How to Add Keywords in Blog Post for Optimization

Add or placement of keywords in blog post is a sensitive and responsible work. Sounds like a little bit tricky but don’t be you worried. Here we will show you that, How you can add excellent quality keywords in your post in several places. Keyword density is more valuable thing for professional bloggers. Before go ahead to more discussion, We should need care about few things. Firstly keyword density in blog post should be 1 to 3% for finest Seo purpose. How many time appearance of any word or phrase is known as keyword density. That’s why, keyword density should be powerful.

Add Keywords in Blog Post


How to Add Keywords in Blog Post:

Let take start, Keyword placement is contained on certain process. Post title, Post (h1 or h2) heading, URL friendly, Keyword density inside paragraph and finally image optimization with keywords. These factors are playing important role in blog Seo performance. So we are going to explain above factors in details with step by step.

Use of keyword in title and description:

As we know that, Google doesn’t care about keywords. It uses title or description for Search engine results. So, this means title and description is really matter in strong Seo. I’m gives you a tip and suggestion, Use your focus keyword in title one time and in description two-time. Keep remember that, Search engines see the relevancy between your content and your given title and description for Seo. One more thing is that, title and description is representing the behind content or your website in search engines So, always care about it.

Add Keywords in Blog Post

Seo title threshold in characters is 60 and description threshold in character is 150. Don’t cross these limits because this is the display limit on search engines snippets.

Use of keyword in Headings and friendly URL :

That’s a delicate point for newbie bloggers. Because they don’t know about Permalink structure and its benefits.Let’s Start with heading, Search engines experts recommend to utilize/insert (h1 and h2) heading tags in start and middle part of your content. Heading represent your paragraph or topic and search engines easily analyze the content criteria with the help of heading tags. Use your focus keywords in the beginning or middle part of your content heading tags. Actually it something like a Seo responsibility to use heading tags in our content.

Add Keywords in Blog Post

Secondly is URL Structure because it an essential part of Seo therefore we strongly suggest you use friendly URL’s. To understand the URL structure, See the below examples.
Non Seo friendly URL example for “Computer Science Book” Post.
Seo friendly URL example for “Computer Science Book” Post.
Now you can analyze both of them according to the Seo perspective. Above non Seo URL have no relevancy with the post. On the other hand side, Above Seo friendly URL is relevant and have a keyword like “computer science book” inside post URL . So, This means in the above second URL contains on focus keyword and relevant with the title, description and content.

Use of keyword in Content:

Same like above, Focus keyword should be appeared in the post paragraphs. For example, You are writing about “Computer Science Book” and that means our focus keyword is “Computer Science Book”. This focus keyword appearance should be in the first, middle and last paragraphs. Post content should be met with the quality of your keywords. As we mentioned above, keyword density is more useful thing for search engines.

Add Keywords in Blog Post

Use your keyword inside your post 10 to 11 time. Because 11 time use of keyword is equal to 3% keyword density and it is great for Seo perspective.Keywords inside your content helps to search engines to understand that what you are saying in content. So be professional during writing article because you are optimizing your blog at that time.

Use of keyword in Images:

Use of focus keyword inside images through alt tag is important for us. Same like in content, We uses relevant keyword to tell them search engines about our articles. Similarly in the images, We uses keyword through alt tag and keyword should be relevance with the image because it describe the image character. You should care about it for better Seo. If you are WordPress user then you can understand the concept of alt tag easily. See the image below.

 Add Keywords in Blog Post

Summarize the all above steps, You can use focus keywords and hope so, This will help you to get well rank in search engines. For further optimization latest tips and techniques, You can subscribe our newsletter. Please share you feedback with us. We will like to listen it. 🙂

How To Optimize Images for Better SEO

How To Optimize Images for Better SEO:

If you are familiar with Google analytic and you examined the daily traffic on a regular basis. You noticed that, much part of traffic came through Google images. Let assume that, You have a website or blog and this blog have lot of articles and each article have many images to specify his subject. So you can imagine that, How much traffic you can generate through images.

Optimize Images SEO

But this traffic of images have contain few condition. Same like your blog content should be Seo optimized similarly, Website images should also optimize according to Seo. See the image optimizing factors below.

  • Image title
  • Alt tag
  • Image Size

Optimize image with Image Title:

Let’s take, the image title role in optimize image Seo. This image title concept is similar like post title concept. The title of the post is to represent the whole post. Similarly, Image title of the image is to represent the whole image and its content criteria. But, Each article have lot of images. Title should should be same of all  images in each article because a image title represent the whole article and in the whole article has single main title. Try to write descriptive and meaningful title. Try to use your focus keywords in title.

Optimize image with Alt Tag:

Go ahead and take the Second point, Optimize images Seo through alt tag. Alt tag is the most prominent key of image optimization process. You will understand the story of alt tag with that example, If you have an image belongs to “Cloth fashion” but  search engines crawlers or spiders don’t  specify his term and means. We need to write short line (Alt tag) to tell them search engines that this images belongs to cloth fashion. Search engines spiders determine your given query. If your query or given information meet his Seo conditions then search engines give preference your articles images. Otherwise they will ignore images. You can see the alt tag structure below and understand in better way.

<img src="" alt="Cloth Fashion">

In the above html image tag, First we put image path then utilize alt="Cloth Fashion". This alt tag defines the image and makes image optimize.You could put focus keyword inside of alt tag.If you are familiar with WordPress then know better that, Inside WordPress, after upload image WordPress allow you to step up image title, description, caption and alt tag.See the below screenshot for testimony.

Optimize Images SEO

See the above WordPress image setting and same adopt this optimize Seo setting in your images. Don’t leave the empty title and description boxes, because these settings are mandatory for better optimize image Seo.

Optimize image with Image Size:

Take the final point, Optimize images through image size. As we know that, during writing articles, we use many images. Sometime we takes the images through search engines or else sites,but that images have much bigger size and we need small then we try to resize it. At these occasions, We use height and width tags to resize image according to our requirement. But this procedure and process of resizing image are not valid for the perspective of Seo. According to Seo optimization, We need to use image editor to resize the image size like photo filter, Photoshop and Corel draw etc. These photo editor will facilitate you and help you to resize your images as much you want. One more thing is that, Try to use small images inside articles because it will not impact on your page loading speed.

Above three point of optimize images belongs to on page Seo. Better Image optimization will give you many traffic through images searches. Specially, Use of small image will increase your site loading speed and entertain the readers. Hopefully, Image optimization will increase your page rank and site search results. Ask questions, You may leave the comment below. 🙂

How Alexa Rank is Important For Website

How Alexa Rank is Important For Website:

When we create and build well-known website so, it’s our duty to website supervision in every single minute. Reputed websites or blog has a lot of day night struggle. In previous article, We learned a lot of things to rank our website with Seo factors. Today we will disclose to Alexa ranking and its tools. First we need to know that, What actually Alexa does ? Alexa is a product of amazon. Alexa rank is a powerful tool in the perspective of Seo. Alexa has few tools similar Google analytic like traffic statistics but Alexa have more featured tools like Site-linking, Global and country rank, up-streaming sites and much more.

How Alexa Rank is Important For Website

Most of the blogger are not familiar with Alexa rank even few readers of this post listening this word “Alexa” first time in his blogging carrier. So don’t get confuse. If you are not aware with Alexa rank and belongs its tool so, don’t be panic. Try it now because it will tell us our site rank in local or global positions. When a blogger doing Seo specially Organic Seo so, He need to scrutinize (examine) his website status in his country or Global level.

What Does Alexa do ?

Nobody knows the Alexa techniques and its prescription. But we can estimate the idea that, Alexa track our site statistics in every signal minute. Alexa count the traffic source or referral sites like social media sites and traffic path with accuracy. Alexa analysis our site backlinks on internet sites and display on site link section. These site links maybe dofollow and nofollow. Alexa facilitates his user with actionable Seo insights features. Alexa count Seo strength and Sturdy Seo in ranking. At this time, Hundred of sites certify his matrices on Alexa and utilize his service. Alexa provide his user appropriate dashboard panel to optimize his site with sturdy gadgets.

Alexa Toolbar :

Alexa toolbar is the essential and magnificent gadget for your site. You need to install Alexa toolbar in your browser then simply enable this extension. Load your site in your browser then click on upper right hand corner Alexa icon then it will show your site ranking report with site links. Alexa daily update his ranking report for every internet site. So, be professional and inspect Alexa ranking on daily basis. If you are creating back-linking so, its easy for you and healthy for your efforts to check backlinks in site link section.

How Alexa Rank is Important For Website

I personally use Alexa for backlink purpose because its facile method to check backlinks reports. Alexa toolbar provide related site option that will show you relevance websites with your site. Other is way back option that will show you, How this website or blog looked in past. Alexa count above given queries then determine the site ranking accurately.

Once again Alexa rank is the necessary part of blogging. Alexa now become our need because every blogger or site owner want his rank in one click that’s why they utilize his service. If your budget allow you then we recommend you, Buy Alexa premium account and certify your site matrices on Alexa. This would be proven superior for your site in future.  🙂

How To Start a Blog Journey For money Absolute Guide

Blogging is incredible passion. Every blogger starts his journey with lot of ambitions and dreams that one day, He will get his destination and get success. Blogging is rising rapidly on internet world. Peoples and thousands of communities shares his ideas and experience with others, through social media sites and blogging. In this era, Where information technology spreading fast and move forward to others. Beginners have thousand of question in his mind that, “How they will become successful blogger”. Today we will reveal that, How To Start a  blog journey for make money.

Absolute Guide To Start Blog Journey For Money

Some person thinks that, After create blog they will become multimillionaire overnight. This is absolutely wrong perceptions. Behind every success has day and night struggle. There is nothing like trick or trips only hardworking exist. Give proper time and attention to your business. On internet, You may find hundred of companies, Which is offering blog platforms. We assemble our experience and skills in this blogging journey article.Here is couple of things are required to become efficient blogger.

  1. Domain Name and Hosting
  2. Blogging Platform
  3. Web Designing / Website Layout
  4. Content writing/Topics
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Advertising Program
  8. Update your Blog Daily

1. Domain Name and Hosting:

Domain & hosting is the starting plan for a blogger. Before starting blogging journey, We need to clarify that, What actually skills or content want to share on your blog. Because domain name should be relevance with your blog content. You can take example of my blog name is “knowledge idea” This blog is able to share any kind of information or content because knowledge can be about fashion, technology, sports and games, beauty, education etc. So domain niche should be strong.Other thing is that, Domain name should be normal in length like Facebook,WordPress,Google etc.

Absolute Guide To Start Blog Journey For Money

Secondly is hosting, Your hosting provider should be verified on internet market. Before buy any hosting must read about reviews these hosting companies on discussion boards. I personally suggest you “HostGator“. Read How to Get Domain And Hosting in Cheap Rates.

2. Blogging Platform:

Blogging platform is another essential moment. As we explain above lines, On internet world hundred of third-party websites allow to use his platform. So, We need to choose user-friendly and easy to use platform for blogging journey. We recommend you, Read below best platform articles.

3. Web Design or Website Layout:

Website design or layout navigation system should be user-friendly. When a common users come to your site, They don’t need to hard struggle to find his topic and Google personally recommend simple layout and navigation system. You can use simple themes on your blog because simple theme prominent your blog content. Don’t launch your website till the whole theme is not ready for use. Use signal sidebar theme because its look pretty and attractive for your blog. Your website color scheme should be relevance with your brand logo. Don’t use dark scheme colors because dark color scheme will upset your users during reading articles. Website background should be lighten color.

4. Content Writing/ Topics:

Content is always first preference of a successful blogger. We said, in our previous articles “Content is King”. Because a finest and appropriate content is key of success. Your content should be correct grammatically. Search engines can’t bear the grammatically mistakes. So, You should care about your vocabulary and grammar. Try to write itself and don’t do copy paste to other site because duplication is not allow. If you don’t stop with duplication so search engines penalize your site for perpetually.  Every article should have contain minimum 400 and maximum 1000 plus words.

5. Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization is the soul of every blog. Without soul nothing is possible. Search engine optimization consist on multiple methods and ways. Search engine optimization will help your blog to get well-known rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo,Bing,MSN etc. Search engine optimization have few fundamentals rules and strategies. We will write well beneficial articles on Search engine optimization (SEO) Must read below articles.

 6. Affiliate Marketing:

When we talk about make money, quickly affiliate marketing idea come into mind. Affiliate marketing is now the part of make money online. Affiliate marketing is that, Suppose a company offer a book on 23$ and registered affiliate member of this company sale this book in 29$ so, 6$ is the profit of this affiliate member. You don’t need to purchase this book just refer this person on your behalf. When third person buy this book on your behalf through your refer then company will deposit your profit in your affiliate account.

Absolute Guide To Start Blog Journey For Money

So , Now you can understand that, Affiliate marketing is commission based method. On internet thousands of affiliate companies exist but we highlight well-known companies like: HostGator affiliate program, Amazon, ClickBank, GoDaddy etc.

 7. Ads Program:

The basic purpose of every blog creation is ads and generate revenue. But for ads program, Your blog should capable before applying ads account. Criteria is now different. In the market top ads company for blog is Google Adsense and they have strict polices and rules. If we respect these rules and polices then can generate the lot of money but vice versa, They will blacklist your website forever. Don’t feel panic, these strict polices are only for few countries not for all. But again repeat, Don’t try to break rules and polices.

Absolute Guide To Start Blog Journey For Money

On internet hundred of companies are the alternate of Google Adsense but not better than Google Adsense. Google Adsense is highly paid ads program. Here is few rules and polices before applying any ads program.

  1. Domain name should be in .com, .net etc
  2. Use verified and trusted hosting provider.
  3. Minimum post at the time of applying for ads is 40 plus articles.
  4. Your website should be SEO friendly
  5. Website should be 6 month old then apply for ads not before.

8. Update Your Blog Daily:

Updating on blog is necessary factor of ranking. Actually some blogger don’t take it serious but remember that, If you are not update your blog on daily basis then you can lose your search ranking. That is not easy to achieve money in your pocket. We already said above, day and night struggle will give you money. So be professional with your business. Don’t spoil your struggle in inactive days.

Understand the facts and figures. Again repeat the first line of this article “Blogging is incredible passion”. Try to share your ideas with your friends and in your community. Recapitulate the above steps, Makes you skillful blogger. If you have query regarding blogging then ask below. 🙂

Facebook Coupon Code oppurtunity for advertisement

Facebook Coupon Code:

Facebook is biggest social media platform in the world. Everyone aware about Facebook presence. According to survey, Up to 500 million Peoples use Facebook daily. Facebook always try to update his features with the passage of time. Facebook provide advertising platform for advertisers. We will talk about Facebook advertising strategies. Facebook provide coupon code for new growing business companies. Facebook facilitate his advertisers on various places.

Facebook Coupon Code

Facebook coupon code is the fair option for newbies because they are new and don’t want to spend much money at once. That’s why, they use Facebook coupon code facility. Facebook coupon code have some condition. You can say that, Few term & condition will apply on coupon code. Everyone not get coupon code because coupon code only created for few companies not for all Facebook users.

How we Get Facebook Coupon Code:

As we mentioned above, Every Facebook users or internet users can’t access to coupon code. You need to buy these coupon code though fiverr or any third-party site. Facebook provides these coupons code to hosting companies like iPage, bluehost, HostGator etc. I personally get these coupons code via iPage hosting. Don’t be worried for coupons code because authentic dealers like fiverr provide these coupons in cheapest rate. Fiverr is a business site not for coupons but many of fiverr users provide these coupon codes service.

What is the benefit of coupon code:

Here is a lot of benefits of coupon codes because coupon worth is 5$ to 10$ dollar from fiverr and 0$/free from hosting companies. But you can run campaign ads have worth is 50$. Means if you have a website or blog then traffic is a main goal to achieve your target. You can target your audience at particular location. Don’t worry if you haven’t website. You can increase your Facebook fan page likes or target any specific product. Through these coupons, You can target millions of audience and promote your business site or Fan Page.

Facebook Coupon Code Rules:

Facebook have very strict rules about his terms & conditions. So, we should care about to follow and respect his rules before do anything. Same process of rules apply on coupon codes. If you follow these rules then you will achieve your goal and if not then Facebook disable your ads account permanently and demand few document to reopen this account. Some important rules are mentioned below.

  1. You need a primary payment gateway before put this code in Facebook. (Gateway like PayPal, Credit Card, Master Card).
  2. Coupon should be fresh. Don’t reuse coupon code because this action violate the rules of Facebook or expired coupons will not be accepted.
  3. First add primary method then put your coupon.
  4. Primary method should be fresh. Don’t use one primary method in two Facebook accounts.
  5. After all procedure Facebook demand few time like 15 minutes for approve your ad then run your campaign.

Respect Facebook terms and condition and don’t spread violence because they are seeing you every time. Act like an efficient advertisers. On the other condition, If they disable your account contact Facebook team. Mostly advertisers accounts disable reason, they do spamming like change time or edit ad during run campaign, or change primary method again and again so, Facebook take this action suspicious/invalid activity and block you. Always respect rules don’t break it.  🙂

4 Professional Code Editors for Windows

4 Professional Code Editors for Windows:

Code editor is compulsory tool for developers and code writer to write his scripts with accuracy. Some of our users asked about professional and recommended code editors. All code editors are quite goods but there are features difference exist between them. Every developer has its own choice and own working criteria. That is depend on you, Which editor meet with your choice/requirement then pick up and start your journey with coding. You need to know that, about editors features and market trends or people’s reviews are important with these editors.

4 Professional Code Editors for windows
Professional Code Editors for windows

You can check on internet and read lot of users feedback’s about your product like code editor on discussion boards. After verify and confirm all procedures, Now you can distinguish between fine or inferior. Here we will reveal and describe 4 professional code editors, Which have best and strong grip on coding.

1. Notepad
2. Notepad++
3. sublime text
4. Dreamweaver

1. Notepad:

Simple and efficient or old code writers recommend to use notepad because notepad is installed in your windows by default. No need to download from anywhere site. Majority of people’s aware about simple notepad. You need to open notepad and start typing and render/compile your code on internet explorer, Chrome,Firefox,Safari, Opera etc. Almost browsers support simple notepad. Compatibility is most essential thing, and simple notepad is compatible with all browsers and all coding languages. Just write your code inside simple notepad then save with upper corner option file >> Save as and give file name with code extension like .html or .php etc.

4 Professional Code Editors for windows

We personally use notepad during making tutorial for students and our respected users. You can make your robots file in notepad and design your sitemap in notepad or further languages like html, java, php instead of C language.

2. Notepad++

Notepad++ is a powerful and finest code editor for new generation developers. Notepad have multiple features like syntax highlighting and user-friendly. You will enjoy while working on notepad++ because notepad++ provide you word completion option that will save your time and automatically provide you thousands of syntax library. Multiple documents can be edit in notepad++ . Notepad++ supported multiple languages. In notepad++, we can write or compile macros, scripts, or other languages.

4 Professional Code Editors for windows

Notepad++ is a user-friendly or machine friendly means that, notepad++ is compatible with windows and notepad++ reduce the size of your code file. During working on notepad++, you can’t feel stuck your Pc because notepad++ optimize your document size that’s why user don’t feel load on his machine. Download Notepad++ for free.

3. Sublime Text:

Sublime text is professional code editor same like above editors. According to our perspective sublime text is an innovative code editor. Mostly developers love his stupendous features with smart performance. You can establish a project with sublime text. Syntax completion,functions completion and quickly navigation b/w file or open project during working on multiple projects. These features make sublime text modern and amazing code editor. Now our developers team personally use sublime text for massive projects.

4 Professional Code Editors for windows

You can go to multiple directory during your work and navigation system is user-friendly. Page slide zoom in or zoom out features available in sublime text. With sublime text command palette you can do sorting or change in syntax or fair setting option without do any hard struggle. Download sublime text for free.

4. Adobe Dreamweaver:

Adobe Dreamweaver is finest and outstanding product of adobe. You can develop web pages, application etc with adobe Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is a popular product due to his integrated features and perfect navigate style. Thousands of syntax and codes library already available in Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver provides modern platform support and Dreamweaver update his versions with the passage of time. Clean, fast and user-friendly interface. You can create HTML pages and use PHP as a server scripting language or use CSS for styling any kind of theme, all previous documents can create, work and perform very well in adobe Dreamweaver.

4 Professional Code Editors for windows

Adobe provides training tutorials for educational purpose, which helps you, how to write code in Dreamweaver or these training teaches about numerous setting in adobe Dreamweaver. In simple words you can say that, Adobe Dreamweaver is all in one solution pack. Download adobe Dreamweaver for trial.

Finally summarize all suggestions and recommendations or experience, We concluded that above 4 professional code editors have well-known value in the market so that’s depend on you, Which meet with your requirement or criteria then choose this one. Hope you will understand and gain little knowledge after read this article. If you have any idea or skill then share with us. For further questions use below comment box. 😉

3 Authentic Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Increase Website Traffic:

In this era, Internet or technology spreading so rapidly in the world. With the passage of time technology growing every day. Every new single day come with new technology tools, apps, gadgets and much more. If we are talking about Websites or blog, which are spreading technology awareness  and these sites have thousands of daily users. Websites are playing important role in the world of technology. If you are a website owner then you know better “Genuine Traffic is the success of every blogger or website owner “. That’s why, they do work hard to make its website efficient, unique and Seo Friendly website. Here, we will talk about authentic ways to increase website speed with Organic Seo or genuine methods.

5 Authentic Ways To Increase Website Traffic
Increase Website Traffic

Every newbies blogger or website owner want more traffic for more earning. This is human intrinsic properties or nature that, they want instant result within days because they wants to earn much revenue and think they will become multi-millionaire in a days. In fact that is not true in reality because every success behind lot of efforts and struggle. Now Let’s come back on topic and discuss about 3 Genuine ways for more traffic.

1. Unique Content:

As we said in our previous articles, Unique and fresh content always entertain the user and they never give up to come on your site. If your budget allows you then hire writers and publish unique articles in appropriate form. Keep remember Search engines also give preference or honor unique content websites. Beware about copy paste from other third-party websites because search engines don’t allows these cheap methods. They can consider this duplication as a spamming and maybe you can lose your ranking with that methods so please avoid this task.

5 Authentic Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Always try it yourself be professional and sincere with your profession. Write minimum 2-3 articles on daily basis but if you need quick result then increase your articles like 2-3 to 5-6 per day. Some things are important during writing articles. Article should be correct in grammatically. Article should be in appropriate form. Article should be in understandable language like english. Minimum recommended length of each article is 300 and maximum 1000 plus words.

2. Social Media:

Social media is a big factor of traffic. Mostly websites are using these tricks because social sites have high PR (Page Rank) so that is strong backlink to increase your website rank in search engines. Mostly new e-commerce or real estate websites owners take the support of campaigns via Facebook or Google for drive traffic on his websites. These advertising methods are legal and recommended for beginners websites (if your budget allow). Social media platform like Facebook, twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest are really awesome for drive traffic to own website. We can add social buttons or badges on our website and share our daily posts on above social platforms to increase traffic users.

5 Authentic Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Your social media friends and community easily access your share posts on his news feed or timeline and redirect to your website or blog. You can make your fan page on Facebook or LinkedIn to introduce your brand or website and make your community on social platforms. These sharing enhance your website popularity and One day, you will see people’s are direct search your site from search engine (Google, Yahoo) and that is your success.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search engine optimization is little tricky task for beginners but without optimize your site, you are not able to generate more traffic from search engines. Approximately 70% traffic comes from Search Engines (Google,Yahoo,Bing,Yandex) and other 30% comes from refers websites. Though, If you sincere with your profession then don’t ignore SEO Because Seo is work as a soul of any website same like content. Create Dofollow backlinks on third-party website or social profiles.

5 Authentic Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Try to exchange websites link with your partner or friends websites. Internal linking is also essential part of Seo but with relevance articles. Meta-tags make your search engine snippet attractive. Join discussion boards and put your links in signatures. Put subscription box on your site and update your users. Provide free services because these free services maybe the cause traffic. If you are not capable to do highest quality Seo then must recommend you, Read  5 Things That Will Improve Organic SEO 😉

Tell me about your instant ways to generate more traffic. If you have article or idea or want to share your skill with us then we always respect our users perception and love his ideas. You can submit your work through Contact Page. We determine your article and publish with your name as an author. For further questions comment below. 🙂

How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

How to submit sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool:

How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

When we build a blog or website, We want to list our blogs in Search engines instantly. Newbies are not aware about this step that’s why sometime they don’t get maximum traffic on his blogs, Because your blog appearance not exist in search engines. Google introduce GWT (Google Webmaster Tool) to manipulate your website ranking. Google need a specific list (Sitemap), In Sitemap, Webmaster mentioned his blog or website  URLs, Which help to search engines spiders to find us and start crawl your website.

Google Webmaster Tool is completely free, Webmaster tool contains many of these finest factors, which is important from search engine perspective. As my own experience with webmaster tool, If you don’t attention on it then maybe one day, You will lose your website appearance in search  engines. So, Keep updated yourself. Comeback on topic, First we need to know, What is Sitemap and How we generate sitemap.

What is sitemap?

Sitemap consist on web address (URL) inside your blog or website pages.Sitemap is an XML (Extensible Markup Language) encoding format but readable for bots and human beings. Sitemap factors are following as numbers of URL, indexing frequency etc. Index frequency is a major part of  sitemap but sometimes, webmasters tend to avoid this option. I suggest you edit this option as your routine like: If you update your blog daily then set frequency daily otherwise weekly. Keep remember sitemap.xml file exist in your website root directory same as Robots.txt file. For static websites use online sitemap generator. For WordPress Users use Google sitemap generator. The effective part of this plugin is that, automatically update your sitemap when we publish new post on WordPress. Frequency editable options. Sometimes some bloggers might block google spider until a month, During this month anyone can copy your content and crawl first. which can lead to be a big disaster. Update your sitemap initially before submit to webmaster. Here is  KnowledgeIDea sitemap. Now let’s start submit sitemap to GWT.

Go to >> Google and type >> Google Webmaster tool, Next >> Sign in Google webmaster tool with your simple >> Gmail account.

How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

You can access Google further tools with your simple Gmail account. If you have still not Gmail account then create one. Next procedure after sign in your dashboard.Click on right hand side or left hand side under crawl option(sitemap) to reach sitemap section. Let’s see here.

How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

After reach sitemap page >> Click on >> ADD/TEST SITEMAP Button. Enter your sitemap root path. Before submit sitemap, you should need to test sitemap and find out the errors exist there or not. After clarification you may submit your sitemap. At this page you may see the statistic of your submitted sitemap.

How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

Here is question arising that, How much time it takes to submitted URLs to appear in Google search. There is no particular time. Google catch your sitemap from GWT and start index your web pages. Google spiders indexing web pages in every seconds so, don’t be worry about your website index or not. Hopefully you understand these SEO factors. If you have further query about SEO So, Subscribe our newsletter and keep update yourself.

How to Create Robots.txt File For WordPress

How to Create Robots.txt file in WordPress:

Always we talk about SEO for blogs or websites. Robots.txt file is an important factor of search engine optimization. Because this file block search engine bot to crawl important or specific part of your website. However sometime wrong configured robots.txt file may let your existence completely go away from search engine. As we above say that, it’s an important factor to optimize robots.txt file so, We should keep remember few things. Only block those pages which you want don’t index in search engine. When Google crawler come on web pages ,then it first read robots.txt file instruction. Robots.txt file should be exist on your server root directory.

SEO Consist of hundred of element and robots.txt is one of the necessary part of SEO. Mostly webmaster tend to bypass edit this file. Because most these people’s don’t be aware about this factor editing. I suggest mostly, Be practice yourself always and no need hard knowledge for this file editing. Everyone do that with simple and basic knowledge. Firstly if you are using SEO plugins on your WP blog like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO So, Additionally robots.txt option exist in one of these. But by default you need to create simple notepad and rename with robots.txt then upload it on your root directory via FTP Client. Check my blog robots.txt file screenshot.

Robots.txt wordpress

Above mentioned robots.txt file display which i created for my blog.

For WordPress users robots.txt file by default exist on your root directory. And for other static websites, you need to create simple text document on your desktop rename with robots.txt then upload on root directory via FTP Client or direct File Manager option from Cpanel Both are accessible. You can disallow category or tags pages for duplication activities on search engines. Must remember every bot not honor robots.txt file some nasty bots will even read the robots.txt to find which pages and directories they should mark first for search engine. So,Excellent webmasters always optimize robots.txt file.

How to make robots.txt file:

As I earlier mention, no need a hard skill to build robots.txt file. Just create simple notepad file and rename with robots.txt then upload to website root directory via FTP Client (FileZilla). Next we need to know that, Every robots.txt file contains records every records consist on specific command for search bots.

User-agent: googlebot
Disallow: /cgi-bin/
Disallow: /category/
Disallow: /tags/

User-agent: googlebot  These lines allow to Google bot to index every page of this website instead of cgi-bin folder on root directory and category or tags pages. As we above mentioned, Category or tags pages are may become the cause of duplication on search engine that’s why we suggest to add disallow category or tags pages, Just target your main post pages. Where we add disallow with any folder or page, This means search engine are not able to crawl this specific part of your website.

User-agent: * Here some question arising, On internet not a single search engine because if you want more traffic from multiple search engines so you need to add these lines User-agent: * and allow all search engines to index your  website. 

Somethings are Highlighted:

Somethings are highlighted while creating robots.txt file, don’t add free spaces between them like User-agent:  * User- agent: * Because these terms are prohibited in robots.txt, Beware of these movements. Secondly don’t use comments in robots.txt file. Alphabetical Upper case lower case character case-sensitive that’s why beware during writing folders name and pages name: like if you want index “Images” Directory write “images” instead of capitalized form.

Create WordPress Robots.txt:

After processing all above instructions now you being able to add robots.txt file in root directory via FTP Client. Mostly users use Robots Meta plugin because its easy to use and accessible from WordPress user interface. Here is a useful tip for everyone, you can mention your sitemap URL in your robots.txt file because its easy for Bots to find your sitemap path then bots faster indexing your website pages. You use my blog robots.txt file. Just replace your website name in sitemap URL.

 User-agent: *
 Disallow: /cgi-bin/
 Disallow: /wp-admin/
 Disallow: /wp-includes/
 Disallow: /wp-content/
 Disallow: /downloads/
 Disallow: /lab/
 Disallow: /category/
 Disallow: /tag/
 Disallow: /archives/
 disallow: /*?*
 Disallow: *?replytocom
 Disallow: /wp-*
 Disallow: /author
 Disallow: /comments/feed/
 User-agent: Mediapartners-Google*
 Allow: /
 User-agent: Googlebot-Image
 Allow: /wp-content/uploads/
 User-agent: Adsbot-Google
 Allow: /
 User-agent: Googlebot-Mobile
 Allow: /

How we check robots.txt response:

Here is common question arise, After done everything “How we analysis that our robots.txt file really gonna be work”  And we need to know that, Here is any effect of updated robots.txt file. Let’s check with Google webmaster tool >>Fetch as Google Under Crawl Option

Robots.txt wordpress

Fetch as Google is a finest tool to check out the response of robots.txt file. If your provided URL  success then it can be accessible from bots on the other condition return failure it’s not accessible for bots. Hope this article will help you to make better robots.txt file. For more tips and tricks of SEO subscribe our Newsletter.