WHMCS Features Review in Detail

I was not familiar with WHMCS before this because without implementation, I never tried to write a review. I experienced WHMCS 3 months and find out their pros and cons. WHMCS is a billing portal or automation platform for web hosting. If you are going to launch you web hosting company website so you have a great option to take start with WHMCS. Today I will reveal WHMCS features review among this blog reader.

WHMCS Features Review in Detail:

WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution, which works as a web hosting backend system. WHMCS handle your website orders, listing users, recurring bills, numbers of payments gateway support, dedicated support ticket system, live chat and much more.

WHMCS Clients and Order System:

WHMCS have absolute dedicated section to add and modify your clients and their details with-in a minute. Actually that is the first option from your WHMCS dashboard. If your user is purchased any of your hosting plan so their sign up details will be shown over there because he/she is now your client and will be listed under this section.

WHMCS Features Review in Detail
Image Credit Goes to: HosterDay.com

WHMCS Separate Billing Section:

WHMCS have dedicated section for your clients billing, how much clients have been paid, pending and processing. You can manage or handle your each client separately.

WHMCS Features Review in Detail Billing Section

There are so many options exist such as cancel your order or issue the refund if their anything goes wrong. When your clients recurring billing call occur then you will be notified definitely.

Dedicated Support System:

WHMCS by default comes with integrated ticket support system with clean and speedy front-end layout. It looks professional, users can drop their ticket under several departments and setup priorities for tickets.

WHMCS Features Review in Detail Ticket Support Section

And administrator or another particular departments can view and reply them instantly, in this case user will be automatically notified through an instant email notification when any new activity occur on your created ticket.

WHMCS General Settings in Depth:

Here WHMCS have this separate section only for sever major aspect setup. Such as company personal information, server default name server setup, security captcha code turn on/off system, credit card security and so many WHMCS sensitive things can be added or modify from that place.

WHMCS Features Review in Detail General Settings

Even from the last section namely ‘Other’ contains few special characteristics by using which you can edit your web hosting registration form or modify them according to your needs.

80+ Payment Gateways Supported:

I never heard that kind of huge payment gateway support to any CMS before. WHMCS have a robust support from payment point of view because it has more than 80 payment system by default and additionally so many payment addons can be added in it.

WHMCS Features Review in Detail Payment Gateways

Personally I experienced PayPal, 2checkout and bank transfer which is my favorite because it contains all the methods which my clients needs it.

WHMCS Product and Services:

Most essential section in WHMCS, where you will be able to create or manage your hosting packages and their pricing individually. You can easily create different groups of products such as shared hosting, vpn hosting and dedicated servers and assign their packages in it.

WHMCS Features Review in Detail Product and Services

You can set up three types of billing Free, One Time Fee and Recurring and there are so many further features which a hosting company needs to manage their clients such as tax and stock control, email notification after sign up, plans upgrade and downgrade facility. Even you can set up each product ratio/commission/percentage for affiliates marketers.


This is not the end of WHMCS features but I just highlighted main characteristics of WHMCS. WHMCS itself a complete solution for hosting companies and they should give a try to check it out their magical features. As I stated above pros and cons of WHMCS, it has so many advantage for new companies but I never saw their disadvantages so far, if you face any issue with it so share your experience with us.

Keep remember that WHMCS is not an open source CMS, so you need to buy their license first. Because during installation it required legitimate license key. Basic monthly branded package cost is $15.95/month, actually it depends on your budget which package is suitable and meet with your company requirements, you can check WHMCS pricing and plan.

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Things Should Enable on Company Website Blog

Nowadays company website blog is now becoming the superior way to convey your messages and guidelines directly to your beloved clients. I completed lots of corporate level project by using this strategy which proved useful and beneficial for a company long-lasting future. Here I found few things essential which should be enabled on company website blog.

Things Should Enable on Company Website Blog

Things Should Enable on Company Website Blog:

According to my experience, I have few suggestions for those people’s who are searching for, how their company blog looks like. Listen to me very carefully, it depends on your activities. If you are a hosting company or something like which need to put 3-5 article or guide tutorials over there daily so personally I would recommend you to create a separate directory or sub-domain for blog then do your work over there. Conversely, if your company doesn’t have much concern with blog section then simply go ahead with your own usual strategy, which your company experts recommend to you. Let’s have a look the actual discussion and on things should enable on company website blog.

Setup Typography First:

That is the first impression and most important factor not from ranking perspective but from branding perspective. Your fonts color, line heights, font family padding around their layouts can give a most appealing look to you blog.

Enable Author Box:

Author box indicate that this particular writer written this whole article for their users. Author box existence also put great impression on their readers because it contains writer biography summary or concise introduction.

Subscription Box:

That is my strongly recommendation to you to enable subscription area, where user can easily subscribe your daily newsletter. It is mandatory to keep update your clients or readers with your activities with time to time. Secondly, this subscription service remind your readers that you are really beloved interested with your customers.

Enable Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging put enthusiasm in your users because it gives motivation that they can write with you. Guest blogging is not only about building backlinks, it’s about different ideas exist on a single place which creates creativity. You also can write for us, this can be the finest opportunity for you to become the part of our community. Must read Importance of Guest blogging in SEO.

Comment For Interaction:

I personally like this way of interaction because it creates long-term relationship among site contributors and their readers. If readers have any questions and feedback so through this comment section they can keep in touch with you. Comments also maximize the reader’s interest on your blog, which can be the additional plus for you.


Above five things are crucial for company website blog. It is also a necessary part for usual blogs. I just putted my experience in this piece of article, now that is your turn to adopt these strategies.

Let us know, if you find this article beneficial for your journey. If you have further questions regarding this company website blog topic or else so keep in touch with us through below comment box or join us our community forum.

How to Make Strong Password – Not Easy to Hack

Here today I will discuss most common problem of almost users, which can be the cause of their account hacked. According to survey, 80% accounts can be hacked due to weak and breakable passwords. Almost beginners who have excellent hosting service accounts and further website accounts but due to their unawareness of this aspect their accounts can be hacked. Today, I will reveal some of my experienced tips, how to make strong password which will not be easy to hack.

How to Make Strong Password - Not Easy to Hack

How To Make Strong Password:

To make strong password is not a tricky task as you thinking, just you need to put your concentration on it. I spend 4 years to understand and get this experience by which kind of password can be proven safe for your accounts. Let me share this experience with my precious readers. What things should be exist in your password, which makes it much stronger and unbreakable. Here we have absolute steps, please review it step by step and implement on your side to make your password strong.

Step 1:

Your password should be the combination of lower and upper case letters. Check it out the below examples

Bad Example: Funtime

Good Example: FuNTimE

Step 2:

Don’t use common things in your password such as birth date, parents name even your pet name because it can easily imagine and can be hacked. Use always uncommon words, you can spin these words also. check it out the below examples.

Bad Example: Jenny1995

Good Example: J1e9n9n5y

Strep 3:

Use symbols and numbers inside your passwords, which should be coming one after another or starting and ending part of your passwords. Symbolic passwords not easy to crack and also can not steal easily. Check it out the below example.

Bad ExampleJenny$1995

Good Example: $&J1e9n9n5^y#

Step 5:

To make strong password do not put anything in a sequence as we mentioned above in good examples. Such as if your birth date and name comes in a sequence means one after another so anyone can guess this password without any difficulties. So use only those strategy, which contains lots of complexities. You need to create that strategy because this strategy will work as a shield for your accounts.

Step 6:

Password length should be long minimum 10-12 charterers + numeric + symbols mixture. This is just our recommendation otherwise it depends on your strategy and also on that websites, mostly website do not allow more than 12-15 charterers long passwords.

A Complete Safe Password Example:

To make strong password, mashup the all above steps and their good examples then make your own strategy. Let’s see a nice and strong password from security perspective.

Perfect Combination of Password: !=(jENy^&8E5#

Important Instructions:

I know it is not an easy task to memorize the complex passwords but that create a big hurdle for hackers. Secondly, do not safe your passwords in your computer hard drive such as in notepads etc. Because it can easily steal through sending malware in your computer and all data can be stolen from this way. Only the way is memorize the password in your brain. Eventually, if you want the word security in your life then make your friend which name is complexity.

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Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail

Few days ago, I was working on my client project so where we required a professional or business level theme. So my recommendation was Divi WordPress theme, because of their flexibility and perfection. Actually I inspired with Divi internal core features, from which this theme package comes. So today here, I want to share my experience with my readers, who also desire to learn something creative and unique. This divi WordPress theme review contains its core characteristics and their benefits for their clients.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail:

Divi is the most spectacular and smartest theme ever, that is not the exaggerate with my words. I’m saying only what I experienced with it.

Divi Builder:

First of all divi builder is totally separate plugin but this builder is already integrate in divi theme. By using this builder, you can easily develop web pages by drag and drop rows, column and divi internal modules.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi Builder

Divi Modules Feature:

Divi Comes with numbers of modules includes bar counters, blog, blurb, divider, email Optin and so many additional modules supported.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi Modules

Through divi you can easily built your page layout by using columns and rows combinations.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi Page layout

Simply create page layout as per your requirements then insert modules which you want to show on your website front-end.

Save and Load From Library:

By going in to depth of this finest theme, here divi comes with these splendid option. After drag and drop when you completely satisfied to built your own style layout so also can save this layout in divi library. There is a great advantage of this features, from this features you will be able to load this same saved layout to another fresh page, this means on new pages you do not need to put your same strength as you invested on previous one’s.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Save and Load Feature

This feature can save your lots of precious time, which can maximize your work strength.

Divi Redo and Undo Feature:

Just imagine, unintentionally your page layout is gonna be delete or any part is removed during work so there is nothing like panic with it. Because divi also have the solution for this,  divi WordPress theme comes with redo and undo option which can undo your mistakes same like your computer CLT+Z and CLT+Y features, hope you understood what I mean here.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Redo and Undo Feature

I never seen that these two redo and undo options in any theme builder or framework so far. This is also the bold reason behind our recommendation.

Divi Integration:

Divi have a separate section inside their settings epanel, from where you can see the divi integration tab. This integration option enable you to add your additional codes in your theme <head> section,  also inside <body> section. You can use these section to add your analytics code, Google fonts links, font awesome references etc.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi Integration

Divi SEO Features:

As we know that, Seo is the most important part of any website to drive traffic directly from search engine. Divi very well knows this facts, that is why it also has Seo integrated features in it.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi SEO

You also can see clearly in the above screenshot that how many Seo features divi have for their beloved customers. For advance Seo, you may add Seo by Yoast and configure it.

Divi Theme Customizer:

Through divi theme customize, you are able to edit your theme with live preview. WordPress already have theme features by default, but divi embed their features inside this customizer and make it more easier for their clients.

Divi WordPress Theme Review in Detail Divi theme customizer

You also be able to set up your website according to multiple device sized, I mean about responsive layout. Real time editing also put enthusiasm in your passion and will give your quick reaction.


Here above so far I described and highlighted so many incredible features of Divi WordPress theme but even not completely. Divi is better than Good and deserve more respect because it makes their client life’s easier with no coding stuff. I think you must give a try to Divi then result will be come with your happiness.

If you have additional question regarding this fabulous theme so don’t be hesitate, and ask your question below this topic under comment section or also can join our community for detailed questions.

Getting the Best Top Up Plans with Online Recharge Sites

Are you looking for some simple way to online Recharge your mobile? Wouldn’t it be great if you get exciting deals along? Find out whether you can recharge your mobile phones in the list below and amazing deals you get along.

Reliance Online Recharge:

Reliance is popular for its recharge plans and smooth network service. Through online recharge website, you can avail best recharge plans at affordable rates. Reliance gives exclusive full-talk time plans, general SMS pack, 3G-plans, top-up plans, unlimited talk time, local-call plans, STD-plans, and rate cutter at affordable prices.

Getting the Best Top Up Plans with Online Recharge Sites Reliance

Now you can recharge your phone in few minutes at your convenience with online recharge sites. Explore different mobile recharge sites to get the best plan for your Reliance number.

Airtel Online Recharge:

Now topping up your Airtel number is not a cumbersome job anymore. With online recharge websites, you don’t have to go to your nearby store to look for best recharge plans for your Airtel number. You can effortlessly credit your account at your convenience and anytime with online recharge.

Getting the Best Top Up Plans with Online Recharge Sites Airtel

Airtel also gives various recharge plans such as Airtel to Airtel unlimited free calls, Airtel internet recharge plans, Airtel talk time plans. You will also get flexibility for payment option on these online portals.

MTNL Online Recharge:

MTNL Online Recharge is the best way to recharge your mobile numbers. Through online recharge portals, you can do MTNL prepaid recharge in an easy and fast manner via SMS, the web or Android mobile phones.

MTNL users will get a facility to use this convenient mode of recharge from any location at any time. You can always search prominent online portals such as MobiKwik, Paytm, FreeCharge to get exciting cashback offers on recharge. You can also download the app of these websites from Android, Windows and iTunes store to recharge your mobile phones more easily.

Telenor Online Recharge:

The mobile recharge websites make it easy for you to recharge your Telenor number. You can get prepaid recharge very fast and easily. Now with online recharge sites, you don’t have to search for a retailer to get Telenor recharge.  You can recharge your number from any location at ease with online recharge sites.

Vodafone Online Recharge:

Vodafone online recharge is the easiest way to recharge your mobile numbers. It comes with a broad range of plans and unique denominations that cater to various benefits. You can find the best plan that satisfies your needs on these online portals.

These sites also give SMS packs, 3G plans, Special offers and many more categories to personalize your online Vodafone recharge experience. You can recharge your Vodafone numbers in little time and also get instant confirmation on your registered mobile or email account through these online recharge sites. You have the freedom to get connected 24X7 and credit your phones with currency at any point of the day.

Aircel Recharge:

With Aircel Prepaid Recharge, you can recharge your mobiles through the internet very easily. You can browse different sites to avail best offers, recharge plans, SMS packs, talk time plans for your Aircel numbers.

The online recharge facility is available 24/7/365, and you can recharge your number from any location at any time. Through online recharge, you also get the liberty to choose to pick the best Aircel recharge plan online.

Bottom Line:

As discoursed in the article, these are some mobile recharge offered by some popular mobile operator. So don’t forget to check out various online recharge website to get best offers and plans on mobile recharge.

4 Easy Ways to Start to Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Anyone who runs a website or blog should know at least the basics of SEO – especially if they want to be able to generate traffic from search engines. At first, Search Engine Optimization may seem fairly complicated and you may very well encounter some information that seems to contradict others.

4 Easy Ways to Start to Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The trick to learning SEO is to know how to get started, and for that there are four easy ways that you should definitely look into:

Read Google’s SEO Guide and Guidelines:

Nothing is quite like getting information directly from the horse’s mouth, and for some time now Google has had its very own SEO guide that can be accessed from its Webmaster Tools. Also, Google’s guidelines are its regularly updated list of ‘things to do’ and ‘things not to do’ – so pay close attention to it so that you can avoid any penalties.

Follow Reputable SEO blogs:

Over the years there have been quite a few blogs that have developed a strong reputation in SEO circles – and you should definitely follow them. Some of the content on these blogs may be a bit over your head at first, but they’re an excellent way to get reliable information and stay updated with any changes that are taking place.

Watch SEO Guides and Webinars:

Many Search Engine Optimization experts publish their own video guides and also conduct live webinars that deal with SEO strategies, updates, and best practices. Watching all this content can give you a good idea of what these SEO experts are doing, and how you can improve your SEO in general.

Unfortunately there is no ‘native’ way to download these videos, and you may even miss out on webinars completely if you aren’t free when they’re being broadcasted. That is why it helps to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio so that you can capture and save the content to watch later on.

Starting to capture video from website with Movavi Screen Capture Studio is easy, and you can set up the capture frame and commence recording in a matter of minutes. Once you’re done you will be able to either choose a format or use a preset to automatically optimize the video.

In addition to allowing you to record the webinar, the video editing features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio will help you to edit, enhance, and tweak the video so that it turns out looking great. It will let you cut and combine video segments, enhance the video quality, insert customizable text, apply special effects, and more.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio

If you want you could use these features to trim out any parts of the video that you don’t need, or perhaps even cut out and save the more important parts as individual clips. Suffice to say, Movavi Screen Capture Studio will give you several ways in which you can get the most out of the webinars that you record.

As you can see, learning SEO really isn’t as complicated as it may seem to be – especially not with the resources available. By enlisting Movavi Screen Capture Studio to help make it more convenient, you may even be able to transfer the guides or webinars that you find useful onto your mobile devices – so that you can learn more about SEO even when you’re on the go.

Learn More About in Business VoIP Phone Service

Fed up of using obsolete phone system for business? Want to upgrade your traditional phone system. Looking for some credible for VoIP Phone Service provider? If yes, then take a look at this article to know the definition of VoIP phone system and few things that you can keep in mind while selecting your Business VoIP phone service provider.

What Is VoIP Phone System?

VoIP is basically a technology that indicates to the series of transmission abilities that makes the communication possible over the Internet. VoIP transforms the voice vibrations to compressed digital signals which are again converted into Internet Protocol packets. The computer users can effortlessly take telephone calls from a desktop with VoIP phones. You can interconnect phones directly to standard computer network ports with VoIP systems and even share it with adjacent computers without fixed wiring.  It helps in improving the flexibility and mobility of your business as you can take calls from any locations.  VoIP phone system also does not require any additional hardware and installation costs.  These phone systems come with enhanced features such as Call Recording, Call Conferencing, Call Transferring, Voice Mail and Auto Attendant. VoIP phones are quite easy to use, handle and install and you also do not need to be trained technician for the installation of these phones. As it is an Internet-based system, so there are very fewer installation costs involved with these systems.

Learn More About in Business VoIP Phone Service

Things to Consider While Choosing Your VoIP Service Provider:

Demand Quality:

Quality must be kept in mind while choosing a VoIP, service provider. Select a service provider who can give you high-quality service and also ensures that Internet connection and internal network are always ready for voice packets. Some providers give an assimilated data and voice service in which voice packets are arranged over data on a private network.

Voice Quality:

Voice quality is one of the main factors that you need to consider while picking your voice service provider. The quality of voice can greatly impact your business phone communication. So choose a provider that follows all necessary steps to exterminate all types of distortion from a phone system.


Cost is another important factor that you need to consider while choosing your VoIP provider. The provider offers a broad range of packages and prices, so always choose a package that is budget friendly as well caters all your other needs. Choose a provider who gives you pliancy in terms of costs so that you can switch to another plans whenever business requirement changes.


Companies should go for VoIP service provider who can offer VoIP systems that have multiple features to cope up with different circumstances. The small business should always get VoIP service from a provider that will deliver impeccable customer support.


Always pick a provider who gives you secure service so that any chances of any crimes also become less. Your VoIP provider should incorporate strict security measure to safeguard your system from any kind of intrusion and thefts. Your VoIP provider must use email filtering, firewalls, anti-malware and other protective measures to protect the VoIP phone systems.

Final Word:

These are some important factors that you need to consider while choosing your Business VoIP phone service provider. Today, many companies give VoIP Phone System in San Antonio, TX, so pick the best and credible company to impeccable VoIP system for your phone.

How to Improve AdSense Earning Tips and Tricks

As we are familiar with AdSense is most high paying ad PPC ad network. Which would be the first choice of any publisher to put their ads on his website or blog. Here is the most prominent thing among AdSense users is how to improve AdSense earning because 80% new starters claims that they are not getting good CPC as they were expected. First of all getting an approved AdSense account is not like eating an apple, your website should be eligible for Google ads otherwise your website will be rejected. You must read the 13 things to Do before applying Google AdSense Account.

How to Improve AdSense Earning Tips and Tricks

How to Improve AdSense Earning:

Getting a healthy income through AdSense is really a tricky job. Only people who have bold experience in this field can do that, secondly you can avail from these people experience. I made an appropriate guidance by using which you can easily improve AdSense earning without any hurdle.

Valuable & Unique Content:

Your first step should be writing a creative and unique content. Do not copy another website subjects, almost bloggers adopt that way which a Seo infringement in itself. Focus on these points or topics, which searches ratio is usually good or excellent. You can find that keywords or topics from various methods such as Google instant, Google trends and Google keyword planner tool etc.

Backlinks Strategy:

Most of the times, incoming visitors from rich niche sites can become the cause of good fortune. Majority times, users only clicks on those links for which they are interested to go with. Thus, backlinks can be the reason of the increment AdSense income.

Geo Location:

That is what, which is 80% impact on your monthly income whether it is AdSense or another ad network. According to my perception, almost experts knows this fact. If you ask me why? so my answer would be probably slightly complex. Google check it out or already knows the every country online conversion rate on their ads.

How to Improve AdSense Earning Tips and Tricks Geo location

Let’s take an example to complete this topic. If I’m going to search engine and search for CR7  price in New York city, then Google respond with so many search results in return. So I just picked up one website from these search results and go ahead, on that website an outstanding article on CR7 with price comparison. On the same time, on right hand sidebar I found an ad related to this article, on which a finest limited time offer of CR7 is showing. So at this time user is interested because he is already seeking for CR7 price so he would definitely go with this ad and click on it then probably, made this CR7 shoe purchase done. This is a conversion rate, which I was talking about above.

Conversely, if this above same situation is happen in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc, so what their users reaction in return. There are 50-50 chances because of less online payment gateway support in these Asian countries, less intellectual people ratio in these countries and less knowledge of purchasing things from online websites. There is another one bold reason, due to security reasons almost Asian countries gov do not allow users to use their bank debit cards internationally or globally and everyone can not bear the cost of credit cards.

Thus, Geo location impact on your AdSense earnings. If the above situation happen in developed countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada and further European countries so their conversion percentage would 80%, because of well knowledge in online marketing and their usage. They also have maximum payment gateways such as PayPal, Payoneer, American Express, credit and debit cards etc. Must read List of AdSense Highest Paying CPC Countries. You also can read the story of mine 77 USD Dollars Lead in a Single Day with Google AdSense.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and empirical. If you have further questions regarding improve AdSense earning so must tell us through below comment box or also arise your questions on our community forum.

Latest trends in Digital Marketing and How They Will Impact Marketing

Today, new marketing platforms are emerging every day, so it is imperative for marketers to keep with the latest up-coming social networks to stay ahead of the curve. Every year, digital marketing strategies are transforming due to the changing trends. Let’s take a look at this article to know about some newest trends in digital marketing sector in 2016.

Latest trends in Digital Marketing and How They Will Impact Marketing

Publicize Using Snapchat:

Snapchat has made a good place in social media marketing. Today, thousands of photos, videos and drawings are sent from snapchat app. Most of the business owners and brands are already using this Snapchat app for the promotion of their products and services. This app enables you to take pictures, record videos, add text to images and send them to one of their contacts. With Snapchat, companies can craft teasers for upcoming products/services either with photos or videos that only exist for a few seconds exclusively for their user.

Let Consumers Be the Marketers of Your Brand:

Companies and brands should use their customers’ experiences as content. You can easily let your target audience to market for you and can utilize platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest as your marketing channels. In a campaign conducted by Microsoft in December 2014, the company helped 31 people from all across the world to accomplish their new year’s resolutions. Microsoft has given Microsoft Lumia handset to all winners to support them to finish their new year’s resolution with the various apps present in the mobile. The whole campaign was a huge success as this campaign raises the sale of Nokia Lumia handset. Marketers should utilize the exact phenomenon to increase the selling rate and ROI of their products and services.

Target a Person Based On Their Interest on Pinterest with an Animated Pin:

Pinterest is getting a lot of popularity in the marketing sector nowadays. This year, Pinterest is going to unveil its new promoted pin called an Animated Cinematic pin. With the help of this animated pin, brands will be able to target a specific person based on their interest. The most amazing part of this pin is that these pins are set in motion when a user scrolls and the motion also stops when the user stops scrolling. With this pin, the users only decide whether they want to watch a video or not. Some prominent brands such as Nestle, Unilever, and L’Oréal have already tested this new feature, and it has been proven to be a triumph.

The Goodness of Content Remarketing:

Content marketing plays a very important in a lead generation. We all have been writing blogs, white papers, blogs, eBooks and other content. But content remarketing is the latest trend in digital marketing in which you recapture the viewers who visited your website, read your content, but did not fill in a form to become a lead. It is dissimilar from retargeting as it is the procedure of tagging visitors on your site and retargeting them with content after they leave. With this retargeting approach, you can have opportunity to talk to people who are already intrigued in what you have to offer. You can show your targeted customers something new when they watch YouTube videos, read the news or check their emails. Your company’s piece of content could be the reminder that sends them back to your site and initiates a buy.

Advertise To Users via Instagram:

Instagram is an amazing tool that helps in the promotion of any brand. Recently, Instagram is offering paid advertising opportunities through selected developer partners such as Sales force Marketing Cloud, 4C, Brand Networks, Kenshoo, SocialCode, Nanigans, and Unified. This year, Instagram ads will be available to all advertisers. So companies can easily promote whatever they are selling via Instagram. You can either make carousel ad that lets you produce multi-page ads or create 30-second video ads.

Create an Omni-Channel Experience:

Omni channels is a kind of multi-channel tactic to sales that seeks to provide the customer with a smooth shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a store. It helps in targeting consumers with the right message at the right time in the right place. You can gain great insights into the lives of your customers with the help of Omni-channel experience.

Wrapping Up:

These are some latest trends in the digital marketing in 2016 as conversed in the article. Companies can use these marketing strategies and trends to aggrandize the brand prominence of their company.

Simple Ways To Build Better Brand Recognition

Any successful business owner will tell you how important brand recognition is. If you have brand recognition, you can guarantee any product that you release will find at least some demand on the market. You won’t be left high and dry, attempting to make a new product or service that you’re offering a hit. Brand recognition can also make your business more attractive to potential investors.

Simple Ways To Build Better Brand Recognition

That’s important. If your business can attract the right investors, you might be able to expand your small company. You’ll be able to offer your services to more customers and bigger clients. As you can see then, it’s in a business owner’s best interest to know how to build up brand recognition. There are plenty of little ways that you can do this.

Interact With Customers:

One of the easiest ways to build up brand recognition is to ensure that you are interacting with your customers. By interacting with your customers and clients, you’ll be able to win over more of their support. They’ll even promote your brand for you without realizing it. Take social media as an example. You can interact with current consumers over social media. We’re not just talking about offering customer service. We mean interactions on a more personal level. You can ask them if they enjoyed the product. You can even use fun promotions and reminders to keep them interested in your company. If you do this, they just might mention your company or business to their users. When that happens, your brand recognition will quickly grow.

Customize Your Website:

When you have a business up and running, one of the first things you should do is set up a website online. In fact, you might have more than one site. You might have a site for business news and a blog for more in-depth info and content. You must make sure that your sites stand out online. One way to do this is with a custom web design. You can find a service like this from any web designer. They will make sure that your website is noticeable and looks professional. Don’t forget, it’s not just a case of getting customers to your site. You need to make sure that they stick around for to make a purchase or use your services.

Simple Ways To Build Better Brand Recognition customize your website

Design A Logo:

Visuality is important. A customer is more likely to remember a symbol or logo than they are a name. That’s why you should spend time creating a symbol and trademarking it. Remember, without a trademark, anyone can use the symbol for your company. You don’t want that. Otherwise, your name might be attached to some rather inferior products. Speak to a lawyer about a trademarking solution. You should get a patent and trademark every time you release a new product or service on the market.

Invest In Marketing:

Simple Ways To Build Better Brand Recognition Invest in Marketing

Finally, it wouldn’t hurt your business to invest in unique forms of marketing. Make sure that you are doing everything you can to make your company stand out from the rest. It’s not enough to just use the same old tricks. You need to make sure you’re looking for new and exciting ways to build up brand recognition with your customers.