSense ads on the same web page at the same time.

Can We Use Pop-Ups Ads With AdSense

Can We Use Pop-Ups Ads With AdSense?

Yes, but it has several conditions if you follow those conditions then you may go ahead with you pop ups ads. Google allow only three pop ups on their AdSense publisher sites, if it is more than three then there is a chance that your AdSense could be banned because it is against their polices. Read the AdSense FAQ.

In simple words, Google not permitted to place AdSense ads on sites which have more than three pop-ups. This statement clearly express, we can use Pop-ups ad network whose criteria meet with this condition.

Above statement is just the one side of the entire theory, Google also said, if pop-ups redirect the user to another web page, any virus distribution through pop-ups via those another web redirection, putting any effect on your current web page navigation which annoyed users naturally so these all condition also violate AdSense polices for Pop-ups ads.

So make sure, that any pop-up ad network not use any such kind of methods and strategy because this can put your AdSense in risky way.

Keep remember that, AdSense publisher are not allowed to insert or place Google ads in windows which are not initiated by a user’s click, also publishers are not allowed to place Google ads where the lacks of navigational control, because from this way users can not go back or forward.

If you want to put AdSense with Pop-ups ad network both simultaneously so you need to accept above all conditions then you can go forward and can start your making money online journey.

Let me know, if you have any thoughts regarding this article and Google perceptions about pop-ups usage with AdSense. If you have any query, so you can approach to us through our community forum or can write your comment below.

Google Allo vs other Messengers

Google Allo vs other MessengersGoogle messenger Allo is officially out now and available for download on play store and apple store since 21 of September 2016. Google Allo is not replacement of hangouts but it is standalone messenger which has been launched to beat the messengers such as Facebook messenger and whats app. It is hoped that it would bring new excitement as it has Google assistant none the less other messengers which is distinguishing feature.

Feature which other Messenger Doesn’t have:

Now, would Allo be successful in beating other already popular messengers such as Facebook messenger and whats app. Where Allo differs among all popular messaging apps is its ability to reply on behalf of the user. It also has a Google assistant chat bot which is another Google machine learning product.

1: Google Assistant:

Google assistant will be there while it is installed for user to play with it. Google Assistant can search through internet and make useful suggestions. This assistant can learn behavior of the user overtime build greater understanding. Because of this with time understanding, it can provide more appropriate suggestions. This virtual assistant of Google Allo can provide directions, popular news, weather and flight timings as well.

Google intends that often users have to pause their conversation to check their flights or other notifications. So they present a messaging app such as Google Allo which would keep user updated with the suggestions while keep chatting on the go. User can call Google assistant anywhere in the conversation with a friend.

User can ask any question to Google assistant I separate private string such as “what is hot in news” or “how will be weather today?”. User can actually talk to Allo instead of just typing and getting the reply. Google says that Google assistant in Allo is part of the advanced virtual AI assistant which can answer any question within a chat string. Allo gives suggestion each time it replies. Each reply is manual to next question for the user.

How to Set it Up?

Google Allo is not yet available on web or desktop but Google intends to expand it over other platforms soon. User cannot use same Allo account on multiple devices. Initially, Google Assistant is just available in English but it will gradually cover other languages also.  Google Allo account can be set up by providing phone number and getting it verified by code received via an automated message. Google account is not required to set it up. It is up to user’s if he wishes to associate his Google account with it or keep it separate. This sign up feature similar to other chat soft wares like FB messenger and whats app.

Google Allo vs other Messengers

Contact Management:

Google Allo does not have a separate contact list instead it sweeps through mobile phone’s contact list. User having Allo would appear on the top and rest of contact list would appear after them as invite list. If any contact does not have Allo he would receive a text message with sender’s name and a link to download the app whether he is iOS or android user. These features are pretty much similar to whats app but interesting thing Allo have is; if user does not want to install Allo, he can simply reply the text message.

Another new feature of Google Allo is, android user who does not have Allo would get direct android notification instead of getting it into android message app. Users who have Google Allo would need to give access contact permission to let it get contact list so that group chat could be started.

Automated Response:

Google Allo can suggest user automated replies to save user time when on the move. These suggested messages are part of its machine learning ability. It grasp user language response so that it could suggest reply in future which none of the messenger possess available in app store. Google Allo also can send response with small or large font size set by user.


Image Recognition:

Google Allo also have image recognition API attached which can distinguish between a human or an animal in the picture to suggest the response accordingly. User can also play with the images by resizing them.

User Collection:

Google Allo definitely have exciting new feature which other traditional chat soft wares lack. Though it is not replacement of “hangouts” yet it is expected that it would not get similar response as hangouts which got did not became much popular. Google must have some strategy to grab user attention who are already using other messengers such Facebook messenger and whats app and they are happy with them. It is yet to be seen that how many people install it as Facebook messenger and whats app are used by billions of users. Its availability on both platforms android and iOS, is its advantage over iMessenger as Allo is not first attempt of Google as messenger.

Google Updates Penguin 4.0 (Now Become The Core Algorithm)

Google Penguin is a filtered mechanism or algorithm, which find out the Google web spam search results. Because Google usual system can not deduct those spammy results. In simple words, Google Penguin find out those sites who are performing spamming activities in search engine. If Google Penguin filter find your website spammy so it would be penalized across Google search engine.

Google Updates Penguin 4.0 (Now Become The Core Algorithm)

As we know that, Google Penguin 3.0 was updated in 2014 October and on that time, Google Penguin penalized so many website which was free after two years in search engine again. But right now the strategy is completely different because now Google Penguin 4.0 coming with real time re-crawling or re-indexing, means if the webmasters doing the changes after crawling and revert back their changes to spam then this real time will check the pages constantly and if they found any spamming so it would be penalized.

Google Official Said;

With this change, Penguin’s data is refreshed in real time, so changes will be visible much faster, typically taking effect shortly after we re-crawl and re-index a page.

They also declared;

Penguin now devalues spam by adjusting ranking based on spam signals, rather than affecting ranking of the whole site.

Which means Penguin will impact on specific pages of the site not the entire site like before. Google Penguin 4.0 is not fully live in real time yet and I think it will take slightly time to come live (Couple of days from now).

Now according to this Google official statements, if your particular web pages is under spamming position so it will not put impact on whole site, so your entire website will not be punished for this single page on your site. I personally found this Google Penguin update very useful for webmasters from various perspectives.

What Google Says About Link Building

Here I have just a short review of my research related to search engine optimization, nowadays almost bloggers are doing the same thing which is link building through guest blogging. Almost are paid links, even some companies following the same strategy. But did you ever think a moment, what Google think or stated that kind of link building. In simple words I mean to say what Google says about link building in the sense of guest blogging.

What Google Says About Link Building

What Google Says About Link Building:

In Google links schemes everything is transparent for everyone.

Google clearly says “Buying or selling links that pass PageRank. This includes exchanging money for links, or posts that contain links; exchanging goods or services for links; or sending someone a “free” product in exchange for them writing about it and including a link” This can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results.

In summary, if think about usual marketing companies who are offering link building services doing the same thing, which is against Google polices. In the recent year we wrote an article about Rise and fall of guest blogging which reflects the almost same thing.

What is the Bottom Line:

Here Google also described in their link schemes that create high quality content which gains popularity naturally on internet community. Also said that, link are additional points for you, and someone find your content really valuable for their own readers and they link to it. So here Google already put their perceptions and quality guidelines, which users needs to memorize it before go ahead.

Guest blogging is Good but if someone is doing that task only the sake of link building so that doesn’t make sense from Google point of view or a tragic glitch for your site future. Google also said that, if you are not sure about link which your guest blogger put inside their content so simply use Nofollow meta tag with this link. You must read about What is nofollow and dofollow rel attributes.

Let us know, if you find this article useful for your blogging journey. Have any question? Please join us on our community forum to directly interact with us or can leave your comment below.

Remove URL Of Deleted Pages From Search Results

This question can be slightly tricky for almost beginners that how to remove URL of deleted pages from search results. First of all we need to know that why they need to delete those pages? What the reasons are there you should follow-up. The most significant cause is 404 errors on your website. Which cannot be tolerated because it impact your search engine ranking as well as on user experience with your website.

Remove URL Of Deleted Pages From Search Results:

I saw similar question on many forums but everyone has their own perspective on this issue. So I just decided to raise this question among KnowledgeIDea readers. Removing URLs temporarily or permanently from Google search engine snippets or results is no more difficult. Google put this ability or you can say feature in your Google webmaster tool but that is temporarily according to Google saying. But on that time what, if someone probably you delete your website post or pages but till that time Google crawled it.

This means Google listed your website this particular page in their database, now it will be appear when someone call it. But the issue is that this web page no longer exist on your website. So in these cases there are several solutions based on your strategy and circumstances.

By Using Google Webmaster Tools:

Go to your webmaster account then simply go inside your website webmaster dashboard interface. Navigate to Google Index > Remove URLs add your URLs there and hide and remove your URLs from Google search as well as from Google cache too.

Remove URL Of Deleted Pages From Search Results

Google will remove this URLs after sometime, because here Google described this is temporarily so mostly folks can be confuse but think if you already deleted this and it is no longer exist so how Google crawl it again and how it come back again so this means it is permanently if your web page doesn’t exist anymore.

By Using Redirection:

Mostly times you don’t want to lose that traffic, even 404 not found users who are getting this error. So in this case, first use the above method to submit your request to Google to remove these particular URLs. Then secondly, till that when Google receive your request and implement on it, your website losing probably many users so how to tackle or avail from this traffic. I know these are 404 errors but fact is that they are humans and they are not getting any results from you for which they came to your site.

So if I said also get advantage from this traffic too, so this means use 301 redirection method in this case or simply redirection. For this must read our article on How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress.

There are another several way such as use Meta Robots Tags noindex attribute, which can stop search engine to crawl this page. But above are well experienced and good to go. We mentioned above all superior ways, in fact I would like to say implemented ways of remove URL of deleted pages from search results.

Let us know, if you find this guidance useful and valuable for your journey. For questions and issues join our community forum or can put your comment below.