Why I Recommend Entropay Than Payoneer

Nowadays everyone knows the difference between the Payoneer MasterCard and Entropay Prepaid Visa Card. If you’re in hurry and need quick comparison so check out the forum topic otherwise read this complete article. Today I’m writing this article to let them my readers why i recommend Entropay than Payoneer? Most of the folks will be suspicious why my title giving more precedence to Entropay whereas it is virtual prepaid card conversely Payoneer is a hard or physically MasterCard.

Why Recommend Entropay Than Payoneer?

I started to use Entropay first than after I experienced Payoneer. Few years back, I was using Entropay for Facebook and other online money buying products.

Pros For Payoneer MasterCard?

  • Payoneer Company will ship this card on your given location free of cost.
  • A Hard card, means physically you can touch this similar like your bank ATM card.
  • Its flexible and trustworthy company with millions of satisfied customers around the world.
  • You can withdrawal money anywhere in the world from any of the nearby ATM machine to you, which has the MasterCard label on it.
  • Online account access to check your transactions and reeving payments.
  • You can integrate your Payoneer card to withdrawal your payment directly from your ad networks such as infolinks and also from the merchant namely 2checkout etc.
  • Payoneer is free and anyone who has national identify card or passport is eligible for that.

Cons of Payoneer MasterCard?

  • It is slightly expensive as compared to Entropay.
  • It has fixed monthly fee.

Entropay Virtual Card Pros?

Entropay is one of the fastest growing company and somehow I felt and experienced EntroPay is better than Payoneer in terms of cost and user perspective. Let me first elaborate their characteristics.

  • Entropay is a virtual debt visa card
  • Entropay charge 4.95% of each amount you upload in your card via your bank ATM debt or credit card.
  • If you have Entropay premium verified account so you can upload more than $20k/month and that is pretty enough amount.
  • With verified premium account you can create as much as virtual visa cards and can use it online where ever you like.
  • Entropay virtual visa card expiration time frame is almost 1 year at current time.
  • You can also withdrawal your virtual visa card finds directly in your bank account.
  • Entropay doesn’t charge for each transaction, they will charger only one time when you upload money as I stated above.
  • You can also watch your incoming and outgoing payment statements for each card separately.

Entropay Virtual Card Cons?

  • It is not a tangible card like Payoneer
  • It doesn’t accept almost (Local) bank ATM’s while upload money in your card.

I personally used both and what I realized is? Payoneer name seems expensive from cost perspective and Entropay is cheap. Eventually, I admire both cards qualities and functionalities that how it helps to freelancers and digital marketers. I would love to listen your stories and experience with these both cards. Please let me know your thoughts in below comment box and in case of trouble or questions join us on our community forum.

40+ Important Computer Shortcut Keys

Nowadays every next person spending his day and nights with his computer or laptop devices. So computer shortcut keys can makes your life easy in this tough schedule. Computer shortcuts run commands very effectively and can make your work much faster than generally. As a passionate blogger, you should remember few important computer shortcut keys, which awareness built up your talent and boost your work. Let’s see below and memorize the below computer shortcut keys.

40 Important Computer Shortcut Keys


Shortcut Keys Short Description
CLT + A Use to select the entire sentence, paragraph, link or content.
CLT + S use to save any image, file, doc in your personal computer.
CLT + F Use to find or search anything in the current web page, doc and file.
CLT + G Use to find and replace content in MS Word.
CLT + H Use to navigate to history in almost browser like in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Explorer.
CLT + J Use to open Downloads section in Chrome and also use to give justify alignment in MS Word.
CLT + K Use to open insert hyperlink in MS Word and also use to navigate to address bar in Chrome browser.
CLT + L Use to select entire address bar current URL and also use to give left alignment in MS Word.
CLT + Q Use to close current tab and folder.
CLT + T Use to open new tab in almost browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.
CLT + U Use to open view source in all browsers. Secondly also use to give underline to any text in the editors.
CLT + I Use to italicize your text in any editor.
CLT + O Use to open new file or projects in all programs.
CLT + P Use to run print command. You can easily take print out by pressing this command, a printout options or pop up will appear.
CLT + M Use to move your paragraph further away from the margin.
CLT + N Use to open new program window in programs and also use to open new window in browsers.
CLT + B Use to make your text bold in all editors.
CLT + V Use to paste copied item.
CLT + C Use to copy anything.
CLT + X Use to cut any content or item to paste it.
CLT + Z Use to Undo your actions.
CLT + SHIFT + Esc Use to open window task manager.
CLT + Esc Use to Navigate on Start menu.
CLT + TAB Use to insert space or margin in your paragraph lines.
CLT + SHIFT + N Use to open new incognito window in chrome browser.
CLT + SHIFT + T Use to re-open the most recently tabs in Chrome, Firefox and almost other browsers.
CLT + SHFT + I Use to open inspect element in almost browsers. You also can open inspect element by simply press F12 key.
CLT + SHFT + O Use to open bookmark manager in chrome browser.
CLT + SHFT + B Use to show or hide bookmark bar in chrome browser.
CLT + SHFT + D Use to bookmark the correct open page in your browser.
CLT + SHFT + Q Use to exist from the current browser.
CLT + SHFT + C Use to open inspect element console section.
CLT + SHFT + Q Use to exist from the current browser.
CLT + SHIFT + DELETE Use to Clear Browsing Data pop up immediately or directly to in Chrome and Firefox.
CLT + F4 Use to close any program and browser.
CLT + R Use to reload your current tab in your browser.
Alt + Right Arrow Use to go forward in your current tab.
Alt + Left Arrow Use to go back in your current tab.
Clt + Alt + Right Arrow Use to rotate display right.
Clt + Alt + Left Arrow Use to rotate display Left.
Clt + Alt + Up Arrow Use to rotate display Up (Default or Normal Screen Display).
Clt + Alt + Down Arrow Use to rotate display down (Completely opposite to normal display).


Above we described 40 plus shortcut keys with short description, which helps you to understand the functionalities of shortcut keys.

Let us know, if you found this article beneficial for your future journey. If you are facing any trouble regarding about computer shortcut keys so please join our community forum or you can write your comment below.

Delete Youndoo Hijacker From Your Browser

Today I beat this Youndoo hijacker from my browser chrome and Firefox. My computer both browser was infected with this Hijacker or virus. Youndoo is a Hijacker which was injected in my browsers through some free software. Before taking any serious step, I just tried to throw out this virus from my browser with general tricks. But it was a clingy hijacker whereas I noticed. Afterwards I find someone techniques, which helped me to remove this Youndoo hijacker from my browsers even from my personal computer.

Delete Youndoo Hijacker From Your Browser

Delete Youndoo Hijacker From Your Browser:

Here is following steps, which i did to remove this hijacker.

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. While restarting computer, before it comes to animated window boot screen. Press F8 (Press F8 when your computer going to start again)
  3. Once your computer restarted, open your control panel > Programs then uninstall any unknown installed software’s that you didn’t install. Review all of the software company names, icons and titles if you found something suspicious which you didn’t perform it simply throw out from your computer by uninstalling it.
  4. Uninstalling suspicious software’s from your computer is not enough anymore, now simply open your browser whether it is chrome or Firefox.
  5. Afterwards, Press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE then delete your all chrome history, cookies and cache except password. Keep remember that, check all of those items such as browsing history, download history, cookies, auto fill data, hosted app etc then press Clear Browsing Data.
  6. Now go to Chrome settings > Scroll down at the bottom of the page, you see a option namely RESET SETTING. Simply Rest your chrome entirely. That’s all.

Note For Other Browsers:

Do the same for other browsers, first delete the history, cookies and cache then reset your browser on window safe mode.

After all that, restart your computer normally now everything would be fine. The Youndoo Hijacker or virus is gone now.

Let us know, if you removed that hijacker from your computer successfully. If you found something trouble in the meanwhile then you can join us on our community forum for further interaction or can comment below.

Stop Displaying YouTube Related Thumbnails After Video Ends

Usually when we run a video on YouTube and after video ends, few YouTube related video thumbnails appears. But that is OK it is on YouTube only but we take the whole procedure on our personal web or blog then this condition is not suitable because those YouTube related thumbnails are taken from other YouTube channels not only yours. So here the question is that how to stop displaying YouTube related thumbnails after video ends, let make it simple and go ahead.

Stop Displaying YouTube Related Thumbnails After Video Ends

Stop Displaying YouTube Related Thumbnails After Video Ends:

There is nothing like impossible when you struggle for something. There is only a minor changes required in URL to stop displaying YouTube related thumbnails after video ends. Follow the below step by step briefing to implement this process.

Step 1:

First select the video URL, which you want to embed or add on your web page.

Step 2:

Add the following below lines/words/characters at the end of the URL to stop YouTube related thumbnails after video ends.


After apply the above trick on URL, URL will be looks like that,


From this way after video ends there will “0” related videos means no video thumbnails anymore.

Above trick is pretty simple but stunning where as I saw.

After implement this above method in YouTube iframe cod, then iframe code will be looks like that,

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/3_e2JyAYng8?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Hopefully, this way will help you to avoid related thumbnails after video ends.

Let us know, if you think you got an accurate answer for which you were searching. If you have any question so don’t hesitate to ask your queries by comment below or directly can join us on our community forum.

Learn How to Promote Your OWN Business On Internet

On internet numerous ways are available to promote your own business. Almost are non-experienced but today I’ll reveal some effective and few will be usual from among these but will be work effectively to promote your own business on internet.

  1. Make a Website (Built your virtual shop to deal with clients)
  2. Stylize Your Brand (Logo, Web Designing, Creative & Unique Look)
  3. Create & Built Your Social Presence
  4. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  6. Tradeshows (Physically Interact to Community)
  7. Press Release (See Your Business in Prominent Headlines)
  8. Email Marketing (Broadcast email on right time to right person)
  9. Affiliate Marketing (Sell our product with your reference and Get 30% commission of the whole amount)
  10. Infographics (Describe your service presentation or process graphically)

Learn How to Promote Your OWN Business On Internet

1. Make a Website:

Most powerful and valuable source is website from where your client can get satisfaction because of your virtually presence or keep in touch with you very easily.

A Website can be a virtual shop, a service provider such as web hosting, client based servers,  online flight booking, pizza delivery etc. Even a restaurant guy can open their website and tell them all people’s around their city/state/country or to particular audience that what he is selling and share their contact details there.

According to my perception a website can be proven better than your thoughts. Just you need a right direction and right person who put you at the top of the stairs without facing any troubles.

To start a website, just you need a .com/.net/.info/.org/.edu domain name and a secure hosting server to start your journey.

Why Domain and Hosting & What that is?

Domain and hosting are two most crucial part of website. Without domain & hosting you cannot go ahead. Domain is a particular web address which helps users to reach to your business page same like your physical shop or office address.

Hosting is a place where your data will be stored such as text/images/videos etc. In simple words, hosting is a location which you rent out for a particular time period to host your website data, in technical line we says ‘servers’.

Usually a .com domain cost is $9.99 USD unlike Hosting cost vary with different companies. We recommend few hosting providers HostGator, Siteground and HosterDay. For initial level business their shared hosting packages are good to go.

You can simply check it out HosterDay pricing by using the below link:


All mentioned hosting providers are already experienced by us and above hosting servers data centers located in USA.

2. Stylize Your Brand:

Under this topic we will talk about some necessary things related to web designing. A good website should have a proper graphical designed logo. Sometimes logo puts a great impression on clients and compel them to take a try of services.

Another side of this branding is, your website layout structure. It should be simple and unique. Every website have three sections or parts such as Headers, Body Container AND Footer. Inside headers a logo right hand side section for a particular advertisement depends on client requirements and a navigation bar (Additional can be on top before the logo and right hand section).

Body container contains so many aspects as usual it depends on your business such as for a blogger inside the body container a post title or before title a full width images etc. and after the title absolute post content can be a combination of anything such as text, images, galleries, videos, slides, documents and so many.

And in the footer as usual copyrights text or can place few things such as social media icons, few specific links etc.

All graphically task should be done in Adobe illustrator or Corel Draw or Photoshop.

3. Create & Built Your Social Presence:

Until you have no social presence, you cannot be a pro-business person. Nowadays every internet user spending at least 2 hour in a day on social platforms whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. So the question is that how you can grab the business from Social media? Is that something kind of trick? Not exactly! But there are so many ways and one of them is Facebook Business Page. Same like this every celebs have their Facebook pages to interact their fans or convey their thoughts and daily updates etc. Only once click and your product is in front of millions of targeted audience.

Around internet there is no numbers of social media platforms but popular are few ones. Just imagine if you promote your product on all of them so how much business you can grab it in a day/week/month or a particular time period.

Social media presence also a great tool to keep in touch with your clients in every minute. Even you can sell you products on your social media pages by integrating apps with your business page. Just you need a plan and strategy from our expert’s consultants which can put your business on the heights of mountains.

4. SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

SEM abbreviation is search engine marketing, which is now becoming the most popular marketing trends in this era due to quick results.

In this area, SEM covered all kinds of advertisements in online market such as AdWord, Facebook and their special feature re-marketing as well as Adroll re-targeting. In re-targeting or re-marketing sense, let’s suppose if a user watch your ad on xyz.com and quite from this website after few time period without clicking on your ads so advertiser note this action and probably after 2 or 3 days later if this person also search for same keyword and this time user go to another different website so advertiser run their database recorded query and show your ad their again. So thus, user will see your ad again and again and this strategy compel user to click on it, this kind of SEM strategies called ad for conversion or re-targeting.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO covers almost all aspects of website even from designing to ending generate sales steps. But it is all about organic traffic not paid marketing as above SEM.

Search Engine Optimization has widely categorized and have many factors. It has two types, which are mentioned below respectively. Join Our SEO Training Program For beginners.

On Page SEO:

Off Page SEO:

6. Tradeshows:

Tradeshows now become the part of New trendy marketing tactics in 2016 from brand recognition perspective Yes. Actually tradeshows is the core factor of marketing. Attend tradeshows and interact with the community directly very effective way generate positive image in front of the world. First prepare yourself and note the highlighted points in the notebook then engage with communities. Almost popular bloggers, entrepreneur are doing or following this strategy to build their brand image among their audience.

7. Press Release:

In fact, press release is the factor of off-page Seo but marketing too. Press release should be concise and their headlines should be consist on significant words. Press release can be done on several platforms such as news magazine sites, even own sites, Facebook pages/notes/ LinkedIn etc. But we recommend to write your press release on news magazine popular sites such as Huffington post, nytimes, Forbes etc.

8. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is not new but style and way now become more modern. Broadcast emails on right time to right audience is now possible not few users only, even you can send or target your audience in millions and can send it simultaneously without any trouble.

You can individually setup your email templates or formats for multiple task such as for welcome email, membership purchase email, and daily/weekly/monthly newsletter update. Every email format would have different style and format even can target audience categories such as technology users, science users or can play with the users provided data dynamically. Launch specific campaigns for target audience and can get a complete audit report about clicks, impression, received, opens, geo locations and much more.

9. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is old but still most effective business, especially for those guys who are receiving good amount of traffic on their sites. Affiliate marketing meaning, if you sell another shopkeeper product then he will give you a small part of commission in their product amount depends on shopkeeper margin and product value. Affiliate marketing is very transparent business on internet but for this you need to become a very genius guy.

  • Find the best affiliate companies who are offering big commissions like Shopify, HostGator, Elegant Themes
  • Promote their links, banners through various ways, (Blogging, Email marketing, Social Media Sharing and Most Effective is YouTube video marketing)
  • Affiliate marketing is more effective than ads network, because sometimes your PPC goes down or some fluctuations spoil your whole withdrawal budget but in affiliate a fixed amount or commission is assigned for you against any selling product or service.

10. Infographics:

A better way to present products, services and their process how to and how to done. Actually infographics is an emerging and classy way to express the product in graphical form. Same like that you can put these infographics to guest blogging sites by linking them your pages, Even almost folks put their website addresses on infographics images, and it is also work as a watermark to make their infographics copyrighted.

Let us know, if you think we wrote a good one article for our readers about promote your own business on internet. But keep remember that all are not free approximately required little investment to perform those tactics or steps. If you have any question so please join us on our community forum or can leave your comment below.

What Are Merge Tags in MailChimp

When we talk about email marketing so we must know about their basic factors as well as latest trends. As we know that MailChimp is one of the popular email marketing service provider and it has a features namely ‘Merge Tags’ to handle content dynamically. If you are not familiar with MailChimp anymore so read our article about What is MailChimp and its features? Let’s come back on topics, when you create a template or email format in your MailChimp account so the basic purpose of this template is looks professional and convey their message properly. Merge tags in MailChimp is an advance functionality in MailChimp which can easily handle your content headache dynamically.

What Are Merge Tags in MailChimp:

Merge tags is one of the core characteristics because each tag keeps as many as queries linked from the list directly. You can see your Merge tag option in your MailChimp account by follow this path List > Choose any List > SettingsList fields and *|MERGE|* tags.

Let me go into depth, let’s suppose if you have 10k subscribers in your MailChimp list so your company assign you a task to launch a campaign, which contains every subscriber name (Full Name) in starting as usual as well as mention each subscriber current living city name in the opening paragraph too. So let’s suppose you have each subscriber full name and city name listed in your MailChimp list already. So how you will implement this strategy, because each subscriber have different name even city name.

What you will do then? One answer is create MailChimp template for each subscribers as usual with their names and city name manually, this way is nightmare for anyone. No one have time to spend couple of days to create MailChimp template with each subscriber information separately.

The another most superior solution is ‘Merge tags’ which can handle your subscriber each listed field dynamically. MailChimp Merge tags allows you to assign a particular merge tag with particular field of column. In simple words, if you have three fields listed already respectively First Name, Last Name and Email Address. So what MailChimp will do, assign a particular tag to each column such as *|FNAME|* for Subscriber First Name same as *|LNAME|* for Subscriber Last name and *|EMAIL|* to show Subscriber Email Address so if you put these tags in your email template so MailChimp will pick all subscriber names directly from a particular column from which this tag belongs. So that is something kind of reference of a particular field. Review the below examples to understand this theory.

Email Template Example with Merge Tags: (Before Rendering)

Hello *|FNAME|* *|LNAME|*,
Hope your are fine today. Your *|EMAIL|* has been confirmed now! If you have any question to us so please let us know feel free. Thank you!

Above Example Preview : (After Rendering Merge Tags)

Hello John Lee,
Hope your are fine today. Your examples@gmail.com has been confirmed now! If you have any question to us so please let us know feel free. Thank you!

So from this way you don’t need to create separate template for each subscriber, only one template will cover all of the subscribers dynamically. I always love to work with Merge tags in MailChimp because it looks professional and saves lots of times even this MailChimp features is available in free plan so small entrepreneurs or bloggers can avail from it. There are no threshold of merge tags in MailChimp and also can create new merge tags in MailChimp with no worries. You can see the MailChimp All Merge Tags Cheat Sheets.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and valuable for your email marketing journey. If you have any question so please join us on our community forum to directly interact with us or can leave your comment below.

How Payoneer Can Be Cheaper

Payoneer is considered in popular online payment gateways due to their efficiency and instant payments. Payoneer is the best way to send and receive payment beyond the borders, I mean to say internationally. If you have no Payoneer Card so far so you need know that how to get Payoneer with $25 bonus. As we know that Payoneer has some pricing and fee structure, even recently Payoneer started to charge monthly fee $3 as well as $29.95 annually fee too. Which is not good for beginners who initially started their business.

How Payoneer Can Be Cheaper:

So what we are bringing out the conclusion here, this is quick and straightforward guide about how Payoneer can be cheaper than manually signed up. We noticed that Payoneer has two kinds of pricing & fee table one for usual clients like you and me and secondly for who partnered with Payoneer such as Infolinks, UpWork, Elance etc.

If you go to sign up directly to Payoneer that would be considered as manually signed up client. Unlike if you go to Infolinks Ads and from their website you request Payoneer then from the reference of Infolinks you will be automatically redirected on Payoneer website so this means Payoneer Premium partner Infolinks or whatever sending their clients on their behalf to Payoneer so you will be treated as a special customer.

Furthermore, your pricing fee structure will be much less than manually signed up clients even your Payoneer application approval chances is 99.9% than manually signed up users. Because almost manually signed up applicants application is rejected and that is what we already experienced.

Let me show you the screenshots of both Payoneer pricing and fee to make your doubts clear.

How Payoneer MasterCard Can Be Cheaper Image 1

Above shows that outside the US Payoneer maintenance charges is $6.95 except few mentioned countries in the above image. Secondly, Card replacement charges is $9.95 in case if your card is stolen or lost accidentally so you can request your new Payoneer from your account with this little fee. Third one is ATM withdrawal fee is $2.15 per transaction as well as $0.90 of per declined transaction. If you increase your monthly card transactions 4+ then monthly card fee will be go down from $3 to $1 that is also the better way to reduce your Payoneer expense.

Now let’s see the usually signed up user Payoneer pricing & fee and compare itself.

How Payoneer MasterCard Can Be Cheaper Image 2

Above image shows that Card replacement fee is $12.95 ($3 difference from Infolinks Payoneer). ATM withdrawal $3.15 per successful transaction ($1 difference from Infolinks Payoneer) and in case of declined $1 ($0.10 difference from Infolinks Payoneer).

Now all results are transparent, keep remember that I’m not saying that Payoneer creating difference among their clients. Infolinks or similar like companies did the lot of investment with Payoneer and signed contract that is why Payoneer giving them importance first. Now I did my best to convey my experience to you so now it’s your turn to do your best. If you have any question or queries so join us on our community forum or can leave your comment under this article.

SEO Tools That Works Harder For You

There are plenty of seo tools out there in market , almost every online influencer love seo tools to make their blog run on auto-pilot. Tools which they use to drive thousands of traffic in matter of days or in few cases in minutes.

SEO Tools That Works Harder For You

Today i will reveal those three you can use to generate some creative content covert those visitors in to sales. Lets get in to those SEO tools which might help you arsenal increase your traffic.

 #1 Google Trends

Many of bloggers doesn’t take this tool seriously, due to lack of confidence in the tool instead they focus on “Google keyword planner“.

Google trends” is all about , what is trending around the world. It has very good filter options which you can choose around and target your audience. Most of the topics in Google trends are low competitive ,many of them have no competitive which makes ranking part easy.

Google trend also teach us ,what exactly people like in certain country. To understand a basic needs of particular country.

#2 WayBackMachine

Now now, you might be wondering how we can use “WayBackMachine” part of seo strategy?!

Let me share you a true story on how a hobby of re-search on how competitors driving thousands of traffic in matter of days without backlinks to their sites?

While going through research i came across a keyword, which had around 10k traffic a month, on the first position “xyz.com” was ranking, i tapped on the site to check the content and the site was move another location while content was missing.

Article which has 10k traffic is missing with 170 backlinks, so i used “WayBackMachine” to get access to that content then later i have emailed all sites linking to that post to replace with my content after few weeks that post is now giving me around 4.2k traffic per month.

#3 Ferzy

Ferzy is a keyword difficulty checker, it analysis “XYZ” keyword which you are willing to rank for your blog/website. It gives you how many links are pointing, DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) & age of competitors domain. So you can try and check keyword difficulty by FERZY.

It gives you a very good idea whether to proceed take next step try to rank for it. With this tool you can make better decisions.

Wrap up:

These were my simple tools you can use to generate better content , find missing recipes lost through time and understand your market better. When simple changes makes bigger difference in SERPS.

You creative ideas what makes the difference in online world today. I’m sure alot of things are running though your mind , thats how we are bound to. Feel free to leave a few words of comment o make a bigger impact.

WHMCS Security Steps After Complete Installation

WHMCS security is a most essential step after complete their installation successfully. Almost beginners even some experts, doesn’t put their attention on this aspect but that is necessary if you want to sustain your website worth among your users. In another condition if you don’t give priority to WHMCS security steps so there is no doubt that your hosting account associated with WHMCS can be hacked. Make your strong password is not enough anymore, until your hosting files are fully secured.

WHMCS Security Steps After Complete Installation

WHMCS Security Steps After Installation:

After installation your journey will begin with WHMCS and this journey should satisfactory in future not insecure. Here I had personally experienced few things, even WHMCS itself recommended these security steps so feel free to implement these WHMCS security steps on your side. Check it out the below security steps.

Delete the Install Folder:

One of the most crucial note for all folks who installed their WHMCS. After done your WHMCS installation successfully, must delete the Install folder, which exist on your WHMCS root folder. It contains sensitive information which can be the cause of hacking so after done your installation that is totally freak for you and your hosting account. Simply delete this folder, Install folder deletion will not create any problem on your WHMCS but is necessary to perform this action.


Move OR Secure the Writable Directories:

At this time WHMCS have three writable directories, which are web-based address and accessible for public. That is why WHMCS recommended that to move these three directories (attachments, downloads and templates_c) under the home directory or non public location which are not accessible for public.

Another important note when you move these directories under the home directory so now you are responsible to give new path to WHMCS to use these directories for future by using or adding below lines in your configuration.php file in your WHMCS root directory.

$attachments_dir = "/home/username/attachments/";
$downloads_dir = "/home/username/downloads/";
$templates_compiledir = "/home/username/templates_c/";

You can use professional code editors to edit your server files.

Make Secure Configuration.php File:

As we know that configuration.php file have sensitive and personal info within in your root directory. You must change their permission to 400 just for read only, because it can be overwrite, edit or delete without any deliberately (unintentionally) action.

Enable IP Restriction:

Extreme security level, when you feel that your WHMCS is affected by hacking again and again. So you can allow particular IP address to your WHMCS  login page or deny all other IPs to see that page. Just simply make it forbidden for all other IP addresses. You can do this by creating a .htaccess file inside your whmcs/admin folder and then add the below lines.

order deny,allow
allow from //Replace your IP address with this IP Address
deny from all

For example, you can just allow your IP address and deny all other computers IPs by using above lines. If you don’t know your IP address then simply ask to Google “MY IP ADDRESS” then Google will tell you in return.

Customize the WHMCS Admin Directory:

Edit the admin directory name makes harder for hackers and malicious bots to get access to your WHMCS login page. So we personally recommend this step to our all readers. Simply just you need to add a single line in your configuration.php file, which are stated below.

$customadminpath = "customfoldername";

Replace customfoldername to your admin folder name which you chosen on your side. Add the above line before closing php tag ?> if this one exist.

If the above line already exist so replace only the customfoldername with your admin folder name and save changes. After done this rename your admin directory which custom name you specified in your configuration.php file then it will work correctly.

Where Do I Start With Online Marketing? Tips For Beginners

If you’re old enough to remember a time before the internet, you’ll recognize how quickly things change. To give you an idea, Google was founded in 1998, less than 20 years ago. Facebook was founded in 2004 and Twitter in 2006. And they now seem part of our everyday lives. It’s all about digital online marketing strategies and their perfections.

Where Do I Start With Online Marketing Tips For Beginners

Trends come and go, and change happens overnight in the digital world. However, certain techniques and strategies stand the test of time. If you’re looking to market your business, follow our simple tips.

Be Clear On Your Target Audience:

First things first. Be absolutely clear on your target audience. Even big budget businesses narrow down their audience groups. Find out exactly who you’re marketing to, where they are, and what they’re looking for. If you have multiple audiences, consider setting up marketing personas.

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Ask yourself the following questions about your audience:

Who are they?

Are they male or female?

What is their age?

What is their job?

Where are they based?

What are their hobbies?

What blogs do they read?

What is their disposable income?

These are just a few questions that may help build up a picture of your target market. The answers to these questions can tell you a lot about the people you are trying to reach. A simple way to learn more about your current customers is to set up an online survey. This can be promoted through your social media channels, blogs, and email marketing. Offer an incentive for customers to complete the survey.

Ensure that all campaigns are tailored carefully to your target market.


Quick Wins:

It takes a while to build up a natural or organic online presence. In the meantime, there are several things you can do for some quick wins.

For example, you could set up a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. Or, if you’re marketing an app, you could carry out some mobile application marketing. Ads can be set up quickly and are targeted to your audience. Many businesses offer a CPA (Cost Per Action) service so you will only be paying when someone completes an action. E.g. a click or form submit.

Social Media:

Make the most of social media and use it to your advantage. Going back to your target audience, find out which channels they use the most. Though most social media platforms are free of charge, they still require a lot of resources. So make sure you’re channeling resources in an effective way. And don’t just target the usual suspects like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Consider other channels such as Instagram and Snapchat.

When creating and sharing content, be fun and engaging. Don’t just fire off promotional messages. Take time to get to know your audience. Answer their questions and enter into conversations. Get creative with hashtags.

When beginning any marketing campaign, always start with your purpose and audience. What is it you want to achieve? Who are you aiming at? Throughout the process return to these two questions. Use marketing channels that are relevant to your audience. Find out as much about them as possible. Use your resources effectively and prioritize. These principles are relevant for traditional marketing and new digital trends.